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Website Report for website.comThis report grades your website on the strength of a range of important factors such as on-page SEOoptimization, off-page backlinks, social, performance, security and more. The overall grade is on a A to Fscale, with most major industry leading websites in the A range. Improving a website's grade isrecommended to ensure a better website experience for your users and improved ranking and visibility bysearch engines.Audit Results for website.comA-Your page is goodYou have 10 Improvements RecommendedAC A C-A SEOUsabilityPerformanceSocialSecuritySEO ResultsYour SEO is goodAYour page is largely optimized for SEO performance. SEO optimization isimportant to ensure you can maximize ranking potential and drive traffic toyour website from search engines. You can continue to build on your positionby ensuring On and Off-Page factors highlighted here are improved, as well asthrough application of SEO strategies like content generation and link building.

HTML HEADERTitle TagYou have a title tag of optimal length (between 10 and 70 characters).Create Your Website for Free Free Site Builder Website.comLength : 62Meta Description TagYour page has a meta description of optimal length (between 70 and 320 characters).Create a professional website for free with the website builder. Domain names,web hosting, website templates, and ecommerce solutions included.Length : 156BODY CONTENTHeader TagsYour page is making good use of header tags.HTML header tags are an important way of signaling to search engines the important contenttopics of your page, and subsequently the keywords it should rank for.HeaderTagFrequencyH11H21H34H40H50H60Keyword ConsistencyYour page's main keywords are distributed well across the important HTML tags.Your page content should be focused around particular keywords you would like to rank for.Ideally these keywords should also be distributed across tags such as the title, meta andheader tags.

Individual KeywordsKeywordTitleMetaDescriptionTagfree 16website 12get 8site 7from 6plans 6builder 6features yPhrasesPhraseTitleMetaDescriptionTagwebsite for free 4website builder 3get started 3site builder 3ecommercerestaurantmultilingual 2builderecommercerestaurant 2site builderecommerce 2features sitebuilder 2Amount of ContentYour page has a low volume of text content which search engines can interpret as 'thincontent'. It has been well researched that higher text content volumes are related to betterranking ability in general.Word Count: 487

Image Alt AttributesYou have images on your page that are missing ALT attributes.We found 9 images on your page and 6 of them are missing the attribute.LINKSNumber of BacklinksYou have a strong level of backlink activity to this page.Backlink data provided by5M27.1k66ExternalReferringMoz DomainBacklinksDomainsAuthorityTop BacklinksThese are the highest value external pages we have found linking to your site.DomainAuthority om/watch?v van abh orum om-vbnet-withoutpromption-credential?forum vbgeneral

On-Page Link StructureWe found 77 total links. 16% of your links are external links and are sending authority to othersites. 0% of your links are nofollow links, meaning authority is not being passed to thosedestination pages.Broken LinksWe have found 1 broken link(s) on your page. Broken links are confusing to users and canreduce traffic and ranking ability of pages.Please note, we were not able to crawl all links in the given time window. Only 34 of 40 totallinks found were able to be crawled.Friendly URLsYour page links appear friendly (easily human or search engine readable).INDEXINGNoindex Tag TestYour page is not using the Noindex Tag which prevents indexing.Noindex Header TestYour page is not using the Noindex Header which prevents indexing.OTHERRobots.txtYour website appears to have a robots.txt file. SitemapsYour website appears to have an XML csYour page is using an analytics tool.Google Structured DataYour page is using structured data.

UsabilityYour usability could be betterC Your page is OK but could be more usable across devices. Usability is importantto maximize your available audience and minimize user bounce rates (whichcan indirectly affect your search engine rankings).Device RenderingThis check visually demonstrates how your page renders on different devices. It is importantthat your page is optimized for mobile and tablet experiences as today the majority of webtraffic comes from these sources.Flash Used?No Flash content has been identified on your page.iFrames Used?Your page appears to be using iFrames. iFrames are discouraged as they can complicatenavigation of content in mobile and have historically been harder to index for search engines.There are particular coding libraries however such as Google Tag Manager that requireiFrames as part of their functionality.FaviconYour page has specified a favicon.

Performance ResultsYour performance is very good!Congratulations, your page has performed very well in our testing meaning itshould be reasonably fast and responsive for users. Performance is importantto ensure a good user experience, and reduced bounce rates (which can alsoindirectly affect your search engine rankings). Continue to monitor yourperformance over time to ensure there are no periodic fluctuations.A Page Speed InfoYour page's server response time is reasonably low which is good for load speed and userexperience.Server ResponseAll Page Content LoadedAll Page Scripts CompletePage Size InfoYour page's file size is reasonably low which is good for Page Load Speed and userexperience.Total Page SizePage Size Breakdown

Number of ResourcesThis check displays the total number of files that need to be retrieved from web servers toload your page. As a general rule, having more files to retrieve increases the number of serverrequests and can subsequently increase page load time. It is a good idea to removingunnecessary files or consolidate files like styles and scripts where possible.87Total Objects101223825Number ofNumber of JSNumber ofNumber ofOtherHTML t ErrorsYour page is not reporting any JavaScript errors.MinificationAll your JavaScript and CSS files appear to be minified.Deprecated HTMLNo deprecated HTML tags have been found within your page.Inline StylesYour page appears to be using inline styles. Inline styles are an older coding practice anddiscouraged in favor of using CSS style sheets, due to their ability to degrade page loadperformance and unnecessarily complicate HTML Code.Social ResultsYour social could be betterC-You do not appear to have a strong social presence or level of social activity (orwe may just not be able to see your profiles!). Social activity is important forcustomer communication, brand awareness and as a marketing channel tobring more visitors to your website. We recommend that you have all of yourprofiles listed on your page for visibility, and work to build a following on thosenetworks.Facebook ConnectedYour page has a link to a Facebook Page.Facebook Open Graph TagsYour page is using Facebook Open Graph Tags.

Facebook PixelWe have not detected a Facebook Pixel on your page.Facebook's Pixel is a piece of analytics code that allows you to track users retarget them withFacebook Ads in future.Twitter ConnectedTwitter ActivityYour page has a link to a Twitter profile.You have a strong following on Twitter.1,173FollowersTwitter CardsWe have not detected Twitter Cards on your page.Twitter Cards are a type of structured data that can be placed on your page to control whatcontent is shown when a page is shared on Twitter.Instagram ConnectedNo associated Instagram profile found linked on your pageYouTube ConnectedNo associated YouTube channel found linked on your page.LinkedIn ConnectedNo associated LinkedIn profile found linked on your page.Security ResultsYour security looks very good!A We haven't identified obvious security problems on your website. Security isimportant to ensure your website protects user data, doesn't becomecompromised or experience downtime or data loss. We recommend ongoingpatching and the continuous use of protective monitoring tools.SSL EnabledYour website has SSL enabled.HTTPS RedirectYour page successfully redirects to a HTTPS (SSL secure) version.

Malware CheckYour website has been flagged as safe by popular malware scanners Email PrivacyNo email addresses have been found in plain text on your page.Technology ResultsTechnology ListThese software or coding libraries have been identified on your page.TechnologyAdRollGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Font APIServer IP Address65.61.198.201DNS ServerWebsite.comCharsettext/html;charset UTF-8Version

RecommendationsSEOFix identified broken linksSEOIncrease Page text contentLow PrioritySEOAdd ALT attributes to all imagesLow PrioritySocialCreate and link associated Instagram profileLow PrioritySocialCreate and link an associated YouTubeLow PriorityMedium PrioritychannelSocialCreate and link an associated LinkedInLow PriorityprofileSocialAdd Twitter CardsLow PriorityPerformanceRemove inline stylesLow PriorityMobile & UIRemove iFramesLow PrioritySocialSetup & Install a Facebook PixelLow Priority

Website Report for This report grades your website on the strength of a range of important factors such as on-page SEO optimization, off-page backlinks, social, performance, security and more.

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