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SPRING 2022ARLINGTON COUNTYEXERCISETRAVELCONNECTIONSand MORESpringo 04Nutrition & Recipes 07EarthFest 2022 1455 Bike Group 29Travel 34arlingtonva.us/dpr

PASSSign Up andGet the Benefits!Enjoy access to a world of fun, fitness,enrichment and social connectionwith the Arlington 55 Pass.STEP 1OPTION AChoose Your PassThere are two 55 Pass options for you to consider.55 Pass BenefitsSTEP 2 Opportunities to participatein engaging activitiesSign UpThere are four ways to sign up: Discounted trips and classes ONLINE: arlingtonva.us/DPR and search “55 pass” MAIL: 300 N. Park Drive 22203(Get the 55 Pass registration form online)ANNUAL FEES PHONE: 703-228-4747 (Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)Arlington County resident 20 60 IN PERSON: Visit one of our 55 Centers that are open,or Department of Parks & RecreationAdministrative Services Office located at300 N. Park Drive (Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).Arlington County household 30 90Non-Arlington County resident 45 90Non-Arlington County household 65 135STEP 3Use Your PassWith your 55 Pass, you can register for programsand activities (registration not needed for a drop-in,but 55 Pass is still required). See page 38 for information about registering online, inperson, by phone or by mail. See registration start dates on page 3.OPTION B55 Gold Pass BenefitsEnjoy all the benefits of the regular pass— PLUS access to Arlington County’sfitness facilities (except Long BridgeAquatics & Fitness Center) any time duringfitness facilities community hours.Contact us for more information:Call 703-228-4747 or visit arlingtonva.us/DPR(search for “55 Pass”)

SPRING 2022ARLINGTON COUNTYTHE SCOOP:55 Centers will be closedon May 30, 2022.Registration Info: page 38Hello, Everyone!Many of us have spent a lot of time outdoors in thepast two years and the environment is on our minds.Now is the perfect time to celebrate Earth Day byattending EarthFest 2022 (p. 14), learning how toprotect the environment in programs like Save OurPlanet and Your Wallet (p. 14), or just enjoying theoutdoors on one of our spring nature walks (p. 25).In this issueSocial Fun4We are also excited to announce the return of one ofour most popular and beloved programs 55 Travel!It’s been a long couple of years without the programand the 55 Travel office has been busy planning tripsto get everyone safely out and about again. Check outpage 34 to start getting ideas for your next adventure.Wellness6Lectures and Learning8Arts17We hope you find lots of opportunities to get out andexplore with 55 Programs this spring!Fitness23Sports28Brain Play30Services33Registration Opens:Travel34 February 16 at 10 a.m. (Arlington County)Community Partners37How to Register38Connect & Locate39Stay well,Jennifer Collins, CPRPOffice of 55 Programs February 17 at 10 a.m. gistration is available anytime through our online WebTracsystem. For step-by-step instructions see the last page.NOTE: You can link directly to the registration system whenviewing the digital 55 Guide. After registration has opened,just click on the blue Registration Number for the programthat you are interested in.PHONE703-228-4747Available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.Can We Help?Arlington County can provide, upon request,reasonable modifications for people withdisabilities. Two weeks advance notice ispreferred. Call 703-228-4747.703-228-4747 arlingtonva.us/DPR

SOCIAL FUN!St. Patrick’s Day PartyReady for some fun and shenanigans? Enjoy live musicand packaged snacks to celebrate St. Patty’s Day atAurora Hills! Don’t forget to wear green. Sponsored bythe Aurora Hills Advisory Committee. M ar. 16Aurora HillsWednesday#913890-011-2:30 p.m.1 sessionMother’s Day Music and TeaCelebrate and honor all mothers with live piano music,tea and packaged assorted sweets. Bring a picture ofyour mother, your wife and/or if you are a mother, alsobring a picture of your children to display just for thisspecial event. M ay 4Aurora HillsWednesday#913890-021:30-3 p.m.1 sessionSPECIAL EVENTSSpring FlingLet’s welcome warmer weather with a Spring Flingcelebration sponsored by the Lubber Run AdvisoryCommittee. Live music, dancing, crafts, packagedrefreshments and more! A pr. 1Lubber RunFriday#913899-01May 11 10am–NoonLubber Run – Outdoor LawnLast year’s Springo, bingo in spring,55 social event was such a big hit,so let’s do it again! Enjoy bingo, manylaughs and an opportunity to catchup with friends. Prizes awarded.Sponsored by the Alliance for ArlingtonSenior Programs. Bring a chair andwear a mask. For your safety, socialdistancing protocols will be in place.Space is limited, so register early.Rain date is May 13. #913899-031-3 p.m.1 sessionTrash and Treasure SaleThe Aurora Hills annual Trash and Treasure is back! Thegeneral public is invited to this neighborhood rummagesale held at the Aurora Hills 55 Center. There will behousehold goods, decorative items, small appliances,games, toys, jewelry, luggage and craft supplies galore.All proceeds benefit Aurora Hills 55 special events andprograms. Sponsored by the Aurora Hills AdvisoryCommittee and the Alliance for Arlington SeniorPrograms. Donation drop-off: Fri., May 13, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.(No books, clothes, shoes, home electronics, TVs,computers, DVDs or CDs accepted at this time.) M ay 14Aurora Hills4SaturdayDrop-In9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.1 sessionGET TOGETHERSMorning MeetupStart your week off right with great conversation andfriends. BYOC—Bring Your Own Coffee—and enjoy! M ondaysLubber Run10-11 a.m.Drop-In F irst & Third WednesdaysLangston-Brown9:30-10:30 a.m.Drop-InArlington County 55 Guide Spring 2022 arlingtonva.us/dpr

DANCEMovie NightIntroduction to Line DanceNever line danced before but want to join the fun? Learnthe basic steps from instructor Suzie Pratts.Have a great time viewing top-quality movies with 55 friends at Lubber Run’s new Movie Night. First up, fromHamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, comes In theHeights (2021) (PG-13), a lively musical about a New Yorkbodega owner who dreams of a better life. F ridaysAurora Hills A pr. 14Lubber Run10:15-11 a.m.Drop-InThursday#913804-026-8 p.m.1 sessionLine DanceMovies & CriticsKick up your heels with line dancing! Easy for beginnersand lots of fun for all. No partner needed; line up andwatch as the leader demonstrates the steps. You’re sureto leave with a smile. Beginner level.Ever wanted to be a movie critic? Now you can. Movies &Critics is an interactive movie experience. Come just toenjoy the movie or join a critical discussion afterwards.Each month the group will create a review for theArlington Mill Newsletter. April: Being the Ricardos (2021)(R); May: Saving Mr. Banks (2013) (PG-13).Instructor: Suzie Pratts T hursdaysArlington Mill1-2 p.m.Drop-In F ridaysAurora Hills11:05 a.m.-12:05 p.m.Drop-InYouthful MovementNo matter your level of dance experience, you will benefitfrom this fusion of ancient art and youthful movementthat will assist you in gaining balance, core strength andflexibility. Carmen Shippy, volunteer dance instructor, willlead you through these low-impact dance moves. Weardance or tennis shoes and loose-fitting clothing.Instructor: Carmen Shippy W ednesdaysLangston-Brown2-3:30 p.m.Drop-In A pr. 14Arlington MillThursday#913804-031-3:30 p.m.1 session M ay 26Arlington MillThursday#913804-041-3:30 p.m.1 sessionMovies at Aurora HillsEnjoy classic and modern movies at Aurora Hills withfellow 55 friends. March: No Time to Die (2021) (PG-13);April: News of the World (2020) (PG-13);May: Nomadland (2020) (R). M arch 18Aurora HillsFriday#913804-0512:30-2:30 p.m.1 session A pril 15Aurora HillsFriday#913804-0612:30-2:30 p.m.1 session M ay 27Aurora HillsFriday#913804-0712:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionTHE MOVIESMovie MatineeSteal away and catch some great afternoon movieentertainment at Lubber Run. Benedict Cumberbatchand Rachel Brosnahan star in The Courier (2021) (PG-13),a true-life Cold War spy thriller about British businessmanGreville Wynne, who must form an alliance with a Sovietspy to prevent a nuclear confrontation. A pr. 8Lubber RunFriday#913804-011-3 p.m.1 session55 LIVE TALK SHOWFind recordings of your favorite programsand activities on the 55 Virtual ProgramsYouTube channel! Art, music, exercise, food,history — there’s a little bit of everything, andwe’re constantly adding more. On the thirdTuesday of the month, a new episode of55 Live! is posted which features a varietyof 55 -related segments and updates.Visit youtube.com/virtualprograms.Register online or by phone arlingtonva.us/dpr 703-228-47475

WELLNESSAgeless GraceThis fun wellness program consists of simple exercisesbased on everyday movements which focus on thehealthy longevity of the body and mind. There are alsomind-body directions that allow the brain to consciouslychoose and direct the movement of the body. This classis designed to make you laugh, keep you engaged andhave fun. No class 4/13.Instructor: Randi Cohen M ar. 9 – Apr. 27Lubber RunWednesdays#913500-0110:30-11:30 a.m.7 sessions: 35Meditate and Create RelaxationReduce stress, lower your blood pressure and changelifestyle habits that sap your energy. Learn severalexperimental meditation techniques such as mindfulness,breath awareness and guided meditation. Class finisheswith relaxation-focused crafts that will energize you.Instructor: Ellen Sklaver M ar. 24 – May 12Arlington MillThursdays#913500-026-7:30 p.m.8 sessions: 60Memory – What’s Normal Anyway?Wondering whether you or a loved one might have earlysigns of dementia? Dr. Christina Prather with the GeorgeWashington University Institute for Brain Health andDementia will discuss how to distinguish memorychanges due to normal aging from dementia symptomsand what to do if you think there’s a problem. M ar. 28Lubber RunMonday#913500-036-7 p.m.1 session M ar. 28VirtualMonday#913500-046-7 p.m.1 sessionLearn how to define dementia, distinguish the differenttypes and understand the typical path of diseaseprogression. Kay Yong, education and outreachcoordinator with Insight Memory Care Center, will discussand answer questions on this important health topic.6Wednesday#913500-05Kristen McGill, a dietician and member of the HealthyLiving Team at Giant Food, will give a virtual tour throughthe grocery store to identify items to include in a healthydiet, answer questions and dispel shopping myths.Note: This is an in-person program with a virtual storetour presentation. M ar. 22Lubber Run1-2 p.m.1 sessionTuesday#913500-0611 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionDiabetes NutritionAdopting and maintaining healthy eating practices are animportant part of managing diabetes. A registereddietitian from the Virginia Hospital Center’s OutpatientDiabetes & Nutrition Program will discuss the latestscience-based nutrition recommendations for betterblood sugar control and weight management. A pr. 6VirtualWednesday#913500-0711 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionDiabetes Discussion GroupCome together on the second Monday to shareknowledge and experiences with others dealing with thiscommon illness. Discussion topics include dailymanagement, social and emotional support and availablecommunity resources. S econd MondaysLangston-Brown3-4 p.m.Drop-InBe Prepared for Your NextDoctor’s AppointmentWhat questions should you be asking your doctor?What tests should be done at your age? A representativefrom the Senior Health Department at the VirginiaHospital Center will provide information on how youcan best prepare for your next doctor’s appointment. A pr. 6Aurora HillsUnderstanding Dementia M ar. 30Langston-BrownVirtual Tour of Giant Food StoreWednesday#913500-0812:30-1:30 p.m.1 sessionINCLEMENT WEATHERTo learn about delayed openingsand cancellations, call our InclementWeather Hotline at 703-228-4715or go online to arlingtonva.us.Arlington County 55 Guide Spring 2022 arlingtonva.us/dpr

Advance Care PlanningVegan RecipesIn this two-part series by the Coalition to ImproveAdvanced Care (CIAC), you will learn the process ofidentifying and communicating your healthcare wishes inan advance directive. Part one on April 20 will focus onpreparing the document. In the second part on April 27,you will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one witha certified volunteer to discuss it.Find out what it means to be a vegan and howthat differs from a vegetarian diet. Also learn howveganism can benefit your health and the environment.A representative of the Virginia CooperativeExtension Master Food Volunteers will demonstratetwo easy vegan recipes to whet your appetite. A pr. 20 & 27Lubber RunWednesdays#913500-0911 a.m.-12:15 p.m.2 sessionsHandling Hand-Held Fitness PropsLearn how to properly utilize your hand-held fitnessprops. Brittany Miller, a certified fitness instructor, willdemonstrate proper techniques as well as unique ways touse your props in class and at home. Hand-held weightsand exercise bands will be provided. Bring your ownyoga mat. M ay 25Lubber RunWednesday#913500-101-2 p.m.1 sessionScale DownA weight loss support group of warm and caring people.Monthly meetings include private weigh-ins andinteresting programs. Meets second and fourth Mondays. S econd & Fourth MondaysLangston-Brown1:30-2:30 p.m.Drop-In A pr. 13Langston-BrownWednesday#913501-0311 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionMeal Planning 101Leftovers, again? Get some creative ideas from theVirginia Cooperative Extension to help with planningyour meals and repurposing leftovers. A pr. 19Lubber RunTuesday#913501-0411 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionMom Knows Best! Or Does She?Bring in your favorite recipes from your childhood andlearn ways to make healthier versions of these dishesfor you and your family. Virginia Cooperative Extensionvolunteer Nancy Broff will be demonstrating somemodifications of Mom’s meals with better nutritionin mind. M ay 6Arlington MillFriday#913501-052-3 p.m.1 sessionNuts and Seeds: Not Just for Squirrels!NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUSEat The Rainbow!Celebrate National Nutrition Month with a lesson on thebenefits of eating fruits and vegetables of differentcolors. Representatives of the Virginia CooperativeExtension Master Food Volunteers will demonstrate a funand colorful recipe to get you started. M ar. 10VirtualThursday#913501-0111 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionYou’re not a squirrel, so why should you eat nuts andseeds? A representative of the Virginia CooperativeExtension Master Food Volunteers will explain howadding nuts and seeds to your diet can provide a richsource of protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats. Lookslike squirrels have the right idea! M ay 12Langston-BrownThursday#913501-0611 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionFood AllergiesSatisfying SoupsIn honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week, join avolunteer from the Virginia Cooperative Extension tolearn about common food allergies and some tastyrecipes that are allergen-free.Learn some tricks to make soups tasty and healthy withVirginia Cooperative Extension Master Food volunteerCaryn Wagner. M ay 19Virtual M ar. 14Arlington MillMonday#913501-02Thursday#913501-074-5 p.m.1 session2-3 p.m.1 sessionRegister online or by phone arlingtonva.us/dpr 703-228-47477

PREVENTING FALLSStay Active & Independent for Life (SAIL)Exercising to improve strength, balance and fitness isimportant to stay active and reduce the risk of falls.The SAIL curriculum includes aerobics, balance exercises,stretching routines and education. It is proven to improvebalance, mobility, strength and flexibility and to reduceknown risk factors for falls. Classes held twice a week.No program 4/11, 4/14, and 4/18. M ar. 3 – May 26Lubber RunMondays & Thursdays#913502-011-2 p.m.22 sessions M ar. 8 – May 27Aurora HillsTuesdays & Fridays#913502-0212:30-1:30 p.m.24 sessionsLECTURES &LEARNINGDo You Have Money Waiting for You?Maybe you overpaid an electric bill, are missing a refundor forgot about a bank account. Companies across theCommonwealth turn over these unclaimed assets to theVirginia Treasury Department’s Unclaimed PropertyDivision. A Division representative will explain how youcan recover this money for yourself or a lovedone’s estate. M ar. 24VirtualThursday#913400-021:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionMatter of BalanceThis program emphasizes practical strategies to reducefear of falling and increase activity levels. Learn toview falls as controllable, set realistic goals to increaseactivity, change your environment to reduce fall factorsand exercise to increase strength and balance. Trainedinstructors LeeAnne Kaniut with the MarymountUniversity fall prevention program and Anne Peretwill lead the class. M ar. 31 – May 19Langston-BrownThursdays#913502-03How to Recognize and Avoid FraudOfficers from the Arlington County Police DepartmentOutreach Team will provide information about preventingfraud, common scams and identity theft as well as tips ongeneral cyber safety. M ar. 30Aurora HillsWednesday#913400-031-2 p.m.1 session2-4 p.m.8 sessionsVIRGINIA INSURANCE COUNSELING & ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (VICAP)To register for the following VICAP programs, send an email to MedicareHelp@arlingtonva.us or callVICAP’s hotline at 703-228-1725. Meeting details will be sent to participants the Friday afternoonbefore the presentation.MARCH’S VIRTUAL PRESENTATION:Fraud: Take Steps to Protect YourselfFriday, March 25, 2022, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.Hosted by Virginia Hospital Center, join staff fromArlington County VICAP and Arlington CountyPolice Department to learn about: Medicare scams and prescriptiondrug fraud; preventing, detecting andreporting fraud; top tips, red flags and resourcesto enhance security.8APRIL’S VIRTUAL PRESENTATION:Consumer Scams TargetingMedicare BeneficiariesTuesday, April 19, 2022, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.Join Arlington County VICAP in partnership withVirginia’s Senior Medicare Patrol to learn about: misleading sales tactics and scams; Medicare marketing violationsand enrollment fraud; consequences to beneficiaries; best practices for protection.Arlington County 55 Guide Spring 2022 arlingtonva.us/dpr

The Hidden History of Arlington CountyWomen Working for a Better CommunityAuthor, local historian and columnist Charlie Clarkreturns to talk about some little-known facts ofArlington history. He’ll reference three of his books:Lost in Arlington, Arlington County Chronicles andHidden History of Arlington County. Register tomeet Mr. Clark in person at Aurora Hills or watcha live broadcast from home — your preference.For Women’s History Month, we will pay tribute toArlington women who worked to make the county abetter place. Cathy Hix, president of the ArlingtonHistorical Society, will tell their stories and especiallyhighlight Elizabeth Campbell and Dorothy Hamm,who fought to desegregate Arlington’s schools. M ar. 9Aurora HillsWednesday#913400-041-2 p.m.1 session Mar. 9VirtualWednesday#913400-051-2 p.m.1 sessionAntiquarian Books Never Grow OldBook collecting is a fun hobby that can also be financiallyrewarding. Find out what makes a book rare or valuable,how to start a book collection or move to the next level,and where you can sell your books. Explore antiquarianbook collecting with Hélène Golay, a rare bookseller andowner of L.N. Golay Books. A pr. 7VirtualThursday#913400-061:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionThe Harvey Girls Tame the WestDiscover the fascinating history of the Harvey Girls,the pioneering women credited with bringing luxuryand hospitality to the West as long-distance traintravel and tourism at our national parks grew andflourished. Tarryn Bartkus, a National Park Rangerat the Grand Canyon National Park, will discussvisionary Fred Harvey and how the Harvey Girls helpedtransform the West, one good meal at a time. At youroption, view the classic 1946 musical romance TheHarvey Girls, starring Judy Garland, Angela Lansburyand Ray Bolger for fun background. See below. M ar. 11VirtualFriday#913400-083-4 p.m.1 sessionThe Harvey Girls Movie (1946) (NR)MONDAY, MARCH 7, 1–2:45 P.M. (VIRTUAL)Hop aboard for this classic star-studded musicalromance with Judy Garland, Angela Lansburyand Ray Bolger, featuring the Academy Awardwinning song, “On the Atchison, Topekaand Santa Fe.” Enjoy a light-hearted, fun,fictionalized account of the Harvey Girls filledwith great song and dance numbers about howthe West was won. Register online: #913400-07 M ar. 15Lubber RunTuesday#913400-0911 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionThe Dark White ForestAs the first African American female forester in theU.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, MelodyStarya Mobley is a trailblazer. She will share her story ofovercoming hardships, discrimination and stereotypesto accomplish a series of firsts that paved the way forwomen in natural resource careers. M ar. 30Lubber RunWednesday#913400-1011-11:45 a.m.1 sessionConflict, Rivalries and Violencein Senate HistoryThe Constitution’s framers conceived the Senateas a small, elite body that would temper politicalpassions in the House of Representatives. But theSenate has also been home to heated conflict,personal rivalries and even violence. Senate HistorianDaniel S. Holt will discuss episodes that havepunctured the institution’s stately atmosphere. M ar. 31VirtualThursday#913400-111:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionThrough an Irish Emigrant’s EyesCelebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Irish Americans’crucial role in Northern Virginia and Arlington history.Jon Vrana, Burke Historical Society president, willportray a hypothetical yet historically inspired Irishemigrant. From his life in Ireland, voyage to NewYork and journey across the country, he meetswith experiences both emblematic and unusual. M ar. 17Lubber RunThursday#913400-121:30-2:30 p.m.1 session M ar. 17VirtualThursday#913400-131:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionRegister online or by phone arlingtonva.us/dpr 703-228-47479

Escaping DetectionVirginia Leads the SkywaysTales of women spies and soldiers excited the nationafter the Civil War. These women hailed from all walksof life; some even lived in Fairfax County. Mary Lipsey,author of Almost Forgotten Women, tells the story ofthe 400 women who hid their gender to fight in the war.Virginia has one of the oldest and richest aviationlegacies in the country. Starting with balloons in the CivilWar, the Commonwealth has been at the forefront ofaerospace innovation, particularly in the military field.Roger Connor, author of Virginia Aviation, will highlightkey milestones in Virginia’s aviation history. A pr. 12Lubber RunTuesday#913400-1411 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionRenée Scott: An Extraordinary LifeTo commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day, we willhonor Renée Scott, an ordinary French woman who didextraordinarily courageous things working for theunderground during WWII. Volunteer Carole Lieber willshare her grandmother’s remarkable story — how sherisked everything to aid Jews trying to flee the Nazis,landing her in a concentration camp. A pr. 28Lubber RunThursday#913400-151:30-2:30 p.m.1 session A pr. 28VirtualThursday#913400-161:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionArlington’s Hall’s HillHall’s Hill was one of the first historically blackneighborhoods in Arlington, dating to 1881. Theneighborhood had its own school, firehouse andbusinesses. Saundra Green, a lifelong resident, willrecount the history of the neighborhood and herexperiences living there. M ay 10Langston-BrownTuesday#913400-1711 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionBlack Soldiers’ WWII ExperienceExplore the commitment, challenges and bravery ofAfrican American soldiers in WWII with a representativeof the National Museum of the U.S. Army. Based on themuseum’s exhibit “Making a Way Out of No Way: TheAfrican American Soldier Experience in WWII,” thediscussion will also cover the 1948 end to segregationin the military. M ay 24VirtualTuesday#913400-18 M ar. 10VirtualThursday#913400-191:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionDoes Anyone Know What Day It Is?Learn how the ancient Egyptians and Romans orderedtheir years and what the movements of the sun andmoon have to do with Ramadan, Passover and Easter.Jennifer Lynn Bartlett, a professional astronomer andpresident of the Friends of Arlington’s David M. BrownPlanetarium, will discuss and answer questions. M ar. 31VirtualThursday#913400-2011 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionJames Webb Space TelescopeThe James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), whichlaunched in 2021, has the capacity to revolutionizeinfrared astronomy. Jennifer Lynn Bartlett, a professionalastronomer and president of the Friends of Arlington’sDavid M. Brown Planetarium, will discuss the technologythat makes JWST so innovative. A pr. 28Langston-BrownThursday#913400-2111 a.m.-12 p.m.1 sessionThe Search for Extraterrestrial LifeEver wonder about the possibility of life beyond Earth?Jennifer Lynn Bartlett, a professional astronomer andpresident of the Friends of Arlington’s David M. BrownPlanetarium, will explain how scientists calculate theprobability of alien civilizations and discuss some effortsto communicate with other worlds. M ay 19Langston-BrownThursday#913400-2211 a.m.-12 p.m.1 session1:30-2:30 p.m.1 sessionPLEASE NOTE: Programs and presentations offered at Arlington’s 55 Centers are intended to educate ourparticipants and enrich their lives. We strive to present a balanced array of viewpoints on any particular topic and weare not promoting any particular service, opinion or cause. The views expressed by presenters are their own and arenot necessarily endorsed by Arlington County or the Office of 55 Programs.10Arlington County 55 Guide Spring 2022 arlingtonva.us/dpr

Library of Virginia’s Genealogy SeriesJoin Community Outreach Specialist Ashley Rameyof the Library of Virginia in three lively genealogypresentations. (3/24: Vital Statistics Records; 4/28:How to Use City Directories for Genealogical Research;5/26: What Are Chancery Records and How to Use Themin Genealogical Research.) Time is allotted afterward toanswer any genealogy questions. M ar. 24VirtualThursday#913400-233-4 p.m.1 session A pr. 28VirtualThursday#913400-243-4 p.m.1 session M ay 26VirtualThursday#913400-253-4 p.m.1 sessionIt Takes a Village – In ArlingtonThe village movement began in 2002 and 12 years laterArlington Neighborhood Village (ANV) was founded bycommunity members to help adults stay in their homesas they age. ANV Executive Director Wendy Zenker willdescribe the village concept and share ways to getinvolved.Looking fora chanceto get moreexercise this spring?THISBUSRUNSONMaybe a new volunteer opportunity?VOLUNTEERPOWER!All in your own neighborhood?Are you up early in the morning? WouldGETON toBOARDWALKINGSCHOOLBUS!you likefit in aTHElittleexercise beforemostpeople climb out of bed? What if you couldDefined as “a group of students walking to school with one or more adults,” aget SchoolthatBusexercisein whileWalkingcan be as informalas two helpingfamilies takingyourturns walking withstudentsto school oratas structuredas an establishedwalking route with designatedneighborsthe sametime? Age-Friendly“stops”/meeting points and a schedule of trained volunteers.Arlington, Arlington Public Schools (APS)ArlingtonSchools/SafeRoutes to SchoolWalking School BusandInitiative isSafe PublicRoutesto School,WalkArlingtonlooking for adult leaders, so lace up your shoes and get on board! This bus is us!the Department of Parks & Recreation’s55 Programs have the perfect solution foryou – help power our first intergenerationalWALKING SCHOOL BUS!To learn more, visit w/walking-school-buses/ A pr. 5Arlington MillTuesday#913400-2611:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.1 session A pr. 5VirtualTuesday#913400-2711:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.1 sessionRock Music Legends: Monkees vs. BeatlesMike Nesmith’s recent passing has renewed the Monkeesvs. Beatles controversy. The Monkees were alternativelydescribed as America’s answer to the Fab Four, or acheap imitation (“Pre-Fab Four”). Volunteer Carl Gold willdiscuss and play music by both, including a few ofNesmith’s songs. You be the judge! A pr. 12Arlington MillTuesday#913400-281:30-2:45 p.m.1 session A pr. 12VirtualTuesday#913400-291:30-2:45 p.m.1 sessionRock Music Legends: Folk OriginsFolk music was a major influence on the development ofrock, with Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger leading theway. Volunteer Carl Gold will discuss how folk musicbridged into rock, focusing on Woody Guthrie and PeteSeeger and playing some of their pioneering songs. M ay 10Arlington MillTuesday#913400-301:30-2:45 p.m.1 session M ay 10VirtualTuesday#913400-311:30-2:45 p.m.1 sessionDefined as a group of students walking toschool with one or more adults, a WalkingSchool Bus can be as informal as twofamilies taking turns walking with studentsto school or as structured as an establishedwalking route with designated “stops”/meeting points, a timetable, and a scheduleof trained volunteers.In our case, the adults would be Arlington55 volunteers, the school would be anelementary school in South Arlington andthe Walking School Bus route(s) wouldserve families in the neighborhoods that liewithin the school’s one-mile walk zone.This unique Arlington County/APS pilotproject will kick off in Spring 2022, withvirtual training, safety resources andfamily meet-up opportunities providedto volunteers prior to kick-off. If you areinterested in volunteering or would likemore information, contact 55 Programs at55plus@arlingtonva.us or 703-228-0955Register online or by phone arlingtonva.us/dpr 703-228-474711

DISCUSSION GROUPS & BOOK CLUBSSAVE THE DATEDocumentary DiscussionsView popular documentaries and discuss them withother 55 friends. March 2: Rick Steves on the Story ofFascism (2019); April 1: Superhuman Geniuses:Extraordinary People Documentary (2019). M ar. 2VirtualWednesday#913402-011:30-2:30 p.m.1 session A pr. 1VirtualFriday#913402-021:30-2:30 p.m.1 session55 BBQFundraiserMovie DiscussionsWe’re calling all cinema lovers to meet to discuss a newfilm every month. March: Wind River (2017) (R); April:The Irishman (2019) (R); May: Official Secrets (2019) (R).All films available to stream on Netflix for you to watchbefore group meets to discuss. M ar. 10VirtualThursday#913402-033-4 p.m.1

Arlington County household 30 90 Non-Arlington County resident 45 90 Non-Arlington County household 65 135 55 Pass Benefits Opportunities to participate in engaging activities Discounted trips and classes OPTION A 55 Gold Pass Benefits Enjoy all the benefits of the regular pass — PLUS access to Arlington County's

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SAM GESUALDO 507A 3400 OLD ARLINGTON H RD, ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 60004 PO BOX 8,DEERFIELD,IL,60015 03-08-100-059-1070 2019 0.00 Wheeling Arlington Heights 14 57 29 Yes SANDRA HAUSNER 819 E HACKBERRY DR, ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL 60004 819 E HACKBERRY DR,ARLNGTON HTS,IL,60004 03-08-313-003-0000 2019 0.00 Wheeling Arlington Heights 14 53 27 Yes

Feb 19, 2022 · Miami-Dade County Daily Covid-19 Hospital Report Category 02/05/2022 02/06/2022 02/07/2022 02/08/2022 02/09/2022 02/10/2022 02/11/2022 02/12/2022 02/13/2022 02/14/2022 02/15/2022 02/16/2022 02/17/2022 02/18/2022 Beds Acute Care Beds Beds that may be converted to Acute Care Beds IC

Arlington . 76013 : 4 . City of Arlington South Service Center : 1100 SW Green Oaks Boulevard . Arlington : 76017 . 5 : Tarrant County -Courthouse in ArlingtonSub . 700 E Abram Street . Arlington : 76010 . 6 Tarrant County College Southeast Campus EMB - 2100 Southeast Parkway Arlington 76018

Section I Executive Summary Arlington National Cemetery FY 2017 Funding Profile: . Arlington National Cemetery consists of both Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, and the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home National . on average, 27-30 veterans and family members each week

arlington tower - spec suite 1300 17th st n, 5th floor, suite 510, arlington, va 22209 arlington tower - spec suite 1300 17th st n, 5th floor, suite 510, arlington, virginia, 22209 001 - cover sheet 002 - general notes 003 - general notes 005 - site plan ls-101 - life safety plan suite 510 ls-102 - ada plan d-101 - demo plan a-101 - existing .

Of Arlington's occupied housing units, 35% are renter-occupied and 65% are owner-occupied7. In looking more closely at renters, 71% of renters in Arlington are considered low-income and 49% are cost-burdened. As for Arlington's homeowners, 34% are considered low-income and 28% are cost-burdened. In Arlington, the number

demonstrate Arlington Park's impact on the area as a whole. It is important to note that Arlington Park's economic impact has been paramount to Arlington Heights and to neighboring municipalities. The Arlington Park racetrack was built in 1927 by Harry D. Brown. The park normally hosts over 20 races annually. It sits on 321 acres, or 14 million

Here are a few suggested references for this course, [12,15,1]. The latter two references are downloadable if you are logging into MathSci net through your UCSD account. For a proof that all p{ variation paths have some extension to a rough path see, [14] and also see [6, Theorem 9.12 and Remark 9.13]. For other perspectives on the the theory, see [3] and also see Gubinelli [7,8] Also see, [9 .