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2013Developer Guide

Legal and Copyright NoticesPaymentConfidential and ProprietaryYou must remit payment in accordance with the FedEx Service Guide, tariff,service agreement or other terms or instructions provided to you by FedExfrom time to time. You may not withhold payment on any shipments becauseof equipment failure or for the failure of FedEx to repair or replace anyequipment.The information contained in this guide is confidential and proprietary toFedEx Corporate Services, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively “FedEx”). No partof this guide may be distributed or disclosed in any form to any third partywithout written permission of FedEx. This guide is provided to you and its useis subject to the terms and conditions of the FedEx Automation Agreement.The information in this document may be changed at any time without notice.Any conflict between this guide, the FedEx Automation Agreement and theFedEx Service Guide shall be governed by the FedEx Automation Agreementand the FedEx Service Guide, in that order.Inaccurate InvoicesIf you generate an inaccurate invoice, FedEx may bill or refund to you thedifference according to the FedEx Service Guide, tariff service agreement orother terms or instructions provided to you by FedEx from time to time. Arequest for refund on a FedEx shipment must be made in accordance with theapplicable Service Guide or terms or instructions provided by FedEx from timeto time. A shipment given to FedEx with incorrect information is not eligiblefor refund under any FedEx money-back guarantee. FedEx may suspend anyapplicable money-back guarantee in the event of equipment failure or if itbecomes inoperative. 2012 - 2013 FedEx. FedEx and the FedEx logo are registered service marks.All rights reserved. Unpublished.DisclaimerAll Improper Transaction scenarios are for example only. They do not reflectall error condition scenarios.FedEx Web Services, Developer Guide2

ContentsAbout This Guide . 15Document Organization . 16Resources . 16Support . 161 Introduction . 17Document Overview . 18Printing All or Part of This Guide . 20Web Services, WSDL, and SOAP Overview . 20Implementing FedEx Web Services . 25Understanding the XML Schema . 26Implementation Process . 302 Rate Services . 33Rate . 34Rate Available Services/Rate Shopping . 34Surcharges and Discounts . 43Samples . 46Error Messages . 473 Package Movement Information Service . 48Service Availability . 49Postal Code Inquiry . 50Samples . 51Error Messages . 514 Tracking and Visibility Services . 52Tracking Shipments . 53Signature Proof of Delivery (SPOD) . 65Notification . 69FedEx InSight . 73Samples . 73Error Messages . 745 Global Ship Address Service . 75Global Ship Address . 766 Pickup Service . 81Pickup . 82Cancel Pickup Service . 86Pickup Availability . 88Samples . 91Error Messages . 917 Close Shipment . 92FedEx Ground Close Ship Day Service Details . 93FedEx SmartPost Close Shipment Service Details . 958 Address Validation Service . 98Address Validation Request . 99Address Validation Service Details . 99How FedEx Address Validation Works . 99Tips on Getting Accurate Address Matches . 100Address Results . 100Address Validation Coding Details . 100Notification . 103FedEx Web Services, Developer Guide3

ContentsMapping Enterprise Address Service Changes . 103Mapping Enterprise Address Service Residential Status . 104Mapping Enterprise Address Service DeliveryPointValidation . 104Mapping Enterprise Address Service Changes . 104Known Service Issue . 10511 Returns Shipping . 1469 Open Shipping . 10912 Creating a Label . 156FedEx Services with Open Ship . 110Open Ship Process and Workflow . 110About Web Services Open Ship Transactions . 110Create Open Shipment . 111Route and Time-in-Transit Transaction . 117Rate Open Ship Shipment Transaction . 118Add Piece Transaction . 118Modify Piece Transaction . 119Delete Piece Transaction . 124Delete Shipment Transaction . 124Confirm Shipment Transactions . 125Open Ship Print Options . 130Thermal Labels . 157Doc-Tab Configuration . 160Laser Labels . 166Custom Labels . 169PNG Label . 177Label Review Checklist . 17710 Ship Service . 131Shipping Services by Region . 132Ship Service Coding Basics . 132Delete Shipment . 136Process Shipment Reply . 138Validate Shipment . 142Email Labels . 142FedEx Return Tags . 148FedEx Express / FedEx Ground Printed Return Label . 152Alternate Return Address . 154Samples . 15513 FedEx Express U.S. Shipping . 180FedEx Express U.S. Service Options . 181Express U.S. Service Details . 181FedEx Express U.S. Coding Details . 183FedEx Express U.S. Multiple-Package Shipments . 186Group Multiple Piece Shipments . 18714 FedEx Express Freight Services: U.S. . 189FedEx Express Freight Services Details . 190FedEx Express Freight Services Coding Details . 19115 Delivery Signature Services . 193Delivery Signature Service Details . 194Delivery Signature Coding Rules . 194FedEx Web Services, Developer Guide4

Contents16 FedEx Priority Alert Options . 19623 Hold at FedEx Location . 226FedEx Priority Alert Service Details . 197Hold at FedEx Location Service Details . 227Samples . 22817 Saturday Service . 199Saturday Ship and Delivery Service Details . 200Saturday Ship and Delivery Coding Details . 20018 FedEx Express Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) . 201Express C.O.D. Service Details . 202FedEx Express C.O.D. Coding Details . 202Single C.O.D. Shipments . 202Multiple Piece Shipment C.O.D. Request Elements . 204Multiple Piece Shipment C.O.D. Reply Elements . 20519 FedEx Ground U.S. Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) . 207FedEx Ground C.O.D. Coding Details . 208Ground E.C.O.D. . 21320 Dangerous Goods . 214Dangerous Goods Service Details . 215Dangerous Goods Coding Details . 21621 Hazardous Materials (FedEx Ground U.S.) . 219Hazardous Materials Service Details . 220Hazardous Materials Coding Details . 22022 Alcohol Shipping . 224Alcohol Shipping Coding Details . 22524 Dry Ice Shipments . 229Dry Ice Service Details . 230Dry Ice Coding Details . 23025 Shipment Notification in the Ship Request . 232Shipment Notification Coding Details . 23326 Variable Handling Charges . 235Variable Handling Coding Details . 23627 Masked Data . 238Masked Data Coding Details . 239Samples . 239Error Messages . 23928 Future Day Shipping . 240Future Day Service Details . 241Future Day Coding Details . 24129 FedEx Ground U.S. Shipping . 243FedExFedExFedExFedExGround U.S. Service Details . 244Ground U.S. Service Options . 244Ground U.S. Coding Details . 244Home Delivery Service Details . 250FedEx Web Services, Developer Guide5

Contents30 FedEx SmartPost Shipping . 251FedEx Express International Coding Details . 298FedEx SmartPost Service Details . 252FedEx SmartPost Returns Service Details . 25634 FedEx Express International (Saturday) . 31331 FedEx Freight Services . 267FedEx Freight Service Features . 268FedEx Freight Service Details . 269FedEx Freight Priority . 270FedEx Freight Economy . 270Custom Delivery Date Options . 270Inside Pickup Service Option . 270FedEx Freight Rates and Surcharges . 271FedEx Freight Coding Details . 27132 FedEx Intra-Country Shipping . 278Services and Service Areas . 279Intra-Country Services Overview . 281Special Service Options . 283Colombia . 287India . 287Mexico . 290United Kingdom . 29133 FedEx Express International Shipping . 295FedEx Express International Service Details . 296FedEx Express International Service Options . 297International Packaging Options . 298Saturday Service Details . 314Saturday Coding Details . 31435 FedEx Express Freight Services: International . 315FedEx International Priority Freight . 316FedEx International Economy Freight . 316Additional Service Details . 316FedEx Express Freight Services Coding Details: International . 316Dangerous Goods (International Express) . 317Alcohol Shipping (International Express) . 317Future Day Shipping (International Express) . 317Hold at FedEx Location (International Express) . 317Dry Ice Shipments (International Express) . 31736 FedEx International Ground Shipping . 318FedEx International Ground Service Options . 319FedEx International Ground Service Details . 319FedEx International Ground Coding Details . 320Delivery Signature Services (FedEx International Ground) . 327Future Day Shipping (FedEx International Ground) . 327FedEx Ground Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) (International) . 327Alternate Return Address (FedEx International Ground) . 328Mask Account Number (FedEx International Ground) . 328FedEx Web Services, Developer Guide6

Contents37 FedEx International Broker Select . 329A Country Code Tables . 360FedEx International Broker Select Service Details . 330FedEx International Broker Select Coding Details . 330A . 362B . 362C . 362D . 363E . 363F . 363G . 364H . 364I . 364J . 365K . 365L . 365M . 365N . 366O . 366P . 366Q . 366R . 367S . 367T . 368U . 368V . 368W . 368Y . 369Z . 36938 Electronic Export Information . 332Where to File . 333When to File . 333U.S. to Canada . 334Information for the EEI . 334Electronic Export Information Coding Details . 33439 Commercial Destination Control . 336Commercial Destination Control Service Details . 337Commercial Destination Control Coding Details . 33740 B13A for Canada Export Shipping . 338B13A Service Details . 339B13A Coding Details . 33941 Shipping Document Service . 341Shipping Document Service Details . 34242 Upload Images . 353Upload Image Service Details . 35443 FedEx Electronic Trade Documents . 355FedEx ETD Details . 356FedEx Web Services, Developer Guide7

ContentsB U.S. State Codes . 370C Canada Province Codes . 373D Mexico State Codes . 375E United Arab Emirates (UAE) State Code Table . 377F Currency Codes . 379G Harmonized Tariff Unit of Measure Codes . 382H Vague Commodity Descriptions . 386I Waybill Legal Terms and Conditions . 402J Postal-Aware Countries and Formats . 404K Physical Packaging Type Codes . 406L Customs-Approved Document Descriptions . 408M Time Zones . 411N Minimum Customs Value . 413O Error Code Messages . 415Chained SSL Certificate Error Messages . 416Close Service Error Messages . 417Electronic Trade Documents Error Messages . 418GlobalShipAddress Service Error Messages . 418Package Movement Information Service Error Messages . 421Pickup Service Error Messages . 432Rate Service Error Messages . 470Ship Service and Open Shipping Error Messages . 487FedEx SmartPost Shipping Error Messages . 526SPOD Error Messages . 526Track Service Error Messages . 527P Countries Accepting Electronic Trade Documents . 537Q Track Service Scan Codes . 540R Maximum Field Lengths . 589S FedEx Express Plain Paper Label Samples . 591Layout Requirements for Multiple-Piece Shipment Master Label . 593Font Requirements for Multiple-Piece Shipment Master Label . 594International Multiple Piece Shipment Child Label . 595C.O.D. Return Label (ASTRA Block) . 596Priority Saturday Delivery Label (ASTRA Block) . 596FedEx 1Day Freight Saturday Delivery Label . 5962Day Saturday Delivery . 5972Day Delivery . 597Priority Alert Delivery . 598FedEx Express Domestic Inaccessible Dangerous Goods with DryIce and Adult Signature Required . 599Requirements for International Single Piece Label . 600FedEx International Priority Label with Broker Select Option . 601FedEx Web Services, Developer Guide8

ContentsInternational Single Piece Label with Electronic Trade Documents . 602T FedEx Express Thermal Label Samples . 603U FedEx Ground Plain Paper Labels . 605Label Layout Requirements . 606United States Home Delivery 1D Barcode Label . 607Return Label . 608HazMat Label . 609C.O.D. Return Label .

If you generate an inaccurate invoice, FedEx may bill or refund to you the FedEx Service Guide shall be governed by the FedEx Automation Agreement difference according to the FedEx Service Guide, tariff service agreement or and the FedEx Service Guide, in that order. other terms or instructions pro

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Complete the steps in this checklist before you begin the installation of FSMS software. D Action Who FedEx Account If you are a new FedEx shipper, sign up for a FedEx account at or contact a FedEx representative for assistance at 1.800.Go.FedEx (800.463.3339). You need an account number to register for an FSMS Meter number

Assistance with FedEx shipping solutions, including FedEx Ship Manager at, FedEx Ship Manager hardware or software and FedEx Ship Manager Enterprise. 1.877.339.2774 FedEx Customer Claims and Revenue Services Assistancewithclaims, creditsand refunds,invoice copies,billing inquiries, and duty and tax inquiries. 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463 .

materials, dry ice and lithium batteries over 100 watt hours, are not accepted at FedEx Express Drop Box locations, FedEx Office Print and Ship Center locations, FedEx World Service Center locations, FedEx Express station or ramp locations, FedEx . When non-specification pac

Shipping Administration User Guide. FedEx Administration . User Guide. FedEx Administration User Guide II. The information contained in this publication is confidential and proprietary to FedEx Corporate Services, Inc., and its affiliates (“FedEx”). No part of this publication may be di

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Services version to the current 2021 release of FedEx Web Services. . Should you encounter issues when moving to the 2021 version of FedEx Web Services, . FedEx can create a commercial or pro forma invoice and, where needed, a Certificate of Origin for you without the need for these docum

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