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2017Major StockShow SeasonProgram

Odessa Sandhills Stock Showwww.sandhillsstockshow.comJanuary 4-7, 2017Kerrville Hill Country Stock Showwww.hcdjls.orgJanuary 15-21, 2017Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeowww.fwssr.comJanuary 13– February 4, 2017San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeowww.sarodeo.comFebruary 12-26, 2016San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeowww.sanangelorodeo.comFebruary 3– 19, 2016Houston Stock Show & Rodeowww.rodeohouston.comMarch 7-26, 2017Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo, Austin, TXwww.rodeoaustin.comMarch 11-25, 2016***This booklet is provided only as a tool to assist you inplanning for the major stock shows. Exhibitors areencouraged to use the websites listed to confirm anyinformation concerning the major shows.***

Star of Texas Livestock Show & Rodeo Austinwww.rodeoaustin.comSwine 30 Entry Fee, 25 gate pass, 20 car pass 1 Entry per ExhibitorArrive: Monday, March 20th from 6am-12pm.Weights: Deadline to turn in cards is March 20th @ 2pmShow: Tues, Mar. 21th@ 9am(Duroc, OPB-Dark, OPB- White and Hamp)Wednesday, March 22th @ 9am(York followed by Cross)Auction: Friday, March 24th @ 2:30pmJudge: Mr. Miles Toenyes, Highland, IL*Minimum of 240lbs and max of 280lb. All others will be sifted.*2015 Weight Breaks:DurocO.P.B DarkO.P.B. WhiteHampYorkCross240-255, 255-264, 269-279, 280240-255, 256-267, 268-280County Stock Show:Reagan County Stock ShowDecember 17, 2016LambsAll Lambs must be shorn on the county shear date,December 5, 2016, by the shearer to qualify for the County Show. No exhibitor or parent will be allowed to shearhis or her lambs after the county shear date.GoatsAll goats must be fitted no later than December 11 th, 2016SwineClipping of swine for the County Show is optional andthe responsibility of the owner.*Ask Chase if you need help.*240-269, 270-280240-243, 240-243, 240-243, 244-254, 255-264, 265272,274-277240-253, 254-273, 275-280240-242, 240-242, 240-242, 243-249, 250-256, 257-262,263-266, 267-271, 272-276, 277-280, 280Chase will be available the week of theCounty Show for anyone that needs his help.325-262-2551

Odessa Sandhills Stock ShowStar of Texas Livestock Show & Rodeo mFine Wool Lambs 25 Entry Fee, 4 Entries per exhibitor, Tooth RulesArrive: Friday, January 6th from 1pm-5pmWeights: Cards turned in by Friday, January 6th @ 5 pm(100lb min and a 3lb weigh back on top& Bottom of class)Show: Saturday, January 7th @ 8am– Barn EAuction: Saturday, January 7th@ 6pm– Barn GJudge: Mr. Robert Scott2015 Weight Breaks:Class 1100-111Class 2112-120Class 3121-128Class 4129-138Class 5139-UpGoats 25 Entry Fee, 5 Entries per Exhibitor, Tooth RuleArrive: Thursday, January 5th from 12pm-4:30pmWeights: Thursday, January 5th from 2pm-4:45pm.(50lb minimum weight and no max weight)Show: Friday, January 6h @ 8amJudge: Taylor Osbourn2015 Weight Breaks:Lambs 30 Entry Fee, 25 gate pass, 20 Car pass. 1 Entry per ExhibitorArrive: Saturday, March 18th. @ 9:00 am to 2:00 pmWeights: Deadline to Turn in cards is Sat. March 18th @ 3:00pmShow: Saturday, March 19th. @ 9:00 am ( Split Arena)Auction: Friday, March 24th @ 1:00pmJudge: Mr. Chad Coburn, Sterling City, TX.**Minimum of 100lbs with no maximum. All others sifted.2016 Weight Breaks:FWFWXMWSouth D.108-129,130-139,140-169115-141, 9Goats 30 Entry Fee, 25 gate pass. 20 car pass. 1 Entry per ExhibitorArrive: Saturday , March 18th. @ 9:00 am to 2:00 pmWeights: Deadline to turn in cards is Sat. March 18th @ 3:00pmShow: Saturday, March 19th @ 9:00am ( Split Arena)Auction: Friday, March 24th @ 10:00amJudge: Mr. Kevin Newson, Bracketville, TX2016 Weight Breaks:Class 160-70Class 689-91Class 11100-101Class 271-76Class 792-93Class 12102-104Class 152-79Class 281-90Class 377-81Class 894-95Class 13105-107Class 393-119Class 482-85Class 996-97Class 14108-112Class 586-88Class 1098-99Class 15113-120No Auction

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeowww.rodeohouston.comKerrville Livestock ShowSwineLambs 27.00 Entry Fee, 25 Gate pass, 1 Animal per Exhibitor.Wave 1: Duroc, Berk, Hamp, Spot, Pol. China & Dark XWave 2: York, Chester White, OPB and other X.Arrive: Saturday, March 18th from 4am-11am.(Wave 1)Tuesday, March 21th from 4am-11am. (Wave 2)Weights: Cards turned in by Sat. March 12th @1:30pm (Wave 1)Cards turned in by Tues. Mar. 15th @ 1:30pm ( Wave 2)Show: Sun, Mar. 19th @ 8am. (Duroc. Hamp, Pol. China)-Wave 1 Show AMonday, Mar. 20th @ 8am(Berk, Spot& Dark X)- Wave 1 Show BWed. Mar.22th @ 8am(York, Ch. white, OPB, LW & Other X)-Wave 2, Show CThursday, March 23th @ 8am.(other X) -Wave 2– Show DAuction: Friday, March 24th @ 12pmJudges: Mark Hoge– Good Hope, ILDan Hoge– Galva, ILwww.hcdjls.org 25 Entry Fee, Exhibitors are allowed 2 entries per breed(Must be slick shorn from knee and hock up)Arrive: Thursday, Jan. 19th, starting 12pm - 3pm.Weights: Thursday, Jan. 19th. Be ready by 3pm.(Must weigh between 100-160 LBS.)Show: Friday, Jan. 20th@ 7amAuction: Saturday, Jan. 21st @ 1pmJudge: Mr. Gene Winn2016 Weight Breaks:FW100-117, 118-125, 126-133, 134-156FWX100-130, 131-139, 140-146, 147-160MW100-133, 135-144, 145-151, 152-160SouthDown 100-115, 116-125, 126-150Goats 25 Entry Fee - Exhibitors may enter 2 goats.2016 Weight Breaks:DurocHamps241-253, 254-260, 261-268, 269-275, 276-280, 276-280240-241,240-241,240-241, 242-245, 246-250, 251-254, 255258, 259-263, 264-266, 267-272, 273-276, 277-280,277-280Poland China 240-255, 256-280BerkshireSpotDark XYorkChester & OPBOther X(Must be disbudded or dehorned, slick shorn from knees and hock up)Arrive: Thursday, Jan. 19th, starting at 12pm –3pmWeights: Thursday, Jan. 19th. Be ready by 3pm.Must weight between 65-115 LBSShow: Friday, Jan. 20th @ 7amAuction: Saturday, Jan. 21st @ 1pmJudge: Mr. Billy Bob Moczgemba240-254, 255-269, 270-2802016 Weight Breaks:240-245, 246-258, 259-270, 271-280Class 165-67Class 678-80Class 1192-94Class 268-71Class 781-82Class 1295-98240, 241-251, 252-258, 259-267, 268-279, 280Class 372-73Class 883-85Class 1399-101240-248, 249-262, 263-275, 276-280Class 474-75Class 986-88Class 14102-106240-241, 240-241, 240-241, 240-241, 242-245, 246-248, 249-252,253-255,256-257, 258-260, 261-264, 265-267, 268-271, 272-274,275-277, 278-280, 278-280, 278-280Class 576-77Class 1089-91Class 15107-115240, 240, 241-249, 250– 255, 256-263, 264-269, 270-277, 278-280

Houston Livestock Show & RodeoFort Worth Livestock Show & Rodeowww.rodeohouston.comwww.fwssr.comLambsLambs 20 Entry Fee, 30 ground pass, 40 parking passMax of 8 Entry per Exhibitor. No more than 2 in each class.NO TOOTH RULEMust be shorn to skin with mechanical shears 1 week or less prior to arrival.Arrive: Wed, January 25th @ 8am to Thurs, January 26th @ 6pmWeights: Weigh own and Must turned in by Fri., Jan. 27th @ 10:30amShow: Saturday, Jan. 28th@ 8am -(FW, FX– 90lb)(SD & Dorper-80lb)- Sun. Jan. 29th @ 8am - (MW, Grand and reserve select)Auction: Sunday, Feb 4th @ 9amJudge: Mr. Todd Wise– Keenesburg, Colorado2016 Weight Breaks: 27 Entry Fee, 25 gate pass, 1 Animal per ExhibitorArrive: Wednesday March, 15th from 3am-11amWeights: Cards must be turned in by Wed. March 15th @ 1:30pmShow: Thursday March 16th @ 8:30amFriday, March 17 th @ 8:00amAuction: Saturday, March 18th @ 12:00pmJudge: Kyle Smith– College Station, TX2016 Weight Breaks:FW101-130, 132-139, 140-164FWX115-140, 141-157, 158-187MW110-130, 131-138, 139-146, 147-151, 152-156, 157-161, 162166, 167-173, 174-225FW102-103,124-140, 141-170FWX103-137, 138-150, 151-179MW93-129, 130-140, 141-147, 148-154, 155-166, 167-205Hair83-102, 103-113, 114-139GoatsSD101-122, 123-130, 131-165 27 Entry Fee, 25 Gate Pass, 1 Animal per ExhibitorGoats 20 Entry Fee, 30 ground pass, 40 parking pass1 Entry per ExhibitorMust be shorn to skin with uniform clip above knee and hock.th.Arrive: Wednesday, January 25 @ 8am to Thur. Jan. 26th @ 6pmWeights: Ends Friday, Jan. 27th @ 12pm (Min weight 50lbs)Show: Saturday, Jan. 28th@ 10am – Light and Medium WeightSunday Jan. 29th@ 10 am - Heavy WeightAuction: Sunday, Feb 4th @ 9amJudge: Dr. Andy Laughlin, Lubbock, TXSouth D.99-122, 123-135, 136-168Arrive: Wednesday March, 15th from 3am-11amWeights: Cards must be turned in by Wed. March 15th @ 1:30pmShow: Thursday March 16th @ 8:30amFriday, March 17th @ 8:00amAuction: Saturday, March 18th @ 12:00pmJudge: Bryan Bernhard– Lubbock, TX2016 Weight Breaks:Light2016 Weight Breaks:65-71Light Heavy93-9572-7996-9880-8399-100Class 150-65Class 579-81Class 993-96Class 266-71Class 682-85Class 1097-10087-89105-109Class 372-75Class 786-88Class 11101-10790-92110-115Class 476-78Class 889-92Class 12108-137Medium84-86Heavy101-104

San Angelo Livestock Show & Rodeowww.sanangelorodeo.comFort Worth Livestock Show & Rodeowww.fwssr.comSteer 38 Entry Fee, limit 2 headGate Pass- 10 Parking Pass: 20Minimum of 1000 poundsArrive: Mon, Feb.6th @ 8am and in place by 4pmWeights: Cards must be turned in by Sat, Mon. 6th by 5pmShow: Tues, Feb. 7th @ 9amAuction: Saturday, Feb. 18th @ 2:30pmJudge: Mr. Mark Hoge, Good Hope, IL2016 Weight Breaks:EnglishBreeds1006-1195, 1200-1302, 1310-1530AmericanBreeds1030-1157, 1160-1275, 1283-1427EuropeanBreeds1000-1075, 1081-1149, ine 20 Entry Fee, 30 ground pass, 40 parking pass1 Entry per ExhibitorArrive: Mon, Jan 30th @ 3pm to Wed, Feb. 1st @ 9amWeights: Weigh own and Must turn in by Wed. Feb 3rd @ 10am.* Must weigh no less than 230lbs or more than 270lbs *Show: Thurs, Feb. 2nd@ 8am- (Black OPB, Duroc, Hamp, White OPB)- Friday, Feb. 3rd@ 8am - (York, Cross, Grand & Res. Select)Auction: Saturday, Feb 4 th @ 9amJudge: Mr. Kane Causemaker– Atkinson, Illinois2016Weight Breaks:Black OPBRabbits 10 Entry Fee per pen of 3 in class 1-no limit 5 Entry Fee per rabbit in classes 2-11– no limitGate Pass- 10 Parking Pass 20Arrive: Friday, Feb. 17th @ 7amShow: Friday, Feb. 17th @ 8am.Judge: Reanelle Harris, Boerne, TXJustin Nash, Paducah, TX230-244, 245-265, 266-270Duroc230-251, 262-263, 264-269, 270Hamps230-235, 236-250, 251-260, 261-269, 270White OPB230-254, 255-269, 270Cross230, 231-242, 243-250, 251-254, 255-261, 262-265, 266269, 270, 270York230-253, 254-268, 269-270

San Angelo Livestock Show & RodeoSan Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeowww.sanangelorodeo.comwww.sarodeo.comLambs 30 Entry Fee, 20 gate pass , Car Pass: 27Exhibitors allowed 1 Entry: No Tooth ruleArrive: Tuesday, Feb 14th Noon deadline (Start unloading Feb 14h @ 6am)Check in: Feb 14th, 8am-3pmWeights: Tues. Feb.14th by 3pm (100lbs min - 175lb max)Show: Wednesday, Feb. 15th@ 8am ( FW, FX, SD )Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 8am (MW)Auction: Thursday, Feb. 23rd@ 5pmJudge: Dr. Kelly Bruns, North Platte, NE2016 Weight Breaks:FWSwine 25 Entry Fee- No limit on entries– Gilts 28 Entry Fee– 2 entries per exhibitor-BarrowsArrive: Fri, Feb.10th 10am-8pm & Sat, Feb 11th 7am-12pm– GiltsSat, Feb 12th Gilts in place by 12pm and check in at 1pmTuesday, Feb. 14th @ 6am. In place by 4pm-BarrowsWeights: Turn in by Tues., Feb.14th by 5pm-BarrowsShow: Sunday, February 12th @ 8:00am-GiltsWednesday, Feb. 15th @ 8am (Hamps & Crosses)-BarrowsThursday, Feb 16th @ 8am (Duroc, WOPB, BOPB, York)-BarrowsAuction: Saturday, Feb 18thJudge: Mr. Bill Range, Waterloo, IL– GiltsTBA-BarrowsBarrows less than 240lbs and more than 280lbs will be sifted. 10 pound weight back. Must beTexas bred & have Certified Certificate @ Show102-117, 118-124, 125-131, 132-140, 141-169,FWX 101-125, 126-132, 133-140, 141-143, 144-148, 149-158, 159-175102-123, 124-129, 130-133, 134-137, 138-141, 142-145, 146-148, 149MW 151, 152-154, 155-157, 158-160, 161-164, 165-168, 169-174, 175SD100-108, 109-116, 117-123, 124-131, 132-138, 139-138Goats 30 Entry Fee, 20 Gate Pass, 1 Entry per Exhibitor,Car Pass: 27, No Tooth RuleArrive: Tuesday, Feb 14th Noon deadline (Start unloading Feb 14th @ 6am)Check in: Feb 16th, 8am-3pmWeights: Tuesday, Feb. 14th by 3pm. (60lb min– 115lb max)Show: Wednesday, Feb. 15th@ 9am (Division I & II)Thursday, Feb. 16th @ 9am ( Division III & IV)Auction: Thursday, Feb. 23rd @ 1pmJudge: Mr. Brandon Callis, Minco, OKCTBR Texas Stars Junior Gilt Show 28.00 entry –no limit on entries.Arrive: Fri, Feb. 10th 10am-8pm & Sat, Feb 11th 7am-12pm.Sat, Feb 12th Gilts in place by 12pm and check in at 1pmShow: Pedigreed: Sat, Feb 11th @ 3pmNon Pedigree: Sun, Feb 12th @ 8amSale: Tuesday, Feb.14th @ 7pmJudge: TBA2016 Weight Break: BarrowsDuroc240-251, 252-265, 266-279, 280Hamps240-250, 2540-250, 251-260, 261-274, 275-280Yorks240-248, 249-270, 271-280White OPB240-248, 249-271, 272-280Black OPB240, 241-256, 257-270, 271-280,Cross2016Weight Breaks:Class 160-70Class 888-90Class 17104-108Class 271-77Class9&1191-93Class 18109-115Class 378-81Class 1294-96Class 482-84Class 1397-99Class 785-87Class14&16100-103240, 240, 241-248, 249-256, 257-261, 262-267, 268-273,274-280, 274-280Class 1 230-233 Class 6240-247Class 11 265-269 Class 16297-305Class 2 230-233 Class 7248-250Class 12 270-275 Class 17306-319Class 3 230-233 Class 8251-255Class 13 276-281 Class 18320-392Class 4 230-233 Class 9256-259Class 14 282-289Class 5 234-239 Class 10 260-264Class 15 290-296

San Angelo Livestock Show & RodeoSan Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeowww.sanangelorodeo.comwww.sarodeo.comLambs 28 Entry Fee, Max of 5 head-no more than 2/breedGate Pass- 10 Parking Pass: 20Swine 30 Entry Fee, 20 gate pass , Car Pass: 27 (1 Entry per Exhibitor)Group 1: (Berk, Dark X, Duroc, Hamp, Poland China ,Spot)Group 2: (Chester White, Landrace, York, Cross)hArrive: Sat, Feb.4 @ 6am and in place by 1pmWeights: Cards must be turned in by Sat, Feb. 4th by 4pmShow: Sunday, Feb. 5th @ 8am (FW, FWX, Dorper)Monday, Feb. 6th @ 8am (SD & MW)Auction: Saturday, Feb. 18th @ 2:30pmJudge: Mr. Mark Hoge, Good Hope, ILFW, FWX MW less than 90 lbs and Southdown and Hair less than 90lbs will be sifted.Over 170lbs will be sifted. 5lb weigh back on top/bottom of weight2016 Weight Breaks:FW101-110, 115-125, 126-134, 135-162FWX100-120, 121-137, 138-147, 148-170MW100-125, 128-143, 144-156, 157-170South Down90-110, 112-127, 128-157Arrive: Sat, Feb. 18th 1am-7am( begin @ 1am) Check in7am-2pm (G1)Tues. Feb. 21st 2am-12pm(begin @5am)Check in 7am-3pm(G2)Weights: Must be turned in by 2pm, Saturday, Feb. 18th. (G1)Must be turned in by 3pm, Tuesday, Feb 21st (G2)Show: Sunday, Feb. 19th@ 7am(Berk, Spot, Hamp) (G1)Monday, Feb. 20th@ 7am (Duroc, Poland China, Dark X)(G1)Wed, Feb. 22nd @7am( Chest.White, Land, York and Cross.)(G2)Thursday, Feb. 23rd @ 7am (Cross)(G2)Auction: Friday, Feb. 24th @ 4pmJudges: Mr. Brian Anderson, Caney, KSMr. Garry Childs, Pelham, GA2016 Weight Break:Goats 28 Entry Fee, 2 head per exhibitor, No Tooth RuleGate Pass- 10 Parking Pass 20Arrive: Sat, Feb. 4th @ 6am and in place by 1pmWeights: Cards must be turned in by Sat, Feb. 4th by 3pmShow: Sunday, Feb. 5th @ 8am.Auction: Saturday, Feb. 18th @ 2:30pmJudge: Mr. Jamie Osbourne, Llano, TXGoats must weigh between 80Pol.China 240-263,264-280SpotDark XDuroc2016 Weight Breaks:240-251, 252-268, 269-280, 240-245, 246-258, 259-272, 80,280Class 160-67Class 587-91Ch. White 250-250,251-269,270-280Class 268-74Class 792-96Landrace 240-267,270-280Class 375-79Class 897-101Class 480-83Class 9102-108Class 584-86Class 72-275,276-279,280,280,280

Kerrville Hill Country Stock Show www.hcdjls.org January 15-21, 2017 Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo www.fwssr.com January 13– February 4, 2017 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo www.sarodeo.com February 12-26, 2016 San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo www.sanangelorodeo.com February 3– 19, 2016 Houston

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WPX Energy, Inc. Common Stock We are offering 27,000,000 shares of our common stock. Our common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “WPX.” On July 10, 2015, the last reported sale price for our common stock on the New York Stock Exchange (the “NYSE”) was 11.22 per share.

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Persian news - on the stock prices has been neglected. Consequently, this study aimed to fill this gap. To this aim, the stock index values were collected from the Tehran Stock Exchange along with the . Stock market prediction is a way to understand the future fluctuations of a company's stock price (Jishag et al., 2020). Generally, two .

implied volatility and stock turnover may prove useful for financial applications that need to under-stand and predict stock and bond return co-movements. Finally, our empirical results suggest that the benefits of stock-bond diversification increase during periods of high stock market uncertainty. This study is organized as follow.

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tourism using existing information due to the subjective scope of the sector and a resultant lack of comparable data. However, a small number of studies which include aspects of outdoor activity tourism as defined for this study, as well as wider tourism research offer an insight into the market. These are discussed below. An economic impact study of adventure tourism (including gorge walking .