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100k AffiliateGoing from start to “Super Affiliate”

100k Affiliate 100k AffiliateBecoming AGoing from start to “Super Affiliate”Super Affiliate“Super Affiliate” is aDefinition: “affiliate marketing”1term used to refer toaffiliate marketers who[af·fil·i·ate] [mar·ket·ing]have achieved veryNoun, \ə-ˈfi-lē-ˌāt\ \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\substantial success.Affiliate Marketing, sometimes referred to as “PerformanceMarketing”, is an online marketing model where the ‘Affiliate’drives sales of another businesses products or services.While there’s no specificIn return for his/her efforts, the ‘Affiliate’ is paid a percentage ofeach sale that they have originated.the purpose of this guidemilestone after whichyou become “Super”, forwe consider thatthreshold to be 100,000.A Bold ClaimWhat you have before you is, simply put, the most complete, upto-date, and effective guide to successful Affiliate Marketing –and to becoming a Super Affiliate – that money can buy.If you’re earning at least 100k/yr., we’ll grantyou the official status of“Super Affiliate”.I understand that’s a very bold statement; the internet is fullof them. Most, of course, are exaggerated, even extremely so.The Real DealIf you read this guide –and I mean really read it –and put it into practiceThis guide, however, is different. It’s the Real Deal, based entirelyand exclusively on real-world experience and actual success. It’swritten by a guy (me) who has been in ‘the biz’ since it’sinception, published by a company (“ 100k Publishing”, mycompany) that has been doing this profitably for almost a decade.like you mean it, youNothing here is theory, hearsay, or second-hand knowledge. Noris it stuff that “seems like it should work” – which, unfortunately,is the basis of so many make-money guides out there.It may not be “easy” –you should expect toput in a lot of work. Butit really is that simple.This is a Blueprint. Follow it to become a “Super Affiliate”.LEGAL 1WILL earn at least 100,000, pass go, andachieve “Super” status.

100k Affiliate Table of ContentsLEGAL . 8READ THIS FIRST! . 9How To Proceed . 9CRUCIAL . 10Beginner . 10Experienced . 11Why You Will Succeed . 11The “ 100k Affiliate” Blueprint . 12How To Build A 6-Figure Business . 12Choosing Your Niche/ Topic . 15RFB: Your “Reason For Being” . 16Passion & Knowledge . 18Instant Expert . 18Where To Begin: Brainstorming . 19Uncovering What’s Already “Hot” . 20Article Directories . 20Visit Online Marketplaces . 21Check Affiliate Marketplaces . 21Watch The Media . 21Brainstorming Resources . 22Keyword Research For Niche Hunting . 22Physical Products . 24Digital Products . 25Desperate Buyers . 27Evaluating Demand & Competition . 28Advertising . 28LEGAL 2

100k Affiliate Keyword Research . 29Are People Interested In This Topic? . 31Is There Commercial Intent? . 31How Much Competition Is There? . 32Outsourcing It . 33Choosing What To Promote . 34Creating Your Website . 36Wordpress . 36Other Platforms . 36Setting Up Your Site . 37Hosting . 38Domain Name . 38Theme . 39Plugins . 41Content & Keywords . 44Content Focus . 44Optimizing Your Content . 45Optimizing For Visitors . 45Profiling . 46Demographics . 47The EROTIC Method . 48Engage . 49Rapport. 49Open Up . 50Titillate. 51Indicate Value. 52Call To Action. 52LEGAL 3

100k Affiliate Outsourcing It . 53Formatting Your Articles . 54Keyword Density . 54Page Title . 55Header Tags. 55Images . 55Interlinking . 56Organizing Your Website . 56The Present Future Of Keyword Research . 57TRAFFIC. 59Traffic, Promotion, and the Social Web . 60Ranking Our Site . 61The Backlinking Solution. 61Getting Inside Your Niche . 62EDU and GOV links . 63RSS Links . 64Directories . 65Social Bookmarking . 66Press Releases . 67Article Marketing . 68Putting Content On Web 2.0 Hubs. 70The “Link Wheel” Format . 70Forum Profile Links . 70If You’re Broke . 71Web 2.0s . 71Content Syndication . 71Forum Posting . 72LEGAL 4

100k Affiliate Additional Traffic Sources . 73Youtube & Video Marketing . 73The Video . 74Distribution . 75Channels. 76Tags . 76Web 2.0 . 77Social Media Marketing. 78Facebook . 79Twitter . 80Myspace / Other User Communities . 82StumbleUpon . 83Additional Traffic Sources . 84Forums. 84Free Reports / Giveaways . 86Document Sharing Sites . 86Press Releases . 87Podcasting . 88Classified Ads / Craigslist . 89RSS Feeds . 90Email Marketing . 91Yahoo Answers / Answer Sites . 93Kindle Publishing / Ebook publishing. 94News / Reporter Lists . 96Google Places. 96Tutorial Sites . 97Software / EXE's . 97LEGAL 5

100k Affiliate Webinars / Presentations . 98Word Of Mouth / Offline Sources . 99Your Step By Step Action Plan . 101Preparation . 102Day One . 103Day Two. 104Day Three . 104Day Four . 104Day Seven . 105Day Eight . 106Day Ten . 106Day Fourteen. 106Beyond . 107Managing Your Business . 108Accounting Vs. Bookkeeping . 108Spreadsheet. 109Wave . 109Growing Your Business And Becoming A “Super Affiliate” . 111Outsourcing Everything: How & Where . 112The Art Of Delegation . 113Writing . 116Media Design . 117SEO. 117Where To Go, What To Know . 118Fiverr . 118Forum Posting . 120Freelancer, oDesk, and the rest . 121LEGAL 6

100k Affiliate Your Job Listing . 122What To Screen For . 124LEGAL 7

100k Affiliate LEGAL(Stuff we have to say)While we have made every effort to insure the accuracy and appropriate use of the informationprovided, the authors make no claims or warranties, express or implied, regarding anythingcontained herein.All earnings and profit examples used herein are our actual results based on what is presented,however we cannot make any guarantees of earnings or profits. Most people who purchase thisproduct will not even earn back the cost – but that has more to do with lack of effort than theeffectiveness of what’s presented. Still, your results will depend on many factors, many of whichwe have no control over.The owner and author of this book is not necessarily affiliated with sites that may be linked herein andis not responsible for their content. The linked sites are for your convenience only and you access themat your own risk. Links to other websites or references to products, services or publications other thanthose of Analogy Marketing, do not imply the endorsement or approval of such websites, products,services or publications.In some cases, purchasing a product mentioned by using the links provided may result in acommission payment to us. That’s Affiliate Marketing In Action.Certain names, graphics, logos, icons, designs, words, titles or phrases in this book mayconstitute trade names, trademarks or service marks of Analogy Marketing or of other entities. Thedisplay of trademarks on this website does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted.Any unauthorized copying, downloading, re-transmission, or other copying of modification oftrademarks and/or the contents herein may be a violation of federal common law trademarkand/or copyright laws and could subject the copier to legal action.Sincerely,Paul Countsand the “ 100k Blueprint” teamWe put a lot of time, effort, heart, and soul into this in order to help yousucceed by showing you how to copy our successful business models. Wehope you take advantage of it, but please don't abuse it.We believe in Karma, and know good things will happen to you if you applyyourself, follow our plans, and do right.Besides, we don't want you getting hit by a bus.LEGAL 8

100k Affiliate READ THIS FIRST!FACT: Most affiliate marketers fail. Heck, most online marketers, affiliate or otherwise, fail.Whether you’ve tried and failed in the past, had some moderate success, or are just startingout: If you don’t want to fail, take the time to read through this entire guide, then follow itto the letter.IF YOU FOLLOW THIS GUIDE, YOU WILL SUCCEED.IF YOU DON’T, CHANCES ARE ABOUT A ZILLION TO ONE YOU’LL FAIL.Think you’re ‘different’ or ‘special’? You probably are. But the above still applies.We’ve had the benefit of teaching HUNDREDS of internet marketers; even better than that,we’ve had the benefit of watching THOUSANDS of internet marketers via our private forum –for YEARS.Without exception, the ones that followed directions and applied themselves succeeded.Those that didn’t failed.How To ProceedThis guide is divided into sections.After this first section, we’ll do an overview of affiliate marketing, and then an overview ofour specific hundred K affiliate blueprint.From there the next four sections go over choosing your niche or topic, what you need to knowabout content and keywords, creating your website, and finally getting traffic to that website.After that we’ll go over how to manage your new online business to keep it running smoothlyand effectively, and then how to grow it into a sustainable, long-term six-figure business.READ THIS FIRST! 9

100k Affiliate The last main section talks about outsourcing, how and where to have other people do thework so that you can free up your time to focus on the creative aspects and enjoy being asuper affiliate.CRUCIAL“ 100k Affiliate” was written with the intention of producing a guide that virtually ANYONEcan use to develop a 6-figure business.This means we’ve had to take into account varying levels of experience, from very little to alot.The main sections spell out the ‘what’ and ‘how’, and apply regardless of where you’re at.BeginnerIf you are new to affiliate marketing, or this is your first foray into building an online business,I can’t stress this strongly enough: begin at the beginning- from the cover page forward - and readthe entire guide up to the “Experienced Marketers” section.Then follow the “Action Plan” to build your business.If you do it this way, the likelihood of your success will be 1000 times higher.In fact, here’s my guarantee: if you start from the beginning, read the guide from thebeginning to the “Experienced Marketers” section, then follow it to a T, you absolutely willachieve super affiliate status, the result of which will be your own six-figure affiliate marketingbusiness.If you take me up on this, and I sincerely hope you do, and you don’t achieve the resultsI’m guaranteeing you, please let me know: hit me up on the forum (it’s included with yourpurchase) and we’ll try to help you succeed, or we’ll refund every penny of your purchase.READ THIS FIRST! 10

100k Affiliate ExperiencedIf you are an experienced online marketer, my advice is similar: read this guide from coverto cover.Regardless of your experience, if you were where you wanted to be, you wouldn’t havebought this guide. The difference between moderate success and achieving your goals may beas seemingly insignificant as a slightly different focus in choosing your niche, or how you goabout your keyword research.“Almost” can mean the difference between success and failure.Why You Will SucceedOur methods work.Not only that, but they’ve been tested and refined, over and over, for years now. We alsohave the added benefit of having worked with hundreds of marketers at every stage andevery experience level.The result is what you have in front of you: a time tested and proven plan that, if followedto the letter, will give reliably repeatable results, namely a successful, sustainable, long-termprofitable business.Bottom Line: If you do what we do, you’ll get what we get. Follow this guide, and you willsucceed. Period.READ THIS FIRST! 11

100k Affiliate The “ 100k Affiliate” BlueprintAs you’ll see, there are many ‘flavors’ of affiliate marketing: different approaches,different platforms, most of which can rightfully be termed “affiliate marketing”.You probably have your own notion of what affiliate marketing looks like, what comes tomind when you think about the business of affiliate marketing – product review sites,Amazon affiliate links placed on a blog or within articles, promoting affiliate products to amailing list, etc.This guide touches on most of these, and provides tested & proven ‘best practices’ to insurethe greatest success across various different efforts.But it is not intended to be an almanac of disparate affiliate marketing tactics.“ 100k Affiliate” is intended to be a Blueprint – a precise step-by-step plan for implementing aspecific affiliate marketing business model.In this section you’ll get an overview of the particular business model implemented in theBlueprint.Later, the section entitled “Action Plan” provides the specific step-by-step, do-this-then –dothat guide that you’ll use to implement the Blueprint.The sections in between will give you the understanding necessary to do each step inthe blueprint.How To Build A 6-Figure BusinessWe have built more sites, and generated more revenue over the past 8 years using thisBlueprint than everything else we do combined.Overview1) Choose Your Niche / Topic2) Develop Your Keyword ListThe “ 100k Affiliate” Blueprint 12

100k Affiliate 3) Create Your Content4) Build Your Website5) Monetize Your Website6) Drive Traffic7) Optimize & Improve8) ExpandConceptually, the “ 100k Affiliate” Blueprint is simple & straightforward: Choose your topic,determine which keywords & phrases are used to search in that topic, write articlesoptimized for those keywords, build the site using the content you created, add links torelated affiliate products, then get the attention of people interested in the topic.Visitors show up to browse the content, and some percentage click throu

Affiliate Marketing, sometimes referred to as "Performance Marketing", is an online marketing model where the 'Affiliate' drives sales of another businesses products or services. In return for his/her efforts, the 'Affiliate' is paid a percentage of each sale that they have originated. A Bold Claim

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