Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Aftermarket

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CLICK TO VIEWINDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERSTable of Contents 2List of Tables & Charts 3Study Overview 4Sample Text, Table& Chart 5Sample Profile, Table &Forecast 6Order Form 7About Freedonia, CustomResearch, Related Studies,Corporate Use License 8Medium- & Heavy-DutyTruck AftermarketUS Industry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018Study #2481 April 2009 4600 308 pagesThe Freedonia Group767 Beta Drivewww.freedoniagroup.comCleveland, OH 44143-2326 USAToll Free US Tel: 800.927.5900 or 1 440.684.9600Fax: 1 440.646.0484E-mail:

Study #2481April 2009 4600308 PagesMedium- & Heavy-DutyTruck AftermarketIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryMarket EnvironmenTGeneral. 4Macroeconomic Environment. 6Medium- & Heavy-Duty Trucks.10Supply & Demand Dynamics.12Truck Park & Mileage.15Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Industry Trends.19The Trend toward Integration.20Light Vehicle & Medium- & Heavy-DutyTruck Aftermarket Differences.24Component Rebuilders.27Vehicle Quality Improvements.28Technology & Materials Trends.29Spark Ignition Engine Technology.31Indirect Fuel Injection Systems.32Direct Fuel Injection Systems .34Variable Valve Timing Systems.36Cylinder Deactivation Systems.37Compression Ignition (Diesel)Engine Technology.37Basic Diesel Engine Operation.38Diesel Engine EmissionsControl Technology.39Fuel System Enhancements.40Turbocharging & After-TreatmentDevice Enhancements.42Diesel Fuel Enhancements.45Performance Enhancement Technology.47Electronic Engine Controls.48Hybrid & Electric Powertrains.49Legislative & Regulatory Environment.52Environmental.53Safety.57INDUSTRY TRENDSGeneral.58Medium- & Heavy-Duty TruckAftermarket Overview.59Pricing Trends.63Foreign Trade & International Issues.66Global Aftermarket PartsSupply & Demand Trends.67Trends in Foreign Trade.69EXTERIOR & STRUCTURALPRODUCT AFTERMARKETGeneral.71Tires.73Fifth Wheels, Kingpins & Parts.77Windows, Mirrors & Replacement Glass.79Windshield Wiper Systems.82Other.83MECHANICALPRODUCT AFTERMARKETGeneral.86Engines & Engine Parts.89Engines, Cylinder Heads & Liners.93Turbochargers & Related Parts.95Pistons & Rings.96Bearings, Camshafts & Crankshafts.97Valves, Seats & Related Parts.98Other.99Transmissions & Clutch Assemblies. 100Steering & Suspension Components. 104Suspension Systems. 105Steering Systems. 108Brake Parts & Assemblies. 109Drivetrain Components. 113Filters. 115Oil. 117Air. 119Fuel. 121Other. 123Fuel System Components. 124Exhaust & Emissions System Components. 127Cooling System Components. 130ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICPRODUCT AFTERMARKETGeneral. 135Electronic Product Aftermarket. 137Telematics, Navigation &Vehicle Tracking Systems. 140Electronic Controls, Modules & Sensors. 142Other Electronic Products. 145Electrical Product Aftermarket. 146Charging & Starting Equipment. 148Batteries. 150Auxiliary Power Units. 153Lighting Equipment. 156Other Electrical Products. 158AFTERMARKET BY PERFORMERGeneral. 161Outsourced Service Providers. 166Tire Dealers. 168Independent Garages. 169Truck Dealerships. 170Other. 172In-House Service Providers. 173Fleets. 175Owner Operators. 176INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneral. 178Industry Composition. 180Market Share. 183Tires. 187Non-Tires. 189Mergers, Acquisitions &Industry Restructuring. 190Product Development & Manufacturing. 195Marketing. 197Distribution. 198Financial Issues & Requirements. 200Strategic Partnerships. 201Company ProfilesAffinia Group. 207ArvinMeritor Incorporated. 209BorgWarner Incorporated. 213Bosch (Robert) GmbH. 215Bridgestone Corporation. 217Caterpillar Incorporated. 219Continental AG. 221Cooper-Standard Holdings. 226Cooper Tire & Rubber. 227Cummins Incorporated. 229Daimler AG. 232Dana Holding. 235Delphi Corporation. 238DENSO Corporation. 240Eaton Corporation. 241Exide Technologies. 244Federal-Mogul Corporation. 245Goodyear Tire & Rubber. 248Guardian Industries. 250Haldex AB. 252Hendrickson International. 254Honeywell International. 256Johnson Controls. 258Knorr-Bremse AG. 259(continued on next page)Click here to purchase onlinePage Order now, click here!

Study #2481April 2009 4600308 PagesMedium- & Heavy-DutyTruck AftermarketIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018Table of ContentsEXTERIOR & STRUCTURALPRODUCT AFTERMARKETCompany Profiles1 Exterior & Structural Product Aftermarket. 722 Tire Aftermarket.773 Fifth Wheel, Kingpin & Part Aftermarket.794 Window, Mirror & ReplacementGlass Aftermarket.825 Windshield Wiper System Aftermarket.836 Other Exterior & StructuralProduct Aftermarket.85(continued from previous page)MAHLE International. 261Mark IV Industries. 264Michelin Group. 265Navistar International. 267Nippon Sheet Glass. 270PACCAR Incorporated. 271Pioneer Corporation. 273PPG Industries. 274Proliance International. 275Qualitor Incorporated. 276Siemens AG. 278Sony Corporation. 280Stanadyne Corporation. 281Sypris Solutions. 282Tenneco Incorporated. 283ThyssenKrupp AG. 285Tomkins plc. 286Toyo Tire & Rubber. 288Valeo SA. 289Veyance Technologies. 292Volvo AB. 293Yokohama Rubber. 296Other Medium- & Heavy-DutyTruck Aftermarket Companies. 297List of Tables/ChartsExecutive Summary1 Summary Table. 3Market EnvironmenT1 Macroeconomic Indicators.102 Motor Vehicle Weight Classes.123 Medium- & Heavy-Duty TruckSupply & Demand.154 Medium- & Heavy-DutyTruck Park & Mileage.18INDUSTRY TRENDS1 Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Aftermarketby Product & Vehicle Class.622 World Medium- & Heavy-Duty TruckAftermarket by Region.69MECHANICALPRODUCT AFTERMARKET1 Mechanical Product Aftermarket.882 Engine & Engine Part Aftermarket.933 Transmission & ClutchAssembly Aftermarket. 1044 Steering & Suspension Aftermarket. 1055 Brake Part & Assembly Aftermarket. 1136 Drivetrain Component Aftermarket. 1157 Filter Aftermarket. 1178 Fuel System Component Aftermarket. 1279 Exhaust & Emissions SystemComponent Aftermarket. 13010 Cooling System Component Aftermarket. 1341 Sales of Selected Medium- & Heavy-DutyTruck Aftermarket Suppliers, 2008. 1822 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures. 1933 Selected Cooperative Agreements. 203List of Tables/ChartsMarket EnvironmenT1 Vehicle Mileage, 1998-2018.192 Medium- & Heavy-Duty TruckAftermarket Channels.26INDUSTRY TRENDS1 Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Aftermarketby Product & Vehicle Class.63EXTERIOR & STRUCTURALPRODUCT AFTERMARKET1 Exterior & Structural ProductAftermarket by Type, 2008.73ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICPRODUCT AFTERMARKETMECHANICALPRODUCT AFTERMARKET1 Electrical & ElectronicProduct Aftermarket. 1362 Electronic Product Aftermarket. 1403 Telematics, Navigation & VehicleTracking System Aftermarket. 1424 Electronic Control, Module& Sensor Aftermarket. 1445 Other Electronic Product Aftermarket. 1466 Electrical Product Aftermarket. 1487 Charging & StartingEquipment Aftermarket. 1508 Battery Aftermarket. 1539 Auxiliary Power Unit Aftermarket. 15610 Lighting Equipment Aftermarket. 15811 Other Electrical Product Aftermarket. 1601 Mechanical Product Aftermarketby Type, 2008.89AFTERMARKET BY PERFORMER1 Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck AftermarketShare by Company, 2008. 1842 Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck TireAftermarket Share by Company, 2008. 1883 Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Non-TireAftermarket Share by Company, 2008. 1901 Medium- & Heavy-Duty TruckAftermarket by Performer. 1652 Outsourced Aftermarket by Performer. 1673 In-House Aftermarket by Performer. 175Click here to purchase onlinePage INDUSTRY STRUCTUREELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICPRODUCT AFTERMARKET1 Electrical & Electronic ProductAftermarket by Type, 2008. 137AFTERMARKET BY PERFORMER1 Medium- & Heavy-Duty TruckAftermarket by Performer, 2008. 165INDUSTRY STRUCTUREOrder now, click here!

Study #2481April 2009 4600308 PagesMedium- & Heavy-DutyTruck AftermarketIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018Demand drivers include the rising complexity of trucks that require more expensive parts,retrofits to meet stricter emissions and safety standards, and a growing and aging US truck fleet.The US aftermarket for medium- andheavy-duty truck parts and componentswill increase 3.8 percent annually to 17.1 billion in 2013. The rising complexity of medium- and heavy-duty truckstends to support aftermarket demand,since these vehicles often require moreexpensive parts for repairs and maintenance. Rising emissions control andsafety standards are also expected tosupport demand increases, as oldertrucks are retrofitted to meet the newstandards. In addition, aftermarketdemand will be supported by the agingof the US truck fleet, the rising number oftrucks in use, and the expected increasein average miles driven per truck as thecountry recovers from the economicdownturn that began in late 2007.Electrical/electronicssegment to grow fastestThe largest product category in themedium- and heavy-duty aftermarket willcontinue to be exterior and structuralcomponents, which primarily consists oftires (both new and retreaded). Tires areby far the most important aftermarketproduct, accounting for more than 40percent of the total medium- and heavyduty truck aftermarket in 2008. Unliketires, many of the other products in thissegment (e.g., windows, mirrors, bumpers, truck roof and side fairings andtrailer doors) are long lasting and areoften replaced only following an accident. The mechanical products segment,Exterior &Structural48%US Medium- & Heavy-Duty TruckAftermarket, 2008( 14.2 billion)Mechanical36%Electrical &Electronic16%which includes engine hard parts andchassis, drivetrain and suspension partsand components, is also extremelyimportant. However, except for wearparts such as brake pads and filters,growth will be limited by the long servicelives for many of these components. Thesmaller electrical and electronic components segment is expected to see themost rapid demand increases through2013, supported by the ongoing rise inelectronic content of the typical truckcombined with stronger emissionscontrol regulations. These regulationswill provide opportunities for manufacturers of sensors and controls used tomonitor and limit truck emissions, as wellas for providers of auxiliary power courtesy of corporate press officeUS demand to rise 3.8%annually through 2013Outsourced performersto remain dominantOutsourced service providers willcontinue to dominate the aftermarket formedium- and heavy-duty truck parts, ledby tire dealers who are the critical saleschannel for the large tire segment. Inaddition, the increasing complexity ofdiagnosis and repair procedures onmodern medium- and heavy-duty trucksis causing some outsourced serviceproviders to gain market share, sincethey typically have ready access to thelatest diagnostic and repair technicaldata and special tools. Furthermore, ashortage of qualified technicians ismaking it harder for smaller operations toattract and retain capable personnel.Copyright 2009 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Click here to purchase onlinePage Order now, click here!

Study #2481April 2009 4600308 PagesMedium- & Heavy-DutyTruck AftermarketIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018Sample Text,Table & ChartTABLE V-1MECHANICAL PRODUCT AFTERMARKET(million dollars)Item1998 2003 2008 2013 2018Trucks in Use (million units) mechanical products/vehicle 902 914 868 923 988aftermarket by performerMechanical Product Aftermarket 3700 4388 5120 6090 7210Engines & Engine Parts 681 804 935 1140 1400Tire DealersTransmissions & Clutch Assemblies 608 752 870 1020 1200Aftermarket demand for medium- and heavy-duty truck partsSteering & Suspension 607 688 775 895 1020by tire dealers will increase 4.5 percent annually to over 5 billionBrakein Parts & Assemblies 479 559 695 835 10002013, the fastest growth rate for any type of provider. Demand willDrivetrain Components 410 482 545 630 730be supported by the solid increases in truck tire demand, which willinFilters333 383 450 530 600turn be supported by the rising number of trucks in use and increasesFuelinSystem Components 156 226 285 370 475the average miles driven per truck. Newer technologies, includingExhausttire & Emissions Components 203 244 285 350 425pressure monitoring and inflations systems, are expected to expandin the System Components 223 250 280 320 360Coolingaftermarket, which will also support value gains. Preventing evenmorerapid increases will be the declining prices for many types of rubber,% mechanical 40.8 40.5 36.0 35.6 35.3which will restrain value growth. In addition, the fact that manylarger Truck Aftermarket 9060 10830 14220 17100 20400MD/HDtruck tire dealers tend to specialize in tires and related components, suchas wheels, will limit cross-selling of other aftermarket products by theseorganizations.sampletablesampletextTire dealers are the largest segment in the outsourced servicecategory, largely due to the dominance of tires -- both new and retreadedproducts -- which accounted for more than 40 percent of the total medium- and heavy-duty truck aftermarket in 2008. In the trucking industry,tire dealers are the critical sales channel for tires, since these firms canprovide both new and retreaded tires, and offer a number of tire-relatedservices such as tire balancing, rim and wheel reconditioning, and alignments. The tire products are often not installed by truckers themselvesdue to the significant amounts of time, expense and necessary equipmentinvolved. In addition, because of the miles traveled and weight of trucktires, the potential safety and liability risks from improperly installedtires is too great for many truckers or truck fleets to bear.CHART VIII-1Unlike in the light vehicle segment, where many tire dealers offer MEDIUM- & HEAVY-DUTY TRUCK AFTERMARKETSHARE BY COMPANY, 2008a range of automobile products and services, truck tire dealers are often( 14.2 billion)relatively specialized. In fact, some of the leading truck tire dealer networks focus almost exclusively on truck tires, retreads, wheels and168Copyright 2009 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Others60.4%Click here to purchase onlinePage odyear6.7%M ichelin3.9%Nav istar3.2%2.8%2.8%2.6%ContinentalDaimlerArv inMeritorCumminsOrder now, click here!

Study #2481April 2009 4600308 PagesMedium- & Heavy-DutyTruck AftermarketIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018Sample Profile,Table & ForecastTABLE V-2ENGINE & ENGINE PART AFTERMARKET(million dollars)Item1998 2003 2008 2013 2018Trucks in Use (million units) electrical products/vehicleElectrical Product AftermarketCharging & Starting EquipmentBatteriesAuxiliary Power UnitsLighting EquipmentOther Electrical Products% electricalElectrical & Electronic ProductsCOMPANY 19057615079596022880018513011077298970 1180220 250145 170165 23590 110350 415sampletable37.6 34.3 34.6 34.3 34.51217 1679 2310 2830 3420Veyance Technologies Incorporated703 South Cleveland Massillon RoadFairlawn, OH 44333330-664-7000http://www.goodyearep.comAnnual Sales: 2 billion (estimated)Employment: 9,000 (estimated)sampleKey Products: belts, hosesand air springsprofileVeyance Technologies is an industrial rubber and thermoplasticproducts manufacturer. It was formed in July 2007 when EPD Incorporated, a company controlled by the Carlyle Partners IV LP affiliateof Carlyle Group LLC (Washington, DC), acquired Goodyear Tire &Rubber Company’s Engineered Products segment for 1.5 billion.Veyance competes in the heavy- and medium-duty aftermarket through the production of belts, hoses and air springs. Veyancebelts include GOODYEAR HI-MILER and TORQUE TEAM truckbelts, and truck refrigeration belts. Hoses from the Company includehydraulic, air brake, coolant heater and bypass, coolant radiator, fuel,power brake vacuum, silicone, transmission and turbocharger air types.For example, the DESERT HR 5 high-temperature, medium-pressurehydraulic hoses that include turbocharger oil, tilt cab cylinder and airbrake, transmission coolant and filtration varieties. The Company’s airsprings, which are marketed under the SUPER-CUSHION brand name,are designed to operate in extreme hot and cold temperatures.“Demand in the medium- and heavyduty truck aftermarket for chargingand starting equipment will increase3.5 percent annually to 220 millionin 2013. Growth will be driven by therising number of trucks in use and bythe increasing electrical loads placedon the electricity-generating systemsin trucks. However, this will be offsetby the increased durability of alternators, which have witnessed a slightdecline in replacement frequency sincethe mid-1990s.”--Section VI, pg. 148Manufacturing operations include 32 facilities in North and LatinAmerica, the Asia/Pacific region, Europe and Africa. In the US, Veyance has plants in Marysville and Saint Marys, Ohio; Spring Hope,292Copyright 2009 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Click here to purchase onlinePage Order now, click here!

Order InformationINDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESSLEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERSFive Convenient Ways to OrderONLINE: www.freedoniagroup.comMAIL: Print out and complete the orderform and send to The Freedonia Group(see address at the bottom of this form)PHONE: Call toll free, 800.927.5900(US) or 1 440.684.9600FAX: 1 440.646.0484 (US)EMAIL: info@freedoniagroup.comFree Handling & ShippingCredit Card OrdersOrders Outside of the USSave 15%There is NO charge for handling or UPS shippingin the US. Expect delivery in 3 to 5 business days.Outside the US, Freedonia provides free airmailservice. Express delivery is available at cost.Checks must be made payable in US funds,drawn against a US bank and mailed directly toThe Freedonia Group. For wire transfers pleasecontact our customer service department at Credit cards accepted.For convenience, Freedonia accepts American Express, MasterCard or Visa. Credit card purchasesmust include account number, expiration date andauthorized signature.If you order three (3) different titles at the sametime, you can receive a 15% discount. If yourorder is accompanied by a check or wire transfer,you may take a 5% cash discount (discounts donot apply to Corporate Use Licenses).Corporate Use LicenseNow every decision maker in your organization can act on the key intelligence found in allFreedonia studies. For an additional 2300, companies receive unlimited use of an electronicversion (PDF) of the study. Place it on your intranet, e-mail it to coworkers around the world,or print it as many times as you like,Order FormF-WEB.2481Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Aftermarket. 4600Corporate Use License (add to study price) * 2300Additional Print Copies @ 500 each *NameTitleCompanyDivisionTotal (including selected option) Enclosed is my check (5% discount) drawn on a US bank and payable toThe Freedonia Group, Inc., in US funds (Ohio residents add 7.75% sales tax)StreetBill my companyCity/State/ZipAmerican ExpressMasterCardClick here to learn more aboutthe Corporate Use LicenseVisaMM(No PO Box please)YYCountryCredit Card #ExpirationPhoneFaxEmailSignature* Please check appropriate option and sign below to order an electronicversion of the study.Individual Use License AgreementThe above captioned study may be stored on the company’s intranet orshared directory, available to company employees. Copies of the study maybe made, but the undersigned represents that distribution of the study willbe limited to employees of the company.The undersigned hereby represents that the above captioned study will beused by only individual(s) who are employees of the company and thatthe study will not be loaded on a network for multiple users. In the eventthat usage of the study changes, the Company will promptly notify Freedonia of such change and will pay to Freedonia the appropriate fee based onFreedonia’s standard fee schedule then in effect. Note: Entire company corporate use license, add 2300; one additional user, add 500; two additionalusers, add 1000; three additional users, add 1500.SignatureSignatureCorporate Use License AgreementThe Freedonia Group, Inc. 767 Beta Drive Cleveland, OH 44143-2326 USA Web site: www.freedoniagroup.comTel US: 800.927.5900 or 1 440.684.9600 Fax: 1 440.646.0484 e-mail: info@freedoniagroup.comPage 7

INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERSOther StudiesWorld Diesel EnginesThis study analyzes the global diesel engine industry.It presents historical demand data for 1997, 2002and 2007 and forecasts for 2012 and 2017 by dieselengine application (e.g., motor vehicles, off-highway,stationary), world regional market (e.g., North America, Western Europe, Asia/Pacific) and major nationalmarket. The study also considers market environmentfactors, reviews emission control technology, detailsindustry composition, evaluates company marketshare and profiles industry competitors.#2470. 04/2009. 5700Diesel Engines & Related PartsUS diesel engine product demand will rise 6.2% annually through 2013. Motor vehicle uses will outpacethe non-motor vehicle segment as consumers choosediesel’s better fuel economy and towing/haulingpower. New emission control regulations will alsodrive gains via the upgrading or replacement ofolder, noncompliant engines. This study analyzesthe 14.5 billion US diesel engine and parts industry,with forecasts for 2013 and 2018 by product, materialand market. It also details market share and profilesindustry players.#2464. 02/2009. 4700World Rubber & TireWorld rubber consumption will rise 4% yearly through2011, driven by solid growth in motor vehicle production and a stronger world economy. Non-tire rubberwill outpace and overtake tire rubber demand basedon opportunities in the automotive, industrial, consumer and construction sectors. This study analyzesthe world tire and rubber industry, with forecasts for2011 and 2016 by type, market, world region and for30 countries. It also evaluates company market shareand profiles leading competitors.#2282. 02/2008. 5500Automotive Diagnostic ProductsAbout The Freedonia GroupThe Freedonia Group, Inc., is a leading international industry market research company that provides its clients with information and analysis needed to make informedstrategic decisions for their businesses. Studies help clients identify business opportunities, develop strategies, make investment decisions and evaluate opportunitiesand threats. Freedonia research is designed to deliver unibiased views and reliableoutlooks to assist clients in making the right decisions. Freedonia capitalizes onthe resources of its proprietary in-house research team of experienced economists,professional analysts, industry researchers and editorial groups. Freedonia covers adiverse group of industries throughout the United States, the emerging China market, and other world markets. Industries analyzed by Freedonia include: Chemicals Plastics Life Sciences Packaging Building Materials Security& Electronics Industrial Components & Equipment Automotive & TransportationEquipment Household Goods Energy/Power EquipmentClick here to learn more about FreedoniaFreedonia Custom ResearchFreedonia Custom Research delivers the same high quality, thorough and unbiasedassessment of an industry or market as an industry study. Since the research initiative is based upon a company’s specific needs, companies harness Freedonia’sresearch capabilities and resources to answer unique questions. When you leveragethe results of a Freedonia Custom Research engagement, you are able to obtainimportant answers to specific questions and issues associated with: mergers andacquisitions, new product launches/development, geographic expansion, entry intonew markets, strategic business planning, and investment and funding decisions.Freedonia Custom Research is ideal for companies seeking to make a strategic difference in the status quo and focus on future business growth. Working side by sidewith clients, Freedonia’s team is able to define a research project that is custom-tailored to answer specific questions and provide the basis from which a company canmake informed business decisions.US automotive diagnostic product demand will grow5.8% yearly through 2011, driven mainly by moreelectronic/electrical systems in cars, a shift towardtechnician-owned handheld devices and the risinginfluence of software over hardware. Equipment willremain dominant while software updates grow thefastest. This study analyzes the 975 million US automotive diagnostic product industry, with forecasts for2011 and 2016 by type and service performer. It alsoevaluates market share and profiles

Truck Aftermarket Companies .297 List of Tables/Charts Table of Contents. Study #2481 April 2009 4600 308 Pages Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Aftermarket Industry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018 Page 4 Order now, click here! US demand to rise 3.8% annually through 2013

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