ASCEND 04620 / EVANESCE 04617 18" X 36" Herringbone Modular Installation

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A S C E N D 0 4 6 2 0 / E VA N E S C E 0 4 6 1 718” X 36” Herringbone Modular Installation

E VA N E S C E 0 4 6 1 718” X 36” Herringbone Modular Installation

ASCEND 0462024” X 24” Vertical Ashlar Modular Installation

E VA N E S C E 0 4 6 1 724” X 24” Vertical Ashlar Modular Installation

PRODUCT COORDINATES – SOFT SURFACEC O O R D I N AT E G R O U P 6Rock Solid (solids) and HalfTone (group 12) coordinates with a variety of Tandus Centiva NDS TA C K 9ROCK SOLID

PRODUCT COORDINATES – LVTTandus Centiva Soft Surface products coordinate with a variety of our LVT products.CONTOUR SERIES, EVENING TIDEFE 0797-CC O N T O U R S E R I E S , C O S TACS 0616-CCONTOUR SERIES, WHISPERCP 3604-CV I C T O RY S E R I E S , M O O N D A N C ECR 0051-V

PRODUCT COORDINATES – JOHNSONITEThe following colors have been selected from the Johnsonite palette as complements to Tandus Centiva products. Available in a broad offering of wall base andfinishing accessories, each can provide the necessary finishing touches to any commercial space. Please contact your Johnsonite representative for details, 800.899.8916.6 9 S T E R L I N G S I LV E R *38 PEWTER179 STEEL*20 CHARCOAL82 BLACK PEARL*63 BURNT UMBER44 DARK BROWN40 BLACK27 MIST194 ANTIQUE WHITE34 ALMOND0 9 C L AY49 BEIGE280 SHORELINE2 8 1 G R I Z Z LY29 MOON ROCK150 WETLANDS283 TOAST1 0 1 S E AW E E D47 BROWN41 SEA BREEZE71 STORM CLOUD92 BLUE LAGOON168 THUNDER190 GREEGE7 3 PA L M L E A F264 GROUNDED66 EITHER ORE*4 5 S A N D A LW O O D261 AUTUMN76 CINNAMON284 GANACHE132 ESPRESSO113 CHESTNUTTY85 BURGUNDY167 FUDGE*These colors are metallic and may not be accurately represented. Please contact your Johnsonite customer service representative to order samples.

THE ULTIMATE FLOORING EXPERIENCETandus Centiva, a Tarkett company, creates innovative floorcovering solutions through our unique line of Powerbond , Freeform , Modular, Broadloom, Wovenand LVT products. Each of our product platforms offer coordinated styles, extensive color ranges and a variety of patterns and textures that enhance the appearance of any commercial environment. Tandus Centiva products are also designed to coordinate with a variety of Johnsonite wall base and finishing accessories,providing the Ultimate Flooring Experience under the Tarkett family of brands.

CONSTRUCTION OPTIONSAll Tandus Centiva Modular options are 100% closed-loop recyclable through our Infinity Initiative program and do not containpesticides (antimicrobials) as part of our reduce chemical initiatives.Backing eSeamsMoistureManagementInstallationConserv ModularER3 TANDUS TAPEethos Flex-Aire Rollability is the ability to move (or roll) pieces of furniture such as chairs or beds on flooringFor samples, warranties and additional information, visit or call 800.248.2878.RecycledContent

Restart is our program to reclaim vinyl-backed carpet after its useful life and recycle it intonew ER3 backed floorcovering. This program also extends the life of materials by reusing andrecycling samples and portfolios. To initiate Restart, contact customer service at 800.248.2878.We ensure 100% of your materials and samples are reclaimed for recycling or reuse, ledContentMin. Post-ConsumerRecycled ContentNSF 140RatingER3 Modularethos ModularFlex-Aire Cushion oldRecycled content varies by product style and has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Global Services.For a detailed analysis of how Tandus Centiva products perform in environmental rating systems such as LEED,please visit our ecoScorecard at vinyl products, when recovered, are 100% recyclable in Tandus Centiva’s closed-loop recycling process.Tandus Centiva offers Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for the following:ethos Modular, ER3 Modular, Flex-Aire Cushion Modular, Powerbond ethos Cushion,Powerbond Cushion and Powerbond Medfloor.For samples, warranties and additional information, visit or call 800.248.2878.

ASCEND 04620EVANESCE 04617Coordinate Group:66Size:Modular: 24” x 24”(60.9 cm x 60.9 cm)Modular: 24” x 24”(60.9 cm x 60.9 cm)Modular: 18” x 36”(45.7 cm x 91.4 cm)Modular: 18” x 36”(45.7 cm x 91.4 cm)Surface Texture:Stratatec Patterned LoopStratatec Patterned LoopYarn Content:Dynex SD NylonDynex SD NylonDye Method:100% Solution Dyed100% Solution DyedPile Height Average:0.187” (4.7mm)0.187” (4.7mm)Pattern Match:N/AN/AER3 Modular, Flex-Aire CushionModular, Conserv Modular,ethos ModularER3 Modular, Flex-Aire CushionModular, Conserv Modular,ethos Modular24” x 24”:24” x 24”:VERTICAL ASHLARVERTICAL ASHLAR18” x 36”:18” x 36”:ModularConstruction Options:Installation Options:VERTICALASHLARFor samples, warranties and more information,visit or call ARHERRINGBONEUNIDIRECTIONAL

Modular: 18" x 36" (45.7 cm x 91.4 cm) Stratatec Patterned Loop Dynex SD Nylon 100% Solution Dyed 0.187" (4.7mm) N/A ER3 Modular, Flex-Aire Cushion Modular, Conserv Modular, ethos Modular 24" x 24": 18" x 36": Coordinate Group: Size: Surface Texture: Yarn Content: Dye Method: Pile Height Average: Pattern Match: Modular

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ASCEND designers work to craft the highest-quality gear at the best possible value. Your new kayak is manufactured from superior materials and state-of-the-art processes to ensure maximum durability. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect years of enjoyment from your new ASCEND kayak. SAFETY FIRST! The user of this product should:

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indicates desire to resume NTD activities. MoH representatives have fed into all iterations of the RAMA tool and are encouraged to lead in completing and reviewing RAMA documentation at each stage, with technical support from Ascend. The RAMA process involves completion of a tool (excelbased

Aug 04, 2015 · it brings a gender and racial equity lens to its analysis. Ascend believes that early childhood and . the initiative promotes transformative solutions to and impactful investments in the world’s significant challenges in health and well-being, economic . Kyle Zimmer, FirstBook

Near-Term Intermediate Scale Quantum Devices . Joshua J (Shua) Sanchez . Host Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Award Number: 2138167 (Division of Materials Research) Ascend-MPS: Probing Electronic Symmetry Breaking in Strain-Tuned Quantum Matter . Vanessa Sanchez . Host Institution: Stanford University .

American Chemistry Council. Ascend is committed to the principles of Responsible Care and to the proper stewardship of its products. Ascend is a member of the Acrylonitrile Group, a US based organization dedicated to the safe production and Use of An and AN based products. Together with other global

Keywords --- algae, o pen ponds, CNG, renewable, methane, anaerobic digestion. I. INTRODUCTION Algae are a diverse group of autotrophic organisms that are naturally growing and renewable. Algae are a good source of energy from which bio -fuel can be profitably extracted [1].Owing to the energy crisis and the fuel prices, we are in an urge to find an alternative fuel that is environmentally .