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SizeLaunchSpinTip StiffnessFubuki J idR613.90.3350.600MidMidMidFubuki J idDiamana S oftDiamana D FirmDiamana D FirmKuro Kage Silver TiNi LowSoftKuro Kage Silver TiNi dMid-LowFirmKuro Kage Black 50S613.50.3350.600Mid-HighMid-HighMidUST METALWOOD CUSTOM SHAFTS OPTIONSustmamiya.comModelFlexWeightTorqueTip SizeButt SizeLaunchSpinTip StiffnessElements CHROME MidElements CHROME 754

Guide//FEATUREDCUSTOM IRONCUSTOMSHAFTSHAFTOPTIONS& GRIP// OWMIDSPINHIGHLIGHT WEIGHT1KBS 903True Temper XP2Reax Steel 904Reax 88 High LaunchMID WEIGHT1KBS C-Taper Lite4Mitsubishi KuroKage Iron2KBS Tour-V5Nippon NS Pro 950GH3Reax Steel 105 Wedge6True Temper Dynamic Gold Super LightTOUR WEIGHT1KBS C-Taper5Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 1302KBS Tour6Project X Rifle Project X3KBS Tour Wedge7True Temper Dynamic Gold4Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 120*Shafts categorized by flex weight average. Launch and Spin comparisons based on internal TaylorMade testing of each shaft. Shaft manufacturer-provided specification data was used help identify shaft characteristics in relation to each other. Chart serves as a reference guide to aid in custom shaft fitting and does not guarantee results with any particular shaft.5

CUSTOM IRON SHAFT OPTIONS //KBS IRON/WEDGE CUSTOM SHAFT OPTIONSkbsgolfshafts.comModelFlexWeightTorqueTip SizeButt SizeLaunchSpinTip StiffnessC-Taper 1.90.3550.600LowLowFirmTour 0Mid-HighMidMidKBS Tour 0.600MidMid-HighSoftKBS S 90MITSUBISHI IRON/WEDGE CUSTOM SHAFTS eTip SizeButt SizeLaunchSpinTip StiffnessKuroKage 00.600MidMidMidR803.90.3700.600MidMidMidNIPPON IRON/WEDGE CUSTOM SHAFTS OPTIONSnipponshaft.comModelFlexWeightTorqueTip SizeButt SizeLaunchSpinTip StiffnessNS Pro 950GH 0HighHighSoftNS Pro ighHighSoftNS Pro Modus 3 0.600Mid-LowMid-LowFirmNS Pro Modus 3 130 0.600MidMid-LowFirmNS Pro Modus 3 0MidLow-MidFirmPROJECT X IRON/WEDGE CUSTOM SHAFTS OPTIONSpxshaft.comModelFlexWeightTorqueTip SizeButt SizeLaunchSpinTip StiffnessRifle Project X wMid-LowMid5.51151.40.3550.600LowMid-LowMidRifle Project XTRUE TEMPER IRON/WEDGE CUSTOM SHAFTS OPTIONStruetemper.comModelFlexWeightTorqueTip SizeButt SizeLaunchSpinTip StiffnessDynamic Gold owFirmDynamic GoldR3001271.80.3550.600LowLowFirmDynamic Gold Super mR300941.80.3700.600Mid-HighMidFirm6

MITSUBISHI METALWOOD CUSTOM SHAFTS OPTIONS Model Flex Weight Torque Tip Size Butt Size Launch Spin Tip Stiffness Fubuki J 60 X 66 3.9 0.335 0.600 Mid Mid Mid S 64 3.9 0.335 0.600 Mid Mid Mid R 61 3.9 0.335 0.600 Mid Mid Mid Fubuki J 70 X 74 3.6 0.335 0.600 Mid

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The splines of the transmission output shaft or transfer case input shaft may be worn (rusted) or the shaft may have broke. The splines of the transmission output shaft have been updated with a grove for a O -Ring to help maintain the grease located between the transfer case input shaft and the transmission output shaft. Updated shafts require that “both the output shaft and input shaft be .

Manual transmission/transaxle - Manual transmission ASSY MT-2 MT MT-02918 Non-reusable parts MG GEAR OIL SPECIAL II Gear shift fork No. 2 Shaft snap ring Straight pin Shaft snap ring Output shaft Gear shift fork No. 3 Gear shift fork No. 1 Shaft snap ring Shaft snap ring Shaft snap ring 19.5 {198.8}{14.4} Counter shaft Gear shift fork shaft No. 1

Visually inspect for irregularities in the shaft seal or an uneven alignment where the shaft seal contacts the motor. . VPH-SST-Fxxx Shaft Seal Back View of Shaft Seal (motor facing) Inside of Shaft Seal Lip VPS-SST-xxxx Shaft Seal MPS-SST-xxxx Shaft Seal. Rockwell Automation Publication 2090-IN012E-EN-P - February 2019 5

Gearbox Application Bearing (Designation) 11 DAF ZF 16S-160 / 160 / 1 Input shaft VKT 8899 BC1B 322161 Counter shaft, front VKT 8886 331305 A/Q Counter shaft, rear VKT 8897 5395/5335 Planet carrier, centre VKT 8942 61916 Output shaft VKT 8940 6218/C3 ZF 16S-181 Input shaft VKT 8490 30217 J2/QVB478/30217/QVB016 8) Main shaft, front VKT 8956 4395/2/QCL7CVQ492 Counter shaft, front VKT 8897 5395/5335

new! 0.5 769910 drive shaft & splines remove broken upper mercruiser new! 3.6 769500 drive shaft coupler r&r 4.5 577060 drive shaft housing r&r 3.8 704160 drive shaft housing r&r ob 35-50hp 4.5 744200 drive shaft housing reseal io 1.5 757820 drive shaft seal r&r w/full drive service new! 1.0 769490 drive shaft strut r&r dynos 0.9 578100 dyno .

Replacement Spare Parts for CATERPILLAR Tractor Automobile Spares Italy 4E2134 GEAR-SUN 4E5322 COLLAR 4E9426 COLLAR 8E6258 PIN 8E7455 GEAR 8E7456 GEAR 1F4256 SHAFT-TRACK 1F7797 GEAR 1F8750 GEAR 2F2004 CAP A. 2F2992 GEAR 2F6869 PIN 2F7479 SHAFT 2F7507 SHAFT-TRACK 2F7520 SHAFT 2F7576 SHAFT-TRACK 2F7577 SHAFT-TRACK 2F7993 SHAFT A. 3F1518 U-JOINT .

Since we have a custom component in the model we can open the Custom component editor. Edit custom 1. Select the User_end_plate component symbol. component 2. Right-click and select Edit custom component. The Custom component editor opens along with the Custom component editor toolbar, the Custom component browser and four views of the custom .

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