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THE CITY OF CALGARYGUIDELINES FOR THE PREPARATION OF TENDERDOCUMENTS FOR CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS(The “Guidelines”)Request for Tenders are one type of procurement tool utilized to competitively bid The Cityof Calgary construction requirements. Competitively bidding City projects is a mandatoryrequirement to comply with City Policy, the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) and the NewWest Partnership Trade Agreement between the Province of Alberta, the Province of BritishColumbia and the Province of Saskatchewan (NWPTA).The purpose of these guidelines is to assist employees and consultants of The City ofCalgary in their preparation of documents required to issue a Request for Tenders for aproject funded by The City of Calgary and to assist with the administration of the resultingcontract. The guidelines have been organized in a chronological format that is intended tobe followed as a step-by-step guide from the preparation of the tender through to completionof the contract.Documents and forms referred to in the guidelines are revised and updated from time totime and it is the responsibility of those preparing tenders to ensure they are using the mostrecent documents and forms. Refer to: contact Supply Management if you are not sure whether you areusing the right procurement strategy and most current documents orforms, or if you have any questions whatsoever relating to the tenderprocess.Links to The City of Calgary Supply Chain Governance and Procurement Policies arelocated at:

IMPORTANT NOTICEThe following is a summary of revisions to the Guidelines 2013SectionPage Number or SectionDescription00, 01Standard Tender DocumentsRevised00, 01Standard Documents and FormsRevised00, 01Assembly of Tender FormsRevised1.2Standard Documents and FormsRevised2.3 (II)Review of Draft Tender DocumentsRevised2.4Referrals and QuestionsRevised2.5Tender Document Printing and DistributionRevised2.7.1Tenders Utilizing Pre-Qualified ContractorsRevised2.7.2New2.9Tenders not Utilizing Pre-QualifiedContractorsAddenda3PREPARING TENDER FORMSRevised3.5Tender DocumentsRevised3.5.00List of ContentsRevised3.5.02NoticeRevised3.5.02 (g)Tender Enquiry ContactsRevised3.5.02 (h)Pre-Tender MeetingRevised3.5.04 (a)Special Conditions: “Open” TenderRevised3.5.04 (c)Special InsuranceRevised3.5.04 (d)Course of Construction InsuranceRevised3.5.04 (f)TrafficRevised3.5.04 (g)Special Conditions: Completion DatesRevised3.5.04 (o)Special Conditions: Cash AllowanceRevised3.5.04 (p)Special Conditions: Length of AgreementRevised3.5.04 (r)Special Conditions: Escalator ClausesRevised3.5.04 (s)Revised3.5.04 (v)Permits, Licenses, LeaseholdImprovements, “Title” and AccessAgreementsSpecial Conditions: Sub - Contractors3.5.04 (w)Special Conditions: Special ProvisionsRevised3.5.04 (aa)Purchases in Foreign CurrenciesRevised3.5 04 (cc)Special Conditions: Bid ValidityNew3.5 04 (dd)Special Conditions: AdditionalNewRequirementsSpecial Conditions: Submission of Price New3.5 04 (ee)RevisedRevisedii

Schedules3.5 05Project SpecificationsRevised3.5 07Price SchedulesRevised3.5 08Separate Price SchedulesRevised3.5 09 (e)Form of Tender (Yellow Sheet)Revised3.5.13Prime Contractor Management StatusRevised3.5.14 (a)Bid BondRevised3.5.15 (a)Consent of Surety to Furnish BondingRevised3.5.17Waiver FormRevised4.1Closing and Awarding of TendersRevised4.1 (c )4.1 (c)Closing of Tenders, Evaluation and Award RevisedRecommendationClosing and Awarding of TendersRevised4.2 (b)Award ProceduresRevised4.2 (f)Award ProceduresRevised4.2 (g)Award ProceduresRevised4.3Contract ExecutionRevised4.4Irrevocable Letter of CreditRevised5.6Builder‟s Lien ActRevised5.7Progress CertificatesRevised5.7.1Invoice ProceduresRevised5.7.2Release of Holdback procedureSubstantial Performance StageDrawings of Record5.9.1at RevisedRevisediii

TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0PREPARATION OF TENDER DOCUMENTS . 11.11.2A.B.C.1.31.4Definitions . 1Standard Documents and Forms . 1Standard Tender Documents1Standard Contract Terms, Conditions and Specifications . 2Contract Administration Forms . 2Assembly of Tender Forms . 3Assembly of Addendum Forms . 42.0TENDERING PROCEDURES ON CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS FORCITY BUSINESS UNITS . Strategy . 4Tender Number . 4Review of Draft Tender Documents . 4Referrals and Questions . 5Tender Document Printing and distribution . 5Distribution of Tender Documents . 5Internal and Other Agencies. 5Notification of Tender Opportunities . 5Distribution of Tender Documents to the Public . 62.7.1 Tenders Utilizing Pre-Qualified Contractors62.7.2 Tenders not Utilizing Pre-Qualified Contractors6Tender Notification and Advertising . 7Addenda . 73.0PREPARING TENDER FORMS . 73.1. Naming Convention . 83.2. Acceptable File Types . 83.3. Acceptable Document Sizes . 83.4. Acceptable Plan (blueprint) or Drawing Sizes . 83.5. Tender Documents . 801 List of Contents . 902 Notice903 Form of Tender .1104 Special Conditions.1105 Project Specifications .1906 Tender Document Drawings .1906.1 Standard Drawing Sizes and Materials .19A. Sheet Sizes .20B. Sheet Material .20C. Title Block .2006.2 Preparation of Drawings .20A. Sheet Layout .20B. Lettering .21C. Scales .21D. Detail .2106.3 Contracts That Include Utility Construction .21A. Standard Drawing Specifications .21iv

070809101112131415161718B. Preparation of Drawings .21C. Standard Block Profile Specifications .2106.4 Sequence of Drawings .2206.4.1(a) Road and Trackbed .2206.4.1(b) Bridges and Structures. .2206.4.2 Corporate Properties Construction Contracts .2406.4.3 Sewer Construction Contracts .2506.4.4 Waterworks Construction Contracts.2706.5 General Information and Procedures .2806.5.1 General Information .2806.5.2 Notes on Drawings .2806.5.3 Detours .29Price Schedule(s) .29Separate Price Schedules .30Summary for Form of Tender (Yellow Sheet) .30Summary for Form of Tender for Alternate Bid .31Bidder‟s Information Sheets .31Contractors Environmental Acknowledgement Form .32Prime Contractor Management Status.32Bid Bond32Consent of Surety to Furnish Bonding .33Performance Bonds.33Waiver Form.34Memorandum of Agreement .344.0CLOSING AND AWARDING OF TENDERS . 344.1Closing of Tenders, Evaluation and Award Recommendation .344.2Award Procedures .364.3Contract Execution .374.4Irrevocable Letter of Credit .37(a)Corporate Policy – Irrevocable Letters of Credit Where Deemed Appropriate 38(b)Business Unit Procedures Re: Irrevocable Letter of Credit issued in Lieu ofWithholding 10% Builders Lien Holdback (See G.C. 6.8.2) .39(c)Procedures For Cashing A Letter Of Credit, If Necessary .415.0CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION . . Mobilization .42Awarded Value of Contract .43Notice of Proposed Change .43Contract Change Order .44Field Order .45Builder‟s Lien Act of Alberta .45Progress Certificates .45Invoice Procedures .45Release of Holdback procedure at Substantial Performance Stage .46Partial Release of Holdbacks .46Release of Holdback Procedure at Construction Completion .46Construction Completion Certificate (C.C.C.) .46Statutory Declaration.47Provision of “Drawings of Record” .47Drawings of Record.47v of Record for Corporate Properties & Buildings .48Drawings of Record for Bridges and Structures.49Vendor Performance Evaluation Form .49Notice of Completion of Project(s) .49Final Maintenance Certificate (F.M.C.).50Record Retention .506.0CONSULTANT AGREEMENTS . 516.1Consultant Agreements .51vi

APPENDICESStandard Tender Documents01List of Contents02Notice03Form of Tender08Separate Price Schedules08A Deletions08B Additions09Summary fro Form of Tender (Yellow Sheet)10Summary for Form of Tender – Alternate Bid11Bidder‟s Information Sheets12Contractor Environmental Acknowledgement Form13Prime Contractor Management Status14Bid Bond15Consent of Surety15A Consent of Surety to Furnish Contract Performance Bond15B Consent of Surety to Furnish Contract Performance Bond andLabour and Material Payment Bond16Performance Bonds16A Contract Performance Bind16B Labour and Material Payment Bond17Waiver Form18Memorandum of AgreementNote: Standard Tender Documents (Package 1) are available at ntract Administration Forms (Formerly referred to as Package 2)A.Notice to ProceedA1Notice to Proceed – Legal AgreementA2Notice to Proceed – No Legal AgreementAcknowledgement of Prime Contractor DesignationProject Emergency ContactsDetail Sheet for Unit Price ContractProgress CertificateNotice of Proposed ChangeDetail Sheet for Change OrdersChange OrderSubstantial Performance Payment CertificateStatutory DeclarationConstruction Completion Certificate (C.C.C.)Final Maintenance Certificate (F.M.C.)Vendor Performance Evaluation / ContractorField OrderNote: Contract Administration Forms are available on Finance & Supply‟s intranet athttp://finsupply (see Buy & Sell Tenders)vii

1.0PREPARATION OF TENDER DOCUMENTS1.1Definitions“Prior Approval” means written approval from Supply Management or The City LawDepartment, or both.“Supply Management” is a Division of the Finance and Supply Business Unit and herein isreferred to as Supply Management or Supply.“Tender Documents” means the documents and standard tender forms as set out inSection 1.2.“The City” means The City of Calgary.“G.C.” means reference to The City of Calgary Standard General Conditions, current edition.1.2Standard Documents and FormsThe following documents and forms may be obtained from: Standard Tender DocumentsTender Front End Documents and FormsPackage No. 1 – Contains documents used in the preparation of the tenderdocument and execution of the contract01 List of Contents02 Notice03 Form of Tender04 Special Conditions of Tender – supplied by Business Unit05 Detailed Specifications of Tender – supplied by Business Unit06 Drawings – supplied by Business Unit07 Price Detail Sheets / Schedules – supplied by Business Unit08 Separate Price Schedule08A Deletions08B Additions09 Summary for Form of Tender10 Summary for Form of Tender – Alternate Bid11 Bidder‟s Information Sheets12 Contractor Environmental Acknowledgement Form(includes link to Contractor Environmental Responsibilities Package)13 Prime Contractor Management Status14 Bid Bond15 Consent of Surety15A Consent of Surety to Furnish Contract Performance Bond15B Consent of Surety to furnish Contract Performance and Labourand Material Payment Bond16 Performance Bonds or Other SecurityGuidelines for the Preparation of Tender Documents for Construction Projects v.2.02013 March1

16A Contract Performance Bond16B Labour and Material Payment Bond17 Waiver Form18 Memorandum of Agreement – Sample OnlyFor further information on the preparation of a tender document refer to the Guidelines forthe Preparation of Tender Documents for Construction Projects available from The Cityof Calgary website: Construction specifications are available on an individual request basis.B. Standard Contract Terms, Conditions and Specifications1. General ConditionsForce Account RatesStandard Specifications, Roads ConstructionStandard Specifications, Sewer ConstructionStandard Specifications, Waterworks ConstructionStandard Specifications, Landscape ConstructionStandard Specifications, Street LightingDesign guidelines and all other supporting documentsAll the above shall be the current edition. If not in possession of the above, copies maybe obtained from The City of Calgary Urban Development: Contract Administration FormsThe following documents and forms are available on the Finance & Supply intranet siteat: http://finsupply (see Purchasing Buy & Sell Tenders)(Formerly referred to as Package No. 2) – Contains forms used during theconstruction and payment phases of the contract.A Notice to ProceedA1 Notice to Proceed – Legal AgreementA2 Notice to Proceed – No Legal AgreementB Acknowledgement of Prime Contractor DesignationC Project Emergency ContactsD Detail Sheet for Unit Price ContractE Progress CertificateF Notice of Proposed ChangeG Detail Sheet for Change OrdersH Change OrderI Substantial Performance Payment CertificateJ Statutory DeclarationK Construction Completion CertificateL Final Maintenance CertificateM Vendor Performance Evaluation / ConstructionN Field OrderGuidelines for the Preparation of Tender Documents for Construction Projects v.2.02013 March2

Individual copies of the Contract Administration Forms can be obtained bycontacting:The City of Calgary – Supply ManagementManchester Centre2nd Floor, Building „U‟677 – 25th Avenue S.E.Calgary, ABAttn: Procurement Coordinator for ConstructionPhone: 403-268-64371.3Assembly of Tender FormsAssemble the Tender Forms in the following order:Section #010203040506070809101112131415161718Section TitleList of ContentsNoticeForm of TenderSpecial Conditions of Tender – supplied by Business UnitDetailed Specifications of Tender – supplied by Business UnitDrawings – supplied by Business UnitPrice Detail Sheets / Schedules – supplied by Business UnitSeparate Price Schedules08A Deletions08B AdditionsSummary for Form of TenderSummary for Form of Tender – Alternate BidBidder‟s Information SheetsContractor Environmental Acknowledgement Form(includes link to Contractor Environmental Responsibilities Package)Prime Contractor Management StatusBid BondConsent of Surety15A Consent of Surety to Furnish Contract Performance Bond15B Consent of surety to furnish Contract Performance and Labour andMaterial Payment BondPerformance Bonds16A Contract Performance Bond16B Labour and Material Payment BondWaiver FormMemorandum of Agreement – Sample OnlyContact Supply Management for direction if you are uncertain about any documentsor forms.Guidelines for the Preparation of Tender Documents for Construction Projects v.2.02013 March3

1.4Assembly of Addendum FormsAssemble the Addendum Forms in the following order:Section #000102Section TitleAddendum Cover PageDescription of the changesNew documents to be included in the addendum (e.g., bid label, newschedules, etc.)Drawings032.0TENDERING PROCEDURES ON CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS FOR CITYBUSINESS UNITS2.1Procurement StrategyIn the early phases of the project, it is important to discuss the project with SupplyManagement to determine the most appropriate procurement strategy. This will facilitateachieving the best outcome of the project. “Call Supply before you Buy”.2.2Tender NumberAt the time of preparing the Tender Documents, the Project Manager must complete andforward a Procurement Strategy Request Form (PS 12) (available from http://finsupply(see Purchasing Buy & Sell Tenders) to the appropriate buyer. All areas must becompleted before a file number can be issued by the buyer. This assigned tender numbermust be used on all Tender Documents and all correspondence relating thereto.2.3Review of Draft Tender DocumentsReview of the draft Tender Documents by Law and Supply is critical to ensure documentsissued on The City‟s behalf are consistent with City standards and do not expose The City tounnecessary risk. It is necessary to allow a minimum of fifteen (15) business days for Lawand Supply to review and provide comments on the Tender Documents.When submitting documents:(i) submit a HARD COPY – Provide one (1) draft set of the Tender Documents,including the forms according to Section 1.3, send to Law Department (ContractsParalegal) for the purposes of their review.(ii) submit a HARD COPY in “WORD” format – complete tender package with drawings,send to the Buyer indicated on the Notice page.2.3.1Tender Closing DateAfter approval of the draft, Supply Management will assign a Closing Date allowing aminimum of fifteen (15) business days between the notification of tender availability tocontractors and the chosen Closing Date. Prior to establishing a Closing Date SupplyGuidelines for the Preparation of Tender Documents for Construction Projects v.2.02013 March4

Management will restrict the number of closings to three (3) per day. Constructiontenders normally close on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Tuesday after a long weekendshould be avoided to provide time for bidders to obtain bonding.2.4Referrals and QuestionsFor questions pertaining to a specific Project when compiling the Tender Documents, oradministering the tender process, contact your designated buyer at Supply Management.Other staff at The City who may be able to assist with the preparation of Tender Documentsinclude:Deborah Barnie- Supply ManagementJane Rushton- Supply ManagementGeoff Gilbert- Supply ManagementEarl Olson- Supply ManagementManny Jaswal- Supply ManagementGary Zemp- Law DepartmentBrian Oliphant- Law DepartmentPhil Corbeil- Risk ManagerMarnie Rusen- Law DepartmentLori Kerr- Law DepartmentIona Saldanha- Law DepartmentMonica Kosinski Noga - Law DepartmentMary Anne Bendfeld - Law Department2.5Tender Document PrintingIt is the responsibility of the Project Manager to produce and deliver hard copies ofthe final tender documents including all drawings to the Law Department, and onehard copy of the tender documents including all drawings to the Buyer in SupplyManagement.Supply Management will not advertise / post on MERX or Alberta Purchasing Connection(APC) unless it has been provided with a bound hard copy of the document for Supply‟s fileplus a CD prepared in accordance with these Guidelines.2.6Distribution of Tender Documents2.6.1Internal and Other AgenciesThe issuing Business Unit must distribute copies of the tender documents including alldrawings to the following areas: 2.6.2Supply Management (Attn: Buyer) -1 complete hard copy plus 1 CD;Client Business Unit – I complete hard copy and;Law Department – 3 complete hard copies.Notification of Tender OpportunitiesTender Notices will be created and posted on the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC)website by Supply Management.Guidelines for the Preparation of Tender Documents for Construction Projects v.2.02013 March5

2.7Distribution of Tender Documents to the Public2.7.1Tenders Utilizing Pre-Qualified ContractorsThe City distributes RFX packages to prequalified construction contractors through MERXPrivate Tenders ( Prequalified contractors who areregistered to access City construction tenders with MERX will be able to view and downloadCity tender documents, plans and drawings online.Prequalified construction contractors must be registered with MERX to access Cityconstruction tender packages as The City‟s construction tender packages will only bedistributed through MERX Private Tenders. The City no longer faxes tender notices toprequalified contractors.Prequalified contractors who are registered with MERX will receive tender notificationsthrough email from MERX. Tender notices will also be publicly advertised on AlbertaPurchasing Connection (APC) (; however, contractors mustbe prequalified with The City and be registered with MERX in order to access thesedocuments.The Calgary Construction Association, the Alberta Construction Association and the AlbertaRoadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association also receive notifications of Cityconstruction tender opportunities. This provides association members with the ability topreview construction tender documents.MERX‟s annual subscription fee provides prequalified contractors with unlimited access anddownloads of City construction tender packages for which they are prequalified.Tender documents, plans and drawings are distributed in PDF format and Adobe Reader isrequired to open these files. Contractors can download Adobe Reader at no cost. Contractors can also order tender packages, or parts thereof,from MERX in a variety of formats including print, CDs and DVDs.2.7.2Tenders not Utilizing Pre-Qualified ContractorsTenders not utilizing pre-qualified contractors (“open” tenders) will be posted on MERXCanadian Public Tenders ( must be registered with MERX in order to access these documents.The Calgary Construction Association, the Alberta Construction Association and the AlbertaRoadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association also receive notifications of Cityconstruction tender opportunities. This provides association members with the ability topreview construction tender documents.Tender notices will also be publicly advertised on Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC)(;Guidelines for the Preparation of Tender Documents for Construction Projects v.2.02013 March6

The Project Manager or his designate is responsible for creating and supplying thecomplete tender package and drawings in PDF format on CD to Supply Managementfor uploading to the MERX system.2.8Tender Notification and AdvertisingSupply will post and distribute Notices and documents in accordance with 2.6.2 and 2.7.If the tender requires additional or special distribution Supply Management will facilitate anyadvertising and the Client Business Unit must provide the account information required topay for such costs. (e.g. newspaper, trade magazines, etc.)2.9AddendaThe Business Unit or Consultant that issued the original tender is responsible for thecreation of any addenda required. Addendum format is available electronically from SupplyManagement.The front page must be created on the approved addendum shell. The addendum shell isavailable from Supply Management, contact the buyer. Additional pages if required may becreated on a blank shell.Addendum must be received from the Project Manager or his designate for Supply and LawDepartment approval and uploading a minimum of three (3) business days prior to theestablished closing time and date. Any addendum not uploaded in the required lead timemay cause a revision to the closing time and date. If addendum includes drawings, reviseddrawings must be received by Supply on CD in PDF format.It is recommended that if revising schedules that a new revision of the schedule be createdand included, and that if the closing date is revised, include a new bid label. Note on therevised schedule(s) or bid label: “Revised as per Addendum #” on the footer or header toensure the correct documents are submitted at tender close.Ensure that the Law Department (Contracts Paralegal) receives three (3) hard copies andSupply Management one (1) copy of the addendum for inclusion in the Contract Documents.The Project Manager or his designate is responsible for creating and supplying thecomplete addendum package and

3.5 09 (e) Form of Tender (Yellow Sheet) Revised 3.5.13 Prime Contractor Management Status Revised 3.5.14 (a) Bid Bond Revised 3.5.15 (a) Consent of Surety to Furnish Bonding Revised 3.5.17 Waiver Form Revised 4.1 Closing and Awarding of Tenders Revised 4.1 (c ) Closing of Tenders, Evaluation and Award Recommendation Revised

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