MDAO For Conceptual Aircraft Design At Northrop

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MDAO for ConceptualAircraft Design atNorthrop GrummanModel Based Engineering: Enabling the Vision Virtual Event Series for 2021Kentaro SugiyamaMDAO IPT LeadNorthrop GrummanAeronautics SystemsApproved for public release; NG21-0460; 2021 Northrop Grumman Systems CorporationMarch 31, 2021

OutlineNote: We will attempt to answer the following questions from amilitary aircraft designer perspective: Why Multidisciplinary Design Analysis & Optimization (MDAO)? What is MDAO? How to Implement MDAO? MDAO Application Example History of MDAO Applications and Support Lessons Learned Concluding Remarks2Approved for public release; NG21-0460; 2021 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Why use MDAO?Strategic Application of MDAO and MBE to RealizePotential Large Return-on-Investment (ROI)Total Life Cycle Cost (TLCC)Approximately less than 10% of Total Life Cycle Cost (TLCC) is spent in ConceptExploration, but has a significant effect on downstream costs and TLCC.Researchand emonstration/Validation PhaseEngineering/ManufacturingDevelopment PhaseInvestmentCostOperating andSupport (O&S) CostOperations and Support PhaseDisposalCostDisposal PhaseProduction andDeployment Phase Easy and inexpensive to make adjustments to the designin Concept Exploration; costly if made thereafter. Programmatic decisions made here will affect theprogram for the rest of its life.How do you make the best engineering and programmatic decisions in concept exploration to maximize affordability?3Approved for public release; NG21-0460; 2021 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Why use MDAO?Strategic Application of MDAO and MBE to RealizePotential Large Return-on-Investment (ROI)Total Life Cycle Cost (TLCC)hope to reduce the “bumps” andLeverage WeMDAOup-frontmove some of the bumps to the left.Researchand emonstration/Validation PhaseEngineering/ManufacturingDevelopment PhaseOperating andSupport (O&S) CostInvestmentCostOperations and Support PhaseDisposalCostDisposal PhaseProduction andDeployment PhaseApply MBE best-practices during allphases of fighter aircraft acquisitionLeveraging MDAO early in Concept Exploration and applying MBE best-practices during all phases of military aircraftacquisition could result in huge payoffs of TLCC reduction4Approved for public release; NG21-0460; 2021 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Why use MDAO?Military Aircraft Design is a Complex ProcessModel Based Engineering (MBE)Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)Multi-Disciplinary Analysis & Optimization (MDAO)Operations ructures & LoadsMass udeRange/EndurancePayloadCapabilityProcurementO&S AnalysisLife-CycleManufacturingOperations & SustainmentPerformanceBalancedAircraft DesignCost EstimationMilitary /Business CaseEmerging ThreatsTechnology AdvancesEconomicsRequirementsProgram ManagementNeedMDAO enables the designer/analyst to efficiently and confidently search for and achieve the best balance of maximumcapability and affordability in response to the Warfighter’s needs5Approved for public release; NG21-0460; 2021 Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

What is MDAO?Numerical / Computational ApproachA process, methodology, philosophy not a specifictool or a group of people a framework An approach to connect multiple disciplines together tocreate one cohesive analysis Facilitates improved engineering efficiencies Helps explore and visualize larger design spaces Enables better understanding of complex design interactions Provides sensitivities for varying:– Engineering disciplines’ parameters– System requirementsMDAO f

MDAO for Conceptual Aircraft Design at Northrop Grumman March 31, 2021 MDAO IPT Lead Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems. Kentaro Sugiyama. Model

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