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40TH ARMORED DIVISIOHThe 40th was originally organized as an I nfantry Divisionon 18 July 1917 an:i was composed of units from t h e State ofCal ifo rni 2 9 frizona 9 Colora:io 9 New Mexico an::1 Utah oIn August 1918 the Division r.1.oved from Camp Kearney 9Californi a 9 to France 9 an :i several thousand troops 9 serving asreplacements, saw combat during World War Io One hundred menof Los Angeles' own 160t h Infantry Regiment served with t h efamed Lost Battaliono The Divisio n returned to t he United. Statesand wa s demobilized at Camp Ke arney on 16 July 191 9 .I n 1926 the 40th was reorg anized. with uni ts in California.9Ne1rada and Utah o Ca] ed into Fe:ieral service at Camp San LuisObispo :i Cal HorniaJJ on 3 March 1941.9 it served in Hawaii andGuadalcanal, fought on New Britain an:i participated in theinv2sion land.ings on Leyte 9 Lingayen Gulf a11d Panay I sland inthe Philippines o vfoen Worl d. War II en:ied, the 40th was assignedto occup2tion d.uty in Korea, and. the Division w2s demobilized. inearly 1946 .Shortly after the outbreak of thA Ko r ean conflict i n 1950t he 4 0th received its third call to active d.uty . At that time itha:i 110 units in 46 Southern California communitiesj and numberedapproximately 10 ,0,JO officers and men o The Division was callejfo ::luty 1 September 1950 at Camp Cooke, California, 2nd. sailej forJapan the following .A pril. I t serve::l ten months on t h e mai nJapanese Island. of Honshu.9 and in January 1952 moved to Korea

-where it relieved the veteran 24th Inf antry Division in th ebattle line . Battle participation includ.ed. Heartbreak Ridge,Sand.bag Castle an::l. the Punchbowl. The Divi sion colors werereturned to California and the Division was i nactivated atSan Francisco on 19 June 1954. Heanwhile, :rational Guardsmenreturned to the States in March-June 1952 and the 40th InfantryDivision (NGUS) was reorg anize ::l in California on 2 September 1952.The Division was converted from Infantr-J to Armo r and redesignated the 40th Armored Division on 1 July 1954, and was reorganized u.rder 11 ROCAD 11 (D-series) TOE ' s on 1 July 1959 . In preparation for t he 1963 realignment an::l. r eorg ruization of ationalGuard elementss most non-::l.ivisional elements in Southern Californiawere attached to the Division betwee.11 l Eay 1962 an::l. February 19630The 95 organic and 23 attachei units l-;ere reorganized. 1 l· ar h 1963as a "ROAD 11 Jtrmore::l Division (E-ser::.es 1 draft" TOE I s) with theDivision Base , 5 organic Tank Battali n., L organic Mechanize:::lInf antr-y Battalions, 1 at t ache d :J-series TOE r-Ie:iium Tank Battalion,and 1 attached modified Armored Cavalry· Squairo n. Re ceipt offinal E series T05 1 s resulted in the mo st recent reorganizationeffective 15 March 1964 . A-c.ten::l.ant actions inclu::l.e::l reorgani zation of the attached Taruc Battalion and. attachment of an OrdnanceDirect Support Camp eny. C'-l!'ren-':. ;Jivision totals includ.e approximately 10 000 officers ani !'len in 107 u.11its stationed in 61communities from Atascaiero an:i Tulare on the North to San Diegoan:i Calexico on the South.The 4oth 1 s organic units are designated. Priority III (60%) ;the attached 1/18 Cavalry is Priority II (80;% ); the attached 6/185Armor is Priority III ( 60,;); and 3 the attached. 123d Ordnance (DS)Company is Priority II (Bo:; ) .Battle honors include : \l',o rl::l. 1J ar I; World. War II - BismarkArchipelc1go, Luzon.)) So uthern ? hilippines; Korea - Secon:i KoreanWinter, Kore2 Summer-Fall 1952, Thir::l Korean Winter, Korea SummerFall 1953 . Decoratio ns inclu:ie the ? hilippine Presidential Citationan:i Republic of Korea Presi::l.ential Unit Citation.


Cvl.J.li!:J. A ,:,.(X) -2!)hi.,,Au.J.,llUGAD< OOL. E G RUDD, Jr.CO 1/185 .R.WRH.AJ H R Ti.){?ll, JR.Sl 2it 5Rl(l,w.t,.LT CLL G R SMITHCO 5/185 .RU!LT COL D CAIUliCO l / 160 INFM.AJ A L rA.I.at.d.S2 20 BIUGA.;J,.1t'! r.l.J2 :1 - lCArT ft C LJ.,.l;o.,IUJ h H wRCHcl!T54 20 JliUGAilECA.rT w.nitKTre C l/18 caVC.,

------------KEY PERSONVSLqea:iquarters, 40th Armored. Division (Los Angeles)Division CommanderAssist ant Division Cornn an:ierAssistant Di1rision Conman::lerChief of StaffDivision AdvisorMaj Gen Charles A, Ott, Jr.Brig Gen Glenn C. AmesBrig Gen Robert G. El:ierCol Thomas Ko TurnageCol William H. Nelson, Jr .He adquarters, 2d Briga::le, 40th Armored Division (Ontario)Comman::l.ing OfficerExecutive OfficerS-1S-2S-3S-L Brigad.e Advisor1st Batt albn , 160th Inf n-:.ry-Hq St Hq Co (Glendale)Company ACompany BCompany C(Glen::lale)(Olen:iale)(Glendale)1 st Battalion, 185th .ftrmorHq St. Hq Co (Riverside)Company A (Apple Valley)Comi;rnny B ( I ndio)Company C(Hemet)5th Battalion., 185th Ar:norHq ?t. Hq Co (Sm D:.ego )Company ACompany BComn any C-(Calexico)(Bl'.'awley)(Escon::li:io)Col Alvin E. HowellLt Col Theodore M. RobinsonMaj Herbert R. Temple, Jr .Maj Anthony L. PalumboMaj Robert F. Brainar:iMaj Earl H. BorchertLt Col Robert W. BradyLt Col D')nal::l. 1,r. Caman, Com:igHaj Cecil A. Davis, Jr., Ad.visorCapt John R. FreemanCapt Robert ? NelsonCapt Henry A. ComptonCapt Ran dall L. Woo:isLt Col Eugene G. Rudd., Jr . , Com::lgCapt Henry G. Schmid, A:ivisorCapt Julian W. Alma::lor, IICapt Dennis Do DelphCapt Earl L . Nelson, Jr oCapt Frank J. CarpenterLt Col George R . Smith, ComdgCapt Armando E. Carr illo, AJvisor1st Lt Ro n ald D. AtkinsonCapt James L. SpeerCapt Oliver p, . PresleyCapt Ray F . Brookh art, Jr .

K.:I;Y PERSO:\TIEL (Continued.)4th Battalion, 144th Artiller-JHI·Ir,.cS BatteryBatter-J ABattery BBattery C(Van Nuys)(Los Angeles)(L1s Angeles)( Glen:iale )Lt Col Robert J. Had.sen, ComdgNaj Eugene S . Rovegno, A:ivis orCapt Robert D. OlsonCapt Rob R . SchuylerCapt Sammy Johns , rr.Capt Gordon L. NeilsonSeparate UnitsHq ·Sc Hq Co 9 2d Brigad.eCapt John Aguilar(Ontario)-Troop C, 1/18 Cavalry( Canoga Park)Capt Charles F. ClarkBattery C, l/lh4 Artillery(San Luis Obispo)Capt D::,uglas A. Bair::iCornpe11y D, 132::i ngineer Bn(Burbank)Capt Robert C. LaPayneComp any D, L.Oth l·ja.intenance Bn , 1st Lt Curtis F . DesForges(Burbank)


ORGAJ\TIZATIOH FOR I'RAII-JUJG(TASK JRGA-:IZAT: J;T - 2D BRIGADE)-Hq . ,: Hq Companyj 2i Br:: gaie, L0th Armored DivisionMi1i tary Police ?latc 0n, L.0th -:i1it ary Police Co mpany:s'o!'war::l Area Sign;:,.l Cent3r Platoon, Co 3, 240th Signal BnForward Corir1an:i e!'"'.'linal Tea:.-:, Co 3, 240th Signal BnAviation Detac mentTactical 3uppor SectiJn ( - ), Ca B, 1 40th Avi ation BnService Section, CJ 3, 11.Jth viatiQn BnSupport Detachnem,Light Truck Plat-:nn, C: 3, oth Supply J. Trans port :3nAmmunition SectiJn ( - ), eaiquarters, HeadquartersCo ani 5ani, 40t .r.r'.":ored : · vision Support CommandForward Sup? - Y Sect Jn (-), Co A, 4oth Supply &Trans pcrt 3nBath Se ction , Co A, L.Oth S;.;.p?lY & Tran.sport BnAd.ministrative vet ach entFinance Teari, 54Jth Ajnini stration CompanyAd,jut 2 nt General Sup".)ort Team, 540th AJministration Comp anyCompany C, 40th I e:i · cal BattalionCompany Dj 4 0th Haintenance BattalionMechanized. Maintenance Section, Head.quarters & Company A,40th Haintenance BnForwar::1. Support Platoon ( - ), Co E, 40th Maintenance Bn1st Battalionj J60th Ini' antry1st Battalion, 185th ./1.rmor5th Batt alion, 185th Armor4th Battalion, l h4th ArtillerJBattery C,, 1st Bctttalion, 1 L th ArtilleryTroopC 1st Reconnaissanc e Squad.ron, 1 8th Amo r ed CavalryCompany D,, 1321 Sngineer Battalion2:i Platoon, Company E, 1321 Enginee r Batt alion

- -D

MAJOR GSNERAL CHARLES A. OTT j JR .-COMMANDI NG GENERAL40TH ARMORED DI VI SIONGeneral Ott is a resident ofSanta Barbara, California, wherehe received his e ar ly schoollngpreparatory w entering St anfo rdUniversity . He completed hisunderg raduate training at Stan::'ordi n 1941 and received an honor graduat e commission in the Regular Armyi n September of t h at year oHe s erved i n Eurooe iurin6World War II ·i;,.ri th the- 76-th ?ieldArtill ery Battal" on an::1 the 1 8thField. Artill ery C roU? Headq'J.artersHis service bok h::.r-, :ram the :orm;mdy Be achhead through Fran8eBelgium, Ge r many a.TJ.::1 into Czechoslovakia an:l his assign.rnentsinc1u:ie:i Battery Corr anier, Ope!'atio ns O:t'ficer, 3atta i:)n Corunan::leran::1 Group Executive J :'fice r o ewas deco rate::1. for his actio n s during the German breakth rough andsubseque nt allie:l crossings at Remagen on the Rhine River oFollowing the war he was a ssigne::1 as Assistant Army ArtilleryOfficer an::i Assis,:,an.t GJ at the 6th Army He a d.quarterL at SanFr ancis co .In October 1946, General Ott resignei hi s regular commi ssionenter business in Santa Baroara o He joined the 40th I nfantryDivision a short time later and. organized t he 981st FieldArtillery Battalion :i.n the Santa Barbar a area o At t he time ofth e i n :iuction of t he 40th Division for the Kore an emergen cyJGeneral Ott was a Colonel an:i the Division Artillery ExecutiveOfficer o He s erved in t hat capacity from September of 1950 untilh is release from active :iuty in June of 1952 and was :iecoratediuri ng t he campaign in t he Ku. song Valley owHe i s a graduate of the Command. and Gener al St aff College»Artillery and. Gui::le::1 Missile Schools 3 Or:1nance Sch ool and. .ArmorSchooL He was promoted to the rank of Brig a d.ier General on1 September 19.52,, and has served. as Com,,1,,.mdi ng Genera1 9 DivisionAr tille ry,, an:i As sistant Division Com:nander of t he 40th ArmoredDivision ., An-ooint ed. Cornman :iing General of t he 40th ArmoredDivision on 3 Jul y 1960, a :i promoted. to the r ank of Major Ge neral

on 15 August 1960.11 General Ott comman::ls elements of the Divisionlocate:i geographically throughout Southern Californi a from SanDiego an::1 Calexico on the South to Atasca3ero an:i Tulare on the:forth .General o tt 1 s Jecorations include the Legion of Hsrit 3Bron ze Star, Ai r He:ial, Commen::lation Ribbo n.9 Presi:ienti2l UnitCitation, Korean Pre s i:iential Citation, Belgium Croix ::le Guerrean::1 Unite:i Nations i1'Iedalo He holds the Zurope an-AfricanHid.:ile Eastern Campaign Loial with four battle stars and. theKorean Service Med.al with two battle stars.His military society affiliati ons inclu:ie the AmericanLegions Reserve Officers Association,, Military Or3er of theWorld. War, anJ t he National Guard Asso ciation of the Uni teiStates . In the latter, he is presently serving as NationalSecretary an::1 member of the Executive CounciL He is also amember of the Secretary of Defense's Reserve Forces Poli yBoarj and alternate member of the Army Affairs Colmcil (SectionV) of the De partment of the Armyo--HeJ his wife,i Patricia;1 an:i two of their children, :laughterMila Lee an:i son Chris, live at 1929 East Las Tun.as Ro ad, Sant aB2rbm'2 0 Their ol:lest :laughter)) Lesley Jane.:i is atten::lingStanford University.General Ott serves as President of Sterling Sup9ly Corporatio n ' Channel Properties)) Inc . 9 and. the Ott Har::l.war e Company.He i s a directo r of the General Telephone Company of CaliforniaoActive in civic affairs, he serves as a member of the Boar::l ofTrustees of the Santa Earb ara Cottage Hospital, A::lvisoI"J 3oardof the Crocker-Anglo Bank,i Music Aca::1.emy of t he West an::1 SantaBarb ara YMCA. Re is T)resi::1.ent of the Boar::l of Trustees of theLaguna Blanca School an::l ?ast-Presi::lent of the Valley Club oflTonteci to J the Santa Bar'::iara-Ventura Chapter ::if t he U. s. ArmyAssociation and the 3anta Barbara Rotary Club o :ere is a memberan:1 past ::iirector of the local Chamber of Commerce and ConventionBureau; U. S. Chamb er of Commerce, National Association of Plumbi ng , Heating and. Elect rical Contractors; Pacific Southwest ar1dNational Hardware Association; and. oth er business an:i professi:malsocieties o

COID NE L ALVIN E, HOv.JELL-COMMANDING OFFICER :, 2D BRI GADE40TH ARMORED DIVISI JNColonel Alvin E. Howell,Commanding Officer of the 2d.B.rigade , e nlisted. in Company G,185th Inf ari.try j !.iOth Inf antryDivision, in 19320 He receiveda ::lire ct commission in 1940, and.remained. wl.th the ame organization oThe Colonel served. in theAsiatic-Pacific Theat er with t he40th Inf antry Divi sion from March1941 to Augus t 1945 , as platoonlea::1.er, company corn.man :ler.; batt alion executive officer.; an:i battalion co mman :ier cFollo,-Ji.ng World War II, heremaine::l with the :ii vision.9 andwhen t he unit was recalled forKo r ean War duty 9 he commaniedthe 2d Batt alicn.9 224th Infantry Regiment:, which h e had organizedin 1 9470Following reorganization of the division in 1952 3 ColonelHowell served. as executive officer of the 224th I nfantry andCombat Comman::1 B3 then commander of CCB i n July 1962 o He waspromote::l to his present rank in August 19620·with reorganization of t he di vision un der ROAD t his s pring.9Colonel Howell remaihed. as commanding officer with the new iesig nation of 2:1 Br igade oHis decorat ions an:1 awar::ls i nclu::le the Bro n ze Star Me dal 1,. d.thoak leaf cluster, the Purple He art a1 and. t he Comb at Inf an try Bad.gev-tl. t h st ar .Service schools atten d.e:1 include The Infantry School, AdvancedCoursej The Armor School.9 an:1 various refresher and orient ationcourses oHe is marri ed and has three child.ren oThe co lonel is a full t ime employee of the Military Department.9State of Califo rni a.

LIEUTE ,TP,JJT COLOI1JEL DO NALD 1-J. CANANCOHHANDING OFFICZR, 1ST BATTALIO N., 16arH I NFA ,JTRY4arH A."FtMORED DIVISIO NLieutenant Colonel Camanenlisted. i n the ERC in 1939while attend.ing Glen:iale College.He was later commissioned. throughthe CMTC program and entered. active::luty as a 2:i Lieutenant in May 1942 .During Worl : 1. War II he earnE:d.the Bronze Strr Ne :ial while servingwith the 100th Reconnais sanceTroops, 100th Infantry Division.His duties in the Division inclu:ie:ivarious staff assignments as wellas troop comrnan::l.er . Af ter the war,he was assigne :J to t e G3 Sect on,Delta Base Hea:iquar ers, inMarseill e, France .-Fo l lovr.ing his release ::romactive ::luty in 19l6 , :'.:.,ieutenantColonel Camc1n be c2.:ne a member ofthe OR.Can-, "'""rve" Pith t he 318th Squa:iro n, 310th Cavalry Regiment,until he was re called to active duty fo r Korea . During this t ourof dut y, he serve:i as an i nstructor in the Communication s Department, U. S. Army l\rmo r Schoo l .After his release from active d.uty in 1952, he served withCompany I., 3d. Battalion, lllth Armored. Cavalry Regiment, which heorgariized an::l. comman::l.e:i. He was thi:m assigned as Regimental Communications Officer, earning his promotion to Major in 1954 .Following a consoli::l. tion an::l reorganization in 1954, he serve::1.as the executive officer of an Armored I nfantry Battalion, andas a Combat Command staff officer . He assume:i command of the1st Battalion, 160th I nfantry, in 1960 an:i was promoted to hispresent rank i n March 1961 .Ser vice schools atten:ied include the Communications OfficersCourse and the Advanced Officers Course, Fort Riley, Kansas, andthe Armor ed Officers Refresher Cour s e, Fort Knox, KentuckyoLieutenant Colonel Caman is employed in a supervisory capacityby Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company in Burbank, California,a.n::l is also owner and. operator of a private enterprise in Tujur1ga,Californi a.The Colonel, 11.is wife Elainiane and. their two chil:iren, daughterColette and son Steven, resi::1.e in Lakewoo d. Terrace, California.

LIEUTENANT COLO NEL EUGENE G. RUDD.'/ JR.-cm 'LANDING OFFICER, 1ST BATTALION,, 185TH ARMOR40TH ARMORED DIVI SIONLieutenant Colonel. Ruidenlists::l for Worl::1 War II s0rvicein Jnly 1940 and was assigne::l tothe Army Air Force c He serveduntil 19b6 9 d.uring which time heparticipate:i in the African,Sicilian, and Italian campaignswith the 12th Air ?nrce . Prior to::li scharge, he was eturne:i to theUni te::l Sk1tes for trai ning in theJet 2ropu1sion Engineering ?iel:io-Follow ng his release fromactive duty in 19h6, LieutenantColonel Ru:ij bec ame a ember oft he 22l th Infantry Regiment, 40thInf an try :Ji vision . : e was com."llissioned in 1948 5 and serve:i asplatoon leader an::l un.it cornman:ieruntil recalle:i to active ::luty withthe 40th Inf8nt 7 Tu.vision for theKorean conflict . During this to ur he served as the Comman::lingOfficer of the Hea::lqu2.rters Company 9 221.i.th Infantr-- J Regiment .Juring t his perio:l he earne::l the Combat I nfcntry Badge .Follo'Wing his release from active duty in 1952, he ser vedwith CompaJ1y B 9 133:i Tank Battalion, as commaniing officer. Hethen served with t he 133d Tank Battalion in several staff c apacities, 2n:i as 'Sxecutive Officer of the 1st Battalion,, 185th · Armer .llupon its reorganizati.on in 1959 . He assurn.e:l comman:i of the 1stBattal ion in 1963 ani was oromote::l to his present r ank inNov,ember 1963 .·Service schools attended. include the Curtis -Wright Scho ol ofAeronautics 9 School of Jet Engineeri:ng.9 Armor Officer CareerCourse 9 end rmor ') fficer Refresher Courso oLieutenant Colonel Rud::l is employed. by the Lemon Prod.uctsDivision of Sunkist Growers, Inc . , Corona 9 California .) as anIn::lustrial Rel2.tions R0p resentative . He is active in communityactivities and is past chairman of the Armed. Forces Comrnittee 3Riversi ::le County.)) March of Dimes .The Colonel, his wife Kathleen an::l t heir two chil:lren,9:laughter Janet and son :Michael.)) resi::le in Corona)) California .

LIEUTE;·JA:JT COIDl'JEL GEORG R . SIJITH-C WlViANDI NG OFFI Cl"ili, 5TH BATTALION, 185TH .ARHOR401'H .APJ10RSD DIVISIO NLieutenan t Colonel Smithenlistej in the I owa Nati nalGuard in April 1938 0 He wascalled to active ::luty j n January1941 and continued in an enlisted.status until co111r'lissioned in June1942 as a 2d Lieuten ant, Cavalr""J&.as a result of having graduatedfro m OCS, The Caval r y Schoo- . ')Fort Rileyo-He served in various capacities as an Armor officer, toi. ncluie duty with the 89thRecon.naissance Troo9, 89thInfantry Division o He wasrelease:l. fro m active duty ir.February 19116 an::l retaine:i hiscommission as a Captain in heORC oIn 1951, Lieutenant Co cne2. Sn::.th joined the Cali forni a ArmyNatio n al Gu arj an::l was assigne:i as the Communication s Off icer ofthe 111t h Armored Cavalry Regi. sent . Later, he serve:i as theOp erations Officer of the sa e organiz atio n o As the result of asubsequent reorgani zation 3 in vrhich the Cavalry Regiment becamea part of the 40th Arnore::i ::J::.-.rision, he servei as an Assistant GJof t he Division an:i the executive officer of a tank battalionoHe was assigne::3 to his cu.!:' ent comrr.an::l and promoted. toLieutenant Colonel in ece er :956 0Lieutenant Colonel Sr.::.th :.s a:t::.ve i n civic a ctivitie so Heis a member of the Ki.ks the .7un:.cr Chamber of Commer e,, aniChairman of the San Diego Cla::.rts -'.:anagers Council and ArbitrationBoa r:l oHe is married. and res:.:::.es in La Ves a with his wife and t h reeso n s .-

LIEUTENANT COIDNEL ROBERT J. MADSEN-COll'lMAJ\JDI NG OFFICER , 4TH BATTALION,; 144TH ARTILLERY4orH ARMORED DIVISIONLieutenant Colonel Madsenenlisted. in the Utah NationalGuard in canuary 1939 0 Heentere::1 active duty i n 1941iand served in an enlisted statusuntil successful completion ofthe Field. Artillery l)fficerCandidate School in March 1945 0Following commissioning,Lieutenant Colonel Ma::lsen served.in the Pacific, to include dutywith the occupation f orces inJapan.,-Upon r elease fro m active dutyi n 1946 s he was assigne d. to the214th Field Artillery Battalion,40th Infantry Division, bee e abattery o::,mman::1.er prio r t-0 recallto active ::1.uty for the Korean confli t o He continue::1. in assignments a s battery commander andliaison officer during his tour of ::1.uty in Japan and Korea, andear ned t he Bronze Star for his per ormance in Kore a oAfter his return to a National Guard status in 1952 , heserved with the 4th Batt alion, 144th Artillery a, S3o He thenserved as Assistant G3, 40th rCTore::1. Division, and S3, 40thArmored Division Artill ery o He assumed command. of the 4t hBattalion 5 144th Artillery in 1962 an:i was promoted to hispresent rank in June .1963 0Service s cbo'.)ls attenie:i inclu:ie the Field Artillery OfficerCandidate Course, Fort Sill, Oklahoma and Armor Officer Basic pFort Knox, KentuckyoCo l onel Ifa:isen 9 his wife Cloteel and t hree sonsp Robert, J r .9Steven 9 and Kenneth reside in Van Nuys J Cal iforniao The Colonelis employe::1 as a Police ')ffi cer with the City of Los Angeles00-

Col Alvin E. Howell Lt Col Theodore M. Robinson Maj Herbert R. Temple, Jr. Maj Anthony L. Palumbo Maj Robert F. Brainar:i Maj Earl H. Borchert Lt Col Robert W. Brady Lt Col D')nal::l. 1,r. Caman, Com:ig Haj Cecil A. Davis, Jr., Ad.visor Capt John R. Freeman Capt Robert ? Nelson Capt Henry A. Compton Capt Randall L. Woo:is

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