GST Compliance With SQL Account

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GST Compliance withSQL AccountContentsGST-01 Setup GST. 2GST-02 GST 23 Tax Codes. 12GST-03 GST Effects on Inventory, Customer & Supplier . 17GST-04 GST Effects on GL & Expenses . 23GST-05 GST Effects on Invoices, CN & DN. 27GST-06 GST Effects on GST-03, GAF . 34GST-07 21 Days Taxable Income . 44GST-08 6 Months Bad Debt Relief & Bad Debt Recover . 62GST-09 Adjustment Before & After GST Return . 75GST-10 Deemed Supplies for Gift . 91GST-11 Mixed Supplies Apportionment. 95GST-12 Capital Goods Adjustment (CGA) . 96GST-13 Sales Rebate / Incentive . 99GST-14 Consignment Items & Promotional Items . 104GST-15 Imported Services (RSA) . 108GST-16 Imported Goods. 114GST-17 Margin Scheme for 2nd Hand Car & Motorbike. 118GST-18 Simplified Invoice . 120GST-19 POS & Cash Register Linking . 1231

GST-01 Setup GSTUser Guide : docs/PDF/GST01-Setup.pdf2

1. Before installation or upgrades please make sure that you have BACKUP ALL your database first.2. Create a sample data, new database or restore existing data.3. To create sample company :- Step 1 : May click on create sample data.- Step 2 : Company name left it TESTING COMPANY or if you want to change it you maychange according to the name that you want- Step 3 : OK (it might take 1-2 minutes)* For existing user of SQL Account version 3, it is advisable to upgrade to version first before youupgrade to version 4 with GST3


4. For Sample Data, both user name and password is “admin”, Press “ Log On”** Above Setup You May Refer to Video :YouTube : GST 01 Start InstallationSQL Video : Setup.mp45

5. After login, you have to create GST Profile based on your country of business. What to do? Click on GST Start GST Now- Step1 : Choose Country Malaysia- Step 2 : Click on Next6

Step 1 : Choose the Malaysia Flag.Step 2 : Check the I hereby acknowledgement infoStep 3 : Click Next*Warning :Once GST country profile is set. It cannot be reverse.7

Set our GST Start Date as below :- Step 1 : Fill in GST Effective Date : 01/04/2015- Step 2 : Click Next.*However any businesses that register for GST at a later stage can back date or forward date to match tothe GST start date provided by Kastam.8

Key in your GST Registration No- StepStep 1 : Fill in GST Registration Number 12 digitsStep 2 : Click Next.**If you key in incorrectly, you can still amend it in File Company Profile later9

6. Last Step to Start the GST– Step 1 : System will automatic preset those GST account into SQL.– Step 2 : Click Finish to Start the GST.7. It will prompt you this message :– Step : Click Ok to logout and login again the SQL Application.10

8. After login again to, you able to see new drop down list under GST function, then GST setup is complete11

GST-02 GST Tax CodesUser Guide : docs/PDF/GST02-Maintain Tax.pdf12

Remember this 4 : SR/ TX/ ZR/ ES SR –Sales Output TaxTX – Purchase Input TaxZR – Zero Rated SuppliesES – Exempted Supplies*90% of businesses will only required this 4 tax code you must remember1. How to check tax list?Step 1 : Click on the GSTStep 2 : Click under Maintain Tax.13

2. How about others tax code?There is for UNIQUE situation, you may refer your accountant or your GST Consultant for more informationor you may refer to below.GST Tax Code for nGSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)TX6%Purchases with GST incurred at 6% and directlyattributable to taxable supplies.GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)IM6%Import of goods with GST incurred.GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)IS0%Imports under special scheme with no GSTincurred (e.g. Approved Trader Scheme, ATMSScheme).GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)BL6%Purchases with GST incurred but not claimable(Disallowance of Input Tax) (e.g. medicalexpenses for staff).GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)NR0%Purchase from non GST-registered supplier withno GST incurred.GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)ZP0%Purchase from GST-registered supplier with noGSTincurred.(e.g.supplierprovidestransportation of goods that qualify asinternational services).GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)EP0%Purchases exempted from GST. E.g. purchase ofresidential property or financial services.14

GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)OP0%Purchase transactions which is out of the scope ofGST legislation (e.g. purchase of goodsoverseas).GST *Goods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)TXIES6%Purchase with GST incurred directly attributableto incidental exempt supplies. (Note: ReplaceTX-E43)GST *Goods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)TXES6%Purchase with GST incurred directly attributableto non-incidental exempt supplies. (Note:Replace TX-N43)GST *Goods And TX-REServices Tax(Malaysia)6%Purchase with GST incurred that is not directlyattributable to taxable or exempt supplies.GST *Goods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)GP0%Purchase transactions which disregarded underGST legislation (e.g. purchase within GST groupregistration).GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)AJP6%Any adjustment made to Input Tax e.g.: BadDebt Relief & other input tax adjustment.GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)TX-CG6%Purchase with GST incurred for capital goodsacquisition.GSTGoods AndServices Tax(Malaysia)RP0%Relief Purchase under GST legislations. (e.g:purchase of RON 95 petrol & Diesel)TaxCodeTaxRateGST Tax Code for ices Tax(Malaysia)SR6%Standard-rated supplies with GSTCharged.GSTGoodsAndServices Tax(Malaysia)ZRL0%Local supply of goods or services which aresubject to zero rated supplies.GSTGoodsAndServices Tax(Malaysia)ZRE0%Exportation of goods or services which aresubject to zero rated supplies.GST *Good

(Malaysia) BL 6 % Purchases with GST incurred but not claimable (Disallowance of Input Tax) (e.g. medical expenses for staff). GST Goods And Services Tax (Malaysia) NR 0% Purchase from non GST-registered supplier with no GST incurred. GST Goods And Services Tax (Malaysia) ZP 0% Purchase from GST-registered

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Budgeted balance sheet This budget is prepared using the asset, liability and owner’s equity accounts. If GST payable (on GST collected) is GST input tax credits (on GST paid), the net GST payable is shown as a current liability. If GST payable (on GST collected) is GST input tax credits (on GST paid), the net GST input tax

3. Implementation of GST And Acts of GST 4. Whom to Register under GST 5. Who is Exempted from Register under GST 6. GST Composition Scheme 7. Invoice and Its Format under GST 8. Bill of Supply and Its Format under GST 9. E – Way Bill under GST 10. Time of Supply under GST 11. Place of Supply of Goods

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