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YOURLEASEENDGUIDE90 DAYSNEXT 2018 Toyota Financial Services. All Rights Reserved. Toyota Financial Services is a service mark of Toyota Motor Credit Corporation(TMCC). TMCC is the authorized attorney-in-fact and servicer for Toyota Lease Trust.06004 19-027 (11/18)FOURTH EDITION

STEP1Your lease is setto expire, but ourcommitment to youdoes not.As you head into the fnal 90days of your lease, there aresteps to take and decisionsTIP:Visit Toyota.comto build your newvehicle and discovercurrent local make. Rest assured ToyotaFinancial Services is here toRESEARCHStart reviewing your options 60–90 days before the fnalpayment. Explore some options below.1Lease a New ToyotaWhether you’re eyeing a new Toyota vehicle or simply wanta brand-new edition of what you’re driving now, here’s whatyou should do to prepare: Explore new models online at Schedule a test drive at your local dealershipPurchase Your Current Toyotahelp guide you through theLove your leased Toyota and want to make it your very own?No problem. Here’s what you need to do to put the wheels inmotion:process. Call (800) 286-0652 or contact your originatingdealership to determine your vehicle’s payof amount Visit to review our fnancing andvehicle and payment protection optionsWe value your business andlook forward tosupporting your futurevehicle fnance needs.1NEED MORE DETAILS?Leasing a new Toyota or fnancing the purchase of your current Toyota are on approved credit throughyour dealer and Toyota Financial Services. Not all applicants will qualify. Additional options areavailable. See your Toyota dealer for details. Call (800) 286-0652 Visit tfsleaseend.com90DAYSCall (800) 286-0652 to speak to a member of ourdedicated support team if you have any questions.60DAYS

STEP2TIP:View the enclosedLease - Return Checklist tolearn what you should bringto the inspection.INSPECTBegin to familiarize yourself with thecondition of your vehicle 30-60 days before the fnalpayment.Complimentary Vehicle InspectionIn preparation for lease-end, we recommend you take advantage of anoptional inspection.2 Why?An inspection2 is: CONVENIENT - inspectors can meet you at your home,work or other preferred location INFORMATIVE - knowing the condition of your vehicle before the end ofyour lease allows you to makewell-informed decisions THOROUGH - detailed condition reports, itemizing any excess wear anduse, are available shortly after inspectionWear and Use GuidelinesShould you elect to return your vehicle, you may becharged if there is damage exceeding normal wear anduse.3 To better understand what is considered excessive, review theenclosed Wear and Use Guidelines or for more information.Toyota CorollaExcess wear and use charges may be based solely on the optional inspection prior to maturity. Shouldyou not take advantage of such inspection, one will be ordered upon return of the vehicle. If repairs aremade to your vehicle before turn-in, you or the dealer may request an inspection upon turn-in.3Under certain circumstances, Toyota Financial Services does not charge its lease customers for excesswear and use damage. All charges may be subject to sales tax.2Haven’t scheduled your inspection yet?60DAYSCall (855) 40 - MY-TFS to speak to our third party inspectionprovider or visit to schedule anappointment online.Use the enclosed measuringtools to approximate the sizeof an acceptable dent or ding.Log into your account to viewyour detailed condition report.30DAYS

INTERIORUse the following checklist and tools to ensure yourlease turn-in process is fast and simple.The following are examples of excessive wear and usefound on the interior of a vehicle.4 Use a credit card to examine possible excessive wear and use on yourvehicle.1. Cut Seat2. Burned Fabric3. Missing Accessory4. Broken Equipment1-2: Seat and Trim3-4: Equipment, Parts andAccessories Schedule your vehicle inspection appointment.0"CHECKLIST & TOOLS Schedule a turn-in appointment with your Toyota dealer. Bring the following materials with you to your inspectionand lease-return appointments: Tool kit and spare tire, if applicable1" All sets of keys (masters/remotes/valet), if applicable Owner’s Manuals Any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception(radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)2" Bring the Odometer Statement included in your final billingstatement (also available on, and have thedealer record the mileage. Don’t forget to sign the statementand ask for a copy. Check with your DMV to determine if your state requireslicense plate return at lease end. Cancel any electronic payments.3"3.5"4"5"Use a credit cardas a guide to checkfor excess wearand use damage.- A single cut, tear, burn or staingreater than the size of a creditcard- Missing keys/remotes- Missing parts or accessories(shifter knob, headrests,tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)- Inoperative, malfunctioning orbroken parts or equipment- Any modifcations not on thevehicle at lease inception6"A credit card is 3 3/8" in length

EXTERIORThe following are examples of excessive wear and usefound on the exterior of a vehicle.45. Dented Bumper6. Scratched Bumper9. Broken Mirror10. Damaged Windshield7. Scratched Panel8. Poor Repair11. Exposed Tire Cord12. Damaged Alloy Wheel5-8: Paint and Body9-10: Glass and Lights- A consolidation of severe scratchesin which the paint has been removedand the underlying panel is exposed- Windshield cracks, stars orbull’s-eyes11-12: Tires, Wheels andWheel Covers- A single dent greater than the size ofa credit card- Previous repairs performed poorly orunrepaired collision damage- Tires with exposed cords orsidewall damage- Damaged, broken or non-factorytinted glass- Tires or wheels that do not meetmanufacturer’s guidelines forsafe operation- Bent, broken or missing lights, turnsignals, mirrors,or lamps- Missing or damaged wheel covers- Wheel gouges greater than 1"4This is intended as general guidance only. State law and the terms of your lease may vary your rightsand obligations regarding excess wear and use and mileage. Please refer to your lease agreement for adescription of your rights and obligations upon termination of your lease. Toyota Financial Services maychange its wear and use standards at any time consistent with the terms of your lease agreement.

You may be eligible forspecial loyalty benefts.Ask your dealer for moreinformation.3STEPTIP:FINALIZEIn the last 30 days before your fnal payment, prepareto carry out the remaining steps of your chosen lease5end option, such as:Lease a New Toyota Visit your local Toyota dealer to make any desired repairs Schedule a turn-in appointment with your originatingToyota dealer Return your vehicle at the appointed time Pay any remaining amounts owed under your leasePurchase Your Current ToyotaFinance Vehicle Contact your originating dealer and arrange forfnancing through the dealer and Toyota FinancialServicesPurchase Vehicle Outright Call us at (800) 286-0652 to obtain current payof amount, mailing address and necessary sale documents Mail payment and necessary documentationToyota Camry530DAYSOn approved credit through your dealer and Toyota Financial Services. Not all applicants will qualify.Additional options are available. See your Toyota dealer for details.Visit toyotafnancial.comto check out the many productswe ofer to help protect yourinvestment.Check with your DMV todetermine if your staterequires license platereturn at lease-end.0DAYS

end option, such as: 5 . Toyota Camry . Lease a New Toyota Visit your local Toyota dealer to make any desired repairs Schedule a turn-in appointment with your originating Toyota dealer Return your vehicle at the appointed time Pay any remaining amounts owed under your lease . Purchase Your Current Toyota

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