Analytical Services Overview

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Analytical Services Overview

Service solutions that help you stay on the cutting edgeWhat are your analytical challenges?Do you plan to switch to a new raw material supplierbut are not sure whether their product meets yourspecification?Do you need to perform analytical studies on productsor raw materials that are Out of Specifications (OOS) orOut of Trending (OOT)?Are testing or procedures that you are called to use outof alignment with available equipment on-site?Does a short-term project require analytical staffingthat has not been budgeted?Are you in jeopardy of losing a customer unless you canshow your product meets new specification or testingcompliance?.How can we help?Leveraging cross-functional competence in chemical R&D, chemical manufacturing, andanalysis, IsleChem offers analytical services to various industries:Chemical ManufacturingPolymer and CoatingsEnergyMetal PlatingWater TreatmentMedical DevicesPharmaceuticalsTextilesConsumer / Household ProductsFood AdditivesCommodity and Specialty GasesElectronicsPrintingNutritional SupplementsAll testing is performed within IsleChem’s Quality Assurance Program for Analytical Serviceswhich complies with ISO/IEC 17025 Guidance document.2

Service solutions that help you stay on the cutting edge3Chemical StabilityAnalysisStandard Analysisrequired by ASTM,USP, EP, JP, FCC,AOAC and OtherRegulatory MethodsProcess Control,ProcessImprovement andDebottleneckingMainApplicationsChemical ForensicStudiesDevelopment ofAnalytical MethodsCharacterization ofMaterialsDevelopment of AnalyticalMethods:Testing ConsultationValidationAccess to All Major AnalyticalTechniquesOn-site Implementation/TrainingCharacterization of Materials:Purity TestingStructural ConfirmationImpurity Identification andQuantificationPhysical PropertiesStabilityPerformance-based Testing3rd party Arbitration/ConfirmationComparative Studies ofProducts and Raw MaterialsChemical Forensic Studies:Product DefectDeformulationOdor/Color IdentificationPolymer Identification

Service solutions that help you stay on the cutting edgeWe use state-of-the-art instruments to achieve best possible results:Gas Chromatography with ECD, FID, TCD and NPDDetectorsGas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with EI/CI Ionization Q-TOF High Resolution/AccurateMassLiquid Chromatography Ternary Gradient with UV, RI andELSDLiquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry API Source (ApCI and ESI) with TripleQuad and Ion Trap (MSn) CapabilityIon ChromatographyAmino Acid AnalyzerMicroscopySpectroscopy Inductively Coupled Plasma-AtomicEmission Cold Vapor Atomic Adsorption(CVAA) for Trace Mercury Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)Multi-Nuclei Capability FT-IR - Fourier Transform Infraredwith Microscope Scanning UV-Visible X-Ray Fluorescence X-Ray DiffractionThermal Analysis Differential Scanning Calorimeter Thermal Gravimetric AnalyzerTotal Organic Carbon (TOC) AnalyzerWet ChemicalWater Determination by Karl Fisher TitrationPhysical/Material Properties Density, Sieve Size Characterization,Color, Flash, Freeze or Melt Point,Optical Rotation, Refractive Index4

Service solutions that help you stay on the cutting edgeWhat do customers love about our services?IsleChem's analytical services consistently exceed customers' expectations, working withclients to understand their needs, making recommendations as to the best analyticalapproach, thereby solving their real-world problems.Accurate and Reliable Data:Information provided is defensibleand repeatable, utilizing welldefined and documentedmethodology.Commitment to TurnaroundTime: Meeting clients’expectations is our number onepriority.Integrity and Trustworthiness:Customers know they are ingood hands. We strive todeliver world-class results.Flawless Execution: Our highlytrained staff, thoroughpreparation, and customer-firstmindset ensure the service iscompleted in a professionalmanner.To find out how IsleChem by Aceto’s analytical services can help yourbusiness stay on the cutting edge, visit our website at: analytical services.php.About IsleChem by AcetoIsleChem by Aceto2801 Long RdGrand Island, NY 14072Phone: 1-800-699-8606Email: analyticalservices@aceto.comFounded in 2001, IsleChem LLC provides its chemical productsand services to the U.S. marketplace and to over 20 countriesinternationally. IsleChem’s core businesses include: ChemicalManufacturing; contract Research and Development (R&D);Analytical Services; and Technical and Support Services. InDecember 2020, IsleChem was acquired by Aceto(, a leading global virtualmanufacturer supplying niche, differentiated specialty materialsin life sciences and advanced technology end markets. 2021 Aceto. All rights reserved.5

Gas Chromatography with ECD, FID, TCD and NPD Detectors Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with EI/CI Ionization Q-TOF High Resolution/Accurate Mass Liquid Chromatography Ternary Gradient with UV, RI and ELSD Liquid Chromatography -Mass Spectrometry API Source (ApCI and ESI) with Triple Quad and Ion Trap (MS. n) Capability

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