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Latest UpdatesSecond Interim Recap and COVID-19 ImpactWhat’s in the Budget?What’s Next?Annual SELPA Budget and ServicePlan2

Takeaways from State Budget Deal No new money, but a political compromise No COLA, but no programmatic reductions either Increased cash deferrals One-time funding for learning loss mitigation and schoolreopening We'll be back in 45 days with District budget updates3

Changing State of the State's BudgetImpacts Upon LA Unified FY 2020-21 *Changes Relative to Second Interim Projection at Certain Points in TimeMay 5WorkloadBudgetMay 12DOF LetterMay 19June 23June 30May RevisionMayRevisionUpdatesEnacted StateBudget[Pending]FallRevision(s) 0- 200- 17- 123- 400- 403- 600- 800- 1,000- 469?- 1,200- 1,200- 1,400* Excludes one-time state fundsAmounts in millions4

Enacted State Budget [Pending]Major State Budget AdjustmentsRestoration of LCFF 10% cutsRestoration of Afterschool, Early Education, and Adult ProgramSpecial Education 645MEstimated TotalEstimated LA Unified2020-21 Impact 449.433.33.0 485.7Amounts in millions; District estimates and are subject to change based on final allocations by the state5

Enacted State Budget [Pending]One-time Learning Loss Mitigation Grants Directly support pupil academic achievement and mitigatelearning loss related to COVID-19 school closures Funds conditioned on an adoption of Learning Continuity andAttendance Plan by September 30, 2020 Estimated one-time funds of 559.8M 425.3M expires December 30, 2020 and 134.5 expiresSeptember 30, 20216

The State has proposed delaying some cash payments to school districts.What areCash Deferrals? The proposed deferrals in AB 77 for 2019-20 and 2020-21 are listed belowbut may be reduced by up to 5.8 billion if federal funding is received. The deferrals do not reduce districts' budget authority but result in reducedcash balances and lost interest income. However, the districts will need to fund the expenditures out ofexisting resources until the cash is received or utilize short-term borrowing.Budget Enactment Cash Deferrals 4.2 B 4.2 B 1.5 B 2.4 B 2. 4B 2.4 B 4.2 B 4.2 B 2.4 B 2.4 B 2. 4B 1.5 BEstimated Cash Deferral Impact to LA UnifiedLAUSD 399.2 MLAUSD 399.2 MAugJuneJulyLAUSD 1.3 BLAUSD 1.3 September7

Major K-12 Policy Changes inEnacted State Budget [Pending] Replaces the annual LCAP update with Continuity ofLearning and Attendance plan Use 2019-20 ADA for 2020-21 funding Adopts short-term fiscal flexibilities with inter-fundborrowing, sale of surplus property, pension paymentsfrom the Routine Restricted Maintenance Account8

2020-2021 Reporting RequirementsLearning Continuityand Attendance Planadopted by BoardSeptember 309

Budget Development Timeline: Where Are We?Dec 2020/Jan 2021Sept 2020Aug 2020Jun 20202020-21 ProposedBudget, Enacted StateBudget45-Day BudgetRevision Based onEnactedState BudgetPossible State BudgetRevision(s)Governor’s Proposed 2021-22BudgetLearning Continuityand AccountabilityPlan Adoption10

Why Submit this Proposed Budget? Ed code requirement to adopt a budget andsubmit compliance documents to LACOE byJune 30 Additional details pending from Enacted StateBudget The Enacted State Budget has no cuts toprograms11

9,000 8,000 7,594 7,795General Fund Budgetand UnassignedBalances at SecondInterim 7,721 7,000 6,000 5,000The Second Interimprojection showed a 0.4M General Fundunrestricted unassignedbalance in 2021-22. 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 772 758 774 715 81 0.4The District certified"positive" and approved byLACOE. 02019-20General Fund Budget2020-21First Interim2021-22Second InterimAmounts in millions

The Pandemic Is HighlightingPreexisting ChallengesBefore the pandemicIncreased focus on student learning and equityStructural deficitDeclining enrollment13

The Pandemic Is HighlightingPreexisting ChallengesAfter the pandemicIncreased focuson student learningand equityGreater depth, breadth, andinequity of student needStructural deficitIncreased spending to supportCOVID-19 responseDeclining enrollmentEconomic uncertainty14

Focus AreaEstimatedCostIdentifiedFundingUnreimbursedCost 272 47 36-Substitutes5050-103103-77-ServiceHealthand SafetySafety NetHomeless andChildcareOperationsTechnologyInstructionSummer SchoolMaterialsTotal 765 474COVID-19 Response:Estimated AmountsTotal Budget Impact 765MUnreimbursed Cost 291MChanges since May 19 Report1. Lower CARES Act appropriation by 3.5M.2. Higher school opening, ongoingoperations, and continuity of learningcosts by 225M. 291This reflects projected expenditures through June 30, 2021. The costs include monies from General Fund, Cafeteria Fund, Bond Funds, federalstimulus, and state relief.Amounts in millions15

General Fund Forecast – Ending Balance in 2023Though an EnactedState Budget ispending, theproposed budget isbased on the MayRevision.DescriptionEnding Balance on June 30, 2022 at 2nd Interim, March 10, 2020Adding 2022-23 School YearUnreimbursed COVID-19 CostsCARES Act and LEA Response FundWorkload Budget (COLA for FY 2020-21 to 2022-23 at 0%)May Revision (Reductions beyond Zero COLA)Enrollment ForecastBudget to Actual VariancesPotential Adjustments:Health and Welfare Contract ReserveReserve for Strategic InvestmentOPEBCarryoversReal EstatePrimary PromiseCoronavirus Recovery PlanEnding Balance, June 30, 2023Amounts in millionsAmount 00) 1,228 016

FundingStateFederalCARES ActCOVID-19 CostsNet TotalRevenue per K-12student***2019-20ProposedAdjustment2020-21 6,585.7( 607.0) 5,978.7660.6107.8*768.4-287.7287.7(250.0)**(250.0) 7,246.3( 461.5) 6,784.8 16,402( 251) 16,151*Unspent revenues from prior year.** Latest estimated COVID-19 costs through June 30, 2021. Costs include opening schools, ongoing operations, and continuity of learning.Costs incurred have no known reimbursement to the General Fund.***Based on Cafeteria and General Fund (Restricted Unrestricted)Amounts in millions17

Distinguishing Features of 2020-21 Budget Move resources closer to schools to serveunique needs of students Primary Promise Initiative to improve studentproficiency in language, literacy, and math skillsin elementary schools Bridge the digital divide Summer school offered to all students Re-opening and ongoing operations of schools18

What's in School Budgets? Same funds as provided in February 2020 Changes from 2019-20: Class size reduction – lower by 1 for Grades 4-12 Title I - lower eligibility threshold from 50% to 45% Magnet Programs – 20 new magnet programs funded Allocation of 50% of school site carryovers19

Proposed Total 2020-21 BudgetOperating Funds - 8.9 BillionAll Funds - 14.2 BillionInternal Service, 1,526.8 , 11%Early Education, 181.7 , 2%Fiduciary, 0.4 , 0%Adult Education, 140.8 , 2%Cafeteria, 401.9 ,4%Debt Service, 916.9 , 6%Capital Project, 2,817.7 , 20%Amounts in millionsOperating Funds, 8,892.0 , 63%General Fund, 8,167.4 ,92%By Fund20

LAUSD Fiscal Outlook The 2020-21 and 2021-22 budget is balanced District continues to operate with a structuraldeficit Enrollment is declining less than expected, butmetro areas may lose population due to COVID-19 Inadequate per pupil funding Challenges to student safety and studentachievement 2022-23 budget remains unknown21

Budget Working Group Led by School and Local District Representatives Move services and supports closer to schoolsto improve student achievement and equity Improve transparency of District budget Align systems, resources, policies and processesto support the Community of Schools model22

California Education Code section 56205 requires thesubmission of Annual Budget and Service Plans.Annual SELPABudget andService PlanRequirements The Annual Budget Plan and Annual Service Planmust be adopted at a public hearing held by theSpecial Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) The plans must: Identify expected expenditures Include a description and physical location ofservices Demonstrate that all individuals with exceptionalneeds have access to services and instructionappropriate to meet their needs as specified intheir Individualized Education Program (IEP)23

What is an Annual SELPA Budget Plan?Mandated reporting requirementProvides a high level summary of the Special Education budget according toexpenditure category (certificated salaries, classified salaries, benefits, etc)Total projected Special Education budget for 2020-21 is 1.8 billionBased on previous year’s budget with projected changes for the upcomingschool year (i.e. expected IEP services and requirements, personnel costs)24

Describes the Special Education serviceoptions to be provided within the SELPAWhat is theAnnualSELPA ServicePlan? Identifies the physical location at whichthe services may be provided within theSELPA, including: alternative schools charter schools opportunity schools and classes community day schools operated bydistricts juvenile court schools25

Key Takeaways1. Focus on mission to improve outcomes and the lives of ourchildren and the community.2. This budget will become the initial adopted 2020-21 budget.3. We are able to balance the budget for the next two years andhave yet to resolve the third year.4. Revised budget to reflect revisions to the Enacted StateBudget will be presented to the Board in August.5. Continue to advocate for additional funding and prioritizehealth and safety.26

2. This budget will become the initial adopted 2020-21 budget. 3. We are able to balance the budget for the next two years and have yet to resolve the third year. 4. Revised budget to reflect revisions to the Enacted State Budget will be presented to the Board in August. 5. Continue to advo

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Budget (Annual Budget) Revenues Expenses Multi-year (Actual; Budget; Budget) Project (program) Budget A project budget is the estimated financial plan for a project, for which funding is required. The total program budget is not just the grant r

3 Local District Northwest Directory Office of the Superintendent Fax: 881-6728 Nacorda, Joseph Superintendent 654-3600 Mojica, Gabriela Administrative Assistant 654-3611 Beltrán-Kallem, Celina 654Office Technician -3600 Banuelos, David Senior Office Technician 654-3644 Instruction Fax: 881-6728

Apr 23, 2019 · The budget narrative, sometimes called the budget justification, is a companion to the budget (table, spreadsheet, or forms). While the budget table gives the total cost for each category of the budget, the budget narrative giv

architectural schematic design t0.01 title sheet a1.1 proposed site plan a2.1 proposed basement plan a2.2 proposed first floor plan a2.3 proposed second floor plan a4.1 proposed roof plan a5.1 proposed section a-a & b-b a5.2 proposed section 3 a6.1 proposed east & north elevations a6.2 proposed west & south elevations civil c-1.1 property .

10 County Budget Conference. Early October 2022 Review of Proposed Budget with Budget Team and Department Directors. October 11, 2022 Presentation of County Manager's 2023 Proposed Budget at Public Hearing. . District Attorney Amazon Web Storage - 72,000 72,000 - DA - Diversion Project 2023 Diversion Conference Host 14,000 - 14,000 14,000

Overview. County Manager's Proposed FY 2022 Budget 2 Proposed FY 2022 Budget: Revenue Changes . Loudoun. 1.035. 1.005. 1.010. County Manager's Proposed FY 2022 Budget. 16. Real Estate Tax Rates: Peer Comparison. . the County government, the public schools, and Pay -As-You

4 ME104 Basic Mechanical Engineering AEC 4 4 0 0 3 0 25 - 25 50 - 5 ME106 Workshop Practice AEC 2 0 0 3 0 3 - 50 - - 50 6 HU102 Communication Skills HMC 3 3 0 0 3 0 25 - 25 50 - Total 21 16 1 7. ME-9 II Year: Odd Semester S.No. Code Title Area Cr L T P TH PH CWS PRS MTE ETE PRE 1. PE251 Engineering Materials & Metallurgy AEC 4 3 0 2 3 0 15 15 30 40 2. ME201 Mechanics of Solids DCC 4 3 0 2 3 0 .