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TOOLS FOR SUCCESSPREPARE FOR BATTLEGym Boss Timer,Kettlebells,Dumbbells,Swiss/Stability Ball,Skipping Rope,& Foam Roller.Gladiator training was designed around fitness and acquiring skills with different types ofweapons. Gladiators trained like true athletes, much like professional athletes do today.Gladiator Training commenced with getting the new gladiator to the peak of fitness. Theyused heavy wooden training swords called “rudis” instruments to build up stamina theywould need for lengthy, energy sapping battles to come. Their training included learninghow to use various weapons, including the war chain, net, trident, dagger, and lasso.Don’t worry I am not going to make you train with Gladiator weapons, although thatwould be a very interesting program. You will however be using Spartan fitness weapons,I call the Tools for Success.Throughout The Spartan Training System you will be using these tools to help you burnmore fat, improve your cardio and conditioning, build strength, tighten and tone yourbody and flatten the abs and strengthen your core. You use Bodyweight, Kettlebells,Dumbbells, Stability/Swiss Ball, Skipping Rope, Foam Roller and your Gymboss Timer.2FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

I choose these weapons to use on your battleagainst fat loss and building strength, because:1. I have found these extremely successful in my own body transformation and many ofmy past clients.2. The scientific research in the fitness industry that has been done to prove theeffectiveness of each piece of equipment.3. You don’t need huge gym equipment to burn fat and build toned firm or rippedmuscle. You can literally start building your home gym with these tools,4. If you use a gym, there is not much extra you will have to bring. Currently, if I doworkout at a gym, there’s Funk carrying his kettlebell.I have included a training area on the website (or what the Gladiators called the Ludus).Here you will have access to training videos that will take you through sample exercisesand teach you how to use each tool effectively and safely.You will have a week in advance to get your hands on the tools, if you do not alreadyhave them in your FITNESS SHED.I will also include some instruction through the videos so you feel comfortable using thefitness tool.The great thing about the Spartan Training System is at the end of the 8 weeks, you willhave your own personal home gym and you’ll be set for new Spartan workouts that areposted in the Inner Circle.3FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

EQUIPMENT ESSENTIALS1KETTLEBELLSIntroductionDeveloped in Europe over a century ago, a kettlebell is askillfully crafted iron weight that is shaped like a ball and isequipped with a suitcase-like handle. Kettlebell weighttypically ranges from 5 to 35 pounds, going up to 100 pounds for advanced athletes.The unique shape, weight distribution and exercises make your body have to adapt toaccelerating and decelerating forces you don’t get in traditional weight lifting, which enhanceyour functional strength. Your core muscles, stabilizing muscles, and tendons will becomestronger over time.Using kettlebells forces you to use more muscles for each movement, resulting in morecalories and fat being burned. Kettlebell training will improve your strength, but your range ofmotion and flexibility will increase as well.You’ll emerge with a body of a warrior. You are going to build muscle, lose fat AND get somegreat conditioning all at the same time using the kettlebells in the SPARTAN TRAININGSYSTEM Program. Kettlebells are unique in that no other exercise equipment can be used forsuch a vast array of exercises.TIPS FOR BUYING KETTLEBELLS: Spartan Training System Beta PaulCoderre and I went to Treadmill Factory to purchase some kettlebells for the new SW2program.Check out some tips and grab some kettlebells today!CLICKHERETO VIEWVIDEO!4FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

Kettlebell Shopping TipsTypes of KettlebellsStandard Cast Iron KettlebellsStandard cast iron kettlebells are the ones you see in most in the stores. Theirproduct specifications vary from one kettlebell to the next. The larger they are,the more they weigh. The shape may also vary slightly one manufacturer to thenext. There is usually a small difference in shape and handle diameter too.Professional Grade Steel KettlebellsProfessional Grade kettlebells are the one that are used in competition lifting butshould be used by all lifters from advanced to beginner. The size and shape ofthe kettlebell stays consistent between weights (8kg kettlebell is the same sizeas a 40kg). The shape of the diameter and dimensions as similar as well. Thereason to keep everything the same is to maximize you results and reach a highlevel in the sport of kettlebell lifting. As your skill gets better and you becomestronger when you start to increase the weight, the kettlebell remains the same.Therefore you will not jeopardize your technique or alignment, like you may withthe constant change of size.ADVICEMy advice is to go with the Standard Cast Iron Kettlebells. I think they work better forthe training style that the Spartan Workouts present. The workouts require more agilemovements and because of this the larger Professional Grade may feel a bit clumsy to handle,especially with the bigger size of the bell (bottom). Trust me, I’ve tried.Why I USE KETTLEBELLSThe Kettlebells are what really sets this program apart from any other one in the world. WhenI was first introduced to kettlebells over 4 years ago, I took it upon myself to use them to helpme burn fat, gain lean muscle and add strength. The results were unbelievable. Not only didI gain more strength and lean muscle but I got extremely ripped too. Using the kettlebells inthe Spartan workouts are the ones that will rapidly increase all aspects of your fitness whetheryou’re a man or woman.BenefitsWhat 5Are the Benefits of Using a Kettlebell?A solid strength foundationGreater flexibility and strength through that increased range of motionAccelerated recoveryIncreased grip strengthFUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

Balanced musculature, which will eliminate weaknessesIncreased power and explosivenessCRAZY conditioningVersatile and portableSuggested weightWe recommend not going lighter than the starting weights.When I first started using kettlebells the 16kg (36lb) was the one I had. The weight waschallenging since I had never used them before. But in no time, I was pushing to lift heavier.For women, when I ran my bootcamps which had many women from all fitness levels andages, there was no one that used under 8 kg, when swinging. Most wanted to use between8-12 to start. I would suggest to start here at least.Beginner/LightNo training experience,recent rehabilitationfrom injury, small buildIntermediate/MediumSome trainingexperience, healthy,moderate buildAdvanced/HeavyLots of TrainingExperience, healthy,large build, athleticbackgroundLadiesSet 8-12kg12-16kg16-20kgMenSet 12-16kg16-24kg20-32kgWHERE TO BUY KETTLEBELLSTREADMILL FACTORY - lls.htmlMY MAD METHODS – t/?partner id 339DRAGON DOOR KETTLEBELLS - INTERNATIONAL 4be946acb37d26FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

2DUMBBELLSINTRODUCTIONUsing free weights are another effective way to build musclesand tone, increase strength and burn fat. Dumbbells are afantastic versatile piece of training equipment which helpyou to incorporate stabilizing muscles while doing traditionalmovements.Dumbbells also give you a greater range of motion incomparison to barbells or machines. Moreover, dumbbellworkouts are a great venue for both more advanced lifterslooking to gain mass or novice trainers seeking to tone up and shed some extra weight.Among those currently engaged in strength training, dumbbells have become quite wellreceived for use in the gyms and at home. If you rely on dumbbells alone for strength training,you won’t need to find space for an oversized weight machine or awkward collections ofbarbells.Now, there are a lot benefits you can obtain from owning your own set of dumbbells. Theyare proven effective to provide a full body workout by targeting the arm, shoulder, chest,abdominal, back, leg muscles and even the ligaments. Dumbbells also help to firm, tone,strengthen, and build muscles. Because of these factors, anyone can benefit from dumbbellexercisesThere are an endless amount of exercises that you can do with dumbbells ensuring that theywill never go out of style.TIPS FOR BUYING DUMBBELLS: Funk and Paul head over to TreadmillFactory in search of dumbbells for the new SW2 program.CLICKHERETO VIEWVIDEO!7FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

SHOPPING TIPSDumbbell Hex – Rubber CoatedPrevent damage to floors by using these Hex Dumbbells with Rubber Heads and Ergohandgrips. MD Rubber Hex Dumbbells feature durability that simply can’t be matched. Itresists cracking and fading while protecting floors and equipment. Made from solid cast ironwith a 6-sided anti-roll design and encased in virgin rubber, this dumbbell is stylish as it isdurable. Heads are securely fastened with a uniquely designed pin mechanism that means thisequipment is about as low-maintenance as it gets. No spinning or loosening.WHY I USE DUMBBELLSMany fitness professionals, including myself choose the most primate form of free weightequipment, which are dumbbells. I added dumbbells to the Spartan workouts because youcan use them to get a COMBINED strength and conditioning workout in a fraction of the time.Plus, working your muscles, heart and lungs at the same time results in unmatched full bodystrength AND endurance!I have and currently use dumbbells as a tool in my training as they help me to develop mymuscle and provide definition to my entire body. The fact that I can use them at homereally increases the value dumbbells have in my training. Because of my busy schedule andunderstanding that everyone is busy with life in general, adding dumbbells to the Spartanworkouts allows you to train effective at home without going to commercial gyms. That beingsaid, the ability to access dumbbells at any gym or fitness centre made including dumbbellexercises in the program essentialDumbbells can are versatile and actually be a substitute for kettlebells. I use both kettlebellsand dumbbells extensively in my training, but I chose to include dumbbells knowing noteveryone has kettlebells and can use them as an alternative and still complete the workouts.Using dumbbells allow you to perform strength movements with a greater range of motionwhich will equate to training more muscles. For example, machines are great for restrictingmotion, which can really decrease risk of injury in someone prone to joint problems. However,because of their restricted motion, many stabilizer muscles are neglected and can be leftweak.Overall for me, dumbbells are essential when you are thinking of buying any form of exercisingequipment. I wanted to think about after the SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM program and yourcontinued training and fitness. Owning dumbbells as a price of equipment for your home gymis affordable and allow you to get the job done.BENEFITSDumbbells can be used to exercise any body part. Chest – Dumbbell press; Legs – DumbbellLunge; Shoulders – Dumbbell Shoulder press. You name it, the dumbbell can do it. Plus youcan use them standing, sitting, on the floor or on a stability ball.8FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

Build Lean Muscle - dumbbell exercises in your workout routines not only target your mainmuscles but also require the input from various stabilizing muscles as well allowing youto build more lean and toned muscle. By engaging all these additional muscles, dumbbellworkouts demand much more effort than any other form of lifting, causing you to haveshorter times in the gym and burn more calories in and out of it.Dumbbells are Versatile - You can use dumbbells anywhere. At home, the gym, outside; youcarrying out a dumbbell exercises anywhere.Dumbbells allow you to lift using single limb exercises, which are included in SpartanWorkouts. The “bilateral deficit” allow you to recruit more muscle and lift more weight withone limb. When performing single limb exercises, your body recruits more muscles to helpstabilize the weight, resulting in higher force output.WHERE TO BUY DUMBBELLSTREADMILL FACTORY (CANADA ONLY) search&q dumbbells&submit.x 0&submit.y 0DICKS SPORTING GOODS x.jsp?sr 1&kw dumbbells&origkw dumbbells&kwCatId &pg 2IRON MASTER k-Dumbbells/IRON MASTER dumbbells9FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

3STABILITY BALL / SWISS BALLINTRODUCTIONIf there is one piece of equipment that I am excited to add to theSpartan Training System is the Stability Ball, sometimes called aSwiss Ball. I will use them interchangeably in this program. It is alarge and inflatable ball used primarily for abs and core exercisesbut recently people are finding ways to enhance their training byusing it to take the place of an exercise bench or for other bodypart exercises.If you have regularly done crunches on the floor or a bench todevelop you abdominal muscles, try exercises with a stability ballYou will quickly notice a difference in the way your abs react.Despite being air-filled, it is generally heavy-duty and capable of supporting 600 to 700pounds of weight. It is comfortable and gives good support.You don’t have to be a training expert to use an exercise ball and it is an ideal piece ofequipment in the home. The Swiss Ball is one piece of exercise equipment that can last for avery long time, but you have to use it.TIPS FOR BUYING A STABILITY BALL: Funk and Paul head over toTreadmill Factory in search of a Stability Ball for the new SW2 program.CLICKHERETO VIEWVIDEO!SHOPPING TIPSBALL SIZING GUIDELINESGeneral size guidelines are accurate for most people; however, you may find a larger orsmaller ball more comfortable if you are near the top or bottom size limit10FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

SUGGESTEDHeight4’1” – 5’1”5’2” – 5’8”5’7” – 6’2”6’3” & overWEIGHT AND USEBall Size45cm55cm65cm75cmWHY I CHOSE THE SWISS BALLI choose to use the Swiss ball for a lot of the core and abs exercises in the Spartan TrainingSystem. It is a tool I use every week to keep core tight and strong. The Stability ball is a greattool to improve the strength of the abs and the lower-back. Because it is a little unstableand you must constantly adjust to remain balanced, use of the stability ball improves thefunctional strength, balance and flexibility of the bodyBENEFITSWhat Are the Benefits of Using a Stability Ball? Proper Alignment - The challenge posed by the ball is to maintain balance. As one aims toget the proper balance, the alignment of the body parts is also improved Using the ball during training will utilize many additional muscles to maintain stability andbalance Great Abs The abs and the back muscles are simultaneously worked. Inexpensive tool to add to your home gym The stability ball can help in alleviating back pain and preventing pain in the future Flexibility and balance are improved. Core Stability - The major muscles that helps stabilize and support all of your bodymovements are made up of the back and the deep abdominal muscles. With the ball, nomatter how ‘deep’ or ‘into the core’ these muscles are, they are still exercised. Losing Weight - Any exercise that strengthens your muscles will help to reduce body fat.WHERE TO BUY STABILITY/SWISS BALLSTREADMILL FACTORY (CANADA -balls.htmlDICKS SPORTING GOODS (USA x.jsp?categoryId 4417794SPORTS UNLIMITED itness-exercise-balls.html11FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

4SKIPPING ROPEINTRODUCTIONSkipping is an amazing cardiovascularworkout. It is something that we have alltried at least once in our lives, either askids, teenagers or adults. Who would havethought that it can be such a powerful tool toincrease your overall fitness level.Skipping targets your conditioning, calves,thighs, glutes and shoulders as well asworking your footwork, agility, speed andeye hand co-ordination. Because it is a lowerimpact activity than let’s say running, it’s tends to be kinder to your joints and carries asmall risk of injury.WHY I CHOSE SKIPPINGI choose skipping as an important part of The Spartan Training System because of thebenefits and incredible results I got while training for my first professional Muay Thai fight.Not only did I see fat burning and increased cardio, but when I saw the positive effect itwas having on my Bootcamp Clients and other Fighters, I knew skipping needed to be anelement in my fat loss system.I also wanted to give you a piece of equipment that was convenient, easy to transport tothe gym or use at home and inexpensive.BENEFITS OF SKIPPING Skipping rope can be beneficial in your exercise to lose weight and get lean10 minutes of skipping will burn 100 caloriesIt’s easy to learn, you just have to practiceimproved strength, endurance and staminastrengthens bonesIt tones your muscles in arms, legs and absSkipping also helps your agility, balance, speed and hand – eye coordination.This is why most boxers will do skipping workouts over and over again.SUGGESTED USEYou can use the skipping as your warm up or you can perform the Spartan SkippingWorkout with Angela. The key to skipping is PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MOREPRACTICE. It’s the only way you will get better. When I first picked up the rope, I waspathetic, but the more I used it not only did I feel the physical benefits, but I got reallygood at using it too. Wear soft soled shoes. Jump on softer surfaces where possible.12FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

SHOPPING TIPSThe length of the rope should be right for your height. Stand on the centre of the rope, andlift the handles upward. The point where the handles meet the rope should be level with yourarmpits. If your rope is the wrong length don’t worry. Tie knots near the handles to makealterations.TREADMILL FACTORY - CANADA SYSTEMS FITNESS - px?type banner&&affId 1359095FOAM ROLLERINTRODUCTIONA foam roller is simply a cylindrical piece of hardcelled foam. Basically, you just use your own bodyweight to sandwich the roller between the body’s softtissue and the floor. The Foam is used to stretch areasthat are hard to stretch and massage.The foam roller not only stretches muscles andtendons but it also breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. This is calledmyofascial release. By using your own body weight and a cylindrical foam roller you canperform a self-massage or myofascial release, break up trigger points, and soothe tightfascia while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. Your body weightprovides all the pressure that you need to roll out pain, stiffness and even adhesions, orareas where connective tissue adheres to the bones.The superficial fascia is a soft connective tissue located just below the skin. It wraps andconnects the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels of the body. Together, muscle andfascia make the myofascia system.Foam rolling can provide great benefit both before and after a workout. Whether you aregetting ready to perform a Spartan Workout or stretching routine it very important thatyou take the time to foam roll before you do that. So always foam roll before you stretch.Rolling after a workout may help speed up the recovery process so the next time youwork out you feel fresh and ready to go.WHY I CHOSE THE FOAM ROLLERI know that the workouts are tough and can often course stiffness in the muscles,13FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

especially if you do not stretch enough. I found the Foam Roller extremely useful for me a fewmonths back and live by this inexpensive piece of equipment. It was only natural for me toinclude it in the SW2 program along with a couple of massage routines to help you loosen upthe fascial.BENEFITS Inexpensive - 30 compared to the big bucks of a massage therapist Done consistently foam rolling or self myofascial release will help you or the athletes youcoach perform better for longer periods of time The techniques are simpleSHOPPING SUGGESTIONSMy suggestion is to go with a high density foam roller or an EVA foam roller as they areknown as the best in the market. With the cell foam, it is capable of handling weight andfrequent use.Get yourself a longer roller as opposed to the shorter versions. One that’s too short will causesome issues. Avoid foam rollers that contain large gaps or pores in the foam. A quality rollerwill go for between 25-50 depending on what country you live in.TYPES OF FOAM ROLLERS1. Low Density – this foam is low density and is softer; you can find this in white color but youshould be aware that it will not last for a long time; this is ideal for starters.2. EVA foam – this is better than the bio-foam because it can provide you with greaterpressure.3. Molded foam – a very good example is the PB Elite and you can find them in most gyms orfitness centers; high density small beads are molded to form this cylindrical roller.4. Grid – the inner core of the foam roller is hard and it has outer foam later of about one inch;this can provide you with the firmer feel that you love.WHERE TO BUY YOUR FOAM ROLLERPurchase the EVA Premium Foam Roller from the Treadmill Factory (Canada -premium-foam-roller-6-x-36.htmlPower Systems Fitness - aspx?type banner&&affId 13590914FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

6GYMBOSS TIMERFor me, when I work out or train, time is of the essence. Evenmore, timing is extremely important. Whether it is the timebetween my workout sets, cardio, at bootcamp or even whenI am doing rounds on the punching bag, having the GymbossInterval Timer is key to my success.With the Funk Roberts 8 Week Fitness and Diet Program comingsoon, having the Gymboss Timer will make it easy to plan rest.Attach the timer to your pants or belt with the convenient beltclip and 30 seconds to one minute rest periods will be easy to time with an alarm of beep,vibrate, or both. Forget the stopwatch, clock, and other methods which demand too much ofyour attention, let Gymboss do the timing and you focus on the workout for the best resultsever! GUARANTEED!TIPS FOR BUYING GYMBOSS TIMER mou8tYD2eDwCLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR SPARTAN GYMBOSS TO VIEWVIDEO!15FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

SUPPLEMENT SEQUIPMENT SHOPPING LISTPlease print and use the below shopping list when buying your equipment locally.This will help you to start building your home gym with the best 15-30lbsAdvanced20-50lbs15-35lbsDUMBBELLSStability ballHeightBall Size4’1” – 5’1”45cm5’2” – 5’8”55cm5’7” – 6’2”65cm6’3” & over75cmSKIPPING ROPE (Handles should be under your arms)FOAM ROLLERGYMBOSS TIMER16FUNK ROBERTS SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM // Equipment Guide //

workout at a gym, there’s Funk carrying his kettlebell. . calories and fat being burned. Kettlebell training will improve your strength, but your range of . the kettlebell stays consistent between weights (8kg kettlebell is the same size as a 40kg). The

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