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Finance Data MartStudent GuideRevised: 1/16/2012

TABLE OF CONTENTSOBJECTIVE. 3DATA MART . 3ACTIVITY REPORTS . 8Ambulatory Care Activity Report. 8Average Hours Per Discharge . 12Census Reports. 12Charges and Usage . 13DEPARTMENTAL REPORTING . 15Fringe Benefits . 15Page Options. 16FTE Reports . 18HR (Human Resources). 18Inventory & SUB . 19Payroll . 20Phone Activity. 20Statement of Activity. 22EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD . 25STRUCTURE . 27Accounting Structure . 27Department Structure . 28STATUS . 30Status. 30MY DASHBOARD. 31Add Dashboard Pages. 31Rename Dashboard . 38Log Out. 40

Finance Data MartObjectiveBy the end of the class the user will understand the various Data Mart Dashboards, learn toproduce UMHS departmental reports such as ACAR, Payroll, SOA, Charges & Usages, etc. andview detailed transactions of departmental activity.Data MartDouble-click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.The University of Michigan Internal Home Page is displayed.Type in the URL address text box.Press Enter.3Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD A T AM A R T( C O N T I N U E D )The Hospital Financial Services web page is displayed.Click on the Data Mart button.The Hospital Financial Services Data Mart page is displayed.This page has a description of the Hospital Finance Data Mart system, Finance contacts, andother assistance information. The Data Mart is an inquiry and reporting mechanism – it is not adata entry system.Click on the Enter Data Mart hyperlink.Note:If you need assistance using the Data Mart system, the contacts are listed.4Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD A T AM A R T( C O N T I N U E D )The Data Mart Log In screen is displayed.Enter your User ID or unique name, then enter your Password.Click Log In or press Enter.5Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD A T AM A R T( C O N T I N U E D )The Data Mart is used to inquire and run reports. How does this information get here?MPathwaysHealthQuestCharfields, Financial & SpaceData(Payroll, Voucher, Journal,Inventory)JEs(GME, BW Payroll Accrual, ACUAllocations, ACU Utilities,Radiology Overhead Allocation,ACU Depreciation, ACUContractual, SBC SUB)Charges &Usage,PASSProFee DataIDXCDM / Rate SettingAccountingAnne BurnsResearchDiscount Rates,PPAs,CIPOBIEEPORTALEPSi Extracts(Dept X Ref, CDM Codes, Cost Centers,G/L, Payroll, Budget Categories, FinClass, Hosp Svc )MedHubGMEORMIS/ORDBOperatingRoom DataRISFINP DATABASEACAR UserInput throughWeb FormAction O-I solucientextractRadiology StatsPhone DataDATA MARTAT&TCampus HRDBOB /Gyn DBHSDWSCAPMSISNet RevenueAppointedFTEs(Headcount)HYPERIONFDMPAWSOB StatsLead PatientAppt, ACUScorecardMS Faculty FTE6Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD A T AM A R T( C O N T I N U E D )The Dashboard page is displayed. The dashboard pages are grouped together by activity. Thehyperlinks below the group title represent different reports on the dashboard page. Reports maybe accessed via the hyperlinks or clicking on the tab once the page is displayed.7Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartActivity ReportsAmbulatory Care Activity ReportThe Ambulatory Care Activity Report is a report of clinic visits recorded for a given month.Thedata is keyed in via a web form. Users have the first five business days of the month to keyinformation into the web form.To narrow your search, select a Fiscal Year, Fiscal Month or Department from the text boxes,then click Go.Use the Scroll bar to go to the bottom of the page.ALTERNATE METHODThe following links are displayed at the bottom of a report.Press the CTRL ENDkeys to go to the bottom ofthe page.Press the CTRL HOMEkeys together to go to thetop of the page.8Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartA C T I V I T YModifyR E P O R T S( C O N T I N U E D )Clicking this link opens the report in Answers.and saved to an accessible folder.Refresh orRefreshes the report.Print orHTML opens a Web page to print.The report can be modifiedPDF displays report in Adobe PDF window. Selecting this icon will createreports with a column heading at the top of each page.DownloadDownload to Excel (preferred) makes report results available in MicrosoftExcel in HTML format. This report is formatted and can be saved as aMicrosoft Excel (xls) file.Download Data displays results as a tab-separated list of values.Download Web Page (MHTML) downloads results as a Web page.To download files:Click Download, then select Download to Excel.The File Download dialog box is displayed.Click Open.9Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartA C T I V I T YR E P O R T S( C O N T I N U E D )The Ambulatory Care Activity Summary Report is displayed in an Excel Spreadsheet format.To save the file:Click File in the Menu bar, select Save As.10Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartA C T I V I T YR E P O R T S( C O N T I N U E D )The Save As dialog box is displayed.Click the drop down arrow in the Save In: text box, then choose the correct folder to save the filein.Click the drop down arrow in the Save as type: text box. Select Microsoft Excel Workbook(xls) as the file type.Click Save.Click Closein the Title bar to close the document and return to Data Mart.11Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartA C T I V I T YR E P O R T S( C O N T I N U E D )Average Hours Per DischargeThe Average Hours per Discharge Report compares inpatient hours to discharge hours byhospital.Narrow your search by selecting the hospital you want to view, then select a Fiscal Year andFiscal Month (optional).Census ReportsThe HHC Monthly Bed Census is the default report for this dashboard. Click the tabs to viewthe Daily Census by Hospital, Quarterly Bed Complement, Monthly Census Occupancy%,Birth Center Stats, and Census by PCC reports. The Census Report shows daily, monthly,quarterly occupancy, and bed complement statistics. This report is uploaded into the Data Martdaily.To narrow your search and view specific data, click the drop down arrows.Click the Fiscal Year text box arrow to select a year.Click the Fiscal Month text box arrow to select a month. Click Go.12Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartA C T I V I T YR E P O R T S( C O N T I N U E D )Charges and UsageThe Charges & Usage dashboard displays inpatient and outpatient revenue billings through theHealthQuest system. Click the Charges & Usage dashboard.The Monthly & Yearly Charges and Usage Report page is displayed.Click the CDM Lookup tab.Select All Choices in the Dept ID text box, key CDM #35760 in the CDM # text box, then click GO.Note:Charge Description Master (CDM) is an inventory file containing hospitalcharge codes that describe individual department charges, payments, andadjustments for facility services. These codes generate the hospital chargesand are generally department and site specific.13Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartA C T I V I T YR E P O R T S( C O N T I N U E D )The CDM Lookup report is displayed. You can see the Dept ID and other information regarding aspecific CDM #.Click the CDM Forms tab.CDM Forms are used to make changes to CDM’s such as; request new CDM’s, activate orinactivate CDM’s, etc 14Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartDepartmental ReportingThe Departmental Reporting dashboard contains various dashboard pages. Click the dashboardto view various dashboard names.Fringe BenefitsClick the Fringe Benefits dashboard. The Fringe Benefits report is displayed.To view specific departmental data, click the desired tab, key in your Department ID, Fiscal Year,and/or Fiscal Month, then click Go.15Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartPage OptionsHere you can save selections and name them. When you return to this report, the system willcome directly to the saved options.Select your desired Department ID first. Click Go.Click the Page Options button.Select Save Current Selections, then select For Me 16Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )The Save Current Selections dialog box is opened.Name your selection or input the Department ID. Place a checkmark in Make this my defaultfor this page, then click OK.To remove Saved Selections click Page Options, Save Current Selections, then select EditSaved Selections and Defaults.The Edit Saved Selections and Defaults page is displayed.Click the Delete button, then click OK.17Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )FTE ReportsClick the FTE Reports dashboard. The FTE Reports report is displayed. Here you can viewFTE data by Payroll Group, FTE hours, etc.HR (Human Resources)Click the HR dashboard.Select the tab you want to view first.Enter the desired Department ID.Click Go.18Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )The Listing of Staff Information by Funding Department report is displayed.Inventory & SUBThe Inventory & SUB data is input by the Material Services and Pharmacy departments. Theinventory report contains inventory detail of Medical/Surgical and Linen & Laundry supplies.Click the Inventory & SUB dashboard. The Inventory Detail Expense report is displayed.19Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )PayrollClick the Payroll dashboard. The Payroll dashboard contains payroll information, Gross PayrollRegisters (GPR), FTE reports, staff listings, and departmental overtime information.Phone ActivityClick the Phone Activity dashboard. You will get a prompt to key in the desired Department ID.Select the tab for the type of report you want first.Click Next Prompt.20Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )Note:If you entered a Department ID in the first prompt, you may select SkipPrompt for this prompt. Do not apply both.Enter your Fiscal Year.Click Next prompt.Enter a Fiscal Month.Click Go.21Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )The desired Phone Inventory Report is displayed.Statement of ActivityClick the Statement of Activity dashboard. The Statement of Activity Detail report isdisplayed.22Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )The Statement of Activity dashboard is a report of revenue and expense transactions listed bymonth or year-to-date.Note:There are many Statement of Activity reports. By selecting various tabs atthe top of the page you can run different SOA reports. Include DepartmentID, Fiscal Year, and Fiscal Month to narrow your search.ActivityCategoryThe Journal ID number is preceded by a three letter prefix. To find out what the prefix standsfor click the Journal ID Reference Guide hyperlink to display the Journal ID Reference Guide.23Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartD E P A R T M E N T A LR E P O R T I N G( C O N T I N U E D )Statement of Activity column header detail.COLUMN HEADERDESCRIPTIONAccountAccount numberJournal DateDate entry hit M-PathwaysJournal IDJournal reference numberJournal Line DescriptionDescription of chargeVendor InfoName of reference or Vendor nameVoucher InfoInvoice numberJournal Line ReferenceReference number for charge (PY–Payroll, Employee phone number, etc.)Project IDProject Grant ID numberAmountDollar amount of entry – rounded off to nearest whole dollarClick the blue hyperlink to drill down to the detail of a journal entry, invoice, Pcard, etc .The Voucher Detail (Drill) is displayed.Note:The Statement of Activity displays the rounded dollar amount for theexpense. The Voucher Detail Drill displays the actual dollar amount.Click the Return hyperlink to return to the previous page.24Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartExecutive DashboardThe Executive Dashboard is a compilation of dashboards in the Data Mart. Most of thedashboards you have access to are on the Executive Dashboard. This dashboard allows you toview the dashboard pages in a spreadsheet form.You may want to make this Executive Dashboard your default dashboard.Click on the My Account link in the upper-right part of the screen.25Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartE X E C U T I V ED A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )The My Account window is displayed.Go to Default Dashboards under the Preferences section.Click the drop down arrow and select Executive Dashboard.Click Finished.26Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartStructureAccounting StructureClick Structure, then select Accounting Structure.Accounting Structure is used for Journal Entry or Purchase Order generation. This reportdisplays the Budget Category, account rollups and descriptions. The user will be able to selectaccount numbers according to description.The search can be narrowed down by selecting a specific Budget Category with Description,Account, or Fiscal Year.The first page of the Accounting Structure page displays 25 account records. Use the Scroll baron the right or CTRL End to go to the bottom of the page.Click the Next buttonto display the next 25 account records or click the All Pages buttonto display all account records.27Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartS T R U C T U R E( C O N T I N U E D )Department StructureClick Structure, then select Department Structure.Departmental Structure is a listing of all hospital departments by hospital hierarchy.Here youwill find detailed information regarding hospital departments and management responsibility suchas Financial Contacts, Department Status, Hospital or Ambulatory Care Group, etc.The Department Structure report is displayed.Some areas still use the Shortcode to place orders; food services, onsite or offsite conferences andseminars, etc If you are not sure what your Shortcode is, click on the Shortcode Lookup tab.28Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartS T R U C T U R E( C O N T I N U E D )The Shortcode Lookup page is displayed.Enter your Department ID, then click Go.The Shortcode listing for your Department ID is displayed.29Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartStatusStatusThe Status dashboard contains latest news, most recently loaded reports, and links to Data MartDashboard Index, Finance Website, Accounting Cutoff Dates, and most recent Payroll dates.Most recentlyloaded reportsMost recentlyloaded PayrollAdditionalFinance LinksREPORTLOADEDSOA/budget VarianceMonthlyCharges and UsageMonthlyPASSExtracts loaded 1st of month, 10th day ofmonth and 20th day of monthACARMonthlyPhone ActivityMonthlyCDM CodesWeeklyHR (Human Resources)HR is updated with PayrollCensusDailyCost AccountingQuarterlyOperating Room ActivityMonthly30Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartMy DashboardThe My Dashboard page is for users to set up their own reports. Reports that are used mostoften can be added to the My Dashboard page. When you open this page, just run the report toget the most current information.Add Dashboard PagesClick My Dashboard.Go to Click here to add content or click Page Options, then select Edit Dashboard.The Dashboard Editor is displayed.Select the Dashboard you want to add to My Dashboard. Make sure it is a dashboard that containsother reports.31Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )Find the dashboard you want to add in the Dashboard Objects task pane.Click the folderby the dashboard you want to add. Select Departmental Reporting.All pages in Departmental Reporting are displayed.32Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )Click on the Statement of Activity folder .All the reports in the Statement of Activity are displayed.Click on the indented Statement of Activity folder .A plus signis displayed next to Statement of Activity.Click the plus sign . The plus sign becomes a minus sign .33Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )Click on the minus sign. Hold and drag to Gray section on the Dashboard page until thebackground color turns blue, then release.The SOA prompt has three sections connected to it.34Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )Click Properties in the bottom Statement of Activity prompt.Click on Display Results, make sure there is a checkmark next to Embedded in Section.Click Report Links The Report Links dialog box is displayed.Click to place a checkmark in each row.Click OK.Do not click the last box.35Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )Click Save. The Dashboard Editor page will close and the new My Dashboard page is displayed.The new My Dashboard page is displayed.36Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )Add additional Dashboard pages.Click the Page Options button, then select Edit Dashboard The Dashboard Editor is displayed.Click on the Add Dashboard Pagebutton.The Add Dashboard Page prompt is displayed.Give your new dashboard a name (Page Description is optional).Click OK.37Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )You are returned to the Dashboard Editor.Set up your second Dashboard page. Remember to save the changes.NoteAs you begin to add pages to My Dashboard, notice the tabs across the topof the dashboard page.Rename DashboardClick the Page Options button, then select Edit Dashboard.The Dashboard Editor is displayed.38Revised: 1/16/2012

Finance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )Click on the Dashboard Properties button.The General Properties window is displayed.TO DELETE A DASHBOARDPAGEFollow the same procedure torename a dashboard page.Click the Deletebuttonin the Dashboard Pagessection.Click YES to confirm.Click on the Renamebutton in the Dashboard Pages section.Type the new name in the Name text box (a Description is optional).Click thebutton.39Revised: 1/16/2012

REPORTS- CENSUSREPORTSFinance Data MartM YD A S H B O A R D( C O N T I N U E D )The new name is displayed.Click thebutton.The Dashboard Editor page is displayed.Click Save.Log OutClick Log Out to exit Data Mart.40Revised: 1/16/2012

Jan 16, 2012 · Excel in HTML format. This report is formatted and can be saved as a Microsoft Excel (xls) file. Download Data displays results as a tab-separated list of values. Download Web Page (MHTML) downloads results as a Web page. To download files: Click Download, then select Download to Excel

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