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MERITOR IS A LEADING AXLE ANDBRAKE SUPPLIER TO MOST OEM’sGLOBALLYOur OE customers are worldwide recognized brands.With more than 100 years of axle manufacturing experience, Meritor is known as one of the largest manufacturersof commercial vehicle axles and brakes. Our legacy is providing innovative products that offer superior performance,efficiency and reliability, the company serves commercial truck, trailer, off-highway, defense, specialty and aftermarket customers around the world.The designated trademarks are registered marks of their respective owners and Meritor and its affiliates are not commercially connected, affiliated, or associated withany of the owners of such marks. The Meritor products presented herein are not endorsed or authorised by any of the trademark owners.2

ABOUT MERITOR Focused on commercial vehicle and industrialmarkets Selling product in more than 70 countries More than 9,000 skilled and dedicated employees in18 countries Operating in every major region of the OR AFTERMARKET EUROPE185 Employees, 32 Nationalities, 26 Languages spokenMeritor’s European Aftermarket business suppliesspare parts for trucks, trailers, buses and vans underthe Meritor and the Trucktechnic brands.All products are produced to original equipment orequivalent specifications approved by Meritor and areappropriately guaranteed.With its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in theUnited Kingdom, the business provides an efficientand effective distribution network for the companyproducts in its European and Export Markets.Head Office in Dübendorf, Switzerland Commercial Officesin Redditch, UK Reman Facilityin Vrchlabí, Czech RepublicWarehouse in Neuwied, Germany Europe OE facilities in Cameri, ItalyLindesberg, SwedenCwmbran, UK3

MERITOR AND TRUCKTECHNIC PRODUCT OFFER SERVICINGTHE FULL LIFECYCLE OF THEVEHICLEMeritor’s European Aftermarket business supplies spare parts for trucks, trailers, buses and vansunder the Meritor and Trucktechnic brands.Meritor’s product portfolio enables you to carry out cost effective servicing throughout a vehicles life.“THE FORCE toSTOP VEHICLES”UNDERCARRIAGECalipersSlack AdjustersPadsDrumsLined ShoesDiscsAir SpringsLiningsNew and Reman4Drum BrakesActuatorsCamshaftsHubs

Commercial vehicle customers have different requirementsaccording to the age of the vehicle.Meritor always focuses to serve its customers with theright product at the right time and supplies spare parts tocover all of the different product needs at the best pricefor quality.To ensure customers choose the right product for eachtruck, we developed a 3 price point offering, clearlydifferentiated by packaging designs.“THE POWER toDRIVE VEHICLES”DRIVE TRAINCarriersGear SetsCONTROL VEHICLES”PNEUMATICS & ELECTRONICSCentre BearingsNew and RemanU Joints“THE PRECISION toValvesCompressorsAir DryersNew and RemanClutch ServosP.S. Pumps5

DIGITAL TOOLSMERITOR PARTS ONLINEBecause at Meritor we always try to improve ourselves and offer you the most modern and efficient tools, MeritorParts Online is the right answer for you if you wish to order faster and more efficiently!Meritor Parts Online e-commerce platform offers you the following features: Order online Check available stock Consult pricing Schedule orders Consult literature and cross referencesEverything at your finger-tip!VISIT US NOW AT:WWW.MERITORPARTSONLINE.COM/EUROPE6

MERITOR MOBILE APPLICATIONFOR iPad!Available now for Meritor Aftermarket Europe and compatible with Apple iPad devices.Now customers can access our product information, our catalogues, technical bulletinsand more from anywhere they are.JUST A FEW CLICKS AWAY!You only need to go to the Apple Store, search for “Meritor mobile” and start thedownload. Once you are in, you can find usby clicking on “Europe”, and then “Aftermarket”.You just need to downloadit once and then you willalways have it on your iPad!Some available features: Meritor Aftermarket EuropeGlobal Presentation andcompany brochure Latest brochures on productsand packaging Catalogues, product technicalbulletins and service manuals Service Manuals Shows and exhibition information Access to Meritor Parts Online7

CUSTOMER SERVICECustomer satisfaction is key at Meritor .We work hard to give you the best information andprovide the best solutions in the most professional andfriendly manner possible.A prepared and dynamic team:each team member is fully trained to support thecustomers before, during and after the purchase.Prompt response to customers:customers receive accurate information regardingtheir order status, product availability, prices andpromotions.Problem solving:any possible issue is treated with accuracy andefficiency to ensure a quick and effective solution.Dedicated Technical Help-Desk:a professional team with strong technical backgroundensures you receive full support in identifying thecorrect product.Product training:technical product training is organised at customersites.Multilingual support:all information and services are provided in 12languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish,Dutch, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Croatian, SerboCroatian, Schwiitzerdütsch.AFTERMARKET DISTRIBUTION NETWORKMeritor Distribution20,000operation650suppliers16,000SKUs stocked1,400shipped to locations1,077lines shipped70 calls handledper daymorethan20languagessupportedper dayMeritor Remanufacturingper yearrecycle1.7 milliontonnes of iron and steelper yearremanufacture45000calipersOne of the lowest transaction costs in the industryLogistics efficiency / ability to connect electronicallyBroadest undercarriage and drivetrain portfolio8CompetitiveAdvantagefor ourDistributors

REMANUFACTURED PRODUCTSMeritor remanufacturing Europe has invested numerous resources over the last 2years in core recovery techniques, we have also added new test facilities,equipment and increased our engineering strength.Meritor continuously develops recovery techniques which allow us to stay competitive and to share knowledge worldwide across the company.All components on which these techniques are applied have to go through extensivetesting before being released for sales.These tests take place in our OE facilities in the UK (Cwmbran), in Italy (Cameri) and in our latest test facility in India(Bangalore).Meritor remanufacturing differentiates itself through: Over 30 years of reman experience Remanufacturing for both OES and Aftermarket customers The continuous search for new recovery techniques The continuous improvement of existing techniques Extensive testing of reclaimed parts before release Approval and quality assurance of the finished product Quality assurance at a competitive price Establishing Meritor standards with suppliers Its “Lean” programme has increased operational excellenceCore recovery highlights: Metal deposition via cold metal spray CNC precision machining Electronics remanufacturingDEFINITION FOR REMAN:Meritor is member of CLEPA European Association of AutomotiveSuppliers and proud to fulfil the definition for Reman:“A remanufactured part fulfills a function which is at least equivalent compared to the original part.It is restored from an existing part (core), using standardized industrial processes in line with specific technicalspecifications.A remanufactured part is given the same warranty as a new part and it clearly identifies the part as a remanufactured part and the remanufacturer”YOUR BENEFITS Costs savings: by re-using components we save on raw materials, processing and manufacturing costs, makingthe reman product more cost effective than a new one. Safety: products have an equivalent function to that of the “original products” and Meritor guarantees them withthe same warranty policy as its new products.GREEN PRODUCT – Environmentally Friendly During the remanufacturing process, the C02emissions are considerably less than those generated during the production of an equivalent newproduct. Giving life to a product, tons of steel are recycledevery year, reducing waste and preserving naturalrecourses.9

QUALITYQuality is always at the forefront of Meritor Aftermarket Europe’s philosophy and a wide range of methodologies are used to ensure its products conform to thehighest levels of quality.All Meritor OE facilities are certified to ISO / TS16949.Certified to IS09001 across all of its three EuropeanAftermarket sites by the international certification bodyDNV, Meritor uses systems reflecting world wideindustry and company standards.From the planning stages of product introductionthrough to sample approval and the on going monitoring of product throughout its life cycle Meritor seeksnot just to meet, but to exceed customer expectations.New Supplier Assessment:All potential suppliers are assessed to establish theiroverall quality capabilities using a combination oftechniques including international quality standards,PAPA (Parts and Process Audits) pre award andtechnical reviews.Existing Supplier Monitoring:All suppliers are constantly monitored against anumber of factors including product quality andreliability, and delivery performance.10Sample Approval:All new products, whether from new or existingsuppliers are subject to analysis against specificationsusing automotive industry standard PPAP (ProductionPart Approval Process) procedures.On Going Quality Control:Once supplies are established on a regular basis,systems to ensure quality control at pre determinedfrequencies are used.


YOU CAN CONTACT US FRANCE0810 811267 SPAIN901 51 22 14 PORTUGAL808 20 08 81 GERMANY0180 1 OOO 402 AUSTRIA0810 8 100 41 ITALY848 881 078 UK & IRELAND845 606 7733 NETHERLANDS0900 202 0348 BELGIUM078 15 1372 LUXEMBOURG273 02012 RUSSIA & CIS 41 (0) 44 8248281 CEE 44 (0) 1527 503950 EXPORT 44 (0) 1527 503950 SCANDINAVIA 44 (0) 1527 503950 BALKANS 41 (0) 44 8248200Distributed byMB1001ENNEWvisit can find us on:The designated trademarks are registered marks of their respective owners and Meritor and its affiliates are not commercially connected,affiliated, or associated with any of the owners of such marks. The Meritor products presented herein are not endorsed or authorized byany of the trademark owners.Meritor Aftermarket Switzerland AGNeugutstrasse 89,8600 Dübendorf, SwitzerlandTelephone Number: 41 (0) 44 824 8200Meritor Aftermarket UK LimitedUnit 1 Broad Ground Road, Lakeside Industrial Estate,Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8YS, U.K.Telephone Number: 44 (0) 1527 50 2017 Meritor, Inc. All rights reserved.Issued 01-17 Publication MB1001ENNEWDescriptions and specifications were in effectat the time of publication and are subject tochange without notice or liability

Meritor Aftermarket Switzerland AG Neugutstrasse 89, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland Telephone Number: 41 (0) 44 824 8200 Meritor Aftermarket UK Limited Unit 1 Broad Ground Road, Lakeside Industrial Estate, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8YS, U.K. Telephone Number: 44 (0) 1527 50 3950

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MERITOR 140, 141, 143, 144 AND 145 SERIES DRIVE AXLE PARTS CATALOG PB-9147 888-725-9355 U.S. 800-387-3889 Canada 2012 Meritor, Inc.


ANSI A300 (Part 7), approved by industry consensus in 2006, contains many elements needed for an effective TVMP as required by this Standard. One key element is the “wire zone – border zone” concept. Supported by over 50 years of continuous research, wire zone – border zone is a proven method to manage vegetation on transmission rights-of-ways and is an industry accepted best practice .