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Evolution of Broadband SatelliteArchitecture to Full On-BoardProcessing SystemPayam MaveddatWireless SolutionsRichardson, Texas

Presentation Outline About Nortel Networks Market Dynamics Role of Satellite Evolution vs. Revolution Satellite Multimedia Evolution Path Summary2

Corporate Profile Nortel Networks works with customersworldwide to design, build, and delivertelephony and IP-optimized networks. Customers include:— public and private enterprises and institutions;— Internet service providers;— local, long-distance, cellular & PCS communicationscompanies;— cable television carriers;— satellite operators; and— utilities Focused on superior value for thecustomer3

The Unified Network Brings ItAll TogetherUnified Network defined: Brings together theCorporate DataNetworksPublic DataNetworksworld’s disparatetelephony and datanetworks Optimized for bothservice providers andenterprise customersUnifiedNetworks Significantly reducesnetwork costs andenables the delivery ofnew servicesCorporate TelephonyPublic TelephonyNetworksNetworks4

Dynamics of Broadband Access Market Pent up Demand for xDSL, Cable Modem, and LMDS— Operators: GTE, NorthPoint, Metricom, Advanced Radio Telecom,Teligent, WinStar, .— Manufacturers: Nortel Networks, Lucent, Alcatel, Intel, Broadcom,Copper Mountain, Newbridge Networks, . Large Carriers Acquiring Cable Companies to ProvideBroadband Access— AT&T buy out of Media One and TCI ISPs and New Operators Looking to Alternate Means ofProviding Access to Users— AOL Investment in SpaceWay & DirecPC for Satellite Access— Teligent and WinStar using LMDS— Utility Companies using power lines5

Satellites Traditional Role Original use for point to point TV distribution(Telstar) Evolved into trans oceanic telephony trunking(Intelsat) Step out into thin route telephony (Spade andDomsats)6

Satellites in Broadcast Satellites always have been good at broadcast(wide area coverage) First application was for narrow band messaging Lower cost ground segment invoked a DTH roleand a data broadcast role Data broadcast (Equitorial) in C Band preceededtwo way VSATs in Ku Band7

Direct-to-Home Key element is the availability of low cost receivers inthe home unit RF technology benefited from standards in EIRP fromthe satellite driving a standard receiver package Analogue broadcasts were not susceptable todiverging standards. Used existing TV standards Introduction of digital TV drove the need for astandard8

Digital TV First roll out in North America used a propriatorytechnology (Hughes Direct TV) Europeans were more active in promoting a commonstandard DVB/MPEG2 (SES Astra) North Americans now realising the benefit of thisstandard (EchoStar, Express-Vu) A manufacturing community exists in support ofDVB/MPEG (Philips et al)9

Two Way VSATs Takes advantage of the wide area coverage Often bundled with a business TV application. Some benefits from a standardised RF system.— Standard satellite EIRP and interference environment (1.8mpackage) Suffered from a lack of a digital standard— Proprietary FEC coding, modulation, MAC layer and transmissionrates10

Multimedia Satcom(Revolution or Evolution)Revolution Much hype from the revolutionaries (Teledesic,Celestri, Skybridge, Astrolink) Revolutionary in orbits, technology, cost models orinvestment needs Rationalle based on lower delay, increased capacity,applications (mesh) or combinations of these. Clear role in the future for LEO based overlaysdelivering symetrical bandwidth for highly interactiveapplications. Also attractive for 3rd generation mobile(FPLMTS)11

Multimedia Satcom(Revolution or Evolution)But Ignores the role of Regional Satellite Systems Doesn’t fit the profile of early applications (highassymetry, multicast) Promotes proprietory air interfac

Unified Networks Corporate Data Networks Public Data Networks Corporate Telephony Networks Public Telephony Networks The Unified Network Brings It All Together Unified Network defined: Brings together the world’s disparate telephony and data networks Optimized for both service

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the satellite output power to the maximum level, additional noise is introduced into the link from satellite to hub. Therefore, an accurate calculation of the SNR for the entire RTN link must consider: 1. the SNR of the terminal-to-satellite link 2. the SNR of the satellite-to-hub link When the output power of the satellite is at a maximum, SNR .

c. Satellite: Internet access provided through satellites orbiting the Earth. Satellite service requires a satellite Internet subscription from an Internet satellite service provider and a satellite dish. Carriers that provide satellite Internet service are DIRECTV, Dish Network, HughesNet, and Wildblue. d.

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The availability of higher-speed home broadband services continues to improve. In our Connected Nations update: Spring 2019 report, where we look at the availability and use of broadband services, we reported that superfast broadband services offering predicted download speeds of at least 30 Mbit/s were available to around 95% of UK homes and offices by January 2019, while fibre-to-the .

Broadband for All Action Plan . The Ho norable Gavin Newsom Governor, State of California . Re: the State of California’s Broadband Action Plan. Dear Governor Newsom: Broadband is essential to modern life. The Covid -19 pandemic has only reinforced our reliance on br

Login to the Business Broadband Security Suite Broadband Content Filtering Choose from 4 predefined security profile Broadband Protect Select your Anti-Virus & . Security Suite service, you can login from the portal. Enter your Login ID and password Step 1 of 3 2 Step 1 of 3

Evolution 2250e and Evolution 3250e are equipped with a 2500 VApower supply. The Evolution 402e and Evolution 600e are equipped with a 4400 VA power supply, and the Evolution 403e and Evolution 900e house 6000 VA power supplies. Internal high-current line conditioning circuitry filters RF noise on the AC mains, as well as

Chapter 4-Evolution Biodiversity Part I Origins of life Evolution Chemical evolution biological evolution Evidence for evolution Fossils DNA Evolution by Natural Selection genetic variability and mutation natural selection heritability differential reproduct

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro and Iridium 9555 Satellite Phones and Service Networks (North America), 2010 In our testing and analysis, the Iridium 9555 satellite phone was found to be a superior device to the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro. Iridium’s satellite network also offered better coverage, including the ability to use a satellite phone in Anchorage .

alstar satellites on L-band signals and satellite to phones over S-band signals. Satellite to gateway ground stations communication is via C-band signals. The phone to multi-satellite call capability makes the system path diverse and provides greater assurance a call will get through even if one satellite loses the signal or the phones move out .Author: Charles T. Howell, Frank Jones, Brian Hutchinson, Claude Joyce, Skip Nelson, Mike MelumPublish Year: 2017

Satellite Communications Overview Satellite earth stations form the ground segment of satellite communications. They contain one or more satellite antennas tuned to various frequency bands. Satellites are used for telephony, data, backhaul, broadcast, community antenna television (CATV), in

phere SSA-850 RV Satellite Antenna with Auto skew TWIN LNB is innovative and a technologically advanced satellite Positioner system. The antenna has a unique combination of state-of-the art components with the most sophisticated satellite acquisition and tracking programs to locate and lock onto the OPTUS C1/D3 Satellite in

instructions and descriptions it contains are accurate for the TOSHIBA Satellite A500/Satellite Pro A500/ Satellite A500D/Satellite Pro A500D series Portable Personal Computers at the time of this manual’s production. However, succeeding computers and manuals are subject to change without notice. T

architecture with new functional entities and interfaces. The BeFEMTO Transport Network Architecture, which builds upon a fixed broadband access network architecture, e.g., the one from TISPAN (Telecommunications Internet converged Services and Protocols for Advanced Networking) or BroadBand Forum. This is extended to provide end-to-

Satellite Communication Col John Keesee. Satellite Communications Architecture Identify Requirements Specify Architectures Determine Link Data Rates Design & Size each link Document your rationale. Definition Uplinks Downlinks Crosslinks Relays TT & C Uplink Downlink Intersatellite links Relay satellite

Online Training Course on . ITU’s IMT series and Mobile Network evolution. Overview of next-generation broadband, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA , LTE, LTE Advanced (LTE-A), LTE- Pro., 5G WiFi Hotspot, Offloading. Wifi IEEE802.11 . 4 Copper based broadband access technologies, e.g. xDSL. Fibre-based broadband access technologies, e.g. xPoN. MNG-PAN network .

SAILOR Fleet One is a maritime broadband system, providing simultaneous high-speed data and voice communication via satellite, using Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network). SAILOR Fleet one is entry level satellite communication equipm

In Architecture Methodology, we discuss our choice for an architecture methodol-ogy, the Domain Specific Software Architecture (DSSA), and the DSSA approach to developing a system architecture. The next section, ASAC EA Domain Model (Architecture), includes the devel-opment process and the ASAC EA system architecture description. This section

12 Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape Architecture Enroll at uclaextension.edu or call (800) 825-9971 Architecture & Interior Design Architecture Prerequisite Foundation Level These courses provide fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of interior design. For more information on the Master of Interior Architecture

Disassembly manual with pictures. This guide will help you to dismantle, disassemble Toshiba Satellite A70 and A75 . M10:: Toshiba Satellite A15:: Toshiba Satellite Pro M15:: . Toshiba Tecra S3:: Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet PC:: Toshiba Portege 4010:: .