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REACH YOUR CUSTOMERSWHEN THEY NEED YOUWith over 50,000 daily users, 2,000 new app users a week andover 1,000,000 social media impressions every month, advertisingwith the Tyne Tunnels is the perfect way to reach your audience.Have our expert marketing team create your advert or supply uswith your captivating design and start getting your brand seentoday.

EMAIL NEWSLETTERMOBILE APPWEBSITEFACEBOOKINSTAGRAMTWITTERLINKEDINCreate your bespoke marketing plan to get the resultsyou need and wow customers with your brand.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER / MOBILEAPP / WEBSITEMonthly NewsletterSent to 70,000customers per monthwith a high openand engagementrate. Option for fullfeature or banner.Mobile AppWith over 2,000downloads per week,put your brandoffer or story on ourhomepage and watchthe clicks soar.WebsiteHighlight yourbusiness to 300,000monthly websitevisitors. Option for anarticle or a banner onevery webpage.

CAMPAIGN REPORTINGSee real time results from start to finish on the metrics that mattermost to you. We include this as standard in all of our packages.REACHWe will show youexactly how manytimes your adwas seen by yourcustomers.CLICKSKnow how interestedcustomers are inyour brand dealand use it to tweakheadlines andgraphics to maximiseyour ROI.CONVERSIONUsing QR codes,unique links and callsto action, you cantrack conversionsand sales from theads we show.

tPACKAGESWe have bespoke packages available including:DIGITALSIMPLE 449/month VATNewsletter PremiumFeatureDIGITALMIX 599/week VATNewsletter, websitearticle, app story & 3social posts & StoriesDIGITALDELUXE 999/week VATEverything Digital Above the fold banner Full feature story 70,000 customers 150,000 customers 300,000 website visitors Website article & banner App story 3 social media posts &Stories Email newsletter feature &bannerFREE Social Media Post15% discount for 4 weeks 100 Facebook post boostContact our marketing team at: with us further on pricing & creating tailored packages to fit your needs.Packages above are available and single buy options on the next page.

WPRICINGBelow is our pricing for individual advertising options:MediaDescriptionCost 99/articleApp StoryFull feature evergreen written article in our news section at, with title,images/video, text and linksFeatured at the top of our website, visible on all pages at, text basedwith a linkStory or offer featured on the homepage of our app, including text, image and alinkSocial Media PostChoice of a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn post, including image/video, 49/postcaption and a linkWebsite ArticleWebsite Banner 199/week 99/postInstagram & FacebookStoriesInstagram & FacebookStories BundleEmail NewsletterPremiumInstagram and Facebook Story post, with image, stickers/link 39/postInstagram and Facebook Stories posted 3 times throughout the week, imagewith stickers/link 49/weekAbove the fold banner at the top of our monthly newsletter and a feature storyin the main body with title, image, text and link 449/monthEmail NewsletterFeature story in the main body of our monthly newsletter, with title, text, imageand link 249/monthContact our marketing team at: with us further on pricing & creating tailored packages to fit your needs.

ADVERTISE WITH TYNE TUNNELS. REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY NEED YOU With over 50,000 daily users, 2,000 new app users a week and over 1,000,000 social media impressions every month, advertising with the Tyne Tunnels is the perfect way to reach your audience.

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North East - Tyne & Wear South Research Ethics Committee Annual Report Page 2 Part 1 – Committee Membership and Training Name of REC: North East - Tyne & Wear South Research Ethics Committee Type of REC: RECs recognised to review CTIMPS in patients - type iii Type of Flag: Phase 1 Studies in Patients Chair: Mr Paddy Stevenson Vice-Chair: Mr Ian Campbell

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Each can either advertise or not advertise. attracts many of its rival's customers. If neither advertises, they each capture 50 percent of the market and each earns 10 million. 2016/12/15 Imperfect Competition(s) Joseph Tao-yiWang Bonus Question1 (ALL 14-6) If they both advertise, they again split the market evenly, but each spends 2 million

and vegetables. We developed this handbook based on a study of Indiana farmers’ use of high tunnels. We learned from more than 130 Hoosier farmers about their experience growing in high tunnels through mailed surveys and on-farm interviews. High tunnels are a new variation on greenhouses. Growers are using this low-cost technology to

Pacheco Pass, the tunnels are typically a mile or less to avoid using a tunnel boring machine (TBM). Instead, it’s a combination of tall bridges and tunnels, with the bridges serving as the access portals to the tunnels. The Palmdale to Burbank Section is the most complex

Site will likely need leveling and/or construction of a pad . Differences between high tunnels and greenhouses . High tunnels . Greenhouses . Advantages of high tunnels relative . a Haygrove Super Solo High Tunnel( 25 x 200) Plant September 1. Harvest November

Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Interfaces Configuration Guide, Release 5.x OL-23435-03 Chapter 9 Configuring Q-in-Q VLAN Tunnels Information About Q-in-Q Tunnels inner VLAN ID is the VLAN of the incoming traffic (as assigned by the customer). This double tagging is called

transmission and detection in tunnels at the Black Diamond Mines Regional Park near Antioch, California on March 19-21, 2007. Our goal was to investigate propagation channel characteristics that affect the reliability of wireless telemetry and control of Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) robots in tunnels and other weak-signal environments.

The information in this document applies both to IPsec VPNs and SSL VPNs unless otherwise noted. The encrypted tunnels for SSL VPNs use TCP port 443, which is usually allowed by intermediate firewalls by default. SSL VPN tunnels and the SSL VPN Portal are different remote access methods. You access SSL VPN tunnels using the Stonesoft VPN .

Department of Plant Biology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, NEl 7RU, United Kingdom ABSTRACT: 200 taxa of algae were recovered from cultures of 24 "terres trial" and "hydro-terrestrialll soil and vegetation samples from Glerar dalur, northern Iceland. 22 of the samples were collected at heights of between 500 and 1300 m. The algae were divided between the classes .

1 Component Replication in Distributed Systems: a Case study using Enterprise Java Beans G. Morgan‡, A. I. Kistijantoro‡, S. K. Shrivastava‡ and M.C. Little‡* ‡School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK *Arjuna Technologies Ltd., Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Abstract A recent trend has seen

P4 PERFORMANCES MAGAZINE 1294: First shipyard is established on the River Tyne, building ships for Edward the 1st of England. 1852: The Swan Hunter Yard is established in Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne. 1906: The Mauretania, a transatlantic ocean liner, is launched from Swan Hunter. The ship was 790 feet long w

Terrain of Landscape & Architecture, spon-sored by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the Landscape Research Group, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. The symposium, organized by Nathanial Coleman and others, was held September 23-26, 2004. Leonardo da Vinci, "John the Baptist" (1513-16)

e.g. 4 hops to network XYZ, 2 hops to ABC Periodically advertise attached nets out each link Learn other nets from other router advertisements Advertise learned routes (add 1 to hop count) Also known as Bellman-Ford after the inventors. TDC375 Autumn 03/04 John Kristoff - DePaul University 12 Distance vector illustrated. TDC375 Autumn 03/04 John Kristoff - DePaul University 13 Distance vector .

2 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 TO ADVERTISE CALL 562-407-3873 35 features 6 7 9 Vol. 1 No. 4, Published by Hews Media Group. To advertise call 562.407.3873 cervical cancer AWARENESS causes and symptoms. glaucoma AWARENESS common types and their symptoms. new you HAPPY NEW YEAR

and phone number if husband answers) Or Mobile - 0414782277. Guild members can advertise in the YarnSpinner (at no charge) any events or items for sale . Contact the editor at the Guild address or at Non members may advertise but must pay 5 per line, in advance. SMALL TAPESTRIES EXHIBITION

Nested VPID – Virtual Processor Identifier Tag address space and avoid a TLB flush – We don't advertise vpid to the L 1 hypervisor – L0 uses the same vpid to run L1 and all its guests – KVM flushes vpid when switching between L1 and L2 – Advertise vpid and maintain a mapping for L1's vpids Nested Virtualization

Important: If you choose internally, you can advertise this job on your organisation's job board or by sharing the listing with someone. If you choose externally, this job is advertised on NHS Jobs where anyone can apply. To confirm where to advertise this job, complete the following steps: 1. Select an answer. 2.

Advertise Monetize CPS 소개서 TNK CPS Introduction 매체소개서 Monetize Introduction About Us TNK Factory Introduction 회사소개서 DSP 소개서 TNK DSP Introduction 퍼포먼스 소개서 Performance Introduction 코드뱅크 소개서 Codebank Introduction TNK Factory는 안전하고 빠르며 쉬운 플랫폼입니다.

know not: Am I my brother's keeper?” (Genesis 4:9) 4 Abstract In this study, I examine the protection of human rights defenders as a contemporary form of human rights practice in Kenya, within a broader socio-political and economic framework, that includes histories of activism in Kenya. By doing so, I seek to explore how the protection regime, a globally defined set of norms and .