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5/9/2021Dance ScoresNashville, TN, USAMay 07, 2021Farm Bureau Exposition Center (formerlyWilson County Expo Center)Novice 8 & Under SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1I enjoy being a girl2Hokey Pokey3What's My Name4Let me entertain you5678910Itsy Bitsy SpiderSouths Gonna Do it AgainGetting good at being BadI'm a LadyRiverLittle Red WagonRockStar Academy ofDanceShowcase Of StarsJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyRockStar Academy ofDanceShowcase Of StarsShowcase Of StarsShowcase Of StarsBluegrass DanceCatsShowcase Of StarsShowcase Of StarsIntermediate 8 & Under SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Silent Night2Rock N Roll Rules3DiamondsRockStar Academy ofDanceDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php1/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 8 & Under SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Marina Gasolina2Fever3Hold On Me4Always5I Wanna Be Loved By You6Sweet Nothings7I Saw Him Standing There8Tiny Voice9Broadway Banana10ThinkSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDanceDC Dance FactoryTitle - Mini Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Zip-a-Dee-Doo-DahDC Dance FactoryTitle - Petite Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Marina Gasolina2Fever3Hold On MeSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLClocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php2/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Legs2Big Yellow Taxi3Mama Makes Three4Spanish Rose5Shut Up and Drive678Show OffSkinny LoveDance Doctor9I Can Cook Too10Jailhouse RockShowcase Of StarsBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyShowcase Of StarsShowcase Of StarsShowcase Of StarsBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceShowcase Of StarsIntermediate 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Dancing Shoes2I will wait3Come down to me4Slow down my thoughts5You can't stop the girl6Ne Me Quitte Pas7Confident8Phenomenally910ApplauseSay My NameRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceCenter Stage DanceAcademyRockStar Academy ofDanceJohnson's Dance StudioStudio 1:16Premier Title - Junior Miss Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioNe Me Quitte PasBeverly Rogers Academyof Dancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php3/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 9-11 SolosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Let me Entertain you2The Light That Never Fails33456Running with the wolvesThe BlueBathing BeautyLittle VoiceSweet child of mine7Welcome to the jungle89World on a stringBrown eyed girl10AshesDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDanceDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCTitle - Junior Mr. Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioThe BlueDC Dance FactoryTitle - Junior Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Let me Entertain youRunning with the wolves3The Light That Never FailsDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLClocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php4/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 12-14 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Scars23KarenTrainwreck4Always Remember56789Ain't Nothing Wrong With ThatI Gotta FeelingCrazy In LoveGive Me LoveHeart of Stone10Poor GeorgeJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyGotta Dance! StudioDBME Dance StudioBluegrass Academy ofDanceBluegrass DanceCatsGotta Dance! StudioShowcase Of StarsDBME Dance StudioStudio 1:16Bluegrass Academy ofDanceIntermediate 12-14 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1In my arms2The Only Fault3On Broadway4Black Roses5The Way You Make Me Feel6Liability78All about that bassJunie B. Jones9Silent Night10What a FeelingRockStar Academy ofDanceBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceBluegrass DanceCatsRockStar Academy ofDanceBluegrass DanceCatsRockStar Academy ofDanceGotta Dance! StudioGotta Dance! StudioBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceGotta Dance! StudioPremier Title - Teen Miss Dance AmericaPlace1Routine NameStudioThe Only FaultBeverly Rogers Academyof Dancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php5/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 12-14 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio12You are so beautifulI am light3Helium4Older than I am5Cracks6789MirrorAll my lifeSmileI dare you10Killing Me SoftlyDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCTitle - Teen Mr Dance AmericaPlace12Routine NameStudioHip Hop HoorayBubblin'DC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryTitle - Teen Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Speaking of the endDC Dance Factory2Killing Me SoftlySpotLite Dance Studio,LLC3I dare youDC Dance Factorylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php6/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 15-19 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1A Thousand Years21 ThingShowcase Of StarsJewels of Distinction DanceCompany3Someone you loved4Where Have U Been5Build Me Up Buttercup6One Night Only7Feels Like I'm Drowning8My ArmsShowcase Of StarsJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyBluegrass Academy ofDanceJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyBluegrass Academy ofDanceBluegrass Academy ofDance910Do You Remember WhenSixStudio 1:16Envision Dance CompanyIntermediate 15-19 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Ashes2HumanRockStar Academy ofDanceJewels of Distinction DanceCompany3God Speed4Constellations5Ain't No Sunshine6Over You7You broke me first8Bring Me To LifeBluegrass DanceCatsBluegrass Academy ofDanceBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceBluegrass Academy ofDance9Turning TablesRockStar Academy ofDance10White RosesRockStar Academy ofDancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php7/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 15-19 SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Tears of an Angel2No place like homeSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance Factory3A change is gonna come4Put In Work5Trust in me6Glass Heart7So Low8Begin the Bequine9Shutting Down10Mover AwayerDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDanceDC Dance FactoryDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceTitle - Mr Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Hold On Tight2Glass Heart3Put In WorkSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCRockStar Academy ofDanceSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCTitle - Miss Dance AmericaPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Trust in meDC Dance Factory23Once I was lovedNo place like homeDC Dance FactoryDC Dance Factorylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php8/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Barbie GirlRockStar Academy ofDance2Mickey MixRockStar Academy ofDance3Centerfield4Shake It OffShowcase Of StarsJewels of Distinction DanceCompany56Man, I feel like a womanDream VacationShowcase Of StarsStudio 1:167DiamondsShowcase Of StarsIntermediate 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlace1Routine NameStudioGettin' good a bein' badRockStar Academy ofDanceAdvanced 8 & Under Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Just a coupl'a sistersRockStar Academy ofDanceNovice 9-11 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Amayzing MayzieBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance2Latin FlavaJewels of Distinction DanceCompany345Car WashKeep on MarchingI'd Be DelightedBluegrass DanceCatsShowcase Of StarsStudio 1:166Go the Distance7Hollaback Girl8Sound Of SilenceBluegrass DanceCatsCenter Stage DanceAcademyShowcase Of Stars910Run OnWhat Is This FeelingShowcase Of StarsEnvision Dance Companylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php9/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresIntermediate 9-11 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1BOUNCEStudio 1:162Together in thisRockStar Academy ofDance3Count on meRockStar Academy ofDance4Everywhere I GoBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance5Lip Gloss6Dear MeRockStar Academy ofDanceGotta Dance! Studio78Sweet DreamsFaithJohnson's Dance StudioJohnson's Dance StudioAdvanced 9-11 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Why don't you do rightDC Dance Factory2HawtRockStar Academy ofDance34Wild ThingKaraokeROOTS Dance AcademyDC Dance Factory5Pump It6Runnin'7Until the LeveeRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceNovice 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1I Won't Let GoShowcase Of Stars2I Can't Do It AloneBeverly Rogers Academyof Dancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php10/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresIntermediate 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1IslandsBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance2Dumb and Dumber3Hey Ma4FreedomGotta Dance! StudioBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceGotta Dance! Studio5If you want loveRockStar Academy ofDance67Carry YouThe Shining TwinsEnvision Dance CompanyGotta Dance! Studio8Die TryingRockStar Academy ofDance910Hair UpDead of NightGotta Dance! StudioGotta Dance! StudioAdvanced 12-14 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Trying2Unimaginable3Rescue4SenoritaDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDance5CompassRockStar Academy ofDance6I do it myselfGotta Dance! StudioNovice 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Gun FightersStudio 1:162ToxicShowcase Of StarsIntermediate 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Too Young To Grow Old2White FlagBluegrass DanceCatsBluegrass Academy ofDancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php11/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 15-19 Duets/TriosPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Split2Stay HereRockStar Academy ofDanceSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC3Break me twiceRockStar Academy ofDance4HumbleSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC5JoleneRockStar Academy ofDance6MountainsDC Dance Factory7When We Were Young8Use SomebodySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCRockStar Academy ofDance9Hey girl, My girlGotta Dance! StudioNovice 8 & Under Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1You Called, I Missed ItStudio 1:162Witch DrRockStar Academy ofDance3Hound DogShowcase Of Stars4Lollipop5Shake a Tail FeatherBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceJewels of Distinction DanceCompany6Witch DoctorShowcase Of Stars78CastleSugar Pie Honey BunchShowcase Of StarsShowcase Of Stars9Fix YouDBME Dance Studio10Supercali!Bluegrass Academy ofDanceAdvanced 8 & Under Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1My Kind of Wonderful2U.G.L.Y.SpotLite Dance Studio,LLCRockStar Academy ofDance3DIVARockStar Academy ofDance4Make a girl go crazyDC Dance Factorylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php12/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Ease On Down The RoadBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance2Thriller3CongaShowcase Of StarsBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance4In The Army NowJewels of Distinction DanceCompany5All That JazzShowcase Of Stars6We are FireShowcase Of Stars7Giddy On Up8Le Jazz HotShowcase Of StarsBluegrass Academy ofDance9The KingdomStudio 1:1610BraveBluegrass Academy ofDanceIntermediate 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Small WorldRockStar Academy ofDance2The Price is RightGotta Dance! StudioAdvanced 9-11 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1WomanDC Dance Factory2Rock of RhymesRockStar Academy ofDance3Help4CalabriaDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLC5Paradise6Jackin fo beats7Clown8Flaunt It9Live and Let Die10Lost oneslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.phpMalone Studios DanceAcademyDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDanceSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance Factory13/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 12-14 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1You're Gonna Be OkDBME Dance Studio2Get on the FloorJewels of Distinction DanceCompany34Little GirlThe WireDBME Dance StudioStudio 1:16Intermediate 12-14 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1ThatawayBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance2ExplosionsBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance34Everlasting LoveFive Guys Named MoeBluegrass DanceCatsGotta Dance! Studio5Hey MaEnvision Dance Company6Strike it Up!Gotta Dance! Studio7I Don't Want To Change YouBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceAdvanced 12-14 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Burn It UpSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC2Til The End emmastrong3Carry YouRockStar Academy ofDanceSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC4BecauseDC Dance Factory56VolcanicRide with meDC Dance FactoryDC Dance Factory7Evening I won't forgetRockStar Academy ofDance8Escapes WithinRockStar Academy ofDance9Leave a light onRockStar Academy ofDance10Neglected SpacesRockStar Academy ofDancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php14/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 15-19 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Don't Rain On My ParadeBluegrass Academy ofDance2Hand JiveBluegrass Academy ofDance34I Found YouResurgenceFranklin High SchoolFranklin High SchoolIntermediate 15-19 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Who's ThatBluegrass Academy ofDance2Einstein On the BeachBluegrass Academy ofDance3Call Out My NameJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyAdvanced 15-19 Small GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio12Ain't goin downHey NowDC Dance FactoryDC Dance Factory3It's All Coming BackSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC4I Have NothingSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC5Tom's Diner6EASYRockStar Academy ofDanceMalone Studios DanceAcademy720208Cry For MeRockStar Academy ofDanceMalone Studios DanceAcademy20 & Over GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1There You AreRockStar Academy ofDance2Bae Watch3Benny & The JetsRockStar Academy ofDanceRockStar Academy ofDancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php15/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresIntermediate 8 & Under Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1GLAM2Preschool's Poppin'RockStar Academy ofDanceDC Dance FactoryAdvanced 8 & Under Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Girl PartySpotLite Dance Studio,LLC2Let the Magic beginDC Dance Factory3Ladies NightDC Dance FactoryNovice 9-11 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1CovergirlBluegrass DanceCats2People Need a MelodyStudio 1:163Proud MaryBluegrass DanceCatsIntermediate 9-11 Large GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioLets Go!Johnson's Dance StudioAdvanced 9-11 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Brand NewDC Dance Factory2Bom BomSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC34Living in AmericaI feel goodDC Dance FactoryDC Dance Factory5Dance, Dance, DanceMalone Studios DanceAcademy6Super BassMalone Studios DanceAcademy7ScreamRockStar Academy ofDancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php16/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresNovice 12-14 Large GroupsPlace1Routine NameStudioTelephoneJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyIntermediate 12-14 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Saturday Night LiveGotta Dance! Studio2Storm Comin'Bluegrass Academy ofDance3Swing The MoodGotta Dance! StudioAdvanced 12-14 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Dirty2Wherever is your heartSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDC Dance Factory3It's Going Down4BUSTA5Je Taime'DC Dance Factory6At NightRockStar Academy ofDance7You and IRockStar Academy ofDanceSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCRockStar Academy ofDanceAdvanced 15-19 Large GroupsPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Harvest MoonDC Dance Factory2I Lived3Did It On EmSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCMalone Studios DanceAcademy4The WildDC Dance Factory5Get on the floorDC Dance FactoryAdvanced 8 & Under LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioDisco FeverDC Dance Factorylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php17/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresAdvanced 9-11 LinesPlaceRoutine NameStudio1What up gangsta2BoogieDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLC3TurbulenceRockStar Academy ofDanceAdvanced 12-14 LinesPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Swing SetDC Dance Factory2UsherSpotLite Dance Studio,LLC12 & Over Grand LinesPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Come on get up2WORKDC Dance FactoryRockStar Academy ofDance3Conga BeatMalone Studios DanceAcademy8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioYou Called, I Missed ItStudio 1:168 & Under SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioGLAMRockStar Academy ofDance8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlaceRoutine NameStudio1My Kind of WonderfulSpotLite Dance Studio,LLClocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php18/27

5/9/2021Dance Scores9 - 11 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioEase On Down The RoadBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance9-11 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioSmall WorldRockStar Academy ofDance9-11 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioWhat up gangstaDC Dance Factory12 - 14 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlaceRoutine NameStudio1You're Gonna Be OkDBME Dance Studio12-14 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlaceRoutine NameStudio1Saturday Night LiveGotta Dance! Studio12-14 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioSwing SetDC Dance Factory15 - 19 SDA Regional Champion - NovicePlace1Routine NameStudioDon't Rain On My ParadeBluegrass Academy ofDance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediatePlace1Routine NameStudioWho's ThatBluegrass Academy ofDancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php19/27

5/9/2021Dance Scores15-19 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedPlace1Routine NameStudioAin't goin downDC Dance Factory12 & Over SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesPlace1Routine NameStudioCome on get upDC Dance FactoryCostume - 11 & Under SoloPlaceRoutine NameStudio1Let me Entertain youDC Dance Factory2Itty Bitty Pretty oneDC Dance FactoryCostume - 12 & Over SoloPlace1Routine NameStudioComing HomeROOTS Dance Academylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php20/27

5/9/2021Dance Scores8 & Under Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioYou Called, I Missed ItStudio 1:16Witch DrRockStar Academy ofDanceShowcase Of StarsHound Dog8 & Under Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioGLAMRockStar Academy ofDancePreschool's Poppin'DC Dance Factory8 & Under Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioMy Kind of WonderfulSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCDisco FeverDC Dance FactoryU.G.L.Y.RockStar Academy ofDance9 - 11 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioEase On Down The RoadBeverly Rogers Academyof DanceCovergirlBluegrass DanceCatsThrillerShowcase Of Stars9-11 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioSmall WorldRockStar Academy ofDanceThe Price is RightLets Go!Gotta Dance! StudioJohnson's Dance Studiolocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php21/27

5/9/2021Dance Scores9-11 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioWhat up gangstaDC Dance FactoryBom BomSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCTurbulenceRockStar Academy ofDance12 - 14 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioYou're Gonna Be OkDBME Dance StudioGet on the FloorJewels of Distinction DanceCompanyThe WireStudio 1:1612-14 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioSaturday Night LiveGotta Dance! StudioBluegrass Academy ofDanceStorm Comin'ThatawayBeverly Rogers Academyof Dance12-14 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioSwing SetDC Dance FactoryUsherSpotLite Dance Studio,LLCTil The End emmastrongRockStar Academy ofDance15 - 19 Golden Tickets - NoviceRoutine NameStudioDon't Rain On My ParadeBluegrass Academy ofDanceFranklin High SchoolI Found Youlocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php22/27

5/9/2021Dance Scores15-19 Golden Tickets - IntermediateRoutine NameStudioWho's ThatBluegrass Academy ofDanceCall Out My NameJewels of Distinction DanceCompany15-19 Golden Tickets - AdvancedRoutine NameStudioAin't goin downDC Dance FactorySpotLite Dance Studio,LLCI LivedDid It On EmMalone Studios DanceAcademy12 & Over Golden Tickets - Grand LinesRoutine NameStudioCome on get upDC Dance FactoryWORKRockStar Academy ofDanceMalone Studios DanceAcademyConga Beat8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - NoviceYou Called, I Missed It - Studio 1:168 & Under SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateGLAM - RockStar Academy of Dance8 & Under SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedMy Kind of Wonderful - SpotLite Dance Studio, LLC9 - 11 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceEase On Down The Road - Beverly Rogers Academy of Dancelocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php23/27

5/9/2021Dance Scores9-11 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateSmall World - RockStar Academy of Dance9-11 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedWhat up gangsta - DC Dance Factory12 - 14 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceYou're Gonna Be Ok - DBME Dance Studio12-14 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateSaturday Night Live - Gotta Dance! Studio12-14 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedSwing Set - DC Dance Factory15 - 19 SDA Regional Champion - NoviceDon't Rain On My Parade - Bluegrass Academy of Dance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - IntermediateWho's That - Bluegrass Academy of Dance15-19 SDA Regional Champion - AdvancedAin't goin down - DC Dance Factory12 & Over SDA Regional Champion - Grand LinesCome on get up - DC Dance Factorylocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php24/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresPHOTOGENIC, COSTUMEENTERTAINMENT, CHOREOGRAPHY,AND CLASS ACT AWARDSCostume - 11 & Under SoloLet me Entertain you - DC Dance FactoryItty Bitty Pretty one - DC Dance FactoryCostume - 12 & Over SoloComing Home - ROOTS Dance AcademyChoice Awards ReportChoreography 11 & UnderEntry#RoutineNameDancers NamesStudio274HoundDogAddison Hurst, Jetta Wells, Kate Patterson, Mia Grace Guffey,Carleigh Stinson, Ava Jenkins, Hadley TaylorShowcaseOf Stars280LittleVoiceCharley Sain, Mollie Ter Kuile, Adeline Hendrickson, Ava Shaw,Blake Beach, Reece Merker, Annaclaire Lund, Layla KairdolfROOTSDanceAcademy316BomBomAliya Miller, Aubrie Snelling, Ava Ezell, Elisabeth Walters,Journey Sadler, Kallie Schalow, Lilly Traylor, Madeleine Griffith,Saniyah King, Sofia Helton, Isabella Rosas, Kinsley Newsome,Sophie Venable, Naima Abram, Lily Bryant, Audrey Perryman,Kayla Riley, Kalina Thephavong, Chloe WiestSpotLiteDanceStudio,LLCChoreography 12 & OverEntry#RoutineName402Get ontheFloorDancers NamesStudioANiya Armstrong, Anaya Century, Kharisma Lake, MiKennaHarrison, Gabrielle Fisher, Kennedy Cato, Yazmyne AllenJewels rts/326/All Results.php25/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresChoreography 12 & OverEntry#RoutineName373272Dancers NamesStudioSwingSetAidan Lynch, Ava Hedge, Chloe King, Gabby Cox, RosemaryGaudreau, Sophia Huang, Charlotte Hagood, Brooklyn Smith,Christina Naslund, Alivia Rosen, Kenley Campbell, CaydenCampbell, Dyson Campbell, Jackson Coleman, Jonathon Fox,Jacy Goodbread, Isaak Isbell, Logan Lenthall, Tanner Silva, KylerSperber, Averi Hodge, Sara Beth Martin, Kendall Smith, ParisWhelan, Ella Grace Fowler, Mackenzie Frieders, Tru Harwell,Elin Helton, Allie Lekai, Ryan Lockridge, Elliana Peal, IsabellaPinkston, Presley Pyle, Vivi Pyle, Lacey Seem, Gracie SlivaDC DanceFactoryTom'sDinerAinsley Blue, Alexis Wilson, Ava Crabtree, Braelynn Cook,Brooklyn Mcintosh, Jace Chandler, Marisa HeckmanRockStarAcademyof DanceEntertainment 11 & UnderEntry#RoutineName367Dancers NamesStudioLollipopEmma Chittendon, Elin Choi, Scarlett Choi, Colleen Cox, AllieSeratt, Ariana TurmeroBeverlyRogersAcademyof Dance305Lets Go!Brennan Benjamin, Avery Burden, Ava Burris, ElizabethHiland, Emily Judd, Jasee Knight, Zaylor Murphy, AdrienneOwens, Sloan Pergrem, Caroline Robinson, Violet SchwartzJohnson'sDanceStudio412CovergirlCarter Jane Wilson, Tori Flick, Londyn Bolinger, Sutton Namie,Adler Guffey, Gracyn Askew, Sydney Ezell, Emma Calhoun,Rhyder Dowse, Ellis Garnett, Maci Putty, Zoey Harbold,Emerson White, Bailee Chesnut, Braley Noel, ReeseVonnahme, Reagan Vonnahme, Coralynn Namie, MalayaWesleyBluegrassDanceCatsEntertainment 12 & OverEntry#RoutineNameDancers Nameslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.phpStudio26/27

5/9/2021Dance ScoresEntertainment 12 & OverEntry#RoutineName223Dancers NamesStudioConga BeatJASMINE WHITE, DESTINY GRANBERRY, LAYLAJOHNSON, JORDAN WOODARD, JORDAN TAYLOR,KAELIN BOND, JAMIYAH HANSERD, JAYLA WILSON,MEKHI MILLER, AYANNA ANTHONY, KENDAL MARTIN,JALIYAH JENKINS, MAKIYAH TURNER, ESSENCEWASHINGTON, AMARIAH FRENCH, KINZIE BURTON,MORGAN DAVIDSON, MALIA HODGE, LAILA HENTREL,Lark Snyder, Savannah Ross, Raleigh MartinMaloneStudiosDanceAcademy245Don't RainOn MyParadeLucy Burns, Alexia Land, Katey Johnston, Nora Burns,Lauren SwisherBluegrassAcademyof Dance400ResurgenceKaelyn Terry, Autumn Edwards, Kori Alexander, MaryCharland, Gracen BeairdFranklinHighSchoolPhotogenic 11 & UnderEntry #Routine NameDancers NamesStudio173SaluteSofie RichCenter Stage Dance Academy157Bushel and a peckAria TagtmeyerRockStar Academy of DancePhotogenic 12 & OverEntry #Routine NameDancers NamesStudio441Someone you lovedLandon GrahamShowcase Of Starslocalhost/dsv2/admin/reports/326/All Results.php27/27

Why don't you do right DC Dance Factory Hawt RockStar Academy of Dance Wild Thing ROOTS Dance Academy Karaoke DC Dance Factory Pump It RockStar Academy of Dance Runnin' RockStar Academy of Dance Until the Levee RockStar Academy of Dance Novice 12-14 Duets/Trios Place Routine Name Studio I Won't Let Go S

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