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VOL. 60 NO.1 1661 ALTON PARKWAY IRVINE, CA 92606 (949) 250-4855 SPRING 2018P R U D E N T I A L UNIFORMS.COMFF-THE-CUFFWHAT’S INSIDE:- Outstanding Achievement Awards- Annual Sales Conference and Awards- Anniversary Celebrations- Retirements- Clean Green Updates- Did You Hear the News?FEATURING:MILPITAS INDUSTRIAL PLANTA PUBLICATION FROM

FEATURED PLANTMILPITAS INDUSTRIAL PLANTTHE MILPITASINDUSTRIAL PLANTYEAR OPENED:1971CURRENT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 52CURRENT NUMBER OF ROUTES:11ROSA VASQUEZ(01/28/08) General ManagerRosa Vasquez joined Prudential in January 2008 as an AccountExecutive in the Cleanroom Division. She has 26 years of laundryexperience in both Cleanroom and Industrial services. In herspare time, she volunteers as a Big Sister in the “Big Brothers BigSisters” program and is absolutely enjoying every minute of it.She is the mother of two amazing young adult sons, Daniel andKevin.JOHN URIBE(04/07/14) Sales & ServiceManagerJANETTE CEJA(01/18/16)Senior Office ManagerJohn was a combat engineerin the United States Armybefore joining Prudential. Hehas been married for 16 yearsand has three daughters. Inhis spare time he likes towatch Marvel movies and rootfor the Oakland Raiders.Janette was born and raised inSan Jose, California. She’s asoccer mom, and she lovesspending time with herhusband, four daughters,grandson, and her dog,Guero-- while rooting for the49ers.The date of hire is listed after each employee name throughout Off-the-CuffA Publication of Prudential Overall Supply - Dedicated to the improvement of employee morale and the broadening of customer relationships.CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Stephanie Leibick, Marketing Manager & Jerry Martin, Vice President of Sales & MarketingLAYOUT & DESIGN: Stephanie Leibick, Marketing Manager & EOS AgencyPlease address all correspondence and address changes to: StephanieL@pos-clean.com2 - M I LP I T A S I N D U ST RIA L PLANT

MILPITAS INDUSTRIAL PLANT TEAMSALES DEPARTMENTBRUCE AROLA (12/29/97)Corporate Sales RepresentativeMARLON WILKINS (12/30/96)District Sales ManagerMARK SOUTAR (08/28/2017)Corporate Sales RepresentativeRICHARD BIRLEW (11/27/17)Corporate Sales RepresentativeBruce started with POS in 1997as an MPTP after a 10 yearProfessional Baseball career.He was on the operations sideas a Route Manager and Sales& Service Manager untiltransferring to Corporate Salesin 2004. Bruce is a six timePresident’s Club award winner.In his free time he enjoysbarbecuing by the pool withfamily and friends, motorcycleriding, golfing, and fishing.Marlon celebrated 21 yearswith POS in December. Afather of two children Kwame(26) and Yvonne (21) who willbe graduating from Cal StateSan Marcos in the summer of2019. He enjoys giving back tothe community, working withhigh risk youth, mentoring, andmen’s fashion. He was recentlyengaged to be married to hislongtime girlfriend LaKeisha.Mark has been in sales for over20 years, with 9 years ofindustry experience. Hisbeautiful wife Donna and heenjoy their children Jason,Shauna, and Nicole along withtheir spouses. They are veryhappy Grandparents to oneyear old Grace Olivia, withanother one on the way thisSeptember. In his free time heenjoys playing golf, riding hismountain and road bike, andtraveling.Richard has 5 years of experienceworking as a consultant in thelaundry industry. He startedworking in the industry aftercompleting his B.S. in Marketingand International Business at theUniversity of the Pacific. In 2010he won a national championshipin inter-collegiate debate. Richardenjoys cycling, running, hiking,and all kinds of sporting eventswith his wife, Emma.HILDA CHAVEZ(06/23/14)Production ManagerHilda has been with Prudential since 2014 where she began as atowel folder, and is now Production Manager. She’s a single mom,and she’s going back to school for Business Administration. Whenshe’s not at work or school, she enjoys spending time with her son.RAPHAEL LEYVA(11/11/13) Route ManagerRaphael has a strong background in sales. He is married and hastwo daughters. He loves Star Trek, and in his spare time, he likes tocook, play video games, and spend time with his girls.MILPITAS I N DU S T R I A L P L A N T - 3



MILPITAS INDUSTRIAL FEATURED CUSTOMERABOUT USTHE FRANCISCAN CRAB RESTAURANTLocated at:Pier 43 1/2Fisherman’s WharfSan Francisco, CA 94133415.362.7733If the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area is part of your itinerary, include a visit toFisherman’s Wharf, famous for seafood dining. The Franciscan Crab Restaurant offerssuperb panoramic seafood dining. Enjoy seafood favorites Dungeness Crab, CrispyCrabcakes, Seafood Antipasto, fresh oysters, and steamed mussels. The FranciscanCrab Restaurant also features freshly made burrata and salumi.High ceilings and twenty foot windows, offer unforgettable views of San FranciscoBay, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, San Francisco’s spectacular skyline,Alcatraz and of course, historic Fisherman’s Wharf. Built in the late 1950’s and recentlyremodeled, the Franciscan restaurant has been a long standing part of San Franciscoseafood dining and Fisherman’s Wharf’s landscape. Countless visitors, both native andfrom afar, have made the Franciscan restaurant a local tradition in seafood dining onthe wharf.We are proud to have the Franciscan as a loyal customer and supply them with chefcoats, napkins and towels!JUAN CARLOS BECERRA, Director of Restaurant Operations for 24 years,ROSA VASQUEZ (01/28/08) General Manager, Prudential Overall Supply stand nextto the wall of famous people who have enjoyed The Franciscan for lunch and dinner!6 - M I LP I T A S I N D U ST RIA L PLANT - FEATURED CUSTOMER

2017 OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDSOAA AWARDSCongratulations to the following plants:NOUTSTANDINGACHIEVEMENTAW17To recognize each operating plant that accomplishes its goalsfor revenue and profit during a calendar year.AECOGNITIT RON2017 OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTAWARD RECIPIENTSPLPRUDENTIAL RECOGNIZES ITSARD0 2This is a fantastic accomplishment for you and yourteams you can be proud of your efforts all year. Eachplant received plaques, banners and other awards.Luncheon celebrations are held at each location.Again, thanks for a great year and congratulations toyou and your teams! Riverside Industrial Plant - Indio and Las Vegas Service Centers Los Angeles Industrial Plant Irvine Industrial Plant Milpitas Cleanroom Plant Los Angeles Cleanroom Plant Austin Cleanroom / Industrial Plant - St. Louis and San Antonio Service CentersCONGRATS!RIVERSIDE, CA - INDUSTRIALRIVERSIDE, CA - INDUSTRIALINDIO SERVICE CENTER, CALAS VEGAS SERVICE CENTER, CAOAA AWARDS - 7



RECOGNITION2017 SALES & SERVICE MANAGERRANKINGS1stCAMERON BATES(03/05/12)CAMERON BATES of Irvine fame. One thingwe have not seen in this ranking report beforetoday is a Sales & Service Manager take hisdistrict wire to wire. As a reminder, Camerontied for the top spot in the 1st half report withMark Kibler from Phoenix and there was noslowing down for Cameron and team fromthat point forward. Another record Cameronset this year is the margin of victory. Ina points race where the margin of victoryhovered from about 8 to 12 points, Cameronsmashed that number and ran off with a 24point win. That’s an incredible showing forsure! To no surprise Cameron and team hadconsistently great results in the 7 measuredcategories. Cameron found he and his teamin the top spot in three of those categories,the 2nd spot in two and the 3rd spot in one.How’s that for consistently outstanding stuff?Congratulations and thanks Cameron for allthat you do!JEFF KEMP representing the Commerceteam this time around with an amazingperformance. How about a company-bestdistrict revenue of 109.6%, 100% SOP successin the second half, a company best MIRscore of 4.0 and 208 points earned out ofa possible 208 points on his Major AccountReview. With results like that, it’s no surprisethat the LA plant is poised to earn anotherOutstanding Achievement Award in 2017.Great job Jeff.2ndJEFF KEMP(05/19/14)STEVE HERNANDEZ way up in Prescotthas taken the #3 spot this time aroundand to no surprise to me. He is oneof the most consistently great Sales &Service professionals in our organization.Consistently good results seem to be thetheme of our top performers and Steve is noexception. Steve was within 10 points of thetop spot in every category. Steve has alsofound himself in one of the top 10 positionsin every one of the last three years of thisreport. In fact he finished 3rd in the rankingreport last year. Congratulations Steve foryour leadership and high standards!3rdSTEVE HERNANDEZ(08/20/01)1 0 - REC O G N I T I O NSPECIALSHOUT OUT!SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO THEREMAINING TOP 5 SSM:#4 BRANDON CASTELLANO (09/24/07) can be foundabout 2 hours down the hill from Steve in the Valleyof the Sun and talk about consistency. Brandondefines it. Always around the top of the rankingreport and 2017 is no exception with 103% in districtrevenue, a company best 98% in customer retention,100% in SOP success and a 3.5 MIR score. Moreoutstanding stuff from Brandon as we have becomeaccustomed to see. Nice work Brandon!#5 BRIAN ALVAREZ (04/25/17) of Irvine roundsout our top 5 spots this year and where I cannotbrag about Brian’s consistently great results as hehas been in his position for less than a year. It’s ararity to find one without the POS experience andknowledge to finish at or near the top as it takes mosta few years to get the hang of all the responsibilitiesthat come with your positions but Brian is that one ofvery few exceptions. He wasted no time and turnedin great results such as 102% in district revenue, 97%customer retention, 3.5 MIR score and a 6.4% ageing.Nice start to your Prudential career Brian.COMMERCE / IRVINE / PHOENIX TEAM:I can’t let you get away without mentioningMARK WILLIS (08/09/04), JAIME MIRAMONTES(09/25/06) and STEVE DALLEY (07/22/13) whoas GM’s, through their support and leadershipplaced all of their districts within the top 15 of thecompany. Now that is the epitome of consistencyand just doesn’t happen by accident. You guys havefigured out that great results require everybody onthe team to contribute. And it’s not at all surprisingthat each of the three teams mentioned anxiouslyawait that December statement as all are in line foran Outstanding Achievement Award.Congratulations on another great showingeverybody. Enjoy the ranking report, patyourselves on the back and get back to workon 2018. In this report, we focus on the topproducers but I hear stories like the DanPrillamans of the world who although down atthe bottom looking up, has made great stridesin the overall improvement of our Winchesterfacility. All this while fulfilling his commitment tothe Air Force reserves. I’m sure there are manystories similar to Dan’s and as a reminder, one ofthe many great things about Prudential is thatevery year we start with a clean slate. January1st is our equivalent to baseball’s February 13th.The beginning of Spring Training when everybodyhas a chance at a World Series Ring. It’s the samespot that the Cameron Bates of the world begineach year. Take advantage of it. Best wishes fora great 2018 everybody! - JEFF NELSON (08/08/89)Regional Manager

2017 ANNUAL AWARDSPLANT MANAGEROF THE YEARSALES & SERVICE MANAGEROF THE YEARGLEN WOODSRiversideJEFF KEMPLos Angeles IndustrialThe Company annually presentsan award to the person who isconsidered to have been the mostoutstanding Plant Manager ofthe year. This award consists ofa handsome plaque which is apersonal gift to the winner.The Company annually presentsan award to the person who isconsidered to have been the mostoutstanding Sales & Service Managerof the year.OBJECTIVE CONSIDERATION:The highest combined point total from the Plant Managerperformance program. Demonstrates management skills, plantcleanliness, and product quality. The winner must be the PlantManager at the same Plant for the full year.OBJECTIVE CONSIDERATION:Results shown on MIR, Major Account List, A/R collectionMust be a Sales & Service Manager in the same Plant for fullyear.PRESIDENT’S AWARDJOHN D. CLARK AWARDSCOTT HYBERGFresnoCHRIS WORKIZERIrvineThe Company annually presentsan award to the person who isconsidered to have been themost outstanding Customer SalesRepresentative of the year. Thecompetition for this award includesall Customer Sales Representativesin all Plants and Service Centers.The Company annually presents anaward to the person who sold themost new business during the year.The award consists of a handsomeinscribed plaque which is a personalgift to the winner. A name plateis placed on a larger replica ofthis plaque which hangs in theCorporate Office. The competitionfor this award includes CustomerSales Representatives in all Plantsand Service Centers.OBJECTIVE CONSIDERATION:Management Information Reports, new business, lost business,lost charges, revenue, credit issued, as compared to plan.Customer Sales Representative of the Month, at least once duringthe year. The Customer Sales Representative must be on thesame route for the full year.OBJECTIVE CONSIDERATION:Sales Logix commissions paid report and a new businesscommission status report. Customer Sales Representative ofthe Month at least once during the year. The Customer SalesRepresentative must be on the same route for the full year.Employed by the Company at the time of the award.2017 A N N U A L A W A R D S - 1 1

PRUDENTIAL RECOGNIZES ITS 2017 19.32 CLUBCongratulations to the Company’s 19.32 CSR 2017 sales average qualifiers! Any CSR with a 19.32 weekly paidsales average or above for the calendar year shall be awarded the Super Star status.CHRIS WORKIZER(02/15/16)Irvine Plant 131.42/wkBRIAN STEINBRENNER(10/31/05)Carson Plant 73.87/wkENRIQUE LEIJA(01/18/99)Los Angeles Plant 73.87/wkDOMINIC CHACON10/11/10)Phoenix Plant 54.14/wkROBERT DELGADO(10/05/09)San Antonio Service Center 47.85/wkVINCE MARACCINI(05/07/07)Carson Plant 47.46/wkMIGUEL ANGEL ROMO JR.(08/08/16)Tucson Plant 46.26/wkROGER BALDIVIEZ(05/12/04)Los Angeles Plant 45.13/wkADAM WALKER(01/30/95)Indio Service Center 44.20/wkSTEVEN ACOSTA(08/09/10)Indio Service Center 43.37/wkOCTAVIO TREJO(11/28/11)Carson Plant 42.61/wkJEFF ROGERS(07/25/11)Phoenix Plant 42.36/wkDARRIN REED(10/24/05)Carson Plant 42.22/wkJOSE GARCIA(05/11/81)Los Angeles Plant 41.60/wkKYLE WATERS(09/15/14)Carson Plant 39.98/wkDANIEL VILLEGAS GONZALEZ(06/24/13)Indio Service Center 37.09/wk1 2 - 1 9 .3 2 C L U B

19.32 CLUBPHILIP LOPEZ(09/02/14)Irvine Plant 35.77/wkPAUL REESE(08/14/95)Los Angeles Plant 34.89/wkMARK VAN DYKE(07/02/07)Prescott Valley Service Center 34.25/wkSTEVEN A. WHITSON(03/18/96)Irvine Plant 33.17/wkRONI RAHEB(12/08/14)Irvine Plant 32.08/wkCHRISTIAN ALVAREZ(03/02/15)Phoenix Plant 31.42/wkJOSHUA MOELLER(09/19/16)Chula Vista Plant 29.81/wkPRUDENCIO QUINTANA JR.(04/27/12)Irvine Plant 29.10/wkJAIME AYON(10/10/16)Los Angeles Plant 28.94/wkFRANK R. DIOGOSTINE(03/28/05)Irvine Plant 28.09/wkJEAN-PIERRE LANDIN(04/19/06)Riverside Plant 28.07/wkISAAC HERNANDEZ(02/04/13)Carson Plant 28.02/wkDUKE SEVILLA(06/10/96)Milpitas Plant 27.87/wkABEL VALENCIA(09/10/90)Riverside Plant 27.03/wkALFONSO TREVIZO(04/20/98)Los Angeles Plant 26.83/wkMICHAEL ARMSTRONG(07/25/11)Phoenix Plant 26.51/wk 19.32 CLUB - 13

19.32 CLUBROBERT VILLA(12/02/08)Moorpark Service Center 26.40/wkTHOMAS CHMIELEWSKI(12/01/98)Prescott Valley Service Center 25.43/wkSALVADOR ALAMILLO(03/28/05)Riverside Plant 25.25/wkKEITH CASE(09/09/02)Moorpark Service Center 25.09/wkANTHONY CRENSHAW(03/20/06)Chula Vista Service Center 24.89/wkERIC MEVISSEN(01/06/09)Prescott Valley Service Center 24.87/wkDEAN CESARIO(12/27/89)Irvine Plant 24.65/wkOWEN MAYOTTE(05/18/09)Prescott Valley Service Center 24.36/wkTOBIAS TRUJILLO(10/09/06)Tucson Plant 23.48/wkJUSTIN PLENERT(10/09/06)Indio Service Center 23.46/wkCHRIS MORENO(02/16/2015)Tucson Plant 23.41/wkJASON MORENO(09/26/11)Irvine Plant 23.31/wkJARED MCCUTCHAN(05/07/07)Riverside Plant 23.17/wkMANUEL LOPEZ(09/08/15)Irvine Plant 23.01/wkSERGIO GONZALEZ(07/18/05)Riverside Plant 22.97/wkROB TRICE(02/18/08)Denver Service Center 22.96/wk1 4 - 1 9 .3 2 C L U B

19.32 CLUBDUMAKA C. MCQUEEN(12/05/15)Colonial Heights Plant 22.78/wkMIGUEL ECHEVARRIA(12/03/07)Phoenix Plant 22.74/wkMARK ARIAS(11/02/09)Riverside Plant 22.70/wkRUBEN ANTHONY MARTINEZ(09/21/15)Phoenix Plant 22.60/wkWILLIAM MARTINEZ(11/24/14)Los Angeles Plant 22.55/wkOSVALDO BENITEZ(12/30/13)Irvine Plant 22.29/wkDAVID OLIVER(07/25/11)Greenville Service Center 22.26/wkISAAC GARCIA(04/22/14)Albuquerque Plant 20.91/wkJOSE BACA(11/23/09)Riverside Plant 20.75/wkANTONIO JIMENEZ(01/21/86)Carson Plant 20.68/wkSERGIO SALGADO(11/26/07)Moorpark Service Center 20.44/wkMARKUS ROMERO(08/28/13)Tucson Plant 20.39/wkPETER GARCIA(12/24/2012)El Paso Service Center 20.39/wkLEO SAUCEDO(01/15/07)Milpitas Plant 19.84/wkTONY MARTINDALE(05/29/07)Tucson Plant 19.47/wkSEAN EUBANK(04/04/05)Carson Plant 19.46/wk 19.32 CLUB - 15

2017 SALES AWARDSPrudential annually presents an award to the person whois considered to have been the most outstanding CorporateSales Representative / Account Executive of the year. Thecompetition for this award includes Corporate SalesRepresentative / Account Executive in all Plants and ServiceCenters.Left to right:TOM WATTS (09/08/75) President, Corporate Office,VIGNY SONZEU (10/19/15) AE, Los Angeles Cleanroom Plant,DAN CLARK (09/23/68) COB, Corporate Office,GOLD STARVigny SonzeuPRESIDENT’S CLUBJERRY MARTIN (04/20/92) VP Sales & Marketing, Corporate Office.Awards Sales Representatives who achieve a 120/ 140/ 180 (depending onterritory) or greater weekly sales average based on the representatives’ annualsales production (minimum 6 months in field – 26 field weeks).Front row left to right:Third row left to right:RICH PERRY(04/30/07) SRAE, Richmond Cleanroom PlantDON BRYSON (10/15/07) CoSR, Moorpark Service Center,MARLON WILKINS (12/30/96) DSM, Corporate OfficeANDY HOLLIDAY (11/10/03) CoSR, Los Angeles Plant,RYAN HULL (04/06/15) CoSR, Riverside Plant,MATT FOWLER (11/07/16) CoSR, Carson Plant,JOSE MONTES (02/19

carmelita lopez (01/09/18), maria villagomez (02/15 . josefina acevedo (11/10/97) production supervisor silvia lozano mozo (03/27/17). folder left to right: alfredo romero (02/27/12), production supervisor leo saucedo (01/15/07) customer sales representative customer sales representativesroute build - supervising left to right: josefina acevedo (11/10/97) john perry (12/04/17), leo saucedo .

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May 02, 2018 · D. Program Evaluation ͟The organization has provided a description of the framework for how each program will be evaluated. The framework should include all the elements below: ͟The evaluation methods are cost-effective for the organization ͟Quantitative and qualitative data is being collected (at Basics tier, data collection must have begun)

On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

Rotator cuff tears are very common. Trauma, such as falls, lifting, and pulling forcefully can also cause a rotator cuff tear. When this happens, it is called an acute tear. Although the rotator cuff can be damaged from a single trau-matic injury, damage to the rotator cuff usually occurs gradually. Age can be

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

MARCH 1973/FIFTY CENTS o 1 u ar CC,, tonics INCLUDING Electronics World UNDERSTANDING NEW FM TUNER SPECS CRYSTALS FOR CB BUILD: 1;: .Á Low Cóst Digital Clock ','Thé Light.Probé *Stage Lighting for thé Amateur s. Po ROCK\ MUSIC AND NOISE POLLUTION HOW WE HEAR THE WAY WE DO TEST REPORTS: - Dynacó FM -51 . ti Whárfedale W60E Speaker System' .

Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội

More than words-extreme You send me flying -amy winehouse Weather with you -crowded house Moving on and getting over- john mayer Something got me started . Uptown funk-bruno mars Here comes thé sun-the beatles The long And winding road .

Phần II: Văn học phục hưng- Văn học Tây Âu thế kỷ 14- 15-16 Chương I: Khái quát Thời đại phục hưng và phong trào văn hoá phục hưng Trong hai thế kỉ XV và XVI, châu Âu dấy lên cuộc vận động tư tưởng và văn hoá mới rấ

Food outlets which focused on food quality, Service quality, environment and price factors, are thè valuable factors for food outlets to increase thè satisfaction level of customers and it will create a positive impact through word ofmouth. Keyword : Customer satisfaction, food quality, Service quality, physical environment off ood outlets .

First we recommend you read a Patient Guide to Rotator Cuff Tendinitis and also a Patient Guide to Partial Rotator Cuff Tears which have a lot of important information about your rotator cuff. Those two guides will help you understand the language used to discuss your rotator cuff such as “tendinosis,” “partial tear” and “full tear.”

and IEC EN60903 standards. Some Class 1 through 4 gloves are available in various cuff styles – STRAIGHT CUFF, CONTOUR CUFF and BELL CUFF. SELECTING THE RIGHT SIZE, LENGTH AND STYLE Salisbury lineman’s gloves are available in a full range of sizes from 7 through 12. Half siz

ETT cuff pressure often decreases over time. Using intermittent monitoring, Sole and colleagues, noted decreases in ETT cuff pressure within 4 to 12hours after adjustment of the pressure to 20 cm H2O.Sridermma and colleagues reported that cuff pressure decreased to 20 cm H2O

(Left) The same rotator cuff tear, as seen from above the tendon. (Right) The rotator cuff tendon has been re-attached to the greater tuberosity of the humeral head with sutures. Rotator Cuff Tears: Surgical Treatment Options - OrthoInfo - AAOS 6/14/19, 2:10 PM

Feb 16, 2018 · 3 2167-10 XP Filter Cartridge, for any MAXAIR Systems Cuff or Shroud Configuration 3/Box Filter Cartridges. Page 10 CAPRCAT Rev A # O.N. Description QTY 1 2365-02SM Cuff Small/Medium 40/Box 2365-02ML Cuff – Medium/Large 40/Box 2 2366

Rotator Cuff Home Exercises The exercises described below are to help you strengthen the muscles in your shoulder (especially the muscles of the rotator cuff--the part that helps circular motion). These exercises

(Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy), ultimately leading to tear. This continuum is quite predictable. The renowned shoulder orthopedist, Dr Charles Neer, estimated that 95% of rotator cuff tears were from repetitive impingement (SAIS) rather than acute injury. Of those, 100% started with sc

rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles and their tendons that attach from the scapula to the humerus. The rotator cuff tendons (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis) are just outside the shoulder joint and its capsule. The muscles of the rot

changed to Flex Automotive EMC Laboratory. In July 2010 Flextronics Automotive Inc was re-located from Scarborough to Newmarket Ontario. Flextronics Automotive Inc recognizes its responsibility as provider of quality services. To this end, Flextronics Automotive Inc has developed and documented a quality management system to better satisfy the needs of its customers and to improve management .