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PECO’PECO’sSmart Grid & Meter PlanGlenn Pritchard

What is a Smart Meter?2

Smart Meters / Smart Grid3Smart Meters are the foundational element of a Smart GridSmart Home/BusinessSmart Meters (AMI)Smart Distribution System Real-time usage andpricing statistics A method to enable twoway information flow Real-time reporting of statusand outages Home Area Networkcomposed of smartdevices and appliancesthat know the price ofenergy System status, customeroutage status, usage andpricing signals deliveredto and from location Automated controls of relaysand reclosers. Efficient fieldforce managementSSmartt UtilityUtilit More efficient datacollection, processingand back officefunctions Effective interconnection ofrenewable energy sourcesPowerCo12341234Leveraging common communication systems and information processing is critical

Pa. Act 129¾ In 2008, the PA Legislature passed Act 129, which applies to EDCs(Electric Distribution Companies) serving more than 100,000 customers¾ Energy Efficiency and Demand Response¾ Overall load reduction goals¾ 1% in 2011, 3% in 2013¾ 4.5%4 5% on peakk 100 hhours iin 2013¾ Nearly 20 different programs have been approved by the PUC, they include:¾ Compact Fluorescent Lighting ProgramC CycCyclingg Programog a¾ AC¾ Customer Education and Awareness Programs¾ Smart Meteringg4

Act 129 and Implementation Order9 Smart Meters¾ Obligates PECO to furnish “Smart Meter Technology”: (1) upon customerrequest; (2) in new building construction; and (3) in accordance with adepreciation schedule not to exceed 15 years¾ Defines “Smart Meter Technology” as metering and network capable ofbi-directional communications, which records customer usage on atleast an hourlyy basis,, enables time-of-use rates and real time ppriceprograms, and supports automatic control of the customer’s electricityconsumption¾ Provides for full-and-current cost recovery of all prudent and reasonablecosts including related electric distribution system upgradescosts,upgrades, less operatingand capital costs savings realized, through base rates or rider¾ The implementation order further defined the requirements byy identifyingy g 14specific capabilities of a Smart Meter5

Smart Meter CapabilitiesCapabilityBidirectional data communications6Act 129Implementation OrderXRemote disconnection and reconnectionX15-minute15ior shorterhintervalil datadto customers, EGSs,EGS 3rddparties and RTOs on daily basisXRecord minimum hourly reads and deliver at least once perdayXOn-board meter storageg of meter compliant with national,non-proprietary standardsXOpen standards and protocols compliant with national,non-proprietary standardsXAbility to upgrade minimum capabilities as technologyadvances and becomes economicallyy feasibleXAbility to monitor voltage at each meter and report dataXRemote programmingXCommunicate outagesg and restorationsXAbility to support net metering of customer-generatorsXSupport automatic load control by EDC, customer and 3rdparties with customer consentXSSupportt time-of-usetifandd real-timel tipricingi iprogramsXProvide customer direct access to consumption andpricing information (hourly consumption information)X

Key MilestonesMilestones9 Smart Meter Plan Filing – August 14, 20099 Anticipated Smart Meter PUC approval – Mid-April 20109 Initial Smart Meter deployment – October 2011Key Smart Meter Project Tasks include:9 AMI Technology Selection9 Internal IT System Deployment9 Communication Network Installation9 New Rate Development7

“Smart Future Greater Philadelphia”9 On February 18, 2009, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act(ARRA) was signed into law, including a 3.4B for the SGIG programwhich provides matching contributions of up to 50 percent forqualifying Smart Grid investments9 On August 6, 2009, PECO filed a 200M grant request, the “SmartFuture Greater PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia” SGIG application Up to 600,000 Smart Meters and associated infrastructure, supportingPECO’s Act 129 Smart Meter Initiative Multiplep Smart Grid Investments Partnership Agreements with Penn, Drexel/Viridity, Liberty Property Trustand others9 On October 27, 2009, the U.S. DOE notified PECO that it hadapproved a SGIG award of 200 million, subject to negotiations andfinalization of a project agreement8

Proposed Smart Grid InvestmentsGoals Enhance reliability of the electric power system by identifying, isolating and rapidlyremediating outages and other disruptions Enable system visualization and harden and diversify communications and control towithstand cyber attacks and natural disasters “Smarten” substations and collect and store data for post-event analysisCOMMUNICATIONS AND OPERATIONS SUPPORT SYSTEMS9 Fiber Ring Upgrade – 340 miles of fiber optic construction through 61 substations to facilitatecommunicationsi tiththatt willill createt a ““self-healinglf h li network”tk”9 Accelerated replacement of DMACS with DMS9 “Tier 2” backhaul communications to support telemetry backhaul, AMI and distribution automation (DA)DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION9 Install over 100 reclosers9 Install over 30 Underground Circuit Breakers in Center City Philadelphia9 Provide converged (with AMI) communications over 300 already installed reclosers9 Perform Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) on over 45 circuits, including 80 capacitor controls9 Install Automatic Voltage Controls on 7 substation transformersINTELLIGENT SUBSTATIONS9 Install DA with microprocessor relays at 7 substationsprelayy replacementspfor 16 transmission lines or transformers9 Install microprocessor9 Install modern Disturbance Monitoring Equipment (DME) at 31 locations9

Opportunities for the Customer9 Improved Reliability9 More information on personal energy usage9 New rate options including Time-of-Use Rates RealReal-TimeTime Pricing Critical Peak Pricing9 New tools and programs to help manage usage In-Home Displays Smart Thermostats Load Control Devices10

In-Premise Opportunities - ResidentialAdvanced Rates11Home Area NetworkDemandResponseOFFONSmartMeteringMIDLoad Control DevicesAppliance ControlAutomated Gas ReadsIn-Home Displays &Web-Access

In-Premise Opportunities - Commercial12In-Premise nced RatesLoad Control DevicesDisplays &Web-Access

13Glenn A. Pritchard, PEPECO - Meter Reading Technologies2301 Market St, N5-7Philadelphia, PA 19101(215) 841-6977

Smart Home/Business Smart Meters (AMI) Smart Distribution System S t Utilit . 9Smart Meter Plan Filing - August 14, 2009 9Anticipated Smart Meter PUC approval - Mid-April 2010 . Up to 600,000 Smart Meters and associated infrastructure, supporting PECO's Act 129 Smart Meter Initiative Multiple Smart Grid Investments

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PECO has the right to claim a pro-rated amount of any incentive paid if the customer ceases to be a distribution customer of PECO or removes the equipment or systems at any time during the five-year period or the life of the measure.

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PECO PY 2016-2020 Act 129 - Phase III Energy Efficiency And Conservation Plan Page 5 . Introduction PECO's Phase III portfolio is the evolution of PECO's Phases I and II plan models towards a more comprehensive and customer centric portfolio of energy solutions which are designed with the best interest of customers in mind.

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emissions reduction from smart grid deployment 28 14. Smart grid product providers 33 List of Tables 1. Characteristics of smart grids 7 2. Workshop contributions to the Smart Grids Roadmap 8 3. Smart grid technologies 19 4. Maturity levels and development trends of smart grid technologies 20 5. Select national smart grid deployment efforts 21 6.

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