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UESC Utility Tools & Templates OverviewNew Utility ToolkitJune 25th 2021U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY1

IntroductionTools & Templates The UESC Tools & Templates Overview follows the UESCImplementation Process The linked resources are covered in-depth during FEMP UESC Trainingand Technical Assistance The tools and templates are reference materials for FEMP bestpractices Agency-specific or location standards may applyU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY2

How to use this overviewTools & Templates Each phase of the UESC Implementation Process involves acollaboration between federal customers and utilities This overview focuses on UESC deliverables that are either required ofthe utility or examples of key contract documents Below each process step is a series of linked resources and templatesthat may be referenced for FEMP best practicesU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY3

Key ResourcesTools & Templates The Utility Tools & Templates Overview navigates directly to the FEMPonline resources These resources are available through FEMP training, technicalassistance, and the FEMP website Key Resource Links to the full FEMP content are at the end of theoverviewU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY4

Acronyms & DefinitionsTools & Templates FUPWG – Federal Utility Partnership Working Group SPM – Strategic Partnership Meeting TO – Task Order ePB – eProject Builder IGA – Investment Grade Audit PA – Preliminary Assessment ECM – Energy Conservation Measure M&V – Measurement & Verification SOW – Scope of Work RFQ – Request for Qualifications BOA – Basic Ordering AgreementU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY5

UESC Contracting Options – (pre-implementation)0Areawide ContractProcuring Energy ManagementServices with the GSAAreawide ContractTools & TemplatesUESC ContractingUESC Contracting OptionsOptions5/4/2015 - 8/6/2015Basic Ordering AgreementSeparate AgreementUESC Contracting OptionsPreliminaryInteragency AgreementAssessmentBOA Cover Page - modificationto utility service contractsample – p. 155 UESC EnablingDocuments)Click on tile toaccess resourceU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY6

UESC Implementation Process OverviewInitial SOWAcquisition StrategyLetter of InterestInvestment Grade AuditUtility SelectionEvaluation FactorsTO for Design &InstallationPreliminary AssessmentPerformance AssurancePlanFinal Design andInstallationCommissioning &PerformanceVerificationUtility Rep OutreachFUPWG SeminarsUtility SelectionEvaluation Factors SampleStrategic PartnershipMeetingPreliminary AssessmentSOWTO SampleMaster AgreementTemplateStart-Up VerificationGuidanceTO SampleECM Perf VerificationChecklistPerf. Assurance TemplateProject Award SampleOperation &MaintenanceRecommissioningAcceptanceIGA SOW TemplateePB UESC FinancialSchedulesInvoicing & PaymentsStaff TrainingProject AwardLetter of InterestTemplateTools & TemplatesPerf. Assurance TrainingFormatLetter of AcceptanceTemplateUESC Sample InvoicePerformance AssurancePlan – Report FormatePB M&V PlanTools & TemplatesU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY7

Acquisition PlanningTools & TemplatesAcquisition PlanningUtility Representative OutreachFUPWG PartnershipStrategic Partnership MeetingFEMP Federal and UtilityCollaboration WebsiteFEMP Utility Program PartnerListFEMP Federal and UtilityCollaboration WebsiteClick on tile toaccess resourceU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY8

Utility Selection & Preliminary AssessmentLetter of Interest to ServingUtilities - TemplateUtility Selection EvaluationFactors - SampleTools & TemplatesPreliminary AssessmentScope of Work - TemplateClick on tile toaccess resourceU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY9

Project DevelopmentTools & TemplatesProject DevelopmentInvestment Grade AuditMay 2015 - Aug 2015TO for Design & InstallationPerformance Assurance PlanProject DevelopmentInvestment Grade Audit Scopeof Work - TemplateClick on tile toaccess resourceU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYPerformance AssurancePlanning GuideTask Order for Design &Installation - SamplePerformance Assurance Plan –Sample FormatTask Order Financial Schedules– ePB UESC Project TemplatePerformance AssuranceProtocol - TemplateOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGYProject AwardPreliminaryAssessmentStandard Form 26 - Sample10

Implementation & ConstructionTools & TemplatesImplementation & ConstructionFinal Design & ntation & Construction5/4/2015 - 8/6/2015Staff TrainingAcceptanceTask Order for Design &Installation - SampleStart-up PerformanceVerification guidanceby ECM is available inthe UESC Guide(pp. 55 – 61 )ECM PerformanceVerification Checklist SamplePerformanceAssurance Plan –Training FormatLetter of FinalAcceptance - TemplateClick on tile toaccess resourceU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY11

Post Acceptance PerformanceTools & TemplatesPost-Acceptance PerformanceInvoicing & PaymentsOperation & MaintenanceRecommissioningUESC Invoice - SamplePerformance Assurance Plan ReportePB M&V Plan TemplateClick on tile toaccess resourceU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY12

Key Resource LinksTools & TemplatesResources for Implementing Federal Utility Energy Service Contracts Website nting-federal-utilityenergy-service-contractsUESC Guide -energy-servicescontracts-guide-0Utility Energy Service Contracts: Enabling Documents ance Assurance Planning Guidelines ance-assuranceplanningU.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYOFFICE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY13

Template Utility Selection Evaluation Factors Sample Preliminary Assessment SOW IGA SOW Template Master Agreement Template TO Sample ePB UESC Financial Schedules Perf. Assurance Template Project Award Sample TO Sample Start-Up Verification Guidance ECM Perf Verification Checklist Perf. Assurance Training

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i. Definition of Utility Mapping. ii. History of Utility Mapping. iii. Objectives of Utility Survey & Mapping in Malaysia. iv. The scope of Utility Mapping in standard guidelines for underground utility mapping. v. The role of utility owner, surveyor and JUPEM in underground utility mapping. 1 UNDERSTAND THE UTILITY QUALITY LEVEL ATTRIBUTES i.

Templates & Drilling 1-Cut out all templates, on the INSIDE of the lines shown, and trace or spray glue onto 1/8" hardboard for permanent templates. Cut out, sand the edges smooth, & label all pieces. Trace all templates onto the final stock of pine or ceda

EIOPA Explanatory notes on reporting templates Variation Analysis templates 1.1. EIOPA has received in the last months a number of Q&A addressing the reporting of Variation Analysis templates (S.29.01 to S.29.04). The Q&A received covered most of the templates and put into question how the templates are to be interpreted in many areas.

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Cookbook Master Data Templates SAP AG-6-1 Master Data Templates 1.1 Overview Master data templates (MDTs) and the master data generator (MDG) are tools used in IS-U to automatically create master data. Business processes necessitate the creation of new utility services or changes to existing ones. Examples are:

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