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City of Unley Event Planning ToolkitEvent Risk Assessment TemplateEvent NameEvent DateEvent LocationExpected number of attendeesEvent Start TimeEvent Finish TimeEvent CoordinatorINSTRUCTIONSStep 1 Read through the list of potential hazards / risks and for those that are not relevant place ‘Not Applicable’ in theRisk Rating and Responsible Person columns.Step 2 Consider any other potential hazards / risks to your event and list these at the bottom of the table and includethe controls / actions.Step 3 Who will be responsible for doing the required actions? Place their name in the Responsible Person column.Step 4 The Risk Assessment – For all relevant potential hazards / risks, using the matrix consider the likelihood andconsequence of the hazard / risk and complete the ‘Risk Rating’.EXAMPLEHazards / RisksControls / ActionsRisk RatingResponsible PersonEXAMPLE : Animal nurserycauses gastro or othersimilar infectious disease.Ensure adequate hand washing facilitiesclose by and that there is adequate signageto encouraging the washing of hands.NotApplicableNot ApplicableEXAMPLE: Person contractsfood poisoning at the event.Ensure that all food vendors have submittedthe Temporary Notification Form and havebeen provided with a copy of the FoodSafety at Outdoor Events Fact Sheets.Attendees are to bring their own food, theonly vendor will be an ice cream vehicle.LowJohn Higgins,ManagerEvent Risk Assessment Template / 1

Hazards / RisksControls / ActionsSlips, trips and falls due touneven ground or eventinfrastructure.Clearly tape off any areas of uneven ground orinfrastructure. Ensure that all marquee weightsand ropes are clearly visible and that there areno obstructions in pedestrian / publicwalkways.Manual handling injury tostaff during the set up andpack down of the event.Staff are to be supplied with appropriatepersonal protective equipment such as sacktrucks and trolleys for moving heavyequipment. Staff should be aware of correctmanual handling techniques and if requiredare to receive instruction.Erection of temporarymarquee causes an injuryto contractor or member ofthe public.Cordon off the area temporarily with bollardsand hazard tape and monitor the area toensure that public are not entering the workspace. Contractors are to abide by and work inaccordance with SafeWork SA standards.Delivery vehicles occupyingthe footpath to unloadequipment causing thepublic to walk onto the road.Deliveries cause disruptionor delay start of the event.Reserve a parking bay close to the site orcreate a temporary alternative pedestrian pathusing bollards and signage. Ensure deliverydrivers/contractors are briefed on the event,are aware of expectations, that you have amobile contact number and clear deliverytimes are agreed.Vehicles driving on publicareas / Council land causingdamage to the site or acollision with a person.Advise and meet contractors on site andensure they drive at a walking pace withhazards lights on. Develop and communicatea delivery schedule with contractors.Determine the best place for a vehicle pathand visually sight this with witches hats, tape,bollards. If the vehicle / goods are heavyconsider using rubber matting, ply boards orterra track to assist in the deposit of heavyequipment.Overcrowding of site due tohigher attendance thananticipated.Ensure that security staff are briefed tomonitor crowd numbers and prevent peoplefrom entering the event site if it is deemed asovercrowded. Bunting / hazard tape should beon hand to use as a temporary barrier and ifpossible consideration could be given toclosing off entry points.Power source is overloadedand fails. Unsafe electricalleads or damaged leadscausing electrocution, fire ordamage to equipment.Use a licensed electrician to ensure that alllegislative requirements are met during site setup and during the event. Ensure that powerrequirements are considered during theplanning phase and that vendors / contractorshave been pre advised that all leads andequipment must be tested and tagged.Event Risk Assessment Template / 2Risk RatingResponsible Person

Hazards / RisksControls / ActionsGas bottle leak or explosion.Advise contractors and vendors of theSafeWork SA standards for the storage andhandling of LP Gas. Undertake a site / eventinspection.Member of the public isinjured by accessing /climbing on equipment suchas machinery or generators.Make these areas inaccessible to the public byusing barriers, hazard tape, bollards andwarning signs to notify the public of thedangers. Keep any equipment locked.Noise complaints.Do a pre assessment of what could generatenoise and have an action plan on what to do ifthere is a complaint with relates to theEnvironmental Protection Act.Bins are overflowing andlitter is on the ground, orinsufficient bins areprovided or notappropriately located.Consider waste management as part of theplanning phrase, consider the number of binsrequired, location of bins and frequency ofemptying. Consider the need to hirecontractors to undertake this or have allocatedstaff.There are not enough publictoilets causing queues andcomplaints.Consider the number of toilets required andavailable based on expected number ofattendees at the planning phase.Public or staff receivesunburn, heat stroke ordehydration.Consider extreme weather, develop a plan andan alternative contingency plan such as indoorlocation. Provide free sunscreen and ensuresufficient shade is available. Monitortemperatures. Do a pre event assessment ofthe amount of free drinking water available onor close to the site. Consider hiring a drinkingfountain or water supply, give bottled wateraway for free or ensure sufficient vendors willsell bottled water and will have adequatesupplies.Temporary infrastructureincluding marquees, stagesand inflatable rides do notmeet safety needs orbecome unstable in adverseweather (such as highwinds) with the possibility ofinjury.Ensure that all light weight equipment isadequately weighted or harnessed. Check withproviders or that providers (if installing) haveadequately weighted the equipment inaccordance with SafeWork SA guidelines.Temporary infrastructure should meet safetystandards such as handrails or steps.Suppliers / contractors should be able toprovide required certificates and insurances.Check the wind speed prior to the event andduring the event.Animal nursery causesgastro or other similarinfectious disease.Ensure that the contractor has provided (and ifnot event organiser to provide) adequate handwashing facilities close by and that there isadequate signage encouraging the washing ofhands.Event Risk Assessment Template / 3Risk RatingResponsible Person

Hazards / RisksControls / ActionsA mechanical ride causes aperson to be injuredEnsure that contractors can provide therequired certificates and insurances. Shutdown any rides deemed unsafe and do notpermit operation of any rides without sightingrelevant documentation.Person contracts foodpoisoning at the eventEnsure that all food vendors have submittedthe Temporary Notification Form and havebeen provided with a copy of the Food Safetyat Outdoor events Fact Sheets.Child, dependant or agedperson is separated fromtheir guardian or carerSet up a meeting point with clear signage.Have a plan on what to do should a person bereported as missing.Crowd crush injury duringemergency site evacuationDevelop and communicate an Emergency andEvacuation Plan.Person on site receives aninjuryEnsure there are adequate qualified firstaiders on site at all times during the event.Identify an emergency vehicle path accesspath and ensure it stays clear of all equipment,infrastructure and objects during the event.Fire on site causes damageto equipment / harm toattendeesEnsure that there are adequate andappropriate firefighting equipment on site andthat staff are trained to use them. Identify anemergency vehicle access path and ensure itstays clear of all equipment, infrastructure andobjects during the event.Inappropriate behaviourfrom intoxicated personDetermine whether the event is to be alcoholfree. If alcohol is to be sold ensure securityhave responsible service of alcohol licencesand that requirements of any sale of alcohollicence conditions are met prior to the event.Event Risk Assessment Template / 4Risk RatingResponsible Person

Hazards / RisksControls / ActionsEvent Risk Assessment Template / 5Risk RatingResponsible Person

City of Unley Event Planning Toolkit Event Risk Assessment Template Event Name Event Location Event Start Time Event Finish Time Event Date Expected number of attendees Event Coordinator INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 Read through the list of potential hazards / risks and for

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