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Create a printable version of a Blackboard testTo create a printable version of a test that is currently on Blackboard, you will need to have a copyof Respondus 4.0 installed and activated on your computer. If you do not have Respondus installedand you would like it, please create an iSITE ticket. Follow these steps to download your test toRespondus and save it to a printable format:STEP 1: Open Respondus.STEP 2: Click the Retrieval and Reports tab at the top.STEP 3: Click Retrieve Questions.NOTE: If you have not set up a server, or if you need to set up a new server for our new Blackboardenvironment, follow Steps 4 through 10. If you have already set up your server, skip to Step 11.

STEP 4: Click on the drop down arrow next to your current server name and click Add New Server.

STEP 5: Select Yes, Check for Preconfigured Server Settings, and click Next.

STEP 6: Give this server a name, such as Blackboard SaaS.

STEP 7: Type in your NetID username and password, and check the box to remember these.

STEP 8: Select Run Connection Test and click Next.

STEP 9: Wait for the message Connection Test: Completed Successfully. Click [Next] to Continue.Click Next.

STEP 10: Click Finish.

STEP 11: From the server selection window, verify the correct server shows on the list and clickNext.

STEP 12: Choose the course with the tests you want to print from the Course dropdown.STEP 13: Choose the test you want to download from the Exam dropdown.

STEP 14: Give the Respondus file a name, such as SPAN1311 Test 3. Click Next.

STEP 15: Wait for the File Saved dialog box. Click OK.

STEP 16: Click Finish.STEP 17: Click on the Preview and Publish tab on the top.

STEP 18: Click Print Options.

STEP 19: Decide what you want to download (Exam only, exam with answer key, answer key only.Add any formatting such as headers, question randomization, grouping, etc.

STEP 20: Click Save to File. Navigate your computer to the location where you wish to save the test.Give the Word file a name and click Save.STEP 21: When you see the File Saved dialog box, your test is saved as a Word. File. You can click OKand repeat to retrieve additional tests.

Create a printable version of a Blackboard test To create a printable version of a test that is currently on Blackboard, you will need to have a copy o

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