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1786An Alphabetical List ofDiocesan and Religious Priests of the United StatesREPORTED TO THE PUBLISHERS FOR THIS ISSUE(Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Archabbots and Abbots are listed in previous .F.F.S F.S.C.B.AssumptionistsBrothers of Christian ServiceLittle Brothers of the Good ShepherdBasilian Salvatorian FathersAlexian BrothersCongregation of Christian BrothersBrothers of Our Lady, Mother ofMercyBrothers of the Poor of St. FrancisFranciscan Friars of the RenewalBrothers of St. Francis XavierMissionhurst Congregation of theImmaculate Heart of MaryJosephite FathersCongregation of Jesus and MaryCongregation of the MissionCongregation of MotherCoredemptrixClaretian MissionariesCarmelites of Mary ImmaculateThe Congregation of MaroniteLebanese MissionariesCongregation of MananhillMissionaries, Marianhill Fathersand BrothersMekhitarist FathersOratoriansCongregation of the PassionCongregation of the Fathers of MercySociety of the Precious BloodCongregation of the ResurrectionCanons Regular of the ImmaculateConceptionCanons Regular of the LateranAdorno FathersSomascan FathersClerics Regular of St. PaulMissionaries of St. CharlesScalabriniansBasilian FathersPriests of the Congregation of HolyCrossCongregation of St. JosephCongregation of St. John the BaptistPaulist FathersBrothers of Saint Pius XStigmatine Fathers and BrothersCongregation of the Holy SpiritRedemptorist FathersClerics of St. ViatorDiocesan Labor PriestsCamaldolese Hermits of theCongregation of Monte CoronaBrothers of CharitySons of Divine ProvidenceFranciscan Friars of the ImmaculateFranciscan Brothers of the HolyCrossBrothers of Christian InstructionCongregation of St. JohnBrothers of MercyMissionary Fraternity of MaryThe Marist BrothersSons of Mary Missionary SocietyPresentation BrothersBrothers of the Christian SchoolsPriestly Fraternity of ies of St. CharlesBorromeo, IncBrothers of the Holy EucharistBrothers of St. PatrickBrothers of the Congregation of OurLady of the Holy RosaryPriestly Fraternity of St. PeterThe Glenmary Home MissionersLos Hermanos de Juan DiegoHermits of Mount CarmelInstitute of CharityIncarnational ConsecrationBrothers of the Immaculate Heart ofMaryConsolata MissionariesSchoenstatt Institute of SecularPriestsLittle Brothers of Saint FrancisLegionaries of ChristMissionaries of AfricaMissionary Congregation of theBlessed SacramentComboni Missionaries of the Heart ofJesus (Verona)Mercedarios DescalzosParis Foreign Mission SocietyGuadalupe MissionersMill Hill MissionariesCongregation of Marians of theImmaculate ConceptionMissionaries of St. Joseph (Mexico)MaryknollThe Missionaries of Our Lady of LaSaletteMissionaries of the Holy ApostlesMissionaries of the Sacred HeartCongregation of the Missionaries ofthe Holy FamilyMissionaries of St. PaulMissionaries of the Holy SpiritMissionaries of the Sacred Hearts ofJesus and MaryOrder of the Augustinian RecollectsCarmelite Fathers and BrothersOrder of CarthusiansDiscalced Carmelite FathersCistercian FathersThe Cistercian Order of the StrictObservance (Trappists)Order of Our Lady of MercyFranciscan FriarsThe Capuchin FriarsConventual FranciscansHospitaller Brothers of St. John ofGodOrder of the Imitation of ChristBrothers of Our Lady of ProvidenceMinim FathersCongregation of Maronite MonksOblates of Mary ImmaculateOblates of the Virgin MaryOrder of Preachers (Dominicans)Canons Regular of PremontreOperarios del Reina de CristoThe AugustiniansBenedictine MonksCamaldolese HermitsO .S.S.S.T.S.T.S.X.S.V.D.T.O.R.V.C.V.D.C.Order of St. Basil the GreatCanons Regular of the Order of theHoly CrossCamillian Fathers and BrothersCongregation of the ReligiousBrothers of the Third Order Regularof St. FrancisFranciscan Brothers of Christ theKingFranciscan Brothers of the ThirdOrder RegularFranciscan Missionary Brothers ofthe Sacred Heart of JesusOblates of St. Francis de SalesOblates of St. JosephServitesPauline FathersOrder of the Holy TrinityPontifical Institute for ForeignMissionsRogationist FathersFranciscan Friars of the AtonementSociety of the Catholic ApostolateBrothers of the Sacred HeartServants of CharitySociety of ChristPiarist FathersCongregation of the Priests of theSacred HeartSalesians of Don BoscoSociety of the Divine SaviorVocationist FathersSons of the Holy FamilyScarboro Foreign MissionsJesuit Fathers and BrothersSociety of Mary (Marianists)Marist FathersSocietyof African MissionsMontfort MissionariesSociety of Our Mother of PeaceCistercian Monks of the StrictObservanceSociety of Our Lady of the Most HolyTrinityServants of the ParacleteSt. Patrick Missionary SocietySociety of the Priests of Saint SulpiceSociety of St. ColumbanCongregation of the Sacred Hearts ofJesus and MarySociety of Saint EdmundSt. Joseph's Society of the SacredHeartPauline Fathers and BrothersCongregation of the BlessedSacramentMissionary Society of St. Thomas theApostleMissionary Servants of the MostHoly TrinityXaverian Missionary FathersSociety of the Divine WordThird Order Regular of Saint FrancisVincentian Congregation (India)Verbum Dei CommunityThe letters in parentheses designate the diocese. See the “Diocesan Abbreviations”.Letters in brackets designate categories in the Institution Section.AAaron, Andrew D. '96 (BAL) Davidsonville, MD HolyFamily.Aaron, Derek '16 (LFT) Carmel, IN Our Lady of MountCarmel.Aarons, Anthony t.o.r. '06 (ORL)[A] Orlando, FL BishopMoore Catholic High School Inc.; [E] Winter Park, FLSan Pedro Spiritual Development Center.Abad, Jose Antonio P. (Lito) '82 (AGN) Tumon, GUBlessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Church.Abad, Manuel (SFR) San Francisco, CA St. Stephen.Abadano, Rogelio L. '11 (RIC) Onley, VA St. Peter theApostle Catholic Church.Abadie, Travis '15 (LAF) Arnaudville, LA St. Catherine;Arnaudville, LA St. John Francis Regis.Abadilla, Gregg '16 (TR) Matawan, NJ St. Clement.Abah, Joseph A. '82 (JC) Martinsburg, MO St. Joseph;Martinsburg, MO Church of the Resurrection.Abainza, Zaldy s.o.l.t. '14 (CC) Corpus Christi, TX HolyFamily Church; [G] Robstown, TX Society of OurLady of the Most Holy Trinity.Abalahin, Emiel o.carm. (NY) Tarrytown, NYTransfiguration.Aballe, Antonio Marrero '01 (FAJ) Canovanas, PR SantaMaria Madre de Dios.Abalodo, Bakpenam Sebastien s.m. '02 (CIN)[D] Dayton,OH The Marian Library/International MarianResearch Institute (IMRI); [D] Dayton, OH TheUniversity of Dayton; [N] Dayton, OH MarianistCommunity.Abalon, Jose Amante M. '01 (NEW) Elizabeth, NJ OurLady of Most Holy Rosary/St. Michael.Abalon, Jose Manuel '00 (NEW) East Orange, NJ SaintJoseph AIRSHOSPITALSANDCHAPLAINS.Abao, Marlee c.i.c.m. (R) Louisburg, NC Our Lady of theRosary.Abara, Lawrence N. '78 (MO) DEPARTMENT OFVETERANSAFFAIRSHOSPITALSANDCHAPLAINS; (LAF) Retired.Abarca, Alfonso s.d.b. (LA) Valinda, CA St. Martha.Abarrategui, Leandro o.f.m. (SJN) Carolina, PR SantaClara de Asis.

DIOCESAN AND RELIGIOUS PRIESTSAbasilim, Maurice '97 (MAN) Concord, NH Christ theKing Parish; Carmelite Monastery; Concord Hospital;New Hampshire State Hospital; [L] Concord, NHMonastery of Discalced Carmelites.Abaskhron, Francis (BRK)[L] Brooklyn, NY ArabicSpeaking Ministry.Abaukaka, Stephen '97 (WIN) Medford, MN Christ theKing; Owatonna, MN St. Joseph.Abaya, Pascual '96 (HON) Pearl City, HI Our Lady ofGood Counsel; Presbyteral Council.Abban, Ebenezer K. '03 (BRK) Brooklyn, NY St.Margaret Mary.Abban, Mark '03 (LR) Monticello, AR Holy ChildChurch; McGehee, AR St. Mary; Monticello, AR St.Mark.Abbey-Quaye, Emmanuel '05 (PIT) Munhall, PA St.Therese of Lisieux.Abbott, Donald S. '73 (CHR) Retired.Abbott, Gregory E. '07 (STP) Norwood, MN St. Patrick'sCemetery; Cologne, MN St. Bernard; Norwood, MNAscension Catholic Church.Abbott, Kerry o.f.m.conv. '90 (OAK)[K] Castro Valley,CA Conventual Franciscans (Province of St. JosephCupertino) Provincial Center.Abbott, William M. s.j. '72 (FgM) New York, NY Societyof Jesus.Abdella, Peter c.s.p. '85 (LA) Los Angeles, CA St. Paulthe Apostle.Abdoo, Louis i.m.c. '73 (SB) Riverside, CA St. Francis deSales.Abe, John Adam '84 (RIC) Virginia Beach, VA St.Matthew.Abegg, Victor P. o.f.m.conv. '74 (MRY) Pismo Beach, CASt. Paul the Apostle.Abegg, Victor P. o.f.m.conv. '74 (OAK)[K] Castro Valley,CA Conventual Franciscans (Province of St. JosephCupertino) Provincial Center.Abel, Robert M. '73 (L) Retired.Abele, Alan Carl '73 (ANC) Retired.Abella, Ray o.s.f.s. '93 (STO) Ceres, CA St. Jude Church(Pastor of).Abellan, Jose Antonio Murcia '01 (CHI) Chicago, ILQueen of the Universe.Abels, Kevin P. '03 (BRK) Woodside, NY St. Sebastian.Abem, Patrick '08 (RVC) Levittown, NY St. Bernard.Aberasturi, Carmelo Urarte (ARE) Priest's Senate(Consejo Presbiteral).Aberasturi, Carmelo Urarte '59 (ARE) Quebradillas, PRSacred Heart.Abercrombie, Jamie M. c.s.b. '73 (GAL) Rosenberg, TXHoly Rosary; [N] Houston, TX The Basilian Fathers ofDillon House.Abernethy, David S. c.o. '94 (PIT)[M] Pittsburgh, PACongregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri.Abert, Richard P. s.j. '76 (MIL)[O] Milwaukee, WI PereMarquette Jesuit Community.Abi-Akar, Dany '10 (SAM) Sleepy Hollow, NY SaintJohn Paul II.Abi-Chedid, Elie '85 (SAM) Jacksonville, FL St. MaronMaronite.Abi-Sarkis, Elias '75 (OLL) College of Consultors;Presbyteral Council; Protopresbyters; PersonnelBoard; Tulsa, OK St. Therese of the Child JesusMaronite Catholic Church.Abiamiri, Anthony (BAL) Baltimore, MD St. Anthony ofPadua; Baltimore, MD Most Precious Blood.Abiamiri, Anthony (BAL)[U] Baltimore, MD NigeriaIgbo Catholic Community.Abiera, Frederic B. o.a.r. '03 (NEW)[L] West Orange, NJAugustinian Recollects.Abiera, Fredric B. o.a.r. '03 (NEW)[L] West Orange, NJAugustinian Recollects.Abiero, Michael Charles Ajigo '15 (OWN) Whitesville,KY St. Mary of the Woods.Abinader, Marnan m.l.m. (OLL) Norman, OK Our Ladyof Lebanon Maronite Mission.Abiog, Merlito M. '06 (RIC) Virginia Beach, VA HolySpirit.Abisaad, Joseph '16 (SAM) Dover, NH St. George.Ablanida, Joachim E. m.m.h.c. '02 (LA) Artesia, CA HolyFamily.Abler, Larry o.f.m.cap. '64 (MIL)[O] Mount Calvary, WISt. Lawrence Friary.Ables, Abner c.s. '12 (LA) Sun Valley, CA Our Lady ofthe Holy Rosary.Ables Jr., Abner (MRY) Gonzales, CA St. Theodore.Aboh, Bede C. '88 (KNX) Presbyteral Council; DiocesanConsultors; East Tennessee State University; [J]Johnson City, TN ETSU-Catholic Center.Abonce, Jose Gilardo Alvarez c.o.r.c. '97 (FWT) FortWorth, TX Immaculate Heart of Mary.Aboody, Rt. Rev. Charles '62 (NTN) McLean, VA HolyTransfiguration.Aboody, Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Charles '62 (NTN)Presbyteral Council; Retired.Aborde Jr., Patricio '97 (GBG) Greensburg, PA St.Bruno; Uniontown, PA St. Joseph; Uniontown, PA St.Therese, the Little Flower of Jesus.Aboyi, James v.c. '04 (PHX) Mesa, AZ Holy Cross RomanCatholic Parish; [C] Mesa, AZ Benedictine University.Abraham, Aby (LR) Morrilton, AR Sacred Heart.1787Abraham, Anthony '08 (STV) Charismatic Movement;St. John, VI Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish; [B]Charlotte Amalie, VI Catholic Charismatic Renewal.Abraham, Augustine Mangalath '79 (MCE) Chancellor;Finance Officer; Ex Officio Members; Secretaries;Members; Eparchy Webteam; Blauvelt, NY St. Peter'sMalankara Catholic Church.Abraham, Johnson C. '88 (OAK) Concord, CA St. Agnes.Abraham, Joseph '90 (RNO) Judicial Vicar/Officialis;Vicar for Clergy; Judges; Curia; Diocesan Board ofConsultors; Ongoing Formation for PermanentDeacons; Presbyteral Council; Priest PersonnelBoard; Reno, NV St. Rose of Lima.Abraham, Lijo '14 (LAV) Las Vegas, NV St. James theApostle.Abraham, Mathew K. a.l.c.p. '99 (SP) Zephyrhills, FL St.Joseph Catholic Church.Abraham, Renny '00 (SYM) Feasterville, PA Christ theKing Syro Malabar Knanaya Catholic Mission NewJersey, NJ; Feasterville, PA St. John Neumann.Abraham, Thaddeus '90 (BRK) Jamaica, NY St.Bonaventure-St. Benedict the Moor RC Church.Abraham, Tomy (CHI) Park Ridge, IL Mary, Seat ofWisdom.Abrahamczyk, Kazimierz s.v.d. '85 (MEM)[D] Memphis,TN Society of the Divine Word (Chicago Province);Korean Catholic Ministry; Polish Catholic Ministry;Memphis, TN St. John's.Abrahams, John J. '79 (BAL) Retired.Abrahim, Jirjis '67 (EST) West Bloomfield, MI St.Thomas Chaldean Catholic Parish.Abrego, Martin '92 (SJ) On Leave of Absence.Abreu, John E. '74 (PRO) Warren, RI St. Thomas theApostle.Abreu, P. Jose G. o.c.d. (MIA)[I] Miami Gardens, FLDiscalced Carmelite Friars of Miami, Inc.Abril, Benhur Navarro s.j. '10 (SFR)[N] San Francisco,CA Loyola House Jesuit Community.Abruzzese, Joseph A. '90 (PRO) Absent on Leave.Absalon, Burt H. '01 (RCK) Woodstock, IL St. Patrick;Woodstock, IL St. Mary.Abts, John o.f.m. '90 (STL)[Q] St. Louis, MO FranciscanFriary of St. Anthony of Padua.Abu-Lail, Samir '94 (NTN) Seattle, WA St. JosephMission.Abuan, Antonio G. '84 (HON) Kalaheo, HI Holy Cross.Abuh, Julius '92 (KNX) Clinton, TN St. Therese; Norris,TN St. Joseph.Abutu, John '08 (HEL) Fairfield, MT St. John theEvangelist; Dutton, MT St. William; Conrad, MT St.Michael the Archangel; Choteau, MT St. Joseph.Acampora, Vincenzo '14 (AGN) Barrigada, GU SanVicente Ferrer and San Roke.Accardi, Joseph N. '90 (PH) Philadelphia, PA St.Bernard.Accinni-Reinhardt, Michael D. '01 (PHX) SpecialAssignment.Acero, Romen A. (R) Greenville, NC St. Gabriel.Acervo, Lee E. '08 (DET) Lakeport, MI St. Edward's onthe Lake.Acevedo, Dario '13 (WOR) Milford, MA St. Mary.Acevedo, Edward '97 (MGZ) Boqueron, PR ParroquiaSan Jose, Custodio de la Sagrada Familia.Acevedo, Jaime H. '99 (MIA) Southwest Ranches, FL St.Mark.Acevedo, Juan Burgos o.p. '89 (PCE) Yauco, PR NuestraSenora del Rosario.Acevedo Lugo, Eduard '97 (PCE) Mayaguez.Achacoso, Rev. Msgr. Jonas '02 (BRK) Vice OfficialeAssociate Judicial Vicar; Attorneys and Counselors atCanon Law; Long Island City, NY Queen of Angels.Achadinha, James M. (BO) Gloucester, MA HolyFamily; Gloucester, MA Our Lady of Good Voyage.Achanyi, Michael '14 (NY) LaGrangeville, NY SaintKateri Tekakwitha.Achbach, Kevin Lee '03 (RC) Winner, SD St. Isidore;Winner, SD Immaculate Conception.Achi, Charles '06 (NY) Staten Island, NY Our Lady,Queen of Peace.Acker, Karl H. '63 (MIL) Retired.Acker, Thomas S. s.j. '63 (Y) Mogadore, OH St. JosephSchool; Mogadore, OH St. Joseph.Acker, Thomas S. s.j. (CHI)[N] Chicago, IL USAMidwest Province of the Society of Jesus, Inc.Ackeret, Dennis '68 (MIL) Archdiocesan Consultors;Archdiocesan Council of Priests; Retired.Ackerman, Donald K. '61 (EVN) Retired.Ackerman, J. Thomas '97 (BIR) Priests'/PresbyteralCouncil; Diocesan College of Vicars; Tuscaloosa, ALSt. Francis of Assisi University Parish.Ackerman, James (CIN)[N] Cincinnati, OH JesuitCommunity at St. Xavier High School.Ackerman, Michael R. '14 (PIT) Priestly Vocations,Office for.Ackerman, Phillip '78 (FAR) Deanery 4; Langdon, NDSt. Alphonsus Church of Langdon; Langdon, ND St.Edward Church of Nekoma; Langdon, ND St.Michael's Church of Wales.Ackerman, Raymond K. '91 (OKL) ConsultorsArchdiocesan; Council of Priests Archdiocesan;AdamsEdmond, OK St. John the Baptist; [I] Edmond, OKUniversity of Central Oklahoma.Ackley, Randall Wasyl '05 (HPM) Retired.Acklin, Thomas o.s.b. '80 (GBG) Crabtree, PA St.Bartholomew; [H] Latrobe, PA Saint VincentArchabbey; [I] Greensburg, PA Benedictine Nuns.Aclan, Rev. Msgr. Alejandro '93 (LA) Clergy, Vicar for;Ex Officio; Office of the Vicar for Clergy; Consultants;Priests' Pension Board.Acob, Augusto Tana '80 (OAK) Union City, CA St. Anne.Acosta, Francisco '70 (BWN) Brownsville, TX Our Ladyof Guadalupe.Acosta Ocasio, Edgardo (PCE)[B] Ponce, PR ThePontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.Acosta Pena, Jorge E. '02 (NEW) Newark, NJImmaculate Conception; Newark, NJ Our Lady ofGood Counsel.Acosta-Escobar, Bill John '02 (R) Deans; Council ofPriests; Office of Hispanic Ministry; Wilson, NCChurch of St. Therese.Acosta-Quevedo, Juan Gabriel '13 (BGP) College ofConsultors; Norwalk, CT St. Ladislaus.Acquaro, Philip Anthony c.s.b. '70 (GAL)[N] Houston,TX The Basilian Fathers of Dillon House.Acquaye, Emmanuel o.f.m.conv. '06 (BAL)[Q] EllicottCity, MD Shrine of St. Anthony.Acrea, John '62 (DM) Retired.Acri, John A. '65 (HBG) Retired.Acton, Rev. Msgr. Sean A. '48 (LA) Retired.Acton, Rev. Msgr. Thomas M. '57 (LA) Gardena, CAMaria Regina; Retired.Adaikalam, Britto (MAN) Keene, NH Mary, Queen ofPeace Parish.Adain, Dieuseul '98 (NEW) Elizabeth Deanery 25;Newark, NJ Shrine of Divine Mercy St. FrancisXavier.Adaja, Paul O. '09 (CHI) Skokie, IL St. Peter.Adajar, Wayne '98 (ORG) Anaheim, CA San Antonio dePadua Del Canon Church.Adam, Charles (DAV) Coralville, IA St. Thomas MoreChurch of Coralville, Iowa.Adam, Charles A. '86 (DAV)[K] Coralville, IA St.Thomas More New Season Charitable Trust; [A]Davenport, IA St. Ambrose University.Adam, Nicholas J. '76 (DAV) Diocesan Consultors;Fairfield, IA St. Mary's Church of Fairfield, Iowa;Richland, IA Ss. Joseph and Cabrini Catholic Church.Adam, Richard (DAV)[K] Davenport, IA Sacred HeartCathedral Foundation, Inc.Adam, Richard A. '88 (DAV) Davenport, IA SacredHeart Cathedral of Davenport, Iowa; [K] Davenport,IA Vietnamese Catholic Community of Our Lady ofMong Trieu.Adamcik, Bryan F.J. '96 (NEW) Part-time Staff/Advocates/Procurators; Harrington Park, NJ OurLady of Victories.Adamczak, Dawid s.d.s. (NEW) Garfield, NJ St.Stanislaus Kostka.Adamczyk, Lawrence P. '03 (BAL) Hagerstown, MD St.Mary.Adamczyk, Tomasz (BRK) Brooklyn, NY Our Lady ofMount Carmel Shrine Church; Brooklyn, NYAnnunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.Adamczyk, Witold o.f.m.conv. '01 (RCK) Algonquin, ILSt. Margaret Mary.Adamczyk, Wojciech (GAL) Houston, TX Our Lady ofGuadalupe.Adame, Alejandro c.s.v. '00 (CHI)[N] Bogota 10, D.C., ILViatorian Province Center-Clerics of St. Viator.Adame, James Mark o.s.s.t. '13 (SAT)[M] San Antonio,TX Holy Trinity Fathers.Adame, James Mark '13 (BAL)[Q] Baltimore, MDHoly Trinity Monastery.Adamian, Antoine '70 (OLN) Belmont, MA Holy Cross.Adamich, Albert R. '48 (CHI) Evergreen Park, IL MostHoly Redeemer; Retired.Adamik, Adrian M. '94 (SAT) Rural Area; ArchdiocesanPresbyteral Council; Priests Personnel Board;Rocksprings, TX Sacred Heart of Mary.Adamo, Robert B. '98 (BRK) Diocesan Real Estate Boardand Building Commission.Adamo, Robert B. '98 (BRK) Brooklyn, NY St. Ephrem.Adamonis, Peter o.s.b. '16 (GBG)[H] Latrobe, PA SaintVincent Archabbey.Adams, Edmond F. '52 (SC) Retired.Adams, Fr. Harry J. '68 (NO)[O] New Orleans, LAMetairie Manor; [O] Metairie, LA Metairie III; [O]Metairie, LA St. Bernard II.Adams, J. Scott '16 (PMB) Palm Beach Gardens, FLCathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola.Adams, James '09 (KAL) Kalamazoo, MI St. Monica.Adams, James '09 (KAL)[A] Kalamazoo, MI Msgr. JohnR. Hackett High School.Adams, James P. '82 (ATL) Retired.Adams, Jason P. '12 (SAV) Armstrong State University;Diocesan Scout Chaplain; Savannah, GA St. James.Adams, Joel K. s.j. '95 (P)[D] Portland, OR Jesuit HighSchool.Adams, John E. '69 (WDC) Special Ministries; [W]Washington, DC Community of Christ.

AdamsAdams, John Michael '85 (BIR) Tuscumbia, AL OurLady of the Shoals.Adams, Joseph M. o.s.b. '09 (GBG)[H] Latrobe, PA SaintVincent Archabbey.Adams, Joseph M. o.s.b. '09 (MO) Army ReserveChaplains.Adams, Juniper o.f.m. '9

An Alphabetical List of Diocesan and Religious Priests of the United States REPORTED TO THE PUBLISHERS FOR THIS ISSUE (Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Archabbots and Abbots are listed in previous section)

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