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THE PIGGYBACKMONEY MACHINE:How to Generate IncomeUsing Our Proven SystemA super-fast guide to affiliate marketing success.

TABLE OF CONTENTS:1.Welcome to the Piggyback Money Machine!2.The 5 Essential Pieces of an Affiliate Marketing System.3.Your Sales Funnel: The Money Machine.4.Opt-Ins and Lead Magnets: Free Gifts to Make People Loveand Trust You.5.Use Free Blog Content to Generate Sales.6.Email Autoresponders: The Automatic Sales Team.7.Building Your First (Good) Autoresponder and LandingPage System. (Free Emails Included!)8.Free Traffic from Forums: Make Sales without SpendingMoney.9Create Effective Ads to Multiply Your Sales (Free AdResources Included).10. Solo Ads: The Most Effective Way to Buy Traffic.11. Advanced Email Marketing: Subject Lines, Open Loops,and More

WELCOME TOTHE PIGGYBACKMONEY MACHINE!We’ve been working in marketing for acombined 20 years.In that time, 50,000,000.we’vemadeoverIt didn’t come easily, and we won’t usewords like “automatic” or “effortless.”It was a lot of hard work.But the good news is that if you’rereading this book, you’re going to getto take advantage of all our experienceand work to “piggyback” off oursuccess.3

AFFILIATE MARKETING: THEPIGGYBACK STRATEGYBuilding a business from scratch is alot of fun, but it’s also extremely risky,expensive, and difficult. Hire a team. Create a product. Make ads. Build a website. Create a sales video. Add extra products as upsells. Test your sales funnel. Improve the sales the high converting MACHINEit is today, waiting for you to takeadvantage of.And we’ve poured tens of thousandsof dollars into driving paid traffic andtesting different ads, sales pages,videos, headlines, emails, and more.This system is built to make saleseffectively.All you have to do is send customersto us!Yes, 5% of the Work is a ReasonableEstimation. Find more customers.A lot of people try to make affiliatemarketing sound like a piece of cake,but there’s still work involved.Affiliate marketing is about findingsomeone who’s done 95% of the workso that you can just take care of thelast step:If you want to be able to sit back and sipmojitos while money pours into yourbank account, you have to be willing todo some work in the beginning.Find more customers.It’s not complicated, and it’s notexpensive. But it is work.The 10 Minute Awakening has gonethrough months of building, testing,and improving.This product launch phase has costnearly 100,000 from conceptionAfter all, we’re giving away 75%commissions for every sale you bringin. (That’s up to 600 per customer.)If it wasn’t real work, we wouldn’t payyou so much for it!4

GET THERE FASTER WITH THISFREE GUIDE.You could spend years learning howto be a good affiliate marketer, but wethink your time is better spent doingthings the smart way.And we’ll make it as easy as possible,giving away all the strategies we have!If you’re willing to put your best effortinto this system, we promise you’lllove the results.Now, let’s start mastering affiliatemarketing 5

THE 5 ESSENTIAL PIECES OF ANAFFILIATE MARKETING SYSTEM.Affiliate marketing is a system.Or rather, good affiliate marketing is asystem.Bad affiliate marketing is chaotic,unreliable, and unprofitable.If you make a low-effort Facebookpost with an affiliate link and crossyour fingers, you probably won’t dotoo well.You might actually make a few sales,but the long-term success rate for thatstrategy is low.And you’ll miss out on a ton of potentialmoney while you wait!Here are the 5 essential parts to anaffiliate marketing system: Product. Sales.Your job is to create (or share) thecontent with your audience.If you want to make as much moneyas possible, emails will NEED to be abig part of your system.The product and sales are alreadytaken care of: with hundreds of splittests (and counting), the 10 MinuteAwakening has one of the mostefficient sales funnels out there.But let’s take a closer look at the otherpieces.This is just a quick overview: we’ll gointo much more detail about effectivesales and email marketing later in thisbook. Content. Audience. Email.6

CONTENT IS KING.Content is the most important thingyou have to offer as an affiliatemarketer.Read that again: content, not sales, isthe most important thing you have tooffer.As an affiliate marketer, your goal is tomake sales, but your audience’s goalis to make their lives better.Sometimes they’ll do that by buying aproduct.But more often, they do it by browsingthe internet for content.Commenting on other posts in relatedforums and social media sites canalso help you build a reputation anddraw more traffic.CREATE A (GOOD) WEBSITE TOHOST YOUR CONTENT.If you land on a website that lookslike someone’s blog from 2005, youprobably aren’t going to stick around,and you definitely won’t think ofthat website as a source of reliableinformation.Even YouTube from 2005 would makeyou nervous today.We spend all day on the internet, butjust a small portion of our time buyingthings.The good news is that content doesn’thave to be difficult to make.In fact, you can share articles, videos,and inspiring images from othercontent creators to quickly grow youraudience.7

Humans are largely visual creatures,so it’s important that your websitelooks decent.The good news is that creating a goodlooking website is fairly easy.We recommend setting up a uniquedomain name rather than using aWordPress name (such as you aren’t technically savvy, you canhire someone to get it done for you forless than 50.YOUR AUDIENCE IS WAITING.People do their best to connect withyou, as long as you offer good content.Social media sites, forums, andemail all exist for the sole purpose ofconnecting people to useful content.At no point in the history of humanityhas it ever been easier to find potentialcustomers.You just have to be careful about therelationships you cultivate.8

EMAILS DOMINATE SALES.Emails arereasons:1.2.3.powerfulforseveralPeople trust an email more thanan ad.You get multiple chances tocontact each person.It’s essentially free.With email, you can contact a potentialcustomer 7 times a week for free.Connecting with someone with an ad7 times a week would probably costyou at least 10 per person.(Sure, you may get more impressionsthan that, but actually having usefulinteractions will cost you more money.)Email marketing is infinitely easier,cheaper, and more effective thanadvertising.And if you do it right, you can beginmaking a serious income from affiliatemarketing in just a few weeks.Next, let’s look at the big picture.9

YOUR SALES FUNNEL:THE MONEY MACHINE.This section has the potential to scareyou.TrafficPlease do NOT be intimidated!Even though the chart below looksintricate, the actual work involved isvery straightforward and easy to do.Opt-InThe funnel goes like this:1.2.3.Bring traffic to your “opt-in.”(More on that later.)Once you collect their emails,you’ve “won.”Finally, we use emails to deliverthe lead magnet and send peopleto the product you’re promoting.Affiliate ProductMail 1Mail 2Lead MagnetMail 310

We say you “won” in step 2 becausegetting a potential customer’s emailis by far the most important thing youwill do.THIS IS THE MOST CRITICALSTEP.Once you have someone’s email, youhave a free way to get in touch withthem and turn them into a customer.If a stranger on the street asks you for 1, you might give it to them. (If you’rea New Yorker, you’ll probably just keepwalking.)You can send them 1 email or 100: itcosts the same amount of money.But if your best friend asks you for 100, you’ll probably help him out!And once you’ve successfully soldyour first product, you can continueto cultivate a relationship and delivervalue to your email list so that the nexttime you’re ready to sell a product, youalready have people to email!The only difference is how much youknow, trust, and like the person who’sasking for money.A single email address could be worththousands of dollars to you over thecourse of one or two years.In fact, a single customer through the10 Minute Awakening can earn youover 600 a year, so getting thoseemails and building relationships withyour readers is truly the most valuablething you can do.In your emails, the goal should beto make sure your audience knows,trusts, and likes you.KNOW:How do you know someone?Interaction!The more emails you send, the moresomeone will feel they know you.Building Relationships Through Email.11

TRUST:LIKE:Trust is harder to build up: it doesn’thappen just from seeing someone’sname in an email every day.Getting someone to like you is themost complicated part of this job.Trust happens when someone elsemakes themselves vulnerable to youin some way.To build trust with your audience,you have to be authentic and honest.Sending emails where you admitto your own faults (“I can’t resistchocolate cake”) or reveal personalinformation (“let me tell you my mostembarrassing secret”) will makepeople feel that you’re a trustworthyperson.Of course, it also helps if you don’tSPAM them with unbelievable getrich-quick schemes to try to make aquick buck.(There are obviously thousands ofbooks out there on the topic, andthis isn’t really a guide to makingfriends.)But the key thing is to share strongopinions.A lot of people approach marketingby trying to be as bland and vagueas possible so as to avoid annoyingtheir audience.Sending out an email saying youhate the Patriots or the Philliesmight seem risky, but for everyonewho disagrees with you, many morewill agree on the spot.After all, there’s no easier way tomake a friend than to go up tosomeone wearing a jersey and starttalking about the team they love!Of course, it doesn’t have to be aboutsports:12

I love pumpkin lattes. I hate avocado toast. Why does everyone take selfies allday?!You’ll be amazed at how easy it is toconnect with people (and rile them up).But here’s the one secret to gettingpeople to love you:GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF!That’s the whole focus of the nextchapter.And just to make your life easier,we’re giving you free lead magnetsthat have been tested with tons oftraffic to make sure they grab emailsand build your list fast.13

OPT-INS AND LEAD MAGNETS:FREE GIFTS TO MAKE PEOPLELOVE AND TRUST YOU.An “opt-in” is a page where someonehas to opt in to get a lead magnet fromyou.A lead magnet is a free gift you giveaway in order to get a “lead,” or apotential customer.Simple enough, right?One of the biggest mistakes peoplemake with lead magnets is makingthem too complicated.You don’t need to offer a 10 gift cardor a 300-page book.In fact, you can probably put togethera great lead magnet in about 20minutes.GET POWERFUL LEADMAGNETS YOU CAN USE TOINSTANTLY BUILD YOUR EMAILLIST.Although you can make your own leadmagnet (and we’ll show you how), theeasy way is to use ours!We’ve done a ton of testing to makesure these are effective lead magnetswith powerful copywriting and images,so you can simply post these to yourwebsite and start collecting emails inexchange for these free gifts.You can get started right -giveaways/But if you’re interested in building yourown lead magnet, here are some tips 14

DON’T START FROM SCRATCH.If you’re not an expert in the field,starting from scratch is a bad idea.Your time is best spent doing thethings that are most valuable: Collecting emails. Building your reputation. Making sales.That’s it.All the extra work should be taken careof by someone other than yourself, orminimized as much as possible.GET A FREE LEAD MAGNET TOGIVE AWAY.For the 10 Minute Awakening, we haveseveral free gifts that you can giveaway to potential customers, and weknow they’re effective because we’vealready done the testing for you.You can download them -giveaways/However, if you want to create yourown lead magnet, for this product orothers, you can do it without too muchextra work.Building your lead magnet can be verysimple and straightforward.FIRST, FIND A FEW SIMILARLEAD MAGNETS.Start this process the same way yourcustomer does:Looking for useful content.Go to Google and type in a searchphrase that makes sense with yourproduct.In this case, we want to find informationon manifestation and meditation.Let’s search for “5 tips for manifestationfree download.”15

We’ll get a bunch of lead magnets fromindustry that we can then borrow from.DON’T STOP WITH THE FIRSTLEAD MAGNET.Is this ethical?Yes, absolutely. You can’t copyrightfacts, and all of these resourcesprobably got their information fromsomeone else.They didn’t invent the Law of Attraction!All we’re doing is getting useful contentthat we know is popular (top of thesearch results), and creating our ownversion to give to potential customers.Once you create your first lead magnetand send it to your email list, it’s timeto make money, right?Wrong!Don’t rush the sales pitch, and don’tstop creating value for your leads.We’ll get into more detail about16

advanced email marketing later in thisbook, but the first thing you shouldknow is that most emails you sendshould offer value of some sort.Opening an email from you should befun, exciting, and addicting.That never happens when someonejust sends you a pushy sales email!YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO BIG.If you look back at the search resultswe got for lead magnets, you’ll noticea trend:Most of these are short: just 5 or 7 tipsin most cases.And when you think about it, ifsomeone wants a quick solution totheir problems, are they going to lookfor 5 tips or 100 difficult exercises?People want to get away with as littlework as possible, so making your leadmagnet seem easy is important!DON’T GIVE IT ALL AWAY.Your lead magnet shouldn’t solveevery problem the customer has.If they’re searching for a diet program,and you give them 100 recipes and ameal plan for free, they won’t have anyreason to buy your diet!However, if they only get 5 meals thanfill them up, but then they find out thatyour diet program burns 4 pounds aweek, they’ll be more interested.DON’T ATTACH A ZIP FILE.The most important part of deliveringyour lead magnet is to include a link toa download page (or simply attach thePDF).Do not use a zip file, because emailservices tend to filter those out aspotential viruses.17

MAKE THE SALE INSIDE THELEAD MAGNET.Sometimes, people will be ready tobuy the product as soon as they finishreading the lead magnet.Adding a page at the end about theproduct can make sure it maximizesyour first interaction and can put theproduct in their mind before you makeany stronger sales pitches throughemails later on.18

USE FREE BLOG CONTENT TOGENERATE SALES.Making sales online is usually verydifficult.No matter how many gurus online tellyou they’re making money in their sleepor getting rich sitting by the pool, the factis that there’s a lot of work to get done: Creating content that pulls in readers. Connecting them to the productsthey actually want. Making sales.But here’s the good news We’ve done basically every step of thatprocess for you!In fact, you can create a blog websiteusing our free blog content.You can get your blogs posts/REMEMBER: Enter your ClickBank affiliate ID toget commissions on your sales. Format the blog post so it looks nice.Cheap-looking websites will scareaway your potential customers! Be patient. Unless you’re spendingmoney on ads or you already have anemail list, your blog post might notgenerate sales instantly. However, itcan become a source of money foryou for years to come.Our free ClickBank ID Tool makes iteasy to create your unique links insideevery blog post:19

BUILDING A NICE BLOG SITE:A blog site can be very easy to setup, but just because it’s easy doesn’tmean you can breeze through thewhole process without thinking.You can post your blogs to yourGetResponse landing pages, but thatprobably won’t be very efficient.SquareSpace is a great way to build anice-looking blog site with a customdomain in just a few minutes. works as well, but you’llhave to be sure to sign up for acustom domain. Using a “.wordpress”site name will instantly reduce yourcredibility.20

EMAIL AUTORESPONDERS:THE AUTOMATIC SALES TEAM.It’s easy to forget how lucky we are.Back in the old days, before computers,if you wanted to make a sale, you hadto physically go to someone’s house,get rejected, and try again.Over and over.With email autoresponders, wecan send out thousands of “digitalsalesmen” at once.And emails don’t get discouraged whensomeone doesn’t buy the product!THE BUYING PROCESS:DISCOVER, LEARN, BUY.There are 3 steps that must happenfor someone to buy something.Discover the product, learn about it,and finally, buy it.There can be other steps in between(like discussing it with your spouse orbiting your nails over the decision), butthose 3 steps have to occur.Most people don’t buy things as soonas they discover them.In a perfect world, everyone wholanded on our website would watch ourvideo and instantly be ready to make apurchase, but that’s not how it works.Instead, most people need to spendmore time thinking and learning aboutthe product, and that’s why email is sogreat.EMAIL HELPS YOU GETPEOPLE AT THE RIGHTMOMENT.Even though we like to think of ourselvesas logical, rational humans, the fact isthat we’re essentially animals, drivenby instincts and random emotions.21

There’s no truly logical reason for whysomeone eats at Burger King one dayand McDonald’s the next.The first time someone sees a salespage, they may not make a purchase.Consider all these reasons someonemight not buy our product:But after 10 emails filled with usefulcontent, in our experience, people aremuch more likely to buy the product. They just found out about it andwant to learn more.The difference can be HUGE. They heard the dog barking and gotdistracted. They had to get ready to go to dinner. They don’t get paid until Friday.None of these reasons mean theperson will never buy the product, nordid they make a conscious decisionnot to spend the money.By sending frequent emails, you’ll stayat the front of their mind and havemultiple opportunities to make thesale.Eventually, you’ll get them at the righttime.IN OUR EXPERIENCE,10 EMAILS ARE WORTHTHOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.One guy on our team sent out an emailchain with 10 emails. With just 2,500names on the email list, he made closeto 10,000 in sales.On average, each person on the emaillist was worth 4 for one product.As long as you take care of your emaillist, you can constantly generatemoney from it.THE GOLDEN RULE APPLIESTO EMAIL, TOO.The basics of good email marketingare simple, but too many people ignoreit and destroy their chances of makingsales.22

It goes like this: Send at least 3 content-based emailsfor every 1 sales email. Don’t send offers that are scammy. Don’t send more than one or twosales emails per week.Be useful to your audience, and they’lltrust you.GIVE AWAY FREE GIFTSTHROUGH EMAIL.Your lead magnet isn’t the last gift youshould give away.Once people are reading your emails,you have the perfect opportunity tobutter them up with more free stuff.You can get emails with free gifts tosend your audience from our ate/emails/So now that we’ve covered the basicsof good email marketing, let’s set upour first autoresponder.23

BUILDING YOUR FIRST (GOOD)AUTORESPONDER AND LANDINGPAGE SYSTEM. DO NOT SKIP THIS SECTIONEven if you’ve made an autoresponderin the past, please don’t skip thissection.This isn’t simply a tutorial in usingGetResponse, although we’ll coverthat as well.This will give you the foundation youneed to make sales not just for ourproduct, but for every affiliate offer yousell in the future.This chapter can literally make yourentire affiliate career!BONUS:There are free emails at the end ofthis chapter that you can copy andpaste into your GetResponse or otherservices to make sales without eventyping your own emails.GETRESPONSE PUTSEVERYTHING YOU NEED INONE PLACE.The reason GetResponse is so goodfor affiliate marketers is that you getjust about everything you need tocapture a lead, send emails, and makesales.You can quickly and easily set up alanding page for your lead magnet,collect their emails, and send automaticemails (called “email autoresponders”).As of writing this, GetResponse’sprices start at 15/month with a 30day free trial, and the pricing is basedon the number of contacts you have.So if you have less than 1,000 contacts(or you’re just getting started), the costis pretty negligible.24

BUILD YOUR LANDING PAGE:GetResponse makes it incredibly easyto build a good-looking landing pagefor your free gift (the lead magnet).It’s really intuitive, and you can getsupport if you need it.But the design is almost 100% takencare of for you.Where most people fail is thecopywriting, but we’ll give you free tipsto crush that part.COPYWRITING: EVERYONETHINKS THEY CAN WRITE.If someone asked you to design a flyer,you probably wouldn’t assume thatyou can do it, unless you’re actually adesigner.But if someone asked you to write copy,you might think you can do it yourself.25

That’s because everyone can technicallywrite, and if you don’t know what goodand bad copy actually look like, it’s hardto know if you’ve done a good job.Fortunately, there are a few provenstrategies you can use to write acompelling lead magnet landing page.5 PRINCIPLES FOR A GREATHEADLINE:Your landing page is mostly headlinecopy.You may have some extra pieces hereand there, but ultimately, most peoplewill just read the headline before theydecide whether or not to give you theiremail.Here are the 5 elements of a goodheadline: a problem.Clear and concise.Specific.Emotionally driven.Tells them what to do.Here are a few examples of badheadlines (and how to turn them intobetter headlines).26

You’ll notice that some of the betterheadlines have more text. “Concise”doesn’t mean “less text.” It meansyou don’t use words that don’t serve apurpose for the reader.BONUS TIPAdding numbers or time limits to yourheadline will instantly make it clearer,more specific, and more interesting.Losing weight is okay. Losing 5 poundsin 10 days is exciting.On Day 3, they get a great sales emailthat generates a little income for you.In general, you want to stay in touchwith your readers about 3-6 times perweek.We’ll break down the basics of emailwriting into three categories: leadmagnet delivery, content, and sales.LEAD MAGNET EMAIL: THEMOST IMPORTANT EMAILYOU SEND.BUILDING A GOODAUTORESPONDER SEQUENCE.Your lead magnet email is the firsttime someone will read your email,so it’s important to make a good firstimpression.“Autoresponders” are email sequencesthat have a set time frame for eachemail.This email needs to do a few things (inorder of importance):For example, on Day 0 (the day yoursubscriber signs up for your emails),they’ll get the lead magnet.On Day 1 (the day after they get the leadmagnet), they get some free contentthat keeps them interested.1.2.3.Get you into the primary inboxand out of promotions.Deliver the free gift you promised.Make a gentle push toward thesales page.Here’s a quick outline of what your leadmagnet email should look like:27

Hi {{first name}}!Thank you so much for getting your free book, 12Magical Laws of the Universe.We have a ton of additional free tools and bonus giftsto send you, so make sure to move this email to yourprimary inbox so you don’t miss it!You can download your book by clicking this link:[LINK]Thanks again!By the way, we’ve taken the strategies in the 12Magical Laws of the Universe and turned them into amassive 3-Week Program that takes just 10 minutesa day, and all you need is a pair of headphones!Click here to learn more about our program:[LINK]28

It’s that simple, but each of those stepsis incredibly important.sharing a quick personal story can dothe trick.Getting someone’s email address ispretty useless if they never see youremails again, so do not skip the firststep.The most important thing is to makeyour emails interesting and useful,rather than pushy.Here’s a good sample schedule:CONTENT EMAILS: 80% OFYOUR AUTORESPONDER. Email 1: Free lead magnet. Email 2: A personal story.A content email can contain a link tothe product (in fact, it’s recommended),but you don’t want to dedicate morethan one or two sentences to the sale. Email 3: An interesting article.The vast majority of your content emailshould:Again, you can include a link to theproduct at the end of the contentemail. Just don’t go overboard. Offer value. Build connections. Increase trust. Email 4: A useful tip. Email 5: Sales email.MORE IDEAS FOR CONTENTEMAILS. Excite the reader.Now, that doesn’t mean you have towrite massive emails, nor that youhave to give away 1,000 prizes.Even a simple email sending youraudience a link to a good article or Beliefs. Sharing your personalbeliefs (I believe in the power ofpositive thinking) can help youraudience see you as a real person,and if they agree with those beliefs,it can help prime them for a sale!29

Questions. Asking a question canmake people spend a little extratime thinking about you. They’ll feelengaged and important, even if theydon’t physically type an answer.Just knowing that you’re interestedin learning about them can be a bigego boost. Transformations. If you havecustomers who have shared theirexperiences, their personal storiescan become powerful emails.SALES EMAILS: YOURCHANCE TO SCORE.The basic outline should look like this: Identify a problem. Emphasize with the reader. Describe a past failure. Introduce the product. Make it sound easy and fast. List specific benefits. Share the link.You should NOT mention the price.Sales emails are the most difficult tomaster, because you can’t just share afun tip or a cool article.Our video spends about 20 minutesgiving the customer importantinformation before listing the price.When people hear the price first, it’sharder to get excited about the product.Luckily, we’re giving you the exactformula for sales right here.Here’s a good sales email that you cancopy:30

Hi {{first name}}!Everyone has their own struggles in life.Maybe you need more cash, more vacation days, or simply less stress.All of these issues come down to one key problem:A lack of control over your life!If you had 100% control, you could easily fix all these problems.And each day, the problems just seem to stack up like bills on the kitchen counter.Now, some books and products like The Secret and other Law of Attraction programs try to helpyou get that control.They offer you a way to manifest the life you really want by focusing on attracting the thingsyou need.The only problem is it doesn’t work.I mean, no matter how much you sit and think about having money, you’re not going to openyour eyes to a blank check with your name on it!But that doesn’t mean the Law of Attraction doesn’t work It just means we’re not doing it the right way!The Universe does reward us with the things we want and need, but if we don’t ask in just theright way, the system can fail.Maybe you’ve tried The Secret, but your lingering self-doubt just blocked you from being able totruly manifest the life you want.But that’s what makes the 10 Minute Awakening so amazing.It actually penetrates your subconscious, clears away self-doubt, eliminates stress, and rewiresyour brain to achieve the success and happiness you deserve.And just like the name says, it works in just 10 minutes!I wanted to share this incredible gift with you, so please have a look when you get the chance:http://10minuteawakening.comThe video will blow your mind!31

Notice how we don’t push people. Infact, we make it sound like we’re doingthem a favor by sharing this link.Use that same strategy with all yoursales emails, no matter what productyou’re offering, and you can makemoney much more easily.COPY-AND-PASTE OUREMAILS TO MAKE SALESQUICKLY AND EASILYIf you’re not ready to write your ownemails, don’t worry.You can generate sales quickly andeasily by copying and pasting theemails we’ve tested on thousands ofdollars worth of customers.Important Steps:1.Add your ClickBank ID to oureasy interface to make sure your linksearn you a commission for every saleyou make.2.Replace{{first name}}with the actual first name of thecustomer. (GetResponse can do thisautomatically, but you have to insertthe “first name” button.3.Be sure to schedule your emailsfor the right time. Each email should goout one day after the previous email.Note: most email services count “Day0” as the first day, not Day 1.Simply visit our affiliate website toget emails you can copy and pasteinto GetResponse (or your currentemail mails/32

FREE TRAFFIC FROM FORUMS:MAKE SALES WITHOUT SPENDINGMONEY.Before we get too far into this topic,let’s be perfectly clear:Although there are many free waysto get traffic, it’s unrealistic to expectyour entire business to run withoutspending any money.After all, “free traffic” isn’t exactlyaccurate: you have to spend your timeand energy creating the content thatbrings in that traffic, so although youdon’t have to spend money, you arelimited in how much you can do.That being said, forums are awesomeways to create content that generatessales.HELP FIRST, THEN LINK THELEAD MAGNET.Just like with emails, the mostimportant thing is to make sure you’reoffering value.If you go to a forum where someoneasks, “how can I find my purposein life?” and your answer is “buy myproduct,” they probably won’t listen toyou.However, if you offer real advice thatactually helps them, and then includea link to your lead magnet in your bio,you’re much more likely to get traffic.QUORAImagine you’re selling a pencil.Someone walks up to you and says,“how can I write down an idea I just had?”How likely are you to sell that pencil?Pretty damn likely!Quora is great

AFFILIATE MARKETING SYSTEM. Affiliate marketing is a system. Or rather, good affiliate marketing is a system. Bad affiliate marketing is chaotic, unreliable, and unprofitable. If you make a low-effort Facebook post with an affiliate link and cross your fingers, you probably won't do too well. You might actually make a few sales,

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Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

Piggyback Contract as if fully set forth at length herein. The terms and conditions of this Piggyback Contract shall supersede any conflicting terms and conditions set forth in the Master Contract. The Master Contract is expressly amended as noted in Section 3, Merger of Appendices/Conflict of Clauses, below. 2. ESTIMATED QUANTITIES

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