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The Accounts Payable Department ofthe FutureModernizing an Archaic, Back Office FunctionRETHINK WHAT AP CAN BETHE BUXE Company

Our speakersTHE BUXE CompanyPatrick StokowskiHelee LevAccount ManagerParoChief Revenue OfficerGoby2

Even today, most companiesstill run accounts payable (AP)the old fashioned way:by handTHE BUXE Company3

AP’S TOP CHALLENGES IN 2019High percentage of exceptions62%Invoice/payment approvals take too long51%Lack of respect/status within the organization49%Too much paper40%Getting the budget to invest in automation33%Lack of visibility into invoice and payment data24%0%THE BUXE Company10%20%30%40% Ardent Partners - 201950%60%70%Copyright 2019 - Ardent Partners Ltd.


Manual processing of invoices costs companiesbillions per yearPeople are expensiveManual mistakes are madeOpportunities are missedTHE BUXE Company6

There’s a better way to process invoicesNice1Sent viapostalserviceACME2880Sand Fork RoadMillersburg, IN 6060623THE BUXE CompanyACME location #1736999 S. Platinum Dr.Beverly Hills, CA 90201Received atmail ed7

It’s all about the opportunity costBeforeTHE BUXE CompanyAfter8

You can automate 100% of your invoicesOur solution is so simple you don’t even have to open the mailCAPTUREWORKFLOWEvery invoice an intakeengine turns paper intodigital informationExceptions are flaggedand electronicallyrouted, invoice routedfor approval based onyour business processCODINGArtificial intelligencereads the invoice andadds your accountinginformationTHE BUXE CompanyENTRYThe approved invoice issent right to yourfinancial system orEnterprise ResourcePlanning (ERP) platform9

Save Money & Time Avoid Costs Make MoneyROITHE BUXE Company

How will we save time & money?Fix this:THE BUXE CompanyInvoices do not get into the processas quickly as possibleCoding errorsErrors in keying the invoice dataHigh paper storage and retrievalcostsLost or misplaced invoicesDelays uploading data on approvedinvoices to downstream systemsLong approval and exceptionresolution cyclesDifficulty implementing operationalbest practices

How will we avoid costs & fees?Stop paying late feesDon’t be defraudedStop over-payingHire fewer people per invoiceas you growStop double-payingTHE BUXE Company

How will we make money?Captureearly-pay discountsTHE BUXE CompanyCelebratecash-back rebatesNegotiatefavorable terms

Consolidation of responsibilityWith remote accounts payableReduces redundancies and uncovers opportunitiesAll bookkeeping activities and AP functions can be handled by a singleperson, working remotely:Fully automatedAPTHE BUXE CompanyImprovecashflowReduce collectionsand risksValue add activities14

The business caseTHE BUXE Company15

AP as a remote functionReducing redundancies uncovers outsourcing opportunitiesHiring a full-time CPA to accommodate a new clientdoesn’t make sense Costs your company 140,000 (plus benefits)Working on a project basis with Paro Save as much as 70,000 per yearTHE BUXE Company16

A typical business case for AP AutomationA mid-market company with: 1,000 employees 200 million in revenue 4,500 invoices paid per month Limited automationPre-Goby Monthly Processing CostsWith Goby Monthly Processing CostsVS 8.33 x 4,500 invoices 37,485 4.20 x 4,500 invoices 18,900Savings of 223,020 per yearTHE BUXE Company17

Total savingsProject basis work with Paro:Automated AP with Goby:Total:THE BUXE Company 70,000 223,020 293,020

Thank you!19

Contact us!THE BUXE CompanyPatrick StokowskiHelee Levpat@paro.iohlev@gobyinc.com20

A typical business case for AP Automation Pre-Goby Monthly Processing Costs 8.33x 4,500 invoices 37,485 A mid-market company with: 1,000 employees 200 million in revenue 4,500 invoices paid per month Limited automation VS With Goby Monthly Processing Costs 4.20x 4,500 invoices 18,900 17 Savings of 223,020 per year

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