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STANDARD MERITOR AFTERMARKET WARRANTY. We warrant all new parts for one year from date of shipment to the buyer against defective material orworkmanship (but not against damage caused by accident, abuse or improper installation, maintenanceor repair) when such parts are used on vehicles the specifications of which have been approved by ourEngineering Department. As the exclusive remedy under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair orreplace such parts free of charge, or take back the nonconforming parts and refund the monies paidby buyer for such parts, if found on examination by us to be nonconforming and if any necessary returncharges are prepaid.If it is necessary to return any parts under this warranty, buyer agrees not to make any deduction onaccount thereof from remittances on current accounts while claims are in the process of disposition.Any expense incurred without our consent for repairs or replacement will not be allowed.THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS, EXPRESS,IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESSFOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL SELLER BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL ORCONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE.Only Meritor-branded products, including genuine Meritor and its affiliated brands, are covered by thisaftermarket parts warranty.

AIR DISC BRAKEAIR BRAKEAs an industry brake leader, Meritoroffers an array of braking solutions.The warranty period for Meritor airdisc brake calipers starts on the dateof shipment to the buyer.Automatic Slack Adjusters.As a leading North American supplier ofbraking systems, Meritor understands theintricate relationship between Automatic SlackAdjusters (ASA) and foundation brakes. Designedfor a variety of applications, Meritor automaticslack adjusters are built to be robust andreliable while offering long lining life andenhanced brake performance.AIR DISC BRAKE CALIPERSModelProduct TypeNewSTROKE-SENSING AUTOMATIC SLACK nlimitedEX225 LRemanGeneral ServiceHeavy ServiceAllEX225 HOff-Highway ServiceOperation TypeYearsMileage (km)On-Highway(standard duty)5500,000(800,000)On-Highway(heavy UnlimitedCLEARANCE-SENSING AUTOMATIC SLACK iumLinehaulSelf-SettingStandardIntercity TransitPremiumSelf-SettingPremiumCity TransitSelf-SettingPremiumSevere DutySelf-Setting2200,00021100,0002AIR SPRINGSTogether, Meritor and Firestone offer acomplete air spring portfolio to cover a widevariety of applications. Firestone and Meritorair springs are an ideal choice for OE levelreplacement. Designed for the second andthird owner market, Meritor air springsoffer high quality and are engineered toexacting OEM specifications.AIR SPRINGSBrandSpring Brake Chambers.Euclid and Meritor offer a wide varietyof brake chambers and springbrakes for all applications.MeritorApplicationYearsMileageGeneral Service3Unlimited Euclid MileageFirestone3300,000Meritor 1100,000AIR VALVESSPRING BRAKE CHAMBERSBrandYears Meritor is proud to team with Sealcoand offer a full line of Sealco valves forair system applications. Sealco productscarry a 2-year parts-only warranty.AIR VALVESProductYearsMileageGenuine Sealco Valves and Components2Unlimited 2Meritor Aftermarket Warranty

BRAKE SHOES AND FRICTIONDRIVE AXLESPlatinumShield III is available forMeritor new and reman brakeshoes. The third-generationtechnology includes a refinement inthe process that provides superioradhesion of the coating to thesurface of the shoe. This enables the coating toprotect the brake shoe for a significantly longer time onthe road. PlatinumShield III coating provides enhancedresistance to rust-jacking and corrosion while extendingthe life of a vehicle’s brakes.As a market leader in drive axlesfor commercial vehicles, Meritor offers anextensive line of replacement assemblies andcomponents for Meritor and all-makes applications.DIFFERENTIAL ASSEMBLIESProductYearsMileageGenuine New Differential Assembly3300,000Parts Only200,000Parts Laborup to 500Genuine /Authorized RemanDifferential Assembly2CoverageDRIVE AXLE COMPONENTSBRAKE SHOESProductYearsMileagePlatinumShield III Lined Brake Shoes3300,000BrandYearsMileageMeritor Genuine3300,000Meritor2200,000Mach 1100,000 CoverageParts OnlyCLUTCHMeritor and Euclid clutches meet thecompany’s stringent standards forhigh-quality, high-performing products.To ensure these standards are met,Meritor performs rigorous inspectionsusing Parts and Process Audit (PAPA) andProduction Part Acceptance Process (PPAP) methods.DRIVELINEAs a leader in driveline technology,Meritor offers an extensive line of replacementassemblies and components for light-, medium- andheavy-duty applications. The Meritor Permalube (RPL) wasthe first permanently lubricated driveline in North Americawhile the Meritor Xtended Lube MXL is the only 100,000-milelube interval replacement product for 10-Series1 drivelines.CLUTCH*BrandYearsMeritor 1Euclid 2MileageUnlimitedCoverageDRIVELINEUp to imited See Meritor publication PB-1624 for complete details.RPL 1Spicer and 10-Series are registered trademarks of Dana Corporation.Meritor Aftermarket Warranty3

HYDRAULIC BRAKESHOCK ABSORBERSMeritor hydraulic brake rotors are protectedwith Platinum Protect — a proprietarycoating designed to protect againstoxidation and corrosion. Thoroughly testedto withstand the harshest road conditions,these rotors are ideal for a wide variety ofmedium-duty vehicles, such as school buses,emergency vehicles and delivery trucks.Meritor heavy-duty shock absorbers feature classleading technology along with unsurpassed serviceand support. They are designed, engineered andmanufactured to meet the needs of today’s fleetcustomers. A complete range, including PremiumHeavy-Duty Adjustable shocks, Standard Heavy-Dutyshocks and Heavy-Duty Cab shocks, covers Class6–8 vehicles.HYDRAULIC BRAKEProductHydraulic Brake Rotors with Platinum Protect SHOCK emium Heavy-Duty2200,0001UnlimitedStandard Heavy-DutyCabOFF-HIGHWAY AND DEFENSEMeritor offers 12 months of parts-only coverage for off-highwayand defense products.MERITOR TIREINFLATION SYSTEM(MTIS )Successful fleets use smarttechnology to help minimizeoperating costs, which is whyMTIS is specified on nearly oneof every three trailers built today.MTIS harnesses a trailer’s existing air supply to keeptires fully inflated when the vehicle is in operation, helpingto save money and adding profit to a fleet’s bottom line.WHEEL SEALSA leading cause of premature wheelseal failure is damage to the seal duringinstallation. Meritor wheel seals notonly provide outstanding lubricantretention and protection againstcontaminants, they are also designedto be easy to install in order tosignificantly reduce the potential for damage during installation.Designed for drive, steer and trailer axles, Meritor wheel sealsare available in Standard and Premium versions.WHEEL SEALSMERITOR TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM (MTIS )ProductMeritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS ) Retrofit Kits ePremium2300,000Standard1150,000Meritor Wheel End Extended WarrantyWheel Seals are part of the Meritor Wheel End ExtendedWarranty. Visit for full details.Outstanding Service and Support.Our highly trained Customer Care and Information Service teams are equipped with the product specification,warranty and service information you need. For more information, call our U.S. Customer Care Center at 888-725-9355.In Canada, call 800-387-3889. Or simply visit Aftermarket Warranty

XCELERATED PARTS XPERTISE.Extended warranty information by part number is available on the individual productdetails pages on Expedite your search for more than100,000 aftermarket products with powerful self-service tools to help boost yourparts operations. For fast access to parts ordering on all Meritor aftermarket brands,plus enhanced Xact Search and Visual Search tools, competitive cross-references,product specifications, catalogs and more, visit Aftermarket Warranty5

Vehicle models, trademarks, brands, and names depicted herein are the property of their respective owners, and may not be associated with Meritor, Inc. or its affiliates.Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems, LLC7975 Dixie HighwayFlorence, Kentucky 41042 USA2Meritor Aftermarket Warranty888-725-9355 US800-387-3899 2021 Meritor, Inc.Litho in USA, SP-16165Revised 09-21 (82099)

100,000 aftermarket products with powerful self-service tools to help boost your parts operations. For fast access to parts ordering on all Meritor aftermarket brands, plus enhanced Xact Search and Visual Search tools, competitive cross-references, product specifications, catalogs and more, visit XCELERATED PARTS XPERTISE.

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