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Ramsay Health CareExcellence Awards2020Proudly sponsored by

Ramsay Excellence Awards 2020OVERVIEWThe 2020 Ramsay Health Care Excellence Awards presents an opportunity for RHCAustralia and our sponsors to shine a light on our people. We take this opportunity toacknowledge the accomplishments of our employees and teams.Everyday there is extraordinary work occurring across our sites in an effort toincrease the health and wellbeing of our employees, patients, carers, families andcommunities.2020 has been a year of many challenges but we also saw many opportunities forgrowth, change, innovation & community spirit. This year’s awards aim to shine aspotlight on the achievements of so many valued individuals who truly emulate ourculture of People Caring for People.Finalists for each of the four award categories were selected from hundreds ofnominations, chosen by an RHC Australian management judging panel.We would like to take the opportunity to thank and show appreciation to our judgeswho had the difficult task of assessing and selecting both finalists and winners for allaward categories.On behalf of our sponsors and the Management team at RHC Australia we hope youenjoy the awards ceremony and join us as we honour and congratulate our finalistsand winners.Carmel MonaghanCEO, AustraliaProudly sponsored by

Ramsay Excellence Awards 2020MEET OUR HOSTS!Glenn RobbinsGlenn Robbins, a graduate of Drama and Mediaat Melbourne State College, first moved intoperforming in 1981. As a stand-up comedian, heenjoyed performing at popular comedy venuesin Melbourne and Sydney. Audiences warm to hisnaturally dry sense of humour and style.The move into television was a natural progressionfor Glenn Robbins. He became well-known asa performer/writer for a number of television’stop rating comedy sketch shows including: ‘THECOMEDY COMPANY’ (Network Ten), ‘FASTFORWARD’, ‘FULL FRONTAL’ and ‘JIMEOIN’ (all7 Network). While he performed a good manycharacters throughout these shows, Glenn’s mostprominent and notable would be that of UncleArthur.Dave O’NeilDave O’Neil is without doubt one of the mostpopular, and versatile performers in the country. Hisobservational humour and genuine humility havemade him a much sought after MC and stand upcomedian.Dave O’Neil’s friendly, easy going manner, andsharp and witty humour has made him one ofAustralia’s most popular and versatile comics.Through 30 years on the Australian scene, he haspresented shows in EIGHTEEN Melbourne ComedyFestivals and worked at the Comedy Club, LastLaugh, the Comedy Club in Sydney and the SitDown Comedy Club in Brisbane.Proudly sponsored by

Ramsay Excellence Awards 2020ORDER OFPRESENTATIONOfficial Welcome1 Preceptor of the YearAward4 Excellence inLeadership Award2 Graduate Award ofExcellence5 People Caringfor People Award3 Chief Nurse Address6 Poster Comp WinnerAnnouncementConnect, View & ShareA recording of the Excellence Awards will be made available#RHCExcellenceAwardsProudly sponsored by

Meet the finalistsPreceptor/Supervisorof the Year

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearNSW FINALISTSSujan Shrestha, RNSt George Private Hospital, nominated by Danielle FieldSujan takes on the role of a preceptor on the ward for new graduatesand new staff members and is seen to support new staff throughhis kind nature and eagerness to teach, nothing is ever a problemfor Sujan.Sujan is also one of our undergraduate student facilitatorsand has had both written word of thanks from students and phonecalls from them at a later date. Sujan demonstrates The Ramsay Wayin all of his teachings of new staff, students and patients. He is kind,compassionate and has the graduate’s/student’s best interest at heart.Sujan has been known to stay behind to demonstrate skills andwork with the greater team to help create a safe and competentworkforce. Sujan also strives for excellence with his own professionaldevelopment, always enhancing his own teaching and learningthrough further education.Lowreen Canoza, RNStrathfield Private, nominated by Mary GeorgesIt is rare to find a nurse like Lowreen who has such enthusiasm anddedication to the profession. Lowreen is always willing to helpand be a team player. Over the last year she has not only been awonderful preceptor but also taken on the role of CNS for Upper GIand ENT. She gives nothing but 100% to each of her roles. Lowreenis a delight to work with and is respected by all her colleagues. Shehas exceptional teaching abilities which is why she makes such agreat preceptor. She is kind, friendly, supportive, patient and lovedby those she teaches.Lowreen deserves this and my only regret is that she has not beennominated sooner.Proudly sponsored by

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearLeanne Roche, RNNorth Shore Private, nominated by Rosemary ShakallisLeanne is a role model for staff and students with her high standards,empathy, caring and good humour.Leanne has also taken upon herself the role of Mental HealthChampion on the ward and is a positive, productive member ofthe team. Leanne’s monthly motivational posters are a wonderfulexample of gently and positively influencing a work culture byfocussing on self-care, care of the team and positivity. Patientsbenefit from her encouragement and advocacy also. Students, staffand patients often comment upon her care.Leanne has been a preceptor for new graduates, regularly buddyingwith them and always working to her utmost to make sure theyfeel supported. Leanne has a calm and engaging way to enthusestudents and staff as well as giving them the confidence to try newthings and ‘give it a go’ under her supervision.New staff, new grads and students find that Leanne is the safeperson to go to, where no question is treated at silly. I can’t think ofa finer advocate for The Ramsay Way and I feel that Leanne is theperfect recipient of this award.Proudly sponsored by

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearQLD FINALISTSSandra Penford, RN/RMJohn Flynn Private, nominated by Gaylene HarwickSandy is our most outstanding midwife of 2020! She is one of themost passionate, motivated , inspirational midwives that you arelucky enough to work with or be cared by. 2020 was more of achallenge than usual for education due to COVID-19 restrictions - butnot for Sandy - she continued to motivate others no matter what thechallenge - which was award winning in itself!Over the past 10 years as the John Flynn Educator Sandy hassuccessfully set up: BFHI accreditation process / and education for not only thestudents / midwives / and medical staff - but for the entire hospital- as a passionate Lactation consultant. Implemented Obstetric Emergency sessions for students and staff- which has improved successful outcomes for both mothers andbabies Set up the Neonatal Resuscitation program for our students andmidwivesSandy also continually strives to ensure all the team complete theirmandatory competencies and e-learning modules - a difficult task attimes and ensures evidence-based information is available to all staffvia her education sessions.Sandy is the most kind, loving and wonderful midwife one wouldever meet. This year - she stepped back as the unit educator to handover to the next generation and spend more time with her family but continues to preceptor students, both midwifery and medical onour ward.Our application is to honour her dedication as the most wonderfulmidwife and thank her for her amazing contribution to the safe careof our families.Proudly sponsored by

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearSamantha Robinson, RNGreenslopes Private, nominated by Kylie GeakeSamantha is an engaging and energetic senior RN whodemonstrates a professional attitude and embraces The RamsayWay into her everyday practise.Samantha provides a positive learning environment where studentsand graduates are well supported, gaining confidence in theirtransition from student to graduate nurse and achieving theirlearning goals to perform competently.Samantha regularly discusses weekly goals, constructive feedbackand actions to achieve and improve. Samantha consistentlyrole models professional practice, behaviour and attitude. Sheis committed to ensuring students and graduates develop andperform clinical skills as per best practice, and teaches in amanner which encourages the opportunity for questioning anddevelopment of clinical thinking skills. Samantha also fosters theirconfidence to find a voice and speak up if they are unsure or feelsomething is not right. Samantha’s Nurse Unit Manager has alsoinformed me that she regularly updates her regarding those she isprecepting. I believe that Samantha’s guidance and mentorship hasbeen instrumental in the professional development of others andthank and congratulate her for her commitment in embracing thepreceptor role.Holly Barnes, ENJohn Flynn Private, nominated by Victoria WallaceWithout fail, Holly is always the first person to put her hand up andmentor students and new staff. She always displays warmth and isaccepting of students regardless of their level of skill or knowledge.She is tolerant, patient and always makes students and stafffeel valued. Every student takes the time to comment about thecommitment she has to their placement and the knowledge theyhave gained from her.Nothing is ever a bother to Holly and she is always open, honest andconstructive with her feedback.I whole heartedly believe Holly is a worthy recipient forthis title.Proudly sponsored by

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearVIC FINALISTSLauren Crowhurst, RNWangaratta Private, nominated by Leonie WilsonLauren is an amazing nurse that embraces all that encompasses themeaning of ‘Preceptor’. Lauren is always enthusiastic and passionateabout nursing as a holistic profession and embraces the students toguide and support them during their clinical experience.Lauren articulately, and with intimate detail, educates the studentsduring any task she supervises and marries the students academiawith practicum. Lauren is consistently embracing new ideas and enthusiastically teaches the students ‘The Ramsay Way’ along with theup to date best practice for each task.Lauren instils confidence into each student and quickly assesseswhere they are in their clinical professional journey to adjusther teachings to suit the individual so that they quickly developconfidence and that wonderful ‘can do’ attitude that RamsayHospitals are famous for.The Acute Nursing team wholeheartedly embrace this nominationand Lauren would be the most worthy recipient.Deirdre Sheridan, RNDonvale Rehabilitation, nominated by Sharon HehirDeirdre Sheridan epitomises The Ramsay Way in her approach topreceptoring students, graduates and new staff. She demonstratesa caring, progressive and positive spirit in her approach to herteaching. Deirdre takes enormous pride in her work and is alwayslooking to improve her way of coaching. Deirdre has a strongwork ethic, demonstrating integrity and respect for everyone from ourpatients through to the clinical and the support staff. She is held inhigh esteem by our doctors.Deirdre highly values the importance of education, training andprofessional development for all staff. Her role is integral to thedevelopment of our new nursing staff and future workforce. Deirdre’sregular role of preceptoring students and graduates is wellrecognised throughout the hospital, but her skills in training ourworkforce in PPE this year is what has set her apart.Proudly sponsored by

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearRecognising the importance of training a 350 strong workforce, Deirdre became one of ourPPE champions from the early days of the COVID pandemic. Her sense of humour and sparkywit made this necessary and somewhat unexciting task enjoyable and fun, no matter how manytimes staff were required to undertake the competency. Deirdre’s approach to preceptoringstudents is very ‘hands on’ and thorough, ensuring that they understand the fundamentals ofnursing in a rehabilitation setting.Deirdre has just celebrated 30 years of nursing with Ramsay Health Care. There is no betteradvocate than her for the value of nursing and the importance of support for her futureprofession.Ailsa Clark, PharmacistPeninsula Private, nominated by Tatyana KalinichenkoAilsa has been a preceptor for 3 pharmacy interns this year. Althoughit was the first time in this role, she went above and beyond to makesure that we were all well supported and made to feel welcome inthe pharmacy team.She has very generously donated her time, knowledge and patiencethroughout this year and has gone the extra mile to ensure that allour assessments were completed on time, helping us grow intocompetent pharmacists. Ailsa has taken out time from her busyschedule for weekly study sessions and helped intern-pharmacistsprepare for exams with regular practice exams.She continuously took to the time to check our progressionthroughout the year and provided continuous encouragement andpushed us to achieve our goals.Ailsa has always been very approachable and has always listened toand helped interns work through all their problems and concerns. Allthree intern-pharmacists are very grateful for all the time and effortshe has put into us this year and for imparting skills that have helpedto shape our professional lives.Despite the regular challenges thrown at us during 2020 she hasremained a constant pillar of support.Proudly sponsored by

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearWA/SA FINALISTSSarina McAfee, RNJoondalup Health Campus, nominated by Dani BarnesSarina is a well-rounded role model for undergraduate students inher speciality area. Not only does she provide them with a supportedand safe environment to learn, but she goes out of her way toensure they have adequate resources, that they have time to discussdifficult or confusing situations and have significant periods of clinicalexposure to gain their confidence and competencies when workingwith children. She also makes it her mission to ensure her colleaguesare well aware of the students’ capabilities, requirements and gapsso that the students are supported in her absence. She has multiplenominations from students each month for Preceptor of the month, allof which describe a warm, approachable incredibly knowledgeableclinician that they consider an excellent example of an RN. Sarina hasoften stated that she loves working with students and that they keepher up to speed and capable within her own scope of practice.Sue Bolin, RNThe Adelaide Clinic, nominated by David SandersonSue has been outstanding in her ability to manage multiple rolesand the capability to engage with staff, grads and students acrosstwo RHC Mental Health facilities here in Adelaide. Her ongoingpassion and dedication to nursing education and guidance to staffis an acknowledgment in itself. Sue has an energy and openness todeliver essential and effective nursing skills to all staff in the MentalHealth environment. Students and Grads have always shown a levelof appreciation and gratitude for her ongoing support in supervisionand approach to nursing education in the Mental Health sector.During 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sue had shown a level ofexpertise in her role in Quality and Infection Control and displayedleadership and drive to educate ALL staff and supervise graduates/students on important aspects of COVID management. Sue has beenwith Ramsay Health Care for 28 years I would be very pleased tonominate her for this award.Proudly sponsored by

Preceptor/Supervisorof the YearNathan Herholdt, RNJoondalup Health Campus, nominated by Anne KarowNathan demonstrates professional leadership, education andmentoring to students in the Emergency Department in a consistentand friendly manner. He is such an approachable, friendly andenthusiastic individual that students find him easy to work alongsideand learn in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. He hasthe exceptional ability to lead and motivate students towards desiredoutcomes by taking time to understand their personal learning needs,by challenging their knowledge around a patient presentation andapplying what they have learnt at university to what they should beseeing in practice.The students find him to be an extremely valuable resource becausehe consistently explains all the processes, points of differenceswith procedures, and offers hints and tips around processes forthe students. He does this in such an empathic and understandingway that the students feel confident to ask questions and toaccept where their knowledge gaps are in relation to their skillset. He ensures they are critically thinking about their patients byquestioning their rationale and observational findings and thenfeeding back appropriate care to improve patient outcomes. He isdeeply committed to educating others, particularly those who arejust stepping into the realm of emergency medicine. His positive,respectful attitude towards our hospital’s diverse communitymembers as well as his enthusiasm toward his work ensure he is abrilliant role model to the undergraduates he mentors.Proudly sponsored by

Meet the finalistsGraduate Award ofExcellence

Graduate Award ofExcellenceNSW FINALISTSCarly Fineff, Graduate RNHunters Hill Private, nominated by Natasha CassidyCarly has shown nothing but teamwork since working at Hunters Hill.She has fitted into the team exceptionally well & her colleagues enjoyworking with her, with surgeons requesting to have her in their operatingtheatre. During COVID-19 she willingly agreed to work on the wards tohelp them out and learn new skills given our Operating Theatres hadsignificantly reduced volume. As a direct entry new graduate to OT sheimpressed everyone with her willingness to support the wider team byworking on the wards for a few weeks at a time.Carly is most definitely a “people caring for people” person, she iswilling to help where she can, be flexible with shifts and has adaptedextremely well to the theatre environment.I have no hesitation in recommending Carly for the Graduate Award ofExcellence. It is not often that you come across any nurse of her calibre,let alone a new graduate, so we have been lucky to have her duringwhat has been an extremely challenging year for everyone, particularlyas a direct entry operating theatres new graduate when operatingtheatres weren’t running! She should be proud of her achievementsthis year.Proudly sponsored by

Graduate Award ofExcellenceDanielle Laxton, Graduate RNWestmead Private, nominated by Catherine Sutton2020 has had its ups and downs but one of the highlights waswelcoming Danielle into our team in the ICU as a new graduate nurse.From day 1 Danielle has arrived at work with a smile, a can-do attitudeand positive approach towards nursing, caring and learning.In fact, while many were understandably nervous and anxious aboutCOVID-19, Danielle absorbed the skills she was being taught aroundtransmission-based precautions and simply stepped up and carriedon caring for suspected patients without hesitation. She had been aregistered nurse for only a few months, and she was a donning anddoffing star! I think this sums Danielle up – she gets in there and givesevery clinical situation 100%, she speaks up for her patients, appliescritical thinking, and put patients first. She really does display allaspects of The Ramsay Way.Jenna Ivey, Graduate RMSt George Private, nominated by Christopher AllanIt is my absolute pleasure to nominate Jenna Ivey for the Award ofExcellence. In my role as a Nurse Educator I have never met a newgraduate as professional and dedicated. I will go as far as saying she’sthe best newly qualified nurse I have worked with in my 15-year career.She exudes a natural, empathetic, and friendly approach with patientsin Recovery and the Operating Theatre. Jenna’s technical skills arebeyond the level I’d expect of a new graduate nurse with less than12 months experience. In the operating theatre specifically, Jennahas grasped everything from patient care and safety, anatomy,pharmacology and has learned the usage and correct handling of amyriad of surgical instruments in several distinct specialties. Jennaembodies The Ramsay Way values. Her diligence and determinationfor the highest patient care is evident throughout her working day.I have no doubt Jenna will be an excellent nurse throughout her career.It has been a privilege to aid, precept, teach and work alongside Jenna.During a challenging year for healthcare Jenna has been a role modelfor other new graduates in the department. Moreover, she is a modelfor her profession.Proudly sponsored by

Graduate Award ofExcellenceQLD FINALISTSJordana Page-Gear, Graduate RNPindara Private, nominated by Courtney AllenIt is my privilege to recommend Jordana Page-Gear for the HESTAGraduate Award of Excellence for 2020. Jordana has been a valuedRamsay Health employee since 2017 and is due to complete herRegistered Nurse Perioperative Graduate year in February 2021. In2017, Jordana completed her Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program in ourD.O.S.A (Day of Surgery and Admissions) unit.I believe that Jordana is well-placed to be nominated for this award,due to her high level of clinical practice and the professionalism thatshe has developed and continues to build on. In regards to her professionalism, Jordana continues to display excellence in service, reliabilityand a strong commitment to fulfilling her graduate learning goals.Jordana continues to display and develop attributes that uphold andrepresent the The Ramsay Way with respect for herself, her peers andcustomers at all times. Her accountability and integrity as a graduatenurse is commendable and is a great example for all in our department.From a personal point of view, Jordana is a pleasure to teach andeducate, as well as a trusted employee to work alongside. I wish herthe best for what will be a positive and dynamic career in perioperativenursing.Proudly sponsored by

Graduate Award ofExcellenceTaylor Zachar, Graduate RNPindara Private, nominated by Kirsten DimouTaylor is an exceptional graduate nurse. She exhibits the qualities,integrity, professionalism, and consistent high standards of quality carebeyond what is expectant of a graduate nurse at her level.Taylor has demonstrated kindness, empathy, compassion, strongcustomer focus, and effective interpersonal skills within her everydaypractice. She is a reliable, punctual, well-presented, and an articulatenurse, who demonstrates the true core values and ethos of “TheRamsay Way”. During trying times and difficult conversations Taylordisplays the character, behaviours and professionalism expected withinthe busy Ward 4E department. These are commendable qualities thatalign with the Pindara and Ramsay values; “people caring for people”and have been a valued asset to our facilityThese qualities have been commended throughout her graduateprogram by her peers, manager, and patients alike. For these reasonsI believe Taylor Zachar is a strong candidate for the HESTA GraduateExcellence Award.Kiralee Gross, Intern PharmacistCairns Private, nominated by Alexander YeungUpon commencing her intern year, Kiralee quickly established herselfas a valued member of our pharmacy team at Cairns Private Hospital.Under the supervision of our pharmacists, she took on the responsibilityof ordering and dispensing chemotherapy for our oncology patients,as well as liaising with doctors and nurses to ensure continuity of carethroughout their treatment.It is an important role in the pharmacy, requiring exceptional professionalism and communication to deliver a high-level service. We knewit would be a challenge, but her experience representing QLD andwinning the People’s Choice Award at the National Pharmacy Studentof the Year awards gave us confidence she would rise to the occasion.Throughout the year, Kiralee has also taken on a role representing andpromoting the pharmacy profession for James Cook University. Shedelivered presentations to school students and career advisors, withher positive experience as a Ramsay Pharmacy Intern featuring as adesirable career path for aspiring pharmacy students.She embodies The Ramsay Way values in her work, andis a great example of ‘People Caring for People’ in howshe cares for patients and team members.Proudly sponsored by

Graduate Award ofExcellenceVIC FINALISTSDaniel Warrick, Graduate RNAlbert Road Clinic, nominated by Kathryn KrikisDaniel has demonstrated a level of professionalism well above hisexperience. The way that he has approached his nursing career withinmental health which is so fluid and dynamic, is a true testament to himand his professionalism. During this graduate year he has demonstratedsignificant personal values on helping people, but more than that Danielhas really lived “people caring for people”.During this year the healthcare sector rallied to provide care for peoplewith the COVID pandemic. Many experienced nurses struggled withthis. Daniel adapted the philosophy that if he did not do it, then whowould care for these people.During this phase of the pandemic response Daniel continued to showabilities well above his years of experience both in risk management,critical thinking and commitment to learning. He then managed to utiliseall of these and continue to deliver excellent patient care, fantastic teamwork and again show the Ramsay value of “people caring for people”With such a fulfilling and progressive year, I am fully supportive thatDaniel get the recognition of being nominated for the Graduate Awardof Excellence, of which he deserves.Proudly sponsored by

Graduate Award ofExcellenceDan ‘Alice’ Liu, Graduate RNPeninsula Private, nominated by Danielle BilstonI have supported Alice during her graduate year and it was an absolutepleasure to do so. Alice is respectful towards her patients, their familiesand carers. She develops therapeutic relationships built on mutual trustand understanding, creating a positive impression by being attentiveand listening carefully to any difficulties they may be having andresponds in a timely and appropriate manner, with a positive outcomefor all concerned .Alice’s kind and caring manner shines at the bedside and her patientsalways know they are in the care of a highly skilled and dedicatednurse. Alice’s commitment to team was evident during the recentpandemic, where she volunteered to work on the COVID-19 wardcaring for our communities’ most vulnerable people. Alice completedher time caring for this cohort of patients, all the while being apart fromher husband and son who were stuck overseas unable to fly homedue to boarder closures.Alice encompasses The Ramsay Way and I wish her all the best in whatwill be an extensive career.Callum Holt, Graduate PhysiotherapistDonvale Rehabilitation Hospital, nominated by Juliet JamesCallum commenced with us as a physiotherapist in 2020. He wasoriginally employed at Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital as an AlliedHeatlh Assistant (AHA) and throughout his time as an AHA hedisplayed the same qualities that we now see being displayed as aPhysiotherapist.His patient-centred care approach is not just words – he shows itby every interaction that he has with his patients. It was through thisapproach that he identified that there is a gap in the health care needsof those who come from minority groups, in this case the transgendercommunity.Throughout his university degree, Callum also showed a commitmentto learning above the level that you would see in most students. Hespent hundreds of hours completing his competencies to be ableto safely and effectively provide clinical pilates sessions for patients.This has seen him become a very popular clinician within our RamsayHealth Plus team, in which he juggles successfully his hospital patientsand those who he treats in the clinic.The passion shown by Callum to ensure that all in our communityare treated with dignity and respect embodies the Ramsay’s ‘peopleProudly sponsored by

Graduate Award ofExcellenceWA/SA FINALISTScaring for people’.Lewis Burgess-Foster, Graduate RNJoondalup Health Campus, nominated by Julie JacksonLewis has been professional from the day he commenced his graduateprogram. Commencing in the Perioperative Program (Scrub/Scout) itbecame evident that he was possibly not in the best area of nursingfor him.Lewis was a positive team member and despite struggling within thetheatre environment he never let his team down and attended allrostered shifts. After being moved to an acute medical ward, Lewisjust continued to grow and very soon became an integral part of theward team. Not long after completing his graduate program, Lewiswas accepted into the Emergency Department Clinical EnhancementProgram (CEP)As a Graduate Coordinator it has been some time since I have seena graduate demonstrate resilience at the level Lewis has. To havebeen part of his journey from struggling in the theatre environment towatching him fly once moved onto an acute medical ward has been anhonor. It also represents that sometimes nurses are simply not in theright area for them and if it’s recognized early enough and a changecan be supported that RHC will end up with yet another fabulous nurse.I wish him luck with his nomination.Proudly sponsored by

Graduate Award ofExcellenceMegan Lacey, Graduate ENJoondalup Health Campus, nominated by Julie JacksonMegan spent her graduate program on ward C3 stroke unit. Megandemonstrated a keen eagerness to learn, a willingness to respondpositively to feedback and increase her knowledge and skill in aprofessional manner.Megan worked in a manner aligning to the values shared by thehospital and the Ramsay values. Megan worked to achieve hergoals and worked diligently with a high level of work ethic in caringfor her patients. She demonstrated this through her note writing andcompletion of tasks to a high level.Megan demonstrated critical thinking on a number of occasionsthroughout her Graduate program, through being an advocate for herpatients, activating MET alarms- for clinical deterioration, engagingin debriefing ses

Ramsay Excellence Awards 2020 Offi cial Welcome ORDER OF PRESENTATION Preceptor of the Year Award Graduate Award of Excellence Chief Nurse Address Excellence in Leadership Award People Caring for People Award Poster Comp Winner Announcement Connect, View & Share A recording of the Excellence

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