Introduction To Mass Communication: Media Literacy

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Introduction to MassCommunication:Media Literacy and Culture8th editionStanley J. Baran 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education

Chapter 1Mass Communication, Culture,and Media Literacy 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education

What Is Mass Communication? Communication: the transmission of a messagefrom a source to a receiver.Ø Ø Ø Must be sharing (or correspondence) ofmeaningFeedbackInterpersonal communication 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-3

Communication Occurs When? 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-4

What Is Mass Communication? Media plural of medium Messages are encoded Once received, messages are decodedØ NoiseØ Medium 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-5

What Is Mass Communication?Osgood and Schramm’s Model ofCommunicationSource: From The Process and Effects of Mass Communication by Wilbur Lang Schramm, 1954.Reprinted by permission of Wilbur Schramm’s heirs. 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-6

What Is Mass Communication? Mass communication: the process of creatingshared meaning between the mass media andtheir audience. Schramm’s mass communication modelrepresents feedback by inferential feedback—indirect rather than direct. 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-7

What Is Mass Communication?Schramm’s Model of Mass CommunicationSource: From The Process and Effects of Mass Communication by Wilbur Lang Schramm, 1954.Reprinted by permission of Wilbur Schramm’s heirs. 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-8

What Is Mass Communication? 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-9

What Is Mass Communication? Cultural definition of communication (1975)Ø Ø James W. Carey: “Communication is asymbolic process whereby reality is produced,maintained, repaired and transformed.”Carey’s updated definition (1989) asserts thatcommunication and reality are linked. It’struest purpose is to maintain ever-evolving,“fragile” cultures; communication is that“sacred ceremony that draws personstogether in fellowship and commonality.” 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-10

What Is Culture? Culture: the learned behavior of members of agiven social group. Culture as Socially Constructed Shared Meaning Functions and Effects of Culture:Ø Ø Ø Limits our options and provides guidelinesCulture’s limiting effects can be negativeDominant culture 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-11

What Is Culture? Cultural values can be contestedØ Ø Ø Ø Bounded culturesDivide and/or uniteCulture/communicationDifferentiation can divide 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-12

Mass Communication and Culture Our stories help define our culture The aim is to shape in a professional and ethicalway 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-13

Scope and Nature of Mass Media The role of technologyØ Technological determinism The role of money 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-14

Scope and Nature of Mass Media 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-15

Mass Communication, Culture, andMedia Literacy Media literacy Literate culture Oral or preliterate cultures 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-16

The Gutenberg Revolution Printing Press The Impact of Print The Industrial Revolution 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-17

Media Literacy Critical thinking that leads to independentjudgments Understanding the process of masscommunication Awareness of impact of media on the individualand society Strategies for analyzing and discussing mediamessages 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-18

Media Literacy Understanding of media content as insight intoour cultures/lives Ability to enjoy, understand, and appreciatemedia content Development of effective and responsibleproduction skills Understanding of the ethical and moralobligations of media practitioners 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-19

Media Literacy Skills Understand content Pay attention Filter out noise 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-20

Media Literacy Skills Respect for power of messagesØ Third-person effect Emotion vs. reason Heightened expectations of content 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-21

Media Literacy Skills Genre conventionsØ Ø GenreConventions Ability to think critically Knowledge of internal languageØ Production values 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education1-22

What Is Mass Communication? Cultural definition of communication (1975)! James W. Carey: “Communication is a symbolic process whereby reality is produced, maintained, repaired and transformed.”! Carey’s updated definition (1989) asserts that communication and reality are linked. It’s truest purpose is to maintain ever-evolving,File Size: 1MBPage Count: 22Explore furtherIntroduction to Mass Communication: Media Literacy and .www.researchgate.netDownload [PDF] Introduction To Mass Communication eBookardhindie.comIntroduction To Mass Communication 7th Media And Culture - An Introduction To Mass .www.academia.eduIntroduction to mass communication - Archivearchive.orgRecommended to you b

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7. Communication with others inter personal communication skills Unit-III [Introduction to Mass Communication] L-12 1. Mass Communication and Origin of Media -Functions, role & impact of media 2. Meaning of Mass Communication 3. Functions of Mass Communication 4. Elements of Mass Communication 5. Brief introduction to Mass Media 6.

Mass communication theories, therefore explain or provide understanding of how the process of mass communication takes place in a setting or what the effects of mass communication process on the society could be (Nwabueze, 2014). Mass communication, mass media or communication-related theories are used to

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McQuail's Mass Communication Theory. 4 Theory of Media and Society Media, society and culture: connections and confl icts 80 . Mass communication can be considered as both a 'societal' and a 'cultural' phenom-enon. The mass media institution is part of the structure of society, and its techno-

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Chemical Reactions, and Stoichiometry Section 2.1: The Atomic Mass The atomic mass is the mass of 1 atom. Atoms are very small and their mass is a . molecular or ionic compound. The formula mass is expressed in a.m.u. Molar mass is the sum of atomic masses of all atoms in a mole of pure substance. The molar mass is expressed in g/mol.

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