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PACK-et 2019Walk Pack Success Guide42nd Annual Walk for the Animals & WalktoberfestSaturday, September 21, 2019Registration Start: 10:00 AM --- Walk Start: 11:00 AMFirstEnergy Stadium, Reading,

Dear Friends of the Animals:Humane Pennsylvania needs your help! Do you remember the cost of your the last veterinarian visit, even fora wellness check-up? Exams, basic vaccinations, and simple tests add up. Now, multiply that amount by over4,000 animals.That’s the number of animals directly housed and cared for by Humane Pennsylvania each year. Now add onthe cost of treating those that are sick and injured. And helping 10,000 animals seen in our two animalhospitals and during several vaccine clinics each year. Many of which require low-cost or free care. In additionto providing emergency response services and assisting in cruelty investigations as well asprosecutions. And you get the idea.Without donor support, we cannot offer any of these services. That’s why we are asking you for your help.Not only is The Walk fun, it helps raise thousands of dollars to save the lives of thousands of homeless,abused, and neglected animals each year. What is a Pack? A Pack, or team, is a dedicated group of people that fundraise together and walktogether. Why Form a Pack? By forming a Pack, your group can combine fundraising efforts to raise moremoney. You’ll also enjoy an afternoon of fun activities with your friends and family. Most importantly:you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your PACK helped save thousands of lives!Forming a Walk Pack (team) is the most effective way to raise funds for the animals. As a Walk Pack, youcombine like-minded animal lovers together around a focused mission. We know that with your help, this willbe the biggest, most successful, and – yes – the FUNNEST Walk ever!Grab your sneakers and join me on the 42nd Annual Walk for the Animals Walktoberfest to support homelessanimals in Berks and Lancaster Counties on September 21, 2019.Your partner in animal welfare,Karel MinorPresident & CEOHumane PennsylvaniaHumane Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supported entirely by donations, fundraising events, and service fees. We do notreceive funding from national humane organization.

Pack Formation DetailsForm your Walk Pack: A Walk Pack is a group of 2 or more people who commit to raising lifesaving funds for our animals through the Walk. Encourage your favorite people to rally for thepaws. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone who believes in the humane treatmentof animals can be a part of YOUR PACK!Determine a Pack Leader & Pack Name: The Pack Leader will be responsible for coordinatingall Pack paperwork, keeping the Pack informed, motivating the Pack to FUNdraise, and ensuringthe minimum 1,000 is collected.Complete the Pack Formation Form: included on the last page of this PACKet. Or, if you needanother, go to and click on the Form a Packlink.Each Pack Member Must Register for the Walk: If a Pack Member wants to be a VIP walker,they must personally pay the VIP registration fee of 50. If they want to register at the regularlevel, they must also personally pay the general admission fee, 22 for adults and 12 for kids17 and under. Great news! The registration fees apply toward your Pack’s total. You can registerby submitting a Walk Brochure with your payment or by paying online at andclicking on the 2019 Registration Option you want to register for and make sure to mention yourPack name.Your Pack Must Commit to Raise a Minimum of 1,000: Pack Leaders must sign anagreement that their Pack will raise the minimum of 1,000 by Walk Day. In the event the Packis short of the 1,000 goal, we will work with the Pack Leader to ensure this balance is paid.Please see the Pack Formation Form for details. We know this sounds scary, but it’s easier tofundraise than you think. Check out our pack hacks and tips below. Still nervous? EmailDirector of Events & Corporate Relations, Lauren Henderson, at’ll help you get to where you need to be.By August 15, 2019: Packs must be formed and paperwork submitted to have custom shirtsand signage made.September 21, 2019: Strut your stuff at the 42nd Annual Walk for the Animals & Walktoberfest!

Pack Leader ChecklistPack Leader Checklist:Review Frequently Asked Questions and Pack HacksSubmit the online PACK Formation Form to Lauren Henderson, or print and mail a copy to 1729 N 11thStreet, Reading, PA 19604, Attn: Lauren HendersonHave Pack Members individually register with a Walk brochure or online at and click on the 2019 Registration Option you want. Make sure yourwalkers include the Pack Name.Distribute Individual Sponsor Tracking forms to all Pack Members. If Sponsors wish to receive a receiptfor tax purposes, please ensure that all contact information is included (for cash donations especially;checks are easily tracked).Customize your own Pack FUNdraising page on Packs with a web fundraising page raisemore money. Visit to see how it works. Please contact Lauren Henderson ifyou need assistance with your fundraising page. Once your Pack registration form has been submitted,you’ll see your pack name listed on the FirstGiving website within a few days and individual packmembers can choose to join.Encourage your pack members to create their own fundraising web page within your team page.By August 15, 2019, you must submit: Pack Formation Form: Submitted by the Pack Leader. Pack Members must be individually registered: In order to place the t-shirt, sweatshirt and dogbandana order, your pack members must have their registrations submitted which will providetheir number of shirts and sizes. Any pack members that register after August 15, 2019 can stillwalk with your Pack, but they will receive regular walk shirts, not your Pack’s custom t-shirts. Pack Logo/Pack Name Design: Logos must be black and a TIFF, JPEG or PDF digital fileSeptember 18 & 19, 2019: Pack Leaders pick up your custom Pack shirts, sweatshirts and dogbandanas at Humane Pennsylvania Headquarters in Reading to give to your pack members.By September 21, 2019: All funds collected to date are due by Walk Check-In: Between 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM on September 21,2019. The Pack as a whole must have a combined minimum of 1,000. Submit all Matching gift forms, if applicable: Matching gift forms apply toward team totals but mustaccompany the Walker’s registration form or Sponsor Tracking form in order to receive credit. Pack Leaders do not have to wait to turn in funds until Walk Day: Funds may be turned in in advance atany time at Humane Pennsylvania Headquarters in Reading.*If a Pack is formed and the Pack Leader wishes to disband the Pack, Lauren Henderson must be notified byAugust 15, 2019. In the event the Pack Leader misses this deadline, the Pack Leader will have a financialcommitment to Humane Pennsylvania for the 1,000 minimum contribution.

Pack Leader Tips & Pack HacksTell your pack members to let their sponsors (friends, family, local businesses, etc.) know that donationshelp us: Find loving new homes for thousands of homeless animals this year Transport, treat, and adopt at-risk animals from other shelters and natural disasters across the US andCanada Provide routine veterinary care, sterilization, and emergency treatments for thousands more animals Support local, state, and federal investigators in animal cruelty cases with our expert assistance Help people and pets endangered by illness, domestic violence, or other catastrophes through HumanePennsylvania’s innovative SAFE Haven program, Spike’s Pet Pantry, and the Berks County AnimalResponse TeamGet Social!Put your social networking to work for your Pack! Feature Walk for the Animals & Walktoberfest, your Pack,and your FirstGiving webpage on all of your social media pages.We will create a Pack FirstGiving webpage for your Pack and encourage all pack members to create theirown page within the Pack page. It’s free and easy, only takes a few minutes, and will help raise more money –many Packs have doubled their sponsorships from previous years. Visit Be sureyour first donation listed is a large one; others may follow the example. Please note that is afundraising site only. Packs formed on are not officially registered until a Pack Formation Form is completedand emailed or mailed to Humane Pennsylvania. Additionally, all pack members must be registered at or complete a Walk Brochure.Keep in touch with your pack members to see how they’re doing. Have them ask their sponsors if theircompany offers a matching gift program. Corporate matching gifts are an excellent way to quickly double yourfundraising efforts.Coordinate fundraisers (pet picnic, bake sale, garage sale, doggie wash, etc.) with your packmembers to raise extra funds for your Pack.

Frequently Asked QuestionsWho can form a Pack?ANYONE!Who can be a Pack member supporter?Anyone who is willing to support a pack member by donating to help the animals!Where does the money collected go?All the money collected goes directly to the animals and Humane Pennsylvania programs. All donations are taxdeductible as allowed by law.Why does my Pack need to collect at least 1,000?A tangible goal helps everyone raise more money! Along with the event swag your Pack receives and yourreserved party tables in PACKville, your initial commitment will directly benefit the animals of HumanePennsylvania. Bonus, each Walker’s registration fee applies to your Pack’s total. Please note, each walkerregistering must pay the registration fee.What if my Pack doesn’t reach the 1,000 goal?Pack Leaders must submit a minimum of 1,000 no later than check-in on Walk Day. If the Pack Leader doesnot have the minimum by check-in, Lauren Henderson will be in touch with them to discuss payment options.If I have money that I want to turn in early, may I?YES! Leading up to Walk Day, you may turn in money as often as you like and we will enter it all under yourPack name. All donations should be done at the Humane Pennsylvania Headquarters in Reading with LaurenHenderson. We encourage Packs to submit their donations prior to Walk Day as this will help registration onthe day of the Walk run more efficiently.What if I need to disband my Pack?You must notify Lauren Henderson no later than August 15, 2019. Please contact Lauren Henderson If you contact Lauren Henderson after August 15, 2019 the Pack Leader will beresponsible for the minimum 1,000 contribution.How do I distribute all the Pack supplies to my pack members?Yes, since you will be picking up your Pack t-shirts, sweatshirts, and dog bandanas on one of the Pack pick-updays before the Walk, you will have time to deliver them to your pack members. If you work with your packmembers, you can bring the items into work, or perhaps you can throw a Walk party the night before the eventand hand out their supplies. If you cannot distribute the supplies before the Walk, you can always hand theitems out at the event.How early can I arrive to decorate my area in PACKville?Pack members will be allowed to enter PACKville at 9:00 AM to prepare their Pack table and decorate theirarea for judging. Remember, you’re trying to win the Wacky Woof Award and have a ton of fun in the process.Make your Pack and others smile with your original idea and theme!

Walk Pack Formation FormComplete and mail or email this form to Humane Pennsylvania as soon as possible so we can begin preparing for your Pack andcan reserve your pack name. You do not need to have all your pack members in place to form your Pack.Final Pack Registration Forms are due by August 15, 2019.YOUR INVOLVEMENTI am registering as a Pack Leader and I am 18 years old or older. By September 21, 2019 I agree to lead my Pack to raise a minimumof 1,000 for the Walk for the Animals & Walktoberfest in order to participate as a Pack. Funds will be based on the Pack’s totalamount collected and the Pack’s individual registration fees will count towards the 1,000 minimum.GENERAL INFORMATIONPack Name:Date:Pack Leader Name:Pack Leader Phone:Pack Leader E-mail:Pack Leader Mailing Address:City:State:Total number of Pack Member expected:Zip:Have you participated in our Walk before? YES / NOWould you like Humane Pennsylvania materials to distribute (posters, brochures, yard signs)? YES / NOAGREEMENTI am registering as a Pack Leader. I understand that my Pack and I must raise at least 1,000 in order to participate as a Pack. If I havenot turned in my Pack’s fundraising minimum of 1,000 before the Walk for the Animals or by check on September 15, 2018, Iunderstand that I, as Pack Leader, will be responsible for the balance due. I understand that I must provide a credit card to keep onfile and I authorize Humane Pennsylvania to bill this credit card after September 21, 2019 for the amount needed to meet the 1,000minimum. I understand that if I choose to opt out of my Pack Leader agreement I must do so no later than August 15, 2019.Please bill my:VisaMastercardDiscoverAmerican ExpressAccount Number: Expiration Date: Verification Code:Name on Card:Billing Address:Signature:Please complete this form and return to:Humane Pennsylvania, Attn: Lauren Henderson - Walk Packs1729 N. 11th Street, Reading PA 19604Questions? Call Lauren Henderson, Director of Events & Donor Relations610-750-6100 Ext. 211

paws. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone who believes in the humane treatment of animals can be a part of YOUR PACK! Determine a Pack Leader & Pack Name: The Pack Leader will be responsible for coordinating all Pack paperwork, keeping the Pack informed, motivating the Pack to FUNdraise, and ensuring the minimum 1,000 is collected.

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