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NEWSLETTERVolume 52, Nos. 1 & 2Summer 2015particular; and was very successfulin preserving and rescuing fromdestruction old papers andmemorials of past time.” SarahHibbard was the daughter ofSalma Hale of Keene, one of theearliest members of the Societyand its president from 1830 to1832.The Hibbard Collection holdsmany interesting pieces ofcorrespondence written by and toNew Hampshire citizens. Amongthe more outstanding items are an1818 letter from Thomas Jeffersonto Salma Hale wherein Jeffersonstates his thoughts regardingCalvinism and faith and a 1799letter written by Abigail Adams toher sister relating the news ofGeorge Washington’s death.MAKING COLLECTIONS MORE ACCESSIBLEOne of the most exciting aspects of making catalog records and digitalimages available online is that many more people throughout NewHampshire and the world will learnabout and have access to theSociety’s collections. This isespecially true for some of theSociety’s less well-known treasures.A case in point is the HibbardCollection, created by Sarah King(Hale) Hibbard (Mrs. Harry) ofBath and donated to the Society in1881 by her brother George S. Haleof Boston. At the time of her deathin 1879, she was described ashaving been “for several yearsinterested in the study of history,and that of her own state inA finding aid to the HibbardCollection is available on theSociety’s website (nhhistory.org),and images and transcriptions ofthe Jefferson and Adams letterswill be accessible this fall in thenew online collections catalog.

New Hampshire Historical Society NewsletterPage 2Summer 20152014 A N N U A L R E P O R T30 Park StreetConcord, New Hampshire 03301603-228-6688nhhistory.orgNewsletterVolume 52, Nos. 1 & 2Summer 2015PresidentWilliam H. DunlapEditorsA key part of the Society’s energy efficiency plan involves the building’s 11 skylightscovering 40 percent of the roof area. The objectives are to eliminate light that isdamaging to the collections, better manage temperature levels (also to benefit thecollections), and reduce heating and air conditioning expense. These benefits will beachieved by constructing within each skylight a barrier that is invisible from the exteriorand interior of the building. New LED lighting, installed in each skylight, will mimicnatural light.Joan E. DesmaraisDonna-Belle GarvinPRESERVING COLLECTIONS AND SAVING ENERGYContributorsIf you’ve stopped by the Society’s Park Street headquarters lately,you’ve surely seen the parking lot full of trucks and a myriad of workersin and around the building, including HVAC engineers, plumbers,lighting designers, electricians,and painters—all coordinatedby Milestone Engineering andConstruction. You also mayhave seen a large crane in theparking lot used by roofingcrews to work on the building’s skylights. All of thisactivity, made possible byfunds raised through thecapital campaign, will betterprotect the collections andimprove the building’s energyefficiency and heating andcooling systems. The upgrades,designed to be invisible to theeye and respectful of thebuilding’s historic fabric, areexpected to result in a 50percent reduction in theSociety’s annual energy costsand a 75 percent reduction inour carbon footprint.Wesley G. BallaDouglas R. CopeleyJoan E. DesmaraisBrenda L. FrenchDonna-Belle GarvinSarah E. GalliganAnne L. HamiltonWendy J. OlcottKatelynn R. VanceThe independent nonprofit that saves, preserves, and shares New Hampshire history.

New Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 22014 Annual ReportPRESIDENT’S REPORTIt is my pleasure to report that the Society hadanother eventful and successful year.30 Park StreetConcord, New Hampshire 03301603-228-6688nhhistory.org2014 Annual ReportA complete audited financial reportfor the New Hampshire HistoricalSociety’s 2014 fiscal year is availableat nhhistory.org or by contacting theSociety’s Director of Finance AnnMarie Miller at 603-856-0602.Cover: Promotional brochure forPeckett’s-on-Sugar Hill, undated.Gift of Patricia S. Meyers, in memoryof Mary Carpenter Manning.Touting the beauty of winter, theexhilaration of winter sports, and alocation “on the great slope of SugarHill . . . with a panorama of the everchanging Presidential and Franconiaranges,” Peckett’s-on-Sugar Hill,which helped popularize skiing in the1930s, lured guests with the promise:“Here, if you seek rest, you’ll find it.There’s peace in the hills, a quiet,never-ending delight in their snowblanketed beauty, in the loveliness ofthe blue skies and the changingcolors on the unbroken snow. There’shealth in the crisp, invigorating air.Hours of comfort indoors by thecrackling fireplaces—hours ofcompanionable ease, reading andplaying. Nights of deep unbrokensleep under the frosty stars.”We closed fiscal year 2014 with total net assetsof 21,415,057, an increase of 2.4 millionover the prior year. This increase was largelythe result of two factors: favorable investmentresults for our endowment funds and thecontinued success of our capital campaign.During the year capital campaign gifts andpledges totaled nearly 1.8 million. Thisgenerosity is extraordinary, and we arehumbled by it. Noteworthy campaign successeswere grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and LCHIP(the state’s Land and Community Heritage Investment Program).As always, there are nuances behind the numbers. Despite the healthyincrease in net assets our annual operating budget remained tight, consistent with the experience of recent years. As usual we are intent onmanaging our expenses as closely as possible, and I am pleased to reportlast year’s operating expenses were modestly reduced versus the yearbefore. Yet we were able to maintain programs at prior levels.The heart of the Society is the collection, and last year we added 215museum objects, 107 books and pamphlets, and 109 archival collections(including manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera). These materials addto our capacity to preserve and share the history of our state. While it isdifficult to single out specific acquisitions, a few deserve mention.Notable additions include a Franklin Pierce peace medal, generouslyacquired for the Society by trustee Q. David Bowers, and 105 drawingsby White Mountain artist Benjamin Champney, funded through thegenerosity of 17 individual donors. The Society purchased at auctionpaintings and prints from the Sawtelle Collection, a private collectionwhich helped document the maritime history of Portsmouth and thePiscataqua River region. The papers of Nathaniel and Armenia S. White,which chronicle the activities of a prominent Concord family, includingtheir participation in abolition, temperance, and women’s suffrage movements, were donated by family members of late trustee Stephen W.Winship, a White descendent. The family also has provided funds tocatalog and digitize the papers to make them available online.Our education programs once again thrived, as we served a total of 16,261elementary students from 291 schools in group visits or classroom outreach programs. Our Advanced Placement Conference for U.S. History,held annually in March, was attended by 152 high school students. Andour spring history course, Eyewitness to History: First Person Accounts,featured eight prominent New Hampshire people sharing recollections oftheir roles in important public events over recent decades.New Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 3Last year we closed the galleries at the Hamel Center in Eagle Square andbegan the transition to make our Park Street building the public hub forexhibitions and educational programs. The Hamel Center continues toserve as our primary facility for museum collections management, and aportion of the building, designated for commercial rental, will generateadditional revenue for the Society beginning in fiscal year 2016.As of this writing the capital campaign, led by trustees Bill Veillette andKurt Swenson, has raised 6.6 million from our members, trustees, staff,volunteers, corporate donors, and foundations. The campaign is underwriting key priorities: digitization of the Society’s collections to makethem more widely available; implementation of the online New Hampshire History Network to facilitate sharing of collections by localhistorical societies around the state; additions to endowment; installationof new exhibitions; and climate control and energy efficiency renovationsat our Park Street headquarters to help preserve both the building and theirreplaceable collections housed here. Since the start of the campaign inSeptember 2011 my references to these goals have been made mostly inthe future tense, so it is very gratifying now to be able to report that theprojects are fully underway. All will be completed by calendar year-end.On-site work for the climate control and energy efficiency renovationscommenced in March. At the outset the archival collections were sealedfor their protection, exhibitions were removed, and office areas relocated.Demolition of the old infrastructure (ductwork, air-handling equipment,steam piping, etc.) marked the beginning of the construction. As construction concludes, new exhibitions will be installed and opened this fall.Development of the New Hampshire History Network, a project of bitsand bytes rather than bricks and mortar, is nearing completion after morethan two years of work. It is exciting to be seeing actual web-page designsand formatting on a computer screen. We are grateful to the ten localhistorical societies that are the network’s initial participating organizations for their enthusiasm and commitment.From the beginning a key component of the capital campaign has been thegoal to secure 2 million in new additions to our endowment. Helping usto meet this goal was former trustee Stanley A. Hamel’s substantialbequest. As the Society’s longtime treasurer and someone who took thelong view, Stanley understood the importance of the endowment to theSociety’s strength and stability. Due largely to Stanley’s foresight andgenerosity, this campaign goal has been met.Thanks to thoughtful planning, the generosity of members and donors,and the efforts of staff, trustees, and volunteers, the Society’s ability tofulfill its mission is greatly strengthened. On behalf of the Society, ourprofound thanks to all of you for your contributions and support.Bill Dunlap, President2014 Annual ReportBoard of TrusteesChairJoel J. BedorLittletonVice ChairDavid H. SouterHopkintonTreasurerKurt M. SwensonHopkintonSecretaryKathleen A. BelkoNew LondonQ. David BowersWolfeboroJames L. GarvinPembrokeMargaret MarshallConwayBarbara A. PitschBedfordPaul C. RemusBedfordMichael R. ReopelHillsboroughEdward E. ShumakerConcordSusan P. SloanBoston, MA & HopkintonMarilyn Goodwin SoperNewburyDavid M. SundmanLittletonPamela D. VanArsdaleBedfordWilliam P. VeilletteAmherstBert R. WhittemoreConcordPhil ZeaNorwich, VT

New Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 42014 Annual ReportSUSTAINERSFELLOWSFoxfire Property Management, Inc.Granite Investment AdvisorsNew Hampshire Antiques Dealers AssociationPuritan CapitalBENEFACTORSCambridge Trust Company of New HampshireSPONSORSEdvestinUOmni Mount Washington ResortPurity Spring ResortStar Island CorporationThe Inn at Thorn Hill & SpaThe Mountain View Grand Resort and SpaThe WentworthMEMBERSCastle in the CloudsCommon Man FamilyGrappone Automotive GroupHampton Inn & Suites ExeterHarrisville Inn Bed & BreakfastHarvest Capital ManagementThe Inn at Valley FarmsThe Inns & Spa at Mill FallsMount Washington Cog RailwayNew Hampshire Distributors, Inc.New Hampshire Federal Credit UnionIN MEMORY OFKENNETH D. ROBERTSIN MEMORY OFBARBARA S. DANIELSONIN MEMORY OFDR. DAVID G. STAHLIN MEMORY OFCONRAD B. DESMARAISIN MEMORY OFELEANOR H. STARKAmerican Legion Post 21H. Dana & Barbara H. AbbottRichard A. & Connie BerrymanElaine BoucherJack CallahanWilliam N. & Pauline M. CopeleyBrenda L. French & Gary GagneDonna-Belle & James L. GarvinAnne L. & William L. Hamilton Jr.John J. & Joan R. HendersonAnn HouriganRenee A. LaBonteTriplet Computers, L.L.C.Nathan Wechsler & Company, P.A.Q. David Bowers, L.L.C.Web-sites.comHARRY BRYANTAlan DanielsonLEADERSPATRONSIN MEMORY OFAnne B. & Jonathan NuteBank of New HampshireConcord Group Insurance CompaniesLincoln Financial GroupMerrimack County Savings BankSilverTech, Inc.Swenson Granite CompanyEldred’s Auction GalleryPage 5IN MEMORY OF JOANMerrimack County Savings Bank President and CEO Paul Rizzi visits with studentsparticipating in a colonial history program at the Society. The program, created incollaboration with teachers at Rundlett Middle School in Concord and underwritten bythe Merrimack County Savings Bank Foundation, serves four hundred students annually.The Society’s annual Advanced Placement Conference for U.S. History provides highschool students with an opportunity to meet together for a day of presentations andactivities using primary sources. Last year’s conference was funded, in part, by EdvestinUand the Society’s John L. Frisbee Education Fund.K. FARRELHilary & James Cleveland Fund of theNew Hampshire Charitable FoundationIN MEMORY OFDOUGLAS D. FIFESeacoast Mental Health Center, Inc.IN MEMORY OF JOHNL. FRISBEEIN MEMORY OF JOHNW. HARRISThe Rev. Harold E. (deceased) & KathleenBeliveauPhilip R. BastedoJerald E. & Sheila J. BrownJoan E. Desmarais & Douglas R. CopeleyMary Jo & Charles MarvinPat PayneBarbara A. & Larry H. PitschWilliam P. & Tracy W. VeilletteJane W. RobertsJoan E. Desmarais & Douglas R. CopeleyBarbara A. & Larry H. PitschWilliam W. UptonJanet Pitman AndersonMargaret AsselinNancy Jo Chabot & Parker B. PotterHilary P. ClevelandGlenn K. & Susanne G. CurrieBetty B. EberhartEMC CorporationHeather J. & Ronald J. FailleJoan K. Farrel (deceased)Allwynne E. FineBrenda L. French & Gary GagneMartin L. Gross & Deirdre M. Sheerr-GrossAnne L. & William L. Hamilton Jr.Paul W. & Mary King HoffBarbara C. HumphreyFrank & Pamela KenisonSharon A. KingPatricia S. MeyersDale K. MillsJane C. & Richard C. NylanderWin H. & Mary E. RobinsonRoss J. & Virginia C. SeymourJanet H. ShawLynn WarshowLucy H. WinshipIN HONOR OFCLARKESUSAN P. SLOAN & ARTHUR D.Anne B. & Jonathan NuteIN HONOR OFANNE L. HAMILTONDarcy WaltonMATCHING GIFTSAetna Foundation, Inc.CA TechnologiesChevron Humankind ProgramExxonMobil FoundationFM GlobalGE FoundationIBM CorporationLincoln Financial FoundationUBS Employee Giving ProgramsVerizon Foundation2014 Annual ReportTRIBUTE GIFTSBUSINESS PARTNERSCONTRIBUTORSNew Hampshire Historical SocietyNew Hampshire Capitol Dome by Melissa A. Miller (b. 1960), 1999. Bequest of Joan K.Farrel. This panoramic view, looking north from Concord’s Durgin Block ParkingGarage, includes buildings along Capitol Street in Concord, from the State House Annexon the left to North Main Street buildings on the right.Gifts to the Authors Fund support theSociety’s journal Historical New Hampshire. Past and current authors are invitedto contribute, as well as everyone whovalues and benefits from the publication.AUTHORS FUNDAnonymous (6)Elizabeth Rhoades Aykroyd*Wesley G. BallaWilliam N. BanksMichael J. Birkner*Marcia Schmidt BlaineMary BoswellRichard M. Candee*Lynn Clark & Ruby Fogg*William N. Copeley*Rebecca L. CourserStephen L. CoxValerie CunninghamJere R. Daniell*Robert B. DishmanDavid DixonMary B. Dupre*Toby FinneganDonna-Belle & James L. Garvin*Christine HadselPeter Haebler*Jeffrey R. LeichRobert L. McCulloughFrank C. Mevers*Jane C. NylanderJ. Douglas PetersWalter A. RyanBeth A. Salerno*Hilary A. Stelling*David F. TathamBryant F. Tolles Jr.*Laurel Thatcher UlrichR. Stuart WallacePeter A. Wallner*David H. WattersPaul W. Wilderson III**consecutive giving

New Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 62014 Annual ReportNew Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 72014 Annual ReportLIFE MEMBERSUnrestricted gifts to the annual fund, made in addition to membershipdues, are vital to the Society’s work to save, preserve, and share NewHampshire’s history. The Society is grateful to all of its donors and isfortunate to have loyal supporters who are leaders in unrestrictedannual giving beginning at the 1,200 level.25 YEARSWilliam N. BanksDana A. HamelKlaudia S. ShepardDr. & Mrs. Robert O. Wilson20 – 24 YEARSHilary P. ClevelandJoan E. Desmarais & Douglas R. Copeley15 – 19 YEARSDr. Geoffrey E. & Martha Fuller ClarkJere R. & Elena L. DaniellElizabeth HarrisJohn J. & Joan R. HendersonBarbara A. & Larry H. PitschStella J. ScheckterCarolyn K. & Bryant F. TollesPaul M. & Sandra G. MontroneJane C. & Richard C. NylanderBob OdellJames A. & Judith PutnamBarbara D. RobySusan P. Sloan & Arthur D. ClarkeDavid H. SouterJay W. & Michela StewartDavid M. & Christine SundmanKurt M. & Elaine SwensonVivian B. TreatWilliam W. UptonRichard G. VerneyYEARSQ. David BowersJohn A. & Julie CarterJane S. & Bruce W. KeoughP. Andrews & Linda H. McLanePatricia S. MeyersJohn S. & Olga G. RobinsonFred B. & Katharine L. RoedelMichael & Amy SununuWilliam P. & Tracy W. VeilletteDavid H. WattersLucy H. Winship1 – 4 YEARSJanet Pitman AndersonF. Colin & Paula J. CabotShannon E. Chandley & Thomas J. SilvaPhilip & Aggy ChasePatricia M. & Gregory I. FlowersJean & John E. Hoffman Jr.Margaret & Sut MarshallThomas P. & Barbara PutnamPaul C. & Ann RemusAmbassador Terry ShumakerBruce C. & Marilyn G. SoperJohn F. SwopeJoseph & Wendy TaggartPamela VanArsdale & Robert DeweyAnne R. WardwellWarren B. Weeks Jr.Bert R. Whittemore5 – 9 YEARSPatricia Gibson BakerCatherine L. & Joel J. BedorKathleen A. BelkoCharles C. CornelioGlenn K. & Susanne G. CurrieWilliam H. & Susan DunlapDonna-Belle & James L. GarvinAnne L. & William L. Hamilton Jr.Mildred S. KopperlTo become a member of the LeadersCircle please contact the Society’sPresident Bill Dunlap at 603-8560601 or join online at nhhistory.org.10 – 14Portraits of Daniel Moulton (1808–36) ofSandwich, and his wife Jemima PrescottMoulton (1810–85), painted by anunidentified artist around 1833, weredonated to the Society in 2012 by thefamily of Hugh S. Wallace, descendants ofthe Moultons. Conservation of theportraits, completed last year, was madepossible by the Katharine Prentis MurphyFund, an endowment fund to support theacquisition and conservation of theSociety’s museum collections.FOUNDATION SUPPORTMary Louise Billings Trust, RBS Citizens,N.A. TrusteeArthur Getz Charitable Trust, RBS Citizens,N.A TrusteeMerrimack County Savings Bank FoundationNew Hampshire Humanities CouncilGeorge H. & Barbara M. AbbottCarl Anderson IIIJanet Pitman AndersonCarolyn AndrewsKathryn A. & Richard F. AskinsMerwyn & Carol BaganWilliam N. BanksAllan BarkerBruce A. BarmbyDorothy A. BeanRoger E. Belson & Grace D. CohenLarry C. BerksonRobert W. Bermudes Jr.Quentin Blaine & Marcia Schmidt BlaineDr. Horace S. BloodSara F. BranchVincent J. BroderickHollis BrodrickMrs. William E. C. BulkeleyKaty & Don BurnsDorothy ByrneF. Colin & Paula J. CabotCarl Cameron & Adrienne M. HopkinsPhyllis H. CareyMark A. ChamberlainRobert N. & Mary L. ChaseJean L. ChesterFrederick H. Chormann Jr.G. Brad CilleyJason ClarkCotton M. Cleveland & John B. GarveyHilary P. ClevelandAnn M. & George W. Cook IVJohn C. & Constance B. CookeWilliam N. CopeleyMartha M. CoxAlison E. CullenGlenn K. & Susanne G. CurrieWilliam R. CushingRaymond P. & Cinda L. D'AmanteBonnie A. D’OrlandoJames L. & Edith R. DimickTyson Dines IIIJoseph DiStefanoNancee DonovanChristopher DoucetteDonald A. & Joan L. DunlapMrs. Thomas C. DunningtonCedric H. Dustin IIIWilliam K. & Anne M. DustinAlbert B. & Christine W. DwyerJere & Yvonne EamesRichard S. & Barbara B. EatonRobert W. EllisRonald H. EmeryNorman C. FarrarLouis Fink & Pam GrichKen & Sue FooteBarbara & Thomas M. FrancisCaroline L. FrenchShirley S. FrenchThomas C. & Susan GalliganDonna-Belle & James L. GarvinPatricia M. & Charles F. Gerhan Jr.William J. & Kathleen GillettBryan K. & Elizabeth M. GouldLloyd T. GravesMartin L. Gross & Deirdre M. Sheerr-GrossAnn G. HaggartDana A. HamelDelbert L. Harris IIIElizabeth HarrisJill & Philip M. HastingsMarion C. & Richard S. HazeltonRichard W. Head & Melinda S. GehrisJohn J. & Joan R. HendersonLinda C. HouchinJ. Parker HuberStephanie F. JacksonBarbara M. JonesThomas F. KehrAnn KelleySusan B. KettingerDuane & Kathleen KimballHarry S. & Sarah A. KinterRoger W. Lamson Jr.Susan LeidyThe Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr.Jeannine T. LevesqueDiana LevyJim J. ManhartE. Nicholl MarshallDiane S. MatherElizabeth Rollins MauranMaureen E. McCanty & Dennis J. CardDouglas McVicar & Frumie E. SelchenJoan MerrimanBrent MichielsPeter B. Moore & Sharon JenkinsParker MorganBradley P. & Gail NoyesJane C. & Richard C. NylanderJohn H. O’ConnorPaul E. O’NeilColleen O’NeillCommand Sergeant Major R. A. Oram U.S.Army (Ret.)Theodore OsgoodNorman C. & Melinda PaysonRobert E. PearsonMary Ann PellerinAlice W. PepperCarl L. & Nancy B. PetersonAugusta H. PetroneWilliam G. & Doris P. PhippenBarbara A. & Larry H. PitschPaul D. RainvilleRonald W. & Kathryn L. ReedMichael R. ReopelThomas F. RichardsonJohn S. & Olga G. RobinsonBarbara D. RobyFred B. & Katharine L. RoedelAlden M. RollinsTeresa R. & Eric H. RosenbergerDavid L RuellWilliam B. Ruger Jr.Carol M. RymesLorraine G. Sanborn & Elizabeth M. GilbertGrace Morse SargentSheafe SatterthwaiteRobert J. Scott Jr.Klaudia S. ShepardCharles F. Sheridan Jr.Marilyn G. & Bruce C. SoperJohn P. SpeightsApril L. SprinkleHenry & Alison StebbinsFrank B. StevensMark B. StevensDavid M. & Christine SundmanJohn H. & Nancy H. SununuMichael & Amy SununuKevin C. & Lynda S. SwensonJohn F. SwopeGinny SzymanowskiPriscilla M. TapleyElizabeth & William TroughtMrs. Harry N. TuftsWilliam W. UptonWilliam P. & Tracy W. VeilletteKarlene WadleighPeter A. WallnerLeigh A. Webb & Annette AndreozziJanice A. Webster BrownPatricia & John F. Weeks Jr.Pamela WeeksHowie & Sue WemyssMarily WilsonDr. & Mrs. Robert O. WilsonPhilip H. WinterJames & Susan WrightLaura J. WrightPamela R. & Oglesby H. Young, M.D.Sherilyn B. & Gary R. YoungPhil ZeaA Hopkinton Old Home Day broadsideannounces that Old Home Day badges witha “picture of the old sign which hung infront of Benjamin Wiggin’s Tavern whereLafayette dined when passing throughHopkinton in 1825, can be had at thesecretary’s table.” New HampshireHistorical Society purchase.

New Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 82014 Annual ReportEDWARD & JULIA TUCK SOCIETYAnonymous (5)Patricia Gibson BakerWilliam N. BanksDr. Horace S. BloodDee Dee M. BondRichard M. Candee & Robert S. ChaseTracie L. & Herbert S. Carpenter IVDarryl I. CathersJere R. & Elena L. DaniellNancy L. DodgeSean DuganDonald A. & Joan L. DunlapDonna-Belle & James L. GarvinLloyd T. GravesPeter & Carol A. HaeblerAnne L. HamiltonJohn J. & Joan R. HendersonSusan LeidyWendy MacGregorDavid L. MannMary Strayer McGowanin memory of Duncan S. McGowanNew Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 92014 Annual ReportNAMED ENDOWMENT FUNDSFunds for Restricted or Designated PurposesPaul & Leann MocciaD. Bruce MontgomeryDouglas Nelson & Karin Cullity NelsonJane C. & Richard C. NylanderBob OdellCarl L. & Nancy B. PetersonAlden M. RollinsTeresa R. & Eric H. RosenbergerMarian Cannon SchlesingerJanet H. ShawBruce C. & Marilyn G. SoperDavid H. SouterAnne Felton SpencerMarguerite SutcliffeBryant F. & Carolyn K. TollesWilliam P. & Tracy W. VeillettePeter A. WallnerPamela WeeksDr. & Mrs. Robert O. WilsonUNA MASON COLLINS FUND IN MEMORY OF THE SAMUEL BURLEYMASON FAMILYto acquire New Hampshire-related artifacts, memorabilia, and similaritemsCONCORD TOWER CLOCK FUNDto support the care and preservation of the Society’s tower clock onNorth Main Street, Concord, New HampshireJERE R. DANIELL PUBLICATIONS FUNDto support New Hampshire Historical Society publicationsLEONARD K. DODGE FUNDfor the acquisition of genealogical materialEDITH SHEPARD FREEMAN/MARGARET H. JEWELL FUNDto support the library and the acquisition of books, papers of interest, ormanuscriptsJOHN L. FRISBEE EDUCATION FUNDto support programs and services that fulfill the Society’s educationalmissionSTANLEY A. HAMEL CAR FUNDto support the care, storage, and exhibition of the 1946 Mercury StationWagon in the Society’s museum collectionEdward Tuck (1842–1938) and his wife Julia (1850–1928) financed thecreation of the Society’s landmark building at Park Street (completed in 1911)and made additional gifts that laid the foundation for the Society’s endowment.Photograph (right) by Desgranges of Nice, France, April 1928, gift of MiriamGardner Dunnan; (below) by Fiona Boyd, courtesy of New Hampshire Home.PHILIP B. & NELLE L. HOLMES FUNDto support the library and/or any program related to Portsmouth,New HampshireEDWARD C. & ELIZABETH F. LATHEM FUNDto support the acquisition of books, manuscripts, and associatedresourcesLIFE MEMBERSHIP FUNDto provide annual funding of the Society’s life memberships and to growthe permanent endowmentDUNCAN S. MCGOWAN MEMORIAL FUNDto support the beautification and public enjoyment of Eagle Square,Concord, New HampshireASA CURRIER TILTON FUNDto support the acquisition and publication of material related to thehistory of the Colony, Province, and State of New HampshireWILLIAM C. TODD FUNDto support the acquisition of town histories, genealogy, and other workson American historyMARY W. VAUGHAN FUNDto purchase genealogical booksRAYMON S. VAUGHAN BASEBALL FUNDto acquire baseball memorabiliaROBERT O. WILSON, D.D.S., HISTORICAL RESEARCH FUNDto support historical researchNamed Funds Providing Unrestricted SupportEVELYN P. & NOAH J. ARELL FUNDEDITH W. ATKINS FUNDLANE DWINELL FUNDSTANLEY A. HAMEL FUNDFRANCES M. HEALD FUNDELIZABETH M. HOYT FUNDJUNE CAMPBELL HOYT FUNDNATALIE HOYT FUNDCHARLES IRELAND FUNDRUTH E. PEARSON FUNDJESSIE H. RABLIN FUNDDAVID G. & BARBARA J. STAHL FUNDMARY H. WOODBURY FUNDROGER F. WOODMAN FUNDBEQUESTSEstate of Naia L. ConradEstate of Theodore S. Bacon Jr.Estate of Stanley A. HamelEstate of Charles IrelandEstate of Anne MacConnellEstate of Dr. David G. StahlEstate of Eleanor H. StarkKATHARINE PRENTIS MURPHY FUNDto support the acquisition and conservation of museum collectionsThe Edward & JuliaTuck Society recognizesthose who have includedthe New HampshireHistorical Society intheir estate plans.To discuss making aplanned gift to theSociety, please contactPresident Bill Dunlap at603-856-0601 orbdunlap@nhhistory.org.CHARLES S. PARSONS FUNDto support an internship program for the study of New Hampshiredecorative artsPERRY-DUDLEY FAMILY ARCHIVE & SHEPARD COLLECTION FUNDto support the Dudley-Shepard Reading Room and/or the Perry-DudleyFamily Archive and Shepard CollectionGEORGE F. SAWYER MEMORIAL FUNDto support the manuscripts collectionANNALEE THORNDIKE FUNDto support museum operationsGIFTS TO THE ENDOWMENTCONNECTIONS THROUGH TIME: CAMPAIGN FOR NEW HAMPSHIREHISTORY FUNDJoan E. Desmarais & Douglas R. CopeleyMichael & Amy SununuLEONARD K. DODGE FUNDOrder of the First Families of New Hampshire, 1622–1680DUNCAN S. MCGOWAN MEMORIAL FUNDGeorge C. Corson Jr.PERRY-DUDLEY FAMILY ARCHIVE & SHEPARD COLLECTION FUNDKlaudia S. Shepard

New Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 102014 Annual ReportNew Hampshire Historical SocietyPage 112014 Annual ReportCONNECTIONS THROUGH TIME: CAMPAIGN FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE HISTORYAnonymous (7)Janet Pitman Andersonin memory of Eleanor H. StarkVerne S. AtwaterThomas W. BaerThe Bagan FoundationPatricia Gibson BakerWesley G. BallaBank of New Hampshire Charitable Fund ofthe New Hampshire Charitable FoundationWesley A. & Marilyn BartlettMr. & Mrs. William S. Bartlett Jr.Dorothy A. Beanin honor of Donna-Belle GarvinThe Bean Family FoundationNorwin S. & Elizabeth N. Bean FoundationCatherine L. & Joel J. BedorKathleen A. BelkoRandall H. Bennettin memory of Lester & Bessie Heath BennettRobert W. Bermudes Jr.Polly BerryJames P. & Linda G. BetterNancy BirkremQuentin Blaine & Marcia Schmidt BlaineDavid & Deborah A. BlanchetJulie W. BoardmanThe Borg-Tapley Fund of the CommunityFoundation for the National Capital RegionLinda U. & Peter H. BornsteinQ. David BowersCarlton R. BradfordSara F. BranchMargaret Hayes Brown & familyin honor of James H. HayesSarah B. BrownThe Brown Foundation, Inc. of HoustonBurton E. & Marilyn J. BurtonThe Jack and Dorothy Byrne FoundationJudith L. CaldwellColin D. CampbellJohn A. & Julie CarterGabriela & Mitch CaseCharles & Bonnie CasertaPatricia Heath CaswellJohn C. ChadbourneAlan R. & Shirley M. ChandlerWilliam D. Chapin Jr.Barbara A. Clarkin memory of W. Murray ClarkDavid B. & Susan E. ClarkJason ClarkClarke Fund of the Boston FoundationStephen B. & Mary Clare ClarksonCotton M. Cleveland & John B. GarveyHilary & James Cleveland Fund of the NewHampshire Charitable FoundationVirginia L. Close (deceased)David & Ellie CochranCogswell Benevolent TrustAlan & Ellen CohenEleanor H. ColbyDouglas ColeConcord Garden ClubConcord Group Insurance CompaniesWilliam N. & Pauline M. CopeleyCharlotte Cranein memory of Emily CraneJill CromwellGlenn K. & Susanne G. CurrieLouise and Edward CrossBonnie Ayers D’Orlando & John A. D’OrlandoSandra M. & Paul E. DallaireJere R. & Elena L. DaniellJohn W. Davidge III & Deborah M. Lottin memory of John Washington Davidge Jr.Marc & Ann DavisVirginia de RochemontJoan E. Desmarais & Douglas R. CopeleySumner A. Dole IIIJoan B. DotyCharles G. Douglas III & Debra M. DouglasWilliam H. & Susan Y. DunlapCedric H. Dustin IIIAlbert B. & Christine W. Dwyer CharitableFund of Fidelity Charitable Gift FundScott F. & Aurore M. EatonRonald H. EmeryMichael J. & Perrin EnriquezJames M. & Cynthia A. FarrellCharles S. & Charlotte F. FaulknerLouis Fink & Pam GrichToby J. FinneganLisa & George FooteStephanie FortinAnn E. & Stephen F. FosterFoxfire Property Management, Inc.Anne S. FrantzBrenda L. French & Gary W. GagneJack & Ginny FribergRobert & Kristine FrisbieStanley & Cheryl FryTheresa FultonDonna-Belle & James L. Garvinin memory of Eleanor L. (Cornell) NelsonPatricia M. & Charles F. Gerhan Jr.Wilbur & Hansi GlahnCharles & Jaye GoodwinRichard N. & Nancy GouldJean L. GrandyGranite Investment AdvisorsGrantham Historical SocietyDelmon & Sherry GrapesPaul T. GrimstadJames P. HackettPeter & Carol A. HaeblerDana A. & Karol HamelDouglas P. HamelAnne L. & William

2 0 1 4 A N N U A L R E P O R T. New Hampshire Historical Society Page 2 2014 Annual Report 30 Park Street Concord, New Hampshire 03301 . William P. Veillette Amherst Bert R. Whittemore Concord Phil Zea . Mount Washington Cog Railway New Hampshire Distributors, Inc. New Hampshire Federal Credit Union BUSINESS PARTNERS

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of general rough paths. However, in this paper, we will focus on the case where the driving signal is of bounded variation. Following [6] we interpret the whole collection of iterated integrals as a single algebraic object, known as the signature, living in the algebra of formal tensor series. This representation exposes the natural algebraic structure on the signatures of paths induced by the .

In general, user-mode hooking is intended for API monitoring, like Mark Russinovich’s ProcessMonitor (alias FileMon/RegMon), resource leak detection, various malware which doesn’t need to care about security issues, extending applications and libraries you don’t have the source code for (also cracks may fall in this category), adding a compatibility layer for existing applications to run .

In the midst of Michel’s awakening to the sensuous, sensual existence, to the Dionysian world in nature and himself, he observes: [Marceline] led the way along a path so odd that I have never in any country seen its like. It meanders indolently between two fairly high mud walls; the shape of the gardens they enclose directs it leisurely course; sometimes it winds; sometimes it is broken; a .

Cash & Banking Procedures 1. Banking Procedures 1.1 Receipt of cash and cheques within a department All cheques must be made payable to Clare College. It is the responsibility of the Head of Department to establish procedures which ensure that all cheques and cash received are given intact (i.e. no deductions) within

Blueprint one (TB) Blue Fins Blueprint one: Grammar Practice The Blue Cat Club Blood Diamonds Boost your vocabulary 3 Born to run Boost your vocabulary 1 Boost your vocabulary 2 The Booming Boots of Joey Jones Bookworms Club Pearl : stories for reading circles the gems set. The book of heroic failures A book of beasts The book of days : a resource book of activities for special days in the .

aware of fraud, bribery and corruption and understand the importanceof protecting the organisation from it. Managers must report any instances of actual or suspected fraud, bribery or corruption brought to their attention to the LCFS immediately. 4.9 All employees . Through the normal working day, those providing SCAS services (employees, regardless of position held, as well as Non- Executive .

circuits). 2. Rough frequency and harmonic measurements 3. AM signal monitor receiver. 4. Simple RF signal generator including AM modulation if required. 5. Crystal Testing. 6. Use as a BFO for SSB and CW reception 7. Measurement of unknown capacitors and inductors I decided to include some extra features above the normal in functionality RF output from the oscillator enabling use of an .