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LP Owner’s ManualE-315 CSE-315 CSS-315Download the Weber Grills App!Onboard with the free Weber Grills App. The Weber app is your answer to everythinggrilling and will lead you through everything from gas tank installation to your first grillout. Customize the app to your exact model, and taste, by registering your grill with afew simple questions. Grill setup and gas tank installation Recipes for any taste Grilling techniques and guides Seasonal menus/recipes Timers and tools54145Keep this Owner’s Manual for future reference, thoroughly read through it, andif you have any questions please contact us today.062218enUS / esMX / frCA

Welcome to WeberImportantSafety InformationDANGER, WARNING, and CAUTIONstatements are used throughout thisOwner's Manual to emphasize critical andimportant information. Read and followthese statements to help ensure safety andprevent property damage. The statementsare defined below.m DANGER: Indicates a hazardoussituation which, if not avoided,will result in death or serious injury.m WARNING: Indicates a hazardoussituation which, if not avoided,could result in death or serious injury.m CAUTION: Indicates a hazardoussituation which, if not avoided,could result in minor or moderate injury.m DANGERIf you smell gas: Shut off gas to the appliance(grill). Extinguish any open flame. Open lid. If odor continues, keep awayfrom the appliance (grill)and immediately call yourgas supplier or your firedepartment.m WARNING Do not store or use gasolineor other flammable liquidsor vapors in the vicinityof this (grill) or any otherappliance. An LP cylinder (tank) notconnected for use shallnot be stored in the vicinityof this (grill) or any otherappliance.USE OUTDOORS ONLY.READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USINGTHE APPLIANCE (GRILL).NOTICE TO INSTALLER: These instructionsmust be left with the consumer.NOTICE TO CONSUMER: Retain theseinstructions for future reference.Installation and AssemblyStorage and/or Nonusemm DANGER: This grill is not intended to be installed inor on recreational vehicles or WARNING: Turn off the gas supply at the gascylinder (tank) after WARNING: Do not use this grill unless all partsare in place and the grill was properly assembledaccording to the assembly WARNING: LP tanks must be stored outdoors out ofthe reach of children and must not be stored in abuilding, garage, or any other enclosed WARNING: Do not build this model of grill in anybuilt-in or slide-in WARNING: After a period of storage and/or nonuse,the grill should be checked for gas leaks and burnerobstructions before WARNING: Do not modify the appliance (grill). Liquidpropane gas is not natural gas. The conversion orattempted use of natural gas in a liquid propane gasunit or liquid propane gas in a natural gas unit isunsafe and will void your warranty. In the United States, installation must conform withlocal codes or, in the absence of local codes, witheither the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code,CSA B149.1; or Propane Storage and Handling Code,B149.2; or the Standard for Recreational Vehicles,ANSI A119.2/NFPA 1192, and CSA Z240 RV Series,Recreational Vehicle Code, as applicable. In Canada, the installation of this grill must complywith local codes and/or the latest edition of StandardCAN/CSA-B149.2 (Propane Storage and HandlingCode). These instructions, while generally acceptable,do not necessarily comply with the Canadianinstallation codes, particularly with piping above andbelow ground. In Mexico, if there are local codes that apply toportable gas appliances, you must comply with thelatest edition of Official Mexican Standard (NOM). If an external electrical source is utilized (such asa rotisserie) it must be electrically grounded inaccordance with local codes or, in the absence of localcodes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA70, or the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, CSA C22.1.Operationmm DANGER: Only use the grill outdoors in a wellventilated area. Do not use in a garage, building,breezeway, tent, any other enclosed area, orbeneath overhead combustible DANGER: Do not use the grill in any vehicle or in anystorage or cargo area of any vehicle. This includes,but is not limited to, cars, trucks, station wagons,mini-vans, sport utility vehicles, recreationalvehicles, and DANGER: Do not use the grill within 24 inches (61cm) of combustible materials. This includes the top,bottom, back and sides of the DANGER: Keep the cooking area clear of flammablevapors and liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.,and combustible DANGER: This appliance (grill) must be kept awayfrom flammable materials during DANGER: Do not put a grill cover or anythingflammable on, or in the storage area under the grillwhile it is in operation or is DANGER: Should a grease fire occur, turn off allburners and leave lid closed until fire is WARNING: Accessible parts may be very hot.Keep young children WARNING: The use of alcohol, prescription drugs,non-prescription drugs, or illegal drugs may impairthe consumer’s ability to properly and safelyassemble, move, store, or operate the WARNING: Never leave the grill unattended duringpre-heating or use. Exercise caution when usingthis grill. The entire cookbox gets hot when in WARNING: Do not move the appliance (grill)during WARNING: Keep any electrical supply cord and thefuel supply hose away from any heated surfaces.2mm CAUTION: This product has been safety-tested andis only certified for use in a specific country. Referto country designation located on outside of box. Do not use charcoal or lava rock in the Storage of the grill indoors is permissible only if theLP tank is disconnected and removed from the grill.California Proposition 65m WARNING: Combustion byproducts produced whenusing this product contain chemicals known to thestate of California to cause cancer, birth defects, orother reproductive harm.m PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Handling the brassmaterial on this product exposes you to lead, achemical known to the state of California to causecancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.Wash hands after handling this product.

TABLE OF CONTENTS2Welcome to WeberImportant Safety Information4Please be sure to read this Owner’s Manual and download thefree Weber Grills app so that you’re up and grilling as quicklyas possible. The Weber Grills app is your answer to everythinggrilling. From gas tank installation to recipes and customizablefeatures, this app is where you’ll start your grilling journey andnever look back.Thank you for choosing Weber!Welcome to WeberHello and welcome tothe Weber Family!The Weber PromiseWarranty5Product FeaturesGENESIS II FeaturesThe GS4 Grilling System6Tips and HintsThe Flame - Direct or IndirectGrilling Do's and Don'ts8Getting StartedImportant Information about LP Gas& Gas ConnectionsLP Tank Installation & Leak CheckingRefilling or Replacing an LP Tank12OperationThe Very First Time You GrillEvery Time You GrillIgniting the Grill14Product CareCleaning and Maintenance161855TroubleshootingGrilling GuideReplacement PartsesMX19frCA37The grills illustrated in this Owner’s Manual may varyslightly from the model purchased.3

The Weber PromiseDisclaimersThe WEBER PromiseAt WEBER, we pride ourselves on two things: making grills that last andproviding a lifetime of excellent customer service.WarrantyThank you for purchasing a WEBER product. WeberStephen Products LLC, 1415 S. Roselle Road, Palatine,Illinois 60067 and its Americas Business units(“WEBER”) pride ourselves on delivering a safe, durable,and reliable product.This is WEBER’s Voluntary Warranty provided to youat no extra charge. It contains the information you willneed to have your WEBER product repaired or replacedin the unlikely event of a failure or defect.Pursuant to applicable laws, the Owner has severalrights in case the product is defective. Those rightsinclude supplementary performance or replacement,abatement of the purchasing price, and compensation.These and other statutory rights remain unaffected bythis Warranty provision. In fact, this Warranty grantsadditional rights to the Owner that are independentfrom statutory Warranty provisions.WEBER’s Voluntary WarrantyWEBER warrants, to the purchaser of the WEBERproduct (or in the case of a gift or promotional situation,the person for whom it was purchased as a gift orpromotional item) (“Owner”), that the WEBER product isfree from defects in material and workmanship for ten(10) years from the date of purchase when assembledand operated in accordance with the accompanyingOwner’s Manual, normal wear and tear excluded. (Note:If you lose or misplace your WEBER Owner’s Manual,a replacement is available online at agrees within the framework of this warrantyto repair or replace the part that is defective inmaterial or workmanship subject to the limitations, andexclusions listed below. TO THE EXTENT ALLOWABLEBY APPLICABLE LAW, THIS WARRANTY IS EXTENDEDONLY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER AND IS NOTTRANSFERABLE TO SUBSEQUENT OWNERS, EXCEPTIN THE CASE OF GIFTS AND PROMOTIONAL ITEMS ASNOTED ABOVE.WEBER stands by its products and is happy to provideyou with the Warranty described for material defects inthe grill or its relevant components, normal wear andtear excepted. ‘Normal wear and tear’ includes cosmetic andother immaterial deterioration that may come withownership of your grill over time, such as surface rust,dents / scratches, etc.However, WEBER will honor this Warranty for the grill orits relevant components where damage or dysfunctionresults from a material defect. ‘Material defect’ includes rust through or burn throughof certain parts, or other damage or failure inhibitingyour ability to safely / properly use your grill.Owner’s Responsibilities Under thisWarranty / Exclusion of WarrantyTo ensure trouble-free Warranty coverage, it isimportant (but not required) that you register yourWEBER product online at Pleasealso retain your original sales receipt and/or invoice.Registering your WEBER product confirms yourwarranty coverage, will expedite any Warranty claimsyou may need to make, and provides a direct linkbetween you and WEBER in case we need to contactyou. If you have not had time to register your grill beforecalling for Warranty service, please have the followinginformation available when you do call:Name – Address – Phone Number – Email – SerialNumber – Purchase Date – Purchase Dealer – Model –Color – Primary IssueThe above warranty only applies if the Owner takesreasonable care of the WEBER product by followingall assembly instructions, usage instructions,and preventative maintenance as outlined in theaccompanying Owner’s Manual, unless the Owner canprove that the defect or failure is independent of noncompliance with the above mentioned obligations. Ifyou live in a coastal area, or have your product locatednear a pool, maintenance includes regular washingand rinsing of the exterior surfaces as outlined in theaccompanying Owner’s Manual.This WARRANTY lapses if there are damages,deteriorations, discolorations, and/or rust for whichWEBER is not responsible caused by: Abuse, misuse, alteration, modification, misapplication,vandalism, neglect, improper assembly or installation,and failure to properly perform normal and routinemaintenance; Insects (such as spiders) and rodents (such assquirrels), including but not limited to damage toburners and/or gas hoses; Exposure to salt air and/or chlorine sources such asswimming pools and hot tubs/spas; Severe weather conditions such as hail, hurricanes,earthquakes, tsunamis or surges, tornadoes or severestorms. Acid rain and other environmental factorsNO WARRANTIES SHALL APPLY AFTER THE TEN(10) YEAR PERIOD OF THIS WARRANTY. NO OTHERWARRANTIES GIVEN BY ANY PERSON, INCLUDINGA DEALER OR RETAILER, WITH RESPECT TO ANYPRODUCT (SUCH AS ANY “EXTENDED WARRANTIES”),SHALL BIND WEBER. THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY OF THISWARRANTY IS REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF THE PARTOR PRODUCT.IN NO EVENT UNDER THIS VOLUNTARY WARRANTYSHALL RECOVERY OF ANY KIND BE GREATER THANTHE AMOUNT OF THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THEWEBER PRODUCT SOLD.YOU ASSUME THE RISK AND LIABILITY FOR LOSS,DAMAGE, OR INJURY TO YOU AND YOUR PROPERTYAND/OR TO OTHERS AND THEIR PROPERTY ARISINGOUT OF THE MISUSE OR ABUSE OF THE PRODUCT ORFAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BYWEBER IN THE ACCOMPANYING OWNER’S MANUAL.PARTS AND ACCESSORIES REPLACED UNDER THISWARRANTY ARE WARRANTED ONLY FOR THE BALANCEOF THE ABOVE MENTIONED ORIGINAL TEN (10) YEARWARRANTY PERIOD.THIS WARRANTY APPLIES TO PRIVATE SINGLE FAMILYHOME OR APARTMENT USE ONLY AND DOES NOTAPPLY TO WEBER GRILLS USED IN COMMERCIAL,COMMUNAL OR MULTI-UNIT SETTINGS SUCH ASRESTAURANTS, HOTELS, RESORTS, OR RENTALPROPERTIES.WEBER MAY FROM TIME TO TIME CHANGE THE DESIGNOF ITS PRODUCTS. NOTHING CONTAINED IN THISWARRANTY SHALL BE CONSTRUED AS OBLIGATINGWEBER TO INCORPORATE SUCH DESIGN CHANGESINTO PREVIOUSLY MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS,NOR SHALL SUCH CHANGES BE CONSTRUED ASAN ADMISSION THAT PREVIOUS DESIGNS WEREDEFECTIVE.Weber-Stephen Products LLCCustomer Service Center1415 S. Roselle RoadPalatine, IL 60067U.S.A.For replacement parts, call:1-800-446-1071The use and/or installation of parts on your WEBERproduct that are not genuine WEBER parts will void thisWarranty, and any damages that result hereby are notcovered by this Warranty. Any conversion of a gas grillnot authorized by WEBER and performed by a WEBERauthorized service technician will void this Warranty.Warranty ProcessingIf you believe that you have a part which is covered bythis Warranty, please contact WEBER Customer Serviceusing the contact information on our website ( WEBER will, upon investigation, repair orreplace (at its option) a defective part that is covered bythis Warranty. In the event that repair or replacementare not possible, WEBER may choose (at its option) toreplace the grill in question with a new grill of equal orgreater value. WEBER may ask you to return parts forinspection, shipping charges to be pre-paid by Owner.When you contact Customer Service, please have thefollowing information available:Name – Address – Phone Number – Email – SerialNumber – Purchase Date – Purchase Dealer – Model –Color – Primary Issue4APART FROM THE WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMERSAS DESCRIBED IN THIS WARRANTY STATEMENT,THERE ARE EXPLICITLY NO FURTHER WARRANTYOR VOLUNTARY DECLARATIONS OF LIABILITY GIVENHERE WHICH GO BEYOND THE STATUTORY LIABILITYAPPLYING TO WEBER. THE PRESENT WARRANTYSTATEMENT ALSO DOES NOT LIMIT OR EXCLUDESITUATIONS OR CLAIMS WHERE WEBER HASMANDATORY LIABILITY AS PRESCRIBED BY STATUTE.PROTECTYOURINVESTMENTShield your grill from theelements with a heavy-dutypremium grill cover.

GS4 HIGHPERFORMANCEGRILLING SYS TEMThe GS4 high performance grillingsystem sets the standard in theworld of gas grilling, and landsWeber in a class of its own. Thispowerful grilling system is based onover 65 years of grilling experience,culinary expertise, and most importantly, the wantsand needs of the people who matter most – ourgrilling community. Each component of GS4 wasuniquely designed for ease-of-use and to providean unequaled satisfaction to your backyard grillingexperience.AProduct FeaturesGENESIS IIFE ATURES1 INFINITY IgnitionBThe Infinity Ignition is guaranteed toignite. Rest assured that you’ll be up-andgrilling the first time, every time.C2 BurnersDEThe unique, tapered shape delivers a consistent gasflow from front to back. This provides ultimate heatdistribution, ensuring that food grills evenly andconsistently anywhere on the cooking grates.3 FLAVORIZER BARSFStainless Steel FLAVORIZER BARS are angled justright to catch drippings that smoke and sizzle,adding that irresistible smoky flavor that we allknow and love to your food.GH324 Grease Management SystemA B uilt-In ThermometerE iGRILL 3 CompatibleBeing aware of the temperature inside of your grillallows you to adjust the heat when needed.The iGrill 3 app-connected thermometer monitorsfood from beginning to end, displaying the real-timetemperature on your mobile device. (Accessory soldseparately.)B TUCK-AWAY Warming RackKeeps food warm, or toasts buns, while the maincourse finishes grilling on the grate. Fold it down whennot in use for easy storage.F Fuel GaugeThe easy-to-read fuel gauge located next to the gastank lets you see how much fuel is left in the tank.C P orcelain-Enameled,Cast Iron Cooking GratesG Side Mounted Gas TankPorcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates provideeven heat distribution across the entire grilling surfaceand superior heat retention.(CSE-315, CSS-315 equipped with stainless steelgrates.)H Grill CabinetDrippings that are not vaporized by the FLAVORIZERBARS are funneled away from the burners into thedisposable drip tray, located within the removablecatch pan under the cookbox. Simply remove thecatch pan and replace the drip tray as needed.4Mounting the gas tank to the outside of the grill makesit easier to access and remove.The grill cabinet adds enclosed storage space for all ofyour essential grilling tools and accessories.D S ide Tables with Integrated Tool HooksUse the side tables to keep platters, seasonings, andtools within arm’s reach. Hang your essential grillingtools on the hooks for easy access and organization ofyour backyard workspace.5

Tips and HintsThe Flame Direct or IndirectOFFHIGHMEDIUMDIRECT HEATSETUPINDIRECT HEATSETUPUse the direct method for small, tender pieces of food that take less than20 minutes to cook, such as: hamburgers, steaks, chops, kabobs, bonelesschicken pieces, fish fillets, shellfish, and sliced vegetables.Use the indirect method for larger cuts of meat that require 20 minutes ormore of grilling time, or for foods so delicate that direct exposure to the heatwould dry them out or scorch them, such as: roasts, bone-in poultry pieces,whole fish, delicate fish fillets, whole chickens, turkeys, and ribs. Indirect heatcan also be used for finishing thicker foods or bone-in cuts that have beenseared or browned first over direct heat.With direct heat, the fire is right below the food. It sears the surfaces of thefood, developing flavors, texture, and delicious caramelization while cookingthe food all the way to the center.With indirect heat, the heat is on both sides of the grill, or off to one side ofthe grill. The food sits over the unlit part on the cooking grate.OFFLOWL I NG TOOL S MUST-HAVEOL SUSTIL L ING TOGRAVET-HSUOLS MU ST-HAVE GRI LLINGTOO MLSI LLING MTOGRGRAVET-HSUG MUST-HAVEAvoid the disappointment of torchingyour dinner by simply setting a timer.Nothing fancy needed—just onethat is reliable and easyto use.IN MI LLOOL SIL L ING TOGTOL SL INTIMERGRWhen in doubt, wear them. The goodones are insulated and protectboth hand and forearm.ILTOOLS MU ST-HAVE GRI LLINGTOOLS6BARBECUEMITTSHAVE MUST-HAVEOOL S MUS T-OOL SL I NG TGR-RI LEGVHAGTMEDIUML IN MILUS-ILGRVEAHGRTSTART/HIGH

OptimizeGrill SpacePreheat each and every time.Try not to peek.If the cooking grates aren’t hot enough, food will stick,and you will likely never have a chance of searingproperly or developing those handsome grill marks.Even if a recipe calls for medium or low heat, alwayspreheat the grill on the highest setting first. Open thelid, turn up the heat, close the lid, and then let thecooking grate heat up for about ten minutes or until thelid thermometer reads 500 F (260 C).The lid on your grill is for more than just keeping therain out. Most importantly, it’s for preventing too muchair from getting in, and too much heat and smoke fromgetting out. When the lid is closed, the cooking gratesare hotter, the grilling times are faster, the smoky tastesare stronger, and the flare-ups are fewer. So put a lidon it!Using the TUCK-AWAYWarming RackDon't grill on dirty grates.Tossing food onto the cooking grates before they havebeen cleaned is never a good idea. Leftover “stuff” onthe grates acts like glue, binding it to the grates andyour new food. To avoid tasting last night’s dinner ontoday’s lunch, make sure you are grilling on a cleancooking grate. Once the grates are preheated, usea stainless steel bristle grill brush to make a clean,smooth surface.Be present in the process.Before firing up your grill, make sure that everythingyou need is within arm’s reach. Don’t forget youressential grilling tools, already oiled and seasonedfood, glazes or sauces, and clean cooking platters forcooked food. Having to run back to your kitchen not onlymeans missing out on the fun, but could also result inburning your food. French chefs call this “mise en place”(meaning, “put in place”). We call it “being present”.Create a little elbow room.Packing too much food onto the cooking grates restrictsyour flexibility. Leave at least one-quarter of the cookinggrates clear, with plenty of space between each fooditem, in order to get your tongs in there and easilymove the food around. Sometimes grilling involvessplit-second decisions and the ability to jockey foodfrom one area to another. So give yourself enough roomto operate.Use the warming rack up to keep food warmor fold it down when not in use. To fold thewarming rack down, lift rack slightly and rotatedownward. Use heat-resistant mitts or gloveswhen adjusting rack.Tips and HintsGrilling Do’sand Don’tsOnly flip once.What’s better than a juicy steak with a deep sear andplenty of beautifully caramelized bits? The key toaccomplishing these results is to keep your food inplace. Sometimes we have the tendency to flip our foodbefore it reaches the desirable level of color and flavor.In nearly all cases, you should turn food just once. Iffiddling with it more than that, you are probably alsoopening the lid too much, which causes its own set ofproblems. So step back and trust the grill.Know when to tame the flame.When grilling, sometimes the most important thing toknow is when to stop. The most reliable way to testdoneness of your food is to invest in an instant-readthermometer. This slim little gem will help you pinpointthat critical moment when your food is at its best.Don’t be afraid to experiment.Back in the 1950s, grilling meant one thing: meat (andonly meat) charred over open flames. The modernday backyard chef doesn’t need a kitchen in order toprepare a full course meal. Use your grill to make chargrilled appetizers, sides, and even desserts. Registeryour grill to receive special content that will inspireyou along the way. We’d love to join you on your grillingadventures.7

Getting StartedImportant Information aboutLP Gas & Gas ConnectionsWhat Is LP Gas?Liquefied petroleum gas, also called LP, LP gas, liquidpropane, or simply propane or butane, is the flammable,petroleum-based product used to fuel your grill. It isa gas at moderate temperatures and pressure whenit is not contained. But at moderate pressure inside acontainer, such as a tank, LP is a liquid. As pressure isreleased from the tank, the liquid readily vaporizes andbecomes gas.Safe Handling Tips For LP Tanks A dented or rusty liquid propane tank may behazardous and should be checked by your liquidpropane supplier. Do not use a liquid propane tankwith a damaged valve. Although your liquid propane tank may appear to beempty, gas may still be present, and the tank should betransported and stored accordingly. The LP tank must be installed, transported, and storedin an upright, secure position. LP tanks should not bedropped or handled roughly. Never store or transport the LP tank wheretemperatures can reach 125 F (51.7 C) (the tank willbecome too hot to hold by hand). Place dust cap on tank valve outlet whenever the tankis not in use. Only install the type of dust cap on thetank valve outlet that is provided with the tank valve.Other types of caps or plugs may result in leakage ofpropane.LP Tank Requirements The tank must be approximately 18¼ inches (46.35cm) high and 12¼ inches (31.1 cm) in diameter with amarked 20 pound (9.07 kg) LPG capacity or 47.6 pound(21.6 kg) water capacity as stated by the manufacturer.Other tanks may be acceptable provided they arecompatible with the grill retention means (tank scale). The tank used must be constructed and markedin accordance with the Specifications for LP gasCylinders of the U.S. Department of Transportation(D.O.T.); or the Canadian Standard for Cylinders,Spheres and Tubes for Transportation of DangerousGoods and Commission, CAN/CSA-B339, as applicable. Tanks must be provided with a listed OPD (OverfillingPrevention Device) and a Type 1 (CGA 810) tankconnection. The tank connection must be compatiblewith the grill connection. The tank must include a collar to protect the tankvalve. Tanks must have a D.O.T. certification (A), and a testingdate (B) that is within five years of current use.What is a Regulator?Your gas grill is equipped with a pressure regulator,which is a device to control and maintain uniform gaspressure as gas is released from the LP tank.Regulator Requirements The regulator and hose assembly supplied with thisgrill must be used. This regulator has a flow limitingdevice built into the unit that will restrict the flow ofgas in the event that a leak is detected. Replacement regulator and hose assemblies must beas specified by Weber-Stephen Products LLC (UL-listedType 1 (CGA 810) tank connection device as describedin the latest edition of ANSI Z21.81).8AB

DInstallation LocationThe tank is hung onto the tank scale which is locatedoutside the cabinet base under the right side table.The shape of the collar assembly (the metal protectivering around the tank valve) determines one of twodirections in which the tank will correctly hang on thetank scale (A).Inspect the Tank1) Confirm that the tank valve is fully closed. Close byturning valve clockwise.2) Confirm that the tank valve is the proper matingtype for the regulator (B).3) Inspect the tank valve, including the internal rubberseal for damage or debris (C). If damaged, returntank to local retailer.Getting StartedLP Tank Installation &Leak CheckingInstall The Tank1) Check that all burner control knobs are in theoff position. Check by pushing in and turningknobs clockwise.2) Loosen hand nut and rotate tank lock up (D).3) Lift tank into position on the tank scale (E).4) Rotate the tank lock down. Tighten the hand nut.5) Screw the regulator coupling onto the tank valve,turning clockwise (F). Hand-tighten only. Using awrench could damage the regulator coupling andcould cause a leak. Proceed to “CHECKING FORGAS LEAKS.”AEBCF9

Getting StartedWhat is a Leak Check?Once the LP tank is properly installed, it is necessaryto perform a leak check. A leak check is a reliable wayto verify that gas is not escaping after you connect thetank. The fuel system in your grill features factorymade connections that have been thoroughly checkedfor gas leaks and the burners have been flame-tested.WEBER recommends performing a thorough leakcheck after assembly, as well as annually. Thefollowing fittings should be tested: Where the regulator connects to the tank. Where the gas hose connects to the bulkhead. Where the bulkhead connects to the corrugated gasline.GJChecking for Gas Leaks1) Wet fittings (G) with a soap and water solution,using a spray bottle, brush, or rag. You can makeyour own soap and water solution by mixing 20%liquid soap with 80% water; or, you can purchaseleak check solution in the plumbing section of anyhardware store.2) Slowly open gas supply by turning tank valvecounterclockwise while checking for bubbles.3) If bubbles appear there is a leak:a) If the leak is at the cylinder (H), turn off the gas.DO NOT OPERATE THE GRILL. Disconnect thetank and return the tank to your local retailer.b) If the leak is at the regulator (I), turn off thegas. DO NOT OPERATE THE GRILL. Contact theCustomer Service Representative in your areausing the contact information on our website.c) If the leak is at any fittings indicated inillustration (J), re-tighten fitting with a wrenchand recheck for leaks with soap and watersolution. If leak persists, turn off the gas. DO NOTOPERATE THE GRILL.d) If the leak is at any fittings indicated inillustration (K), turn off the gas. DO NOTOPERATE THE GRILL.If a leak is present, contact the Customer ServiceRepresentative in your area using the contactinformation on our website.4) If bubbles do not appear, leak checking is complete:a) Turn gas supply off at the tank and rinseconnections with water.NOTE: Since some leak test solutions, including soap andwater, may be slightly corrosive, all connections shouldbe rinsed with water after checking for leaks.HKImm DANGER: Do not use a flame to check for gasleaks. Be sure there are no sparks or openflames in the area while you check for DANGER: Leaking gas may cause a fire DANGER: Do not operate the grill if there is agas leak DANGER: If you see, smell, or hear the hiss ofgas escaping from the liquid propane tank:1) Move away from liquid propane tank.2) Do not attempt to correct the problemyourself.3) Call your fire DANGER: Always close the tank valve beforedisconnecting the regulator. Do not attemptto disconnect the gas regulator and hoseassembly or any gas fitting while this grill isin operation.10mm DANGER: Do not store a spare LP tank underor near this grill. Never fill the tank beyond80% full. Failure to follow these statementsexactly may result in a fire causing death orserious injury.

How Much Fuel is in the Tank?The tank scale indicates the amount of fuel in astandard 20 pound (9.07 kg) tank once the tank is hungfrom the scale. The fuel level is checked by viewingthe red level indicator line, located on scale. When theindicator line is at the top, the tank is full (L). When itis at the bottom, the tank is empty (M) and needs to beremoved to replace or refill.LGetting StartedRefilli

Download the Weber Grills App! Onboard with the free Weber Grills App. The Weber app is your answer to everything . also retain your original sales receipt and/or invoice. Registering your WEBER product confirms your warranty coverage, will expedite any Warranty cl

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