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Task Management at its Simplest:Integrating Project Online and Planner the Best of Both WorldsPresented by PPM WorksJanuary 23rd, 20181

1. What is Task Management2. Overview of Microsoft Project,Planner, and Team Productivity3. Linking Plans to Tasks in ProjectOnline4. When to Use Planner vs ProjectOnline5. Question and AnswerAgenda2

Presenter: Jacques Goupil, PMP, MCTS, MCPManaging Partner Microsoft Community Leader Award 2012 - 2017 PDD Instructor and Speaker at PMI Conferences 2012-2018, Project Summit2013-2018, Microsoft Project Conferences (and Project Virtual Confs) Board Member of the Boston YMCA, and Boston & South Florida MPUG ChaptersLead SME and writer for the MCTS Exam 70-178, Managing ProjectsMPUG Project Certification InstructorLife-long trainer and consultant with strong background in project management,specializing in developing and improving PM processes for clients and training Volunteer with the YMCA, enjoy traveling with family, and training for races PMI member since 2004 2018 PPM Works, Inc.All rights reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without express written permissionfrom PPM Works, Inc.

Register at: 1/25 – Best Practice Webinar for Project SiteTemplate Development1/30 - PPM Summit (Edina, MN) and Happy Hour –Come have a drink (or 2) on us1/30 – Successful Multi-Project Management2/6 - Everything You Want to Know About PortfolioManagement2/13 - A Comprehensive Look Into ProjectManagement2/20 - Keys to Effective Resource Management2/27 – Getting to your Data-Driven Decisions withProject Team Collaboration & ReportingHope to see you there!

Learning ObjectivesAt the end if this webinar, participants will understand the differencesand use cases for Office 365 Productivity tools (highlighting ProjectOnline and Planner)Participants will be able to:1. Understand Task Management and WorkManagement2. Planner and Project Online Use Cases3. Get started using Planner and Project(assigning tasks, track progress, andcommunicating with your team)4. Determine when to use: Planner, ProjectOnline, Linking, and/or Integration6

Session GoalsUnderstanding theMicrosoft WorkManagement SolutionsProject Online andPlanner Use Cases-When to Integrate9Equip You to GetStarted TodayQuick Referenceon Steps to GetStartedUse Q and A tab for questionsRespond to the Poll in the middle of the sessionLive Question and Answer session at the end of the sessionMake the Most of YourTimeFast-pace,CondensedContent

Quick Question for GroupWhat tools are your organization using today tofacilitate collaboration and manage effort? (Project,Excel, O365, Shared Drives, To Do, Yammer, etc)Respond in the Chat WindowHow do you know 1)2)3)4)10who is working on what?when things are due?if they can be completed on time?if people are working on the right things at the righttime?

How You Work

MICROSOFT’S PROJECT AND TEAM PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONSENTERPRISETEAMSFORMALTEAMSAD HOCTEAMSINDIVIDUALSP ORTFOLI GEMENTTools for all usesSeamlessBrowser &DesktopsCalendars& SchedulesContentManagementBest experience across devicesTaskManagementEnterpriseSocial &MessagingIntegrated solutions for individuals, teams and major programsFlexibleReporting& Analytics

Project Online and PlannerAD HOC TEAMSWORKMANAGEMENTSharePointFoundational solutionfor groups, lists,workflows and contentsharing.PlannerAn Office 365 Appto create a team, build a plan,assign tasks and check progress.Planner is about simplicity & ease oframp up and use.16FORMAL TEAMSPROJECTMANAGEMENTProject OnlinePlan, ManageExecuteA scalable solution for schedule, resource, costand time management. Templates, wizardsand real-time reporting improve controls, whileteam sites, notifications and apps guide teammembers to deliver better results. Designed foradvanced and formal project managementapproach and allows for Adhoc as well.

When to Use Planner vs Project OnlineUse Case18PlannerI need to track tasks but I am unfamiliar with project management tools.XI want to quickly enable my team to use OneNote, Outlook, SharePoint.XI am resistant to learning a new tool.XProject OnlineI prefer a detailed WBS, with task dependencies, and task tracking against baselines.XOur organization uses timesheets to track task progress.XI need to track progress for all my projects and the portfolio level with executive visibility.XI need to create custom views, groups, and filters for tasksXI want to easily track risks, issues, and deliverablesXI want a simplified visual that displays who is doing what and what progress has beenmade.Link to PlannerI want to manage my project schedule in Microsoft Project and allow the flexibility forteam members to track and progress their tasks where they prefer. I need visibility ofprogress and who is doing what.Integration at Task Level

Use Case Scenarios1. Planner2. Project Online3. Link from Project to Planner4. Integration from Project to Planner19

Use Case Scenario #1Diane Prescott is a product marketing managerfor Contoso, which specializes in cutting-edgeconsumer technology. She’s leading theplanning efforts for an upcoming techconference where Contoso will showcase oneof its newest products, a virtual reality headsetnamed the Wingtip.She spends most of her time coordinatingtasks by email and debriefing on progresswith her team once a day by phone.Contoso has robust project managementsoftware, but it’s much too involved for Diane,whose expertise is in marketing, not projectmanagement.20Summary: Planning efforts Coordinates tasks by email Daily Progress (by phone) Contoso has robust project managementsoftware Too involved for Diane, whose expertise is inmarketing, not project management.

Planner Task BoardNew Office 365 serviceFully integrated into thesuite and Office 365GroupsMy work organizedAccess the PlannerHub, My Tasks, andall Plans ordered byactivityInteractive BoardsTrack and organizeyour team’s work bymoving cards betweencolumnsBuild your teamBuilt in experience foradding members andassigning workCustomizable columnsCustomize each board tothe exact needs of yourteam, process, andcontent.Visual and engagingDocument previews,images, and summary instats make it easy to getan overview

Planner Task DetailsFocus on the detailsRich details experience includeprogress, start and due dates,assignments, and description.Custom labelsHighlight key tasks withcolorful customizable labels.ChecklistsBreakdown complex itemsinto manageable steps. Jotdown ideas to makeprogress (GA)Documents and attachmentsEasily upload new files, attachlinks, or pick from existingOneDrive for Business contentConversationsDiscuss each task to get thingsdone. Conversations show upin Outlook clients and arepowered by the Outlookservices.

Planner Hub and ChartsBuilt in ChartsSee the latest stats. Drillinto charts to see specifictasks for each category.Favorite PlansSee stats across yourfavorite plans

Planner and Project Demo PlannerProject OnlineProject Link to PlannerProject to Planner Integration

Use Case Scenario #2Raul Peterson is a project manager forContoso, which specializes in cutting-edgeconsumer technology. He manages manyprojects across the organization andrequires visibility as to the status of hisprojects. He needs more time in the dayfor project status. Raul needs to createcross project dependencies, and trackissues and risks across projects. Contosohas robust project managementsoftware and Raul wants to use it.26Summary: Project pro is known Cross-project Task view Automate status reports Track Issues, Risks and create cross projectdependencies

Task ManagementProject Creation, Task Updates, and Document Approval WorkflowLeveraging out of the box Project Creation and tracking/approvalcapabilities

Risk / Issue ManagementFlexible Reporting including Excel, Power BI, Dash boarding

Team Collaboration and Doc ManagementEasy Collaboration with Project Site and Documents at aproject or task level.

Use Case Scenario #3Mary Sweh want to manage her project inProject and allow for detailed work to becompleted/tracking in Planner. She doesnot want the two to sync. She prefersthem separate.As a project manager she wants he teamsto stay happy and choose their preferredtool however the teams do not track at thesame level as her project calls for.They need to be able to link to the detailsin Planner if Project Managers need to getto Planner. Looking for a centralrepository projects.30Summary: Allows link from Project to Planner Project Task to Planner Plan Task status is not connected

Linking Plans to a Project TaskNote: You need Project Professional (via Project Online) to see thenew Planner Link on the Task ribbonThis update is onlyavailable for Office365 subscriptions.31

Linking Plans to a Project TasksThe guide will open to the left of the project schedule. Select the link to view a list of Office 365 GroupsBoth the project and Start typing to search for a groupthe task must bepublished to createthe link.32

Planner and Project Demo PlannerProject OnlineProject Link to PlannerProject to Planner Integration

Use Case Scenario #4Diane Prescott and Raul Peterson bothwork for Contoso, which specializes incutting-edge consumer technology. As aproduct manager and project managerthey both want the flexibility to choosehow they manage their projects and tasks.They need to be able to associate fileswith individual tasks and provide acentral repository for project and taskrelated documents. Their managers wantto see reports for all of their projects.They also want to be able to view high–level project status.34Summary: Tool integration allows for using bothPlanner and Project Online Document libraries Portfolio-level and project-level statusreports Custom views Best of both worlds

Integration from Project Online to PlannerWe perform all types of Integrations:1) Leverage existing tools (ours and partner created)2) Deploy Standard Operating Procedures3) Implement process change4) Develop custom code and apps5) Feature set deployment – working with Microsoft onfuture releasesIntegration Planning: Understand yourneeds and provide you with options35

Integration from Project Online to PlannerBi-Directional Sync to/from Project Onlineto Planner Project Online Task to Planner TaskOption to set the Sync per TaskSchedule Sync or perform On DemandAssociate Project Task to specific Planner BucketWhat happens with the Sync? will create a new Planner PlanEmail to the group that the Plan was createdEstablishes link between Project and PlannerAllows for progress from either toolProgress to % CompleteFlexibility on where the team updatesand creates tasks36

Planner and Project Demo PlannerProject OnlineProject Link to PlannerProject to Planner Integration

Roadmap to PPM MaturityAcross the OrganizationEnterpriseValue to OrganizationYour ventoryAd hocNo PortfolioInventory or Process-“Just Do It/FIFO”-Success is random-Poor transparencyProcesses are defined &documented, and mostprojects are aligned toBusiness DriverAll projects areconsistently captured ina project inventoryCrawlPortfolio analysis isrepeatable, predictable,and consistently used toevaluate and optimizeproject portfolio selectionPortfolio Analysts cancompare and leverageportfolio analysisinformation acrossmultiple departmentsPortfolio Managementteams are able tounderstand, analyze, &recommend optimalportfolio bundles andschedules to technologyand business partnersConsistent measuresenable cross portfolioanalysis, selection,planning andmanagement thatsupports predictivemodeling and internal /external benchmarkingStages of ExcellenceBasicWalkPPM is adopted and usedconsistently acrossmultiple organizationsand portfoliosRunPPM is optimized acrossthe enterprise with afocus on continuous riskmitigation and valuecreationProject portfolioperformance and riskdata is understood andcan be compared at theindividual, cross-LOB,and enterprise levelsSenior leadership is ableto leverage PPM analysiswhen allocating funds tovarious portfoliosAbility to measure andbenchmark entireportfolio lifecycleWorld-ClassWell-oiled Machine

Feature Comparison43FeaturePlannerProject OnlineMobile Friendly views Security – who can view/edit project/plan Upload documents associated with projects Assign task to multiple resources Associate documents with individual tasks Track progress Graphical task-level view My Task Summary view Project-level discussion and collaboration Task-level discussion and collaboration -Included in Office365 Suite (no additional license cost) -

Feature Comparison44FeaturePlannerProject OnlineScheduling engine (Start and Finish calculated by pred/succ tasks- Portfolio Views- Portfolio Views with indicators- Supports Master Projects/Sub Projects- Create custom views- Custom project-level fields- Track effort and cost- Manage issues, risks, and deliverables- Customize the User Interface- Timesheets- Multiple levels of tasks supported Schedule Templates

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Register at: 1/25 – Best Practices for Project Site TemplateDevelopment1/30 - PPM Summit (Minneapolis) and Happy Hour –Come have a drink (or 2) on us1/30 –Successful Multi-Project Management2/6 - Everything You Want to Know About PortfolioManagement2/13 - A Comprehensive Look Into ProjectManagement2/20 - Keys to Effective Resource Management2/27 – Getting to your Data-Driven Decisions withProject Team Collaboration & ReportingHope to see you there!

Upcoming PPM Works EventsDateEventEvent TypeLocation1/25/1812 - 1 PM ESTBest Practices for SharePoint Project Site Template DevelopmentWebinarOnline1/30/181 - 2 PM ESTSuccessful Multi-Project ManagementWebinarOnline1/30/188:30 AM – 3 PM CSTPPM Summit and Happy HourConferenceMicrosoft Office –Edina, MN2/6/181 - 2 PM ESTEverything You Want to Know About Portfolio ebinarOnline2/13/181 - 2 PM ESTA Comprehensive Look Into Project Management2/20/181 - 2 PM ESTKeys to Effective Resource Management2/27/181 - 2 PM EST52Getting to your Data-Driven Decisions With Project Team Collaboration& to see you there!

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to Planner Project Online Task to Planner Task Option to set the Sync per Task Schedule Sync or perform On Demand Associate Project Task to specific Planner Bucket What happens with the Sync? 1. Sync will create a new Planner Plan 2. Email to the group that the Plan was created 3. Establi

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Project Online is the online version of Project Server 2013 and, as with previous versions, it is hosted on SharePoint Server 2013, which is used for collaboration—particularly project sites. Project Web App and Project Professional for Office 365 Project Online are the primary end-user interfaces to Project Online.

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Office 365 is a sub brand of Office that reflects Office as a service and include traditional Office apps and cloud-based services. The first mention of “Office 365” in body copy must be referenced as “Microsoft Office 365”. After the first mention, Office 365 may be referenced as: Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 Office 365 SKUs

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When asked if the online course(s) taken in 2010 was fully online, spring partially online, or both fully online and partially online, the majority of students who responded reported their course(s) online onlyas (77%). (See Table 2.) This was similar to fully online course enrollment by the general online population (76%).