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OUR MISSIONLife-Ready Work-Ready World-ReadyA future-ready institution that prepares our learnersto be life-ready, work-ready and world-ready.OUR VISIONInspired Learner Serve with Mastery Caring CommunityA caring community of inspired learners committedto serve with mastery.OUR CORE VALUESSelf-Discipline I Personal Integrity I Care & ConcernOpenness I Responsibility I Excellence

CONTENTS02/ Chairman’s Statement04/ Board of Governors06/ Standing Committees07/ Management Team08/ Fact and Figures10/Highlights16/Financial Report

2SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017CHAIRMAN’SFOREWORD“SP will double ourefforts to become a polynot just for teenagers,but for all ages.”

SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017Inearly 2017, the Committee On The FutureEconomy (CFE) outlined seven mutuallyreinforcing strategies for Singapore to stayahead in a challenging global environment.In the fast changing economic landscape,Singaporeans should have deep skills andbe inspired to learn throughout their lives.Businesses should be innovative and havestrong digital capabilities. Furthermore, ourcity should continue to be vibrant, everrenewing itself and well-connected to theworld. Against this backdrop, the Institutes ofHigher Learning (IHLs) are positioned to playan active role in driving and enabling a cultureof lifelong learning amongst Singaporeans.As a member of the CFE, I am heartened tosee Singapore Polytechnic (SP) undertakingmeasures in response to this initiative. Weheld an inaugural workplan seminar with thetheme “A Poly for All Ages” in April 2017.This is a statement not just of our aspirationto expand our student catchment beyondteenagers to include adults, but also about ourcommitment to stay relevant to Singapore’scontinual development. This theme not onlycharts the course for SP moving forward, butalso allows us to reflect on the efforts we hadtaken in the preceding 12 months in supportof lifelong learning.SUPPORTING LIFELONG LEARNINGIn the course of FY2016/2017, ourProfessional & Adult Continuing Education(PACE) Academy introduced more than 230Continuing Education and Training (CET)courses for working professionals or PMETs.To help them stay competitive in their jobsdespite busy schedules, PACE Academy hasrolled out 102 skills-based modular courseswhere there are some components whichcan be accessed online. This further allowsflexibility for them to learn without sitting inclass for these components. These coursesare specially customised to reskill or upskill sothat they are aligned to industry needs in areassuch as Cybersecurity, Business Managementand Biomedical Engineering. Credits earned inthese modular courses can be accumulated togain a full diploma qualification.Engineer Mohamed Johannes Wahid, who washoping to stay competitive in his job despitecommitments and a busy schedule, benefittedfrom taking up a modular course in maritimeand offshore operations at PACE Academy.The 36 year-old was able to learn about theactivities carried out in the oil and gas industry,and the financial and safety requirements. Hecompleted his short course after five months.He was able to apply his knowledge to a newjob in a subsea services company.Another adult learner is 42-year old Teng ChunHwa, who works as a software developer. AsChun Hwa’s company ventured into mobiledevelopment projects, the Masters Degreeholder felt that he did not have the specificskills to keep up with his work. He thensigned up for a modular course on MobileApplications at PACE Academy, which enabledhim to keep up with the latest technologicaltrends and contribute more significantly to hiscompany’s projects. Inspired by the modularcourse, Chun Hwa has enrolled in the part-timeSpecialist Diploma in Digital Technologies fora Smart City.We entered a three-year partnership withNTUC’s Employment & Employability Institute(e2i) that supports union members to attainnew industry-relevant skills to enhance theiremployability. They can leverage the UnionTraining Assistance Programme (UTAP) toattend skills-based modular courses underPACE Academy. SP and e2i will continue toidentify and bridge skill gaps of PMETs bydeveloping skills-based programmes to meetthe needs of the industry.PACE Academy also collaborated closelywith Workforce Singapore, SkillsFutureSingapore and the industry to launchProfessional Conversion Programmes(PCP) for sectors such as PrecisionEngineering, Manufacturing, Chemicals andBiopharmaceuticals. These programmes givea leg-up to fresh entrants, mid-careeristsor unemployed PMETs with no relevantbackground in the sector they are entering.A successful example is 28-year old AliciaChua from Lion TCR, a biopharmaceuticalcompany that develops cell therapy againstlife-threatening viral infections and viral-relatedcancers pertinent in Asia. Before her jobswitch, Alicia was a process engineer forfour years. She decided to venture into thebiopharmaceutical industry as she aspired tocreate new technologies that could improvethe quality of lives. After completing threemodules provided by PACE Academy, Aliciawas more confident and better able to assistresearchers in a clinical trial to develop a newmethod to treat liver cancer.3

4SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017FOSTERING CLOSER INDUSTRY TIESThe past 12 months have also seen usstrengthening our relationships and addingvalue to the industry.Using IoT, Diploma in Computer Engineeringstudents Gan Zhi Xian and Tan Lok San helpedSanmina – SCI Systems Pte Ltd, a globalelectronics services provider, to develop andimplement an inventory tracking system toimprove the company’s productivity. Thesystem allows the company to track closeto 100 pieces of key equipment across threeseparate buildings at its current plant.Under the supervision of lecturers ChongSiew Ping and Phyoe Kyaw Kyaw, JoshuaMatthew, Jannai Heng and Bernard Sohfrom the Diploma in Electrical and ElectronicEngineering developed a smart bike alarm forADSEC Singapore, a retail security company,to address the problem of bike thefts. Thehand-sized alarm can be easily attached to abicycle through an app that enables the bike tobe locked and unlocked easily and tracked viaGoogle Maps.We also joined the industry-led 99% SMEcampaign to empower SMEs in the retail andfood & beverage (F&B) sectors to be digitallysavvy. Our SP students will help to raise thedigital and marketing capabilities of local F&Boperators. This not only enables the SMEs tostay ahead with greater digital capabilities butalso provides our students with a good learningplatform to apply their digital skills acquired.In the Earn and Learn Programmes (ELP)front, SP developed with the Maritime andPort Authority of Singapore (MPA) three ELPsto provide our graduates with a head startin their maritime careers. We also launchedan 18-month ELP to train fresh diplomaholders for the energy and chemicals sector.Participants were able to undergo on-campustraining at SP, structured on-the-job trainingand mentorship with industry leaders such asShell, Mitsui and Hyflux. After completing theELP, participants would attain an AdvancedDiploma in Chemical Engineering.Earlier this year, we formalised a collaborationwith BASF, a global market leader in the humannutrition industry, to spur greater innovation inthe food and nutrition sector. This includes thelaunch of BASF’s first regional Newtrition LabAsia Pacific at SP and the signing of a five-yearMemorandum of Cooperation (MoC), whereBASF will customise a five-month internshipprogramme for students from the School ofChemical and Life Sciences and co-developcourse modules and final-year projects.One such project saw Diploma in Food Scienceand Technology students Seah Zhi Yingworking with BASF researchers to co-developa method to improve the taste and qualityof coconut juice. This was in response toa request from BASF’s client based in ThePhilippines, who was looking for ways topreserve the quality of the packaged productafter heat treatment. This provided a platformfor our students to apply their skills andcontribute towards innovation for a multinational company, spurring its growth.Furthermore, we signed an MoU with six socialand community service agencies, marking thefirst structured internship programme betweenSP and the social and community servicesector. Enhanced internships are now offered tothe Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology(DADP) students in a bid to meet the growingdemand of skilled labour in this sector.These industry tie-ups help SP shape ourcurriculum with greater relevance and alsobuild numerous career progression pathwaysfor our students.LAYING THE GROUNDWORKWe have ensured that our Education and CareerGuidance (ECG) efforts continue to be held tohigh standards. Our ECG resources – such astrained ECG counsellors and a dedicated ECGcurriculum – guide students as they identifytheir interests and strengths and develop theirprofessional skills. To this end, we signed aMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) withe2i, through which a new Career ExcellenceImmersion Programme will be rolled outto graduates embarking on ELP managedby SP. This is a first of its kind industryspecific programme to strengthen job-readycapabilities at the tertiary level. The one-dayjob preparatory workshop aims to inculcatein graduates soft skills, the right mindset andthe drive for professional development as theytransit into the workforce.Notably, we also admitted our first batchof students through the Polytechnic EarlyAdmissions Exercise (EAE), where admissionis based on aptitude and interests. This waspart of the efforts to emphasise talent andskills over grades in support of the SkillsFuturemovement.One notable EAE student is Diploma in Musicand Audio Technology (DMAT) student AxelTeoh. Axel took Events Management in ITEbut always had a heart for music. After ITE, hedecided to apply for DMAT via EAE(I) to pursuehis interest. He brought his performing andsong writing experiences to his EAE interviewand even performed some of his original rapsongs. His portfolio and performance won theinterview panel over and Axel managed to getinto a course much aligned with his passion.SP supports lifelong learning not merelyby being active in the Continuing Educationarena but it extends even to before a studentis admitted through the career guidance weprovide to applicants. By helping aspiringstudents to identify and pursue their passion,they are more likely to remain, learn, grow andachieve mastery in their chosen field.

SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017GRADUATES OF EXCELLENCEAs we look at the pre-employment training(PET) students who have followed their passionand excelled in SP, we are hopeful that they willthrive in their fields and ride on the wave oflifelong learning.One exemplary graduate is Don Loi Xu, who isalso an Institutional Medallist. Don pursued theDiploma in Biotechnology course following aninterest to use his knowledge for the greatergood. SP gave him the chance to realise hisinterest in clinical research. He also undertooka seven-month internship at the Agency forScience, Technology and Research (A*STAR),where he collaborated with scientists onexperiments and contributed to new ideas andtreatments related to stem cell research. Today,Don has been offered the prestigious A*STARUndergraduate Scholarship (AUS) and is set ona path toward a purposeful career in science.We are also proud of the achievements ofEsther Tan, an Institutional Medallist andgraduate of the Diploma in Creative Writingfor TV and New Media course. Esther hadinitially taken the Junior College route after‘O’ Levels, but did not do well enough at ‘A’Levels to enrol into a local university. Shereconsidered her options, and enrolled intopolytechnic. At SP, the budding writer bloomed.She produced a documentary “Heartware”,which explored the topic of the aging populationin Singapore. “Heartware” was nominatedin the Best Documentary, Best Editing andBest Camerawork categories at the NationalYouth Film Awards, and also featured in twointernational film festivals. In addition, Estherhelped to write and produce SP’s very ownweb series, The Leon Theory, as part of herinternship with Big 3 Media. Her passion andgood work ethic impressed her supervisors thatthey offered her a full-time position, which shegladly accepted. Don and Esther are only two ofour pool of graduates who have dared to dreamand allowed SP to bring them to new heights.Another notable graduate is Loo Hui Ming,who was also part of the pioneer batch of thePolytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).She earned the second place in her cohort of100 students who graduated with a Diplomain Financial Informatics. In Secondary Two,Hui Ming was aimless and demotivated, andstopped school for half a year. With the supportof her parents, she managed to recover andeven discover a strong interest in numbers. Herpassion propelled her to study hard and earn aspot in SP to pursue financial informatics. HuiMing’s journey in SP strengthened her resolveto use technology to help businesses. She hasbeen accepted into a fast track programmein Singapore Management University (SMU)where she will be pursuing a Master of AppliedInformation Systems on top of a Bachelor ofScience (Information Systems).A POLY FOR ALL AGESGoing forward, SP will double our efforts tobecome a poly not just for teenagers, but forall ages.While PET students may continue to form themajority of our student population and remaina critical part of our mission, CET must alsobecome integral to our mission.We must inspire our students to learn beyondtheir PET years and throughout their adultlives, helping them to upskill, retool and stayemployable. I envision a future where theclassrooms of SP are filled up in the night as it isin the day, where CET students learn in the samelaboratories and workshops as PET students,where parents and children access the sameonline course material together and even graduatetogether from their courses in SP.We have an exciting journey ahead. Let us allcome together to make this vision a realityand, and in doing so, SP will continue toplay a significant role in Singapore’s ongoingdevelopment.Mr Bill Chang York ChyeChairmanBoard of GovernorsSingapore Polytechnic5

6SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017BOARD OFGOVERNORSMR BILL CHANG YORK CHYEMR JOHNNY TAN CHENG HYEMS AMANDA CHENMR JOSEPH CHUAMR GOH TEIK POHDR BENJAMIN KOH(Chairman)Country Chief Officer for Singapore andChief Executive Officer of Group EnterpriseSingapore Telecommunications Ltd(Deputy Chairman)Independent Arbitrator(Member)(from 1 Apr 2017)(Member)DirectorPanstone HoldingChief Operating Officer (Asia)Resn Asia Limited(Member)Managing DirectorGlobal Maritime Talent Pte Ltd(Member)Coordinating Divisional DirectorHigher Education GroupMinistry of EducationMR MARCUS H C LAMDR LEE SHIANG LONGMR MAX LOH KHUM WHAI(from 1 Apr 2017)(Member)Partner – Head of General AssurancePricewaterhouseCoopers LLP(Member)PresidentSingapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd(Member)Country Managing Partner, SingaporeRegional Managing Partner, ASEANErnst & Young LLP

SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017MR DAVID NEO CHIN WEE(Member)Programme DirectorPioneer Generation OfficePeople’s AssociationPROF NG WUN JERN(Member)Professor, School of Civil and EnvironmentalEngineeringExecutive Director, Nanyang Environment &Water Research InstituteNanyang Technological UniversityDR NOORUL FATHA AS’ARTMR SEW CHEE JHUENMR SOH WAI WAHDC TAN CHYE HEE(Member)PresidentSpecial ProjectsSingapore Technologies Engineering LtdMR WHANG SHANG YING(Member)Executive DirectorLam Soon Singapore Pte LtdMR CHOO KENG HUI(Secretary) RegistrarSingapore Polytechnic(Member)Senior Assistant Director(Medical Standards & Planning)Singapore Prison Service(Member)Deputy Commissioner of Police(Investigations and Intelligence)Concurrent DirectorCriminal Investigation DepartmentSingapore Police Force(from 1 Oct 2016)(Member)Principal & CEOSingapore PolytechnicMR WONG KIM YIN(Member)Group Chief Executive OfficerSingapore Power LimitedMS GRACE YOW(From 1 Apr 2017)(Member)Managing Director & Executive Vice-PresidentFluidigm Singapore Pte LtdWe would like to thank the following members for their past service to SP:1. Mr Chia Boon Kuah, Member (till 31 Mar 2017)2. Ms Chong Phit Lian, Member (till 31 Mar 2017)3. Mr John Lim Hua Ern, Member (till 31 Aug 2016)4. Mr Tan Choon Shian, Former Principal & CEO, Singapore Polytechnic (till 31 July 2016)5. Mr Allan Yeo Hwee Tiong, Member (till 31 Mar 2017)7

8SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017STANDING COMMITTEESADMINISTRATION & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEEChairman : Mr Johnny Tan Cheng HyeMembers : Mr Sew Chee JhuenMr Tan Choon Shian (till 31 Jul 2016)Mr Soh Wai Wah (from 1 Oct 2016)DC Tan Chye HeeMr Allan Yeo Hwee Tiong (till 31 Mar 2017)Secretary : Mr C. PannirselvamMs Jenny Wong Siow ChingAUDIT COMMITTEEChairman : Mr Max Loh Khum WhaiMembers : Ms Chong Phit Lian (till 31 Mar 2017)Mr Goh Teik PohSecretary : Mr Ronnie Chan Chin SingINVESTMENT COMMITTEEChairman : Ms Amanda ChenMembers : Mr Chia Boon Kuah (till 31 Mar 2017)Mr Tan Choon Shian (till 31 Jul 2016)Mr Soh Wai Wah (from 1 Oct 2016)Mr Whang Shang YingSecretary : Ms Jenny Wong Siow ChingNOMINATING COMMITTEEChairman : Mr Bill Chang York ChyeMembers : Mr Johnny Tan Cheng HyeMr Tan Choon Shian (till 31 Jul 2016)Mr Soh Wai Wah (from 1 Oct 2016)STAFF DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE ANDSTUDENT DISCIPLINARY APPEAL COMMITTEEChairman : DC Tan Chye HeeMembers : Dr Noorul Fatha As’artMr David Neo Chin WeeDr Lee Shiang LongProf Ng Wun JernSecretary : Mrs Elizabeth Ann Khoo-Lee May Yong (for Student Discipline)Mrs Yeung-Ng Geak Hong (for Staff Discipline)HUMAN RESOURCE COMMITTEEChairman : Mr Bill Chang York ChyeMembers : Mr John Lim Hua Ern (till 31 Aug 2016)Dr Benjamin Koh (from 1 Sep 2016)Mr Tan Choon Shian (till 31 Jul 2016)Mr Soh Wai Wah (from 1 Oct 2016)Mr Wong Kim YinSecretary : Mrs Yeung-Ng Geak HongBOARD OF STUDIESCHAIRMANMr Tan Choon ShianPrincipal & CEO (till 31 Jul 2016)Mr Soh Wai WahPrincipal & CEO (from 1 Oct 2016)PERMANENT MEMBERSMr Lim Peng HunDeputy Principal (Academic) (from 1 Apr 2017)Deputy Principal, Engineering (till 31 Mar 2017)Mr Hee Joh LiangDeputy Principal (Development)Senior Director, Applied & Health Sciences (till 31 Mar 2017)Dr Chai Min SenSenior Director, Communication, Mathematics & the SciencesMr Henry Tan Hin TeckSenior Director, Architecture, Design & Environment (till 31 Mar 2017)Senior Director, Corporate Planning & Communications (till 31 Mar 2017)Senior Director, Planning & Organisation Development (from 1 Apr 2017)Mr Tan Peng AnnSenior Director, AdministrationMs Georgina Phua Hwee ChooSenior Director, Business, Infocomm & Media (till 31 Mar 2017)Senior Director, Business, Infocomm, Design & Environment (from 1 Apr 2017)Mr Choo Keng Hui (Secretary)Senior Director (Student & Academic Affairs)/ RegistrarMr Daniel Tan Kim SoonDirector, Architecture & the Built Environment (till 31 Dec 2016)Mr Goh Siak KoonDirector, Architecture & the Built Environment (from 1 Jan 2017)Mrs Elizabeth Ann Khoo-Lee May YongDirector, Academic ServicesMs Tan Yen YenActing Director, BusinessMs Lim Lee YeeDirector, Communication, Arts & Social SciencesDr Adrian Yeo Chao ChuangDirector, Chemical & Life SciencesMs Tang Soo YinDirector, DesignDr Faris Abkar HajamaideenDirector, Digital Media & Infocomm TechnologyMrs Helene Leong-Wee Kwee HuayDirector, Educational DevelopmentMr Loh Yew ChiongSenior Director, Engineering (from 1 Apr 2017)Director, Electrical & Electronic EngineeringMr Loh Gin ChyeDirector, Information & Digital Technology ServicesMrs Fang Sin GuekDirector, LibraryDr Chong Chee WeiDirector, Mechanical & Aeronautical EngineeringMs Chao Yunn ChyiDirector, Mathematics & ScienceMr Suresh PunjabiDirector, Professional & Adult Continuing Education AcademyCapt Mohd Salleh Bin Ahmad SarwanDirector, Singapore Maritime AcademyMrs Yap Siew LayDeputy Director, Organisation Planning & DevelopmentELECTED MEMBERSMr Dennis GohArchitecture & the Built EnvironmentMs Doris NgaCommunication, Arts & Social SciencesMs Ong Guat ChoonChemical & Life SciencesMr Lim De YangDigital Media & Infocomm TechnologyMr Goh Say SengElectrical & Electronic EngineeringDr Lim Chee KianMechanical & Aeronautical EngineeringMr Alvin NgMathematics & ScienceMr Robert TanBusinessMr Ng Teck TiongDesignCapt Sahwan OsmanSingapore Maritime Academy

SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017MANAGEMENT TEAMPRINCIPAL & CEOMr Soh Wai WahDEPUTY PRINCIPAL (ACADEMIC)Mr Lim Peng HunDEPUTY PRINCIPAL (DEVELOPMENT)Mr Hee Joh LiangACADEMIC SCHOOLSBUSINESS, INFOCOMM, DESIGN & ENVIRONMENTSenior DirectorMs Georgina Phua Hwee ChooActing Director, BusinessMs Tan Yen YenDirector, Digital Media & Infocomm TechnologyDr Faris Akbar HajamaideenDirector, Architecture & the Built EnvironmentMr Goh Siak KoonDirector, Mathematics & ScienceMs Chao Yunn ChyiDirector, Chemical & Life SciencesDr Adrian Yeo Chao ChuangENGINEERINGSenior DirectorMr Loh Yew ChiongDirector, DesignMs Tang Soo YinDirector, Electrical & Electronic EngineeringMr Loh Yew ChiongCOMMUNICATION, MATHEMATICS & THE SCIENCESDirector, Mechanical & Aeronautical EngineeringDr Chong Chee WeiSenior DirectorDr Chai Min SenDirector, Communication, Arts & Social SciencesMs Lim Lee YeeDirector, Singapore Maritime AcademyCapt Mohd Salleh Bin Ahmad SarwanDEPARTMENTSDirector, CommunicationsMs Yvonne Chan Leng LengDirector, Estates & DevelopmentMr C. PannirselvamDirector, Human ResourceMrs Yeung-Ng Geak HongDirector, FinanceMs Jenny Wong Siow ChingDirector, Internal AuditMr Ronnie Chan Ching SingPLANNING & ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENTDirector, Educational DevelopmentMrs Helene Leong-Wee Kwee HuaySenior DirectorMr Henry Tan Hin TeckDirector, LibraryMrs Fang Sin GuekDirector, Organisation Planning & DevelopmentMr Henry Tan Hin TeckDirector, Industry ServicesDr Rajnish GuptaSTUDENT & ACADEMIC AFFAIRSDirector, Technology, Innovation & EnterpriseDr Rajnish GuptaSenior Director/RegistrarMr Choo Keng HuiDirector, Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) AcademyMr Suresh PunjabiDirector, Academic ServicesMrs Elizabeth Ann Khoo-Lee May YongADMINISTRATIONDirector, Student Development & Alumni RelationsMr Kelly Lee Wai KinSenior DirectorMr Tan Peng AnnDirector, Student ServicesMr Clarence Chua Eng ChyeDirector, Information & Digital Technology ServicesMr Loh Gin Chye9

10SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017FACTS AND FIGURESSTUDENT ENROLMENT16,912Full-time DiplomaPolytechnic FoundationProgramme (PFP)14,671239Under the Continuing Education and Training (CET) frameworkPart-time DiplomaPost-Diploma9521,050216 Advanced Diploma, 499 Specialist Diploma and335 Diploma (Conversion)The new intake of 6,144 students in academic year 2016/2017 includedFull-time DiplomaPolytechnic FoundationProgramme (PFP)4,737239Under the CET frameworkPart-time DiplomaPost-Diploma399769137 Advanced Diploma, 404 Specialist Diplomaand 228 Diploma (Conversion)

SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017STUDENT CCAs112student clubs and sports teams contributed to a vibrant campus life.STAFF STRENGTH1,642comprising 853 academic staff and 789 non-teaching staff.GRADUATE OUTPUT/EMPLOYMENTCONTINUING EDUCATIONPROGRAMMES5,84519,032students graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in the academicyear 2015/2016. Of these, 5,007 graduated from full-time coursesand 838 from part-time courses.participants attended a total of 1,114 continuing educationprogrammes offered by Singapore Polytechnic. The programmesincluded 124 Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification courses,328 short courses, 133 tailor-made courses, 120 certificationcourses, 324 examinations, 51 e-learning courses, 7 Part-TimeDiplomas, 6 Diploma (Conversion) and 9 Advanced Diplomas and12 Specialist Diplomas.As of January 2017, 90.1% of fresh graduates found full-timepermanent or part-time / temporary employment.11

12SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017HIGHLIGHTSApril 2016Competing against 63 project entries from 150 tertiary students inSingapore, two student teams from SP’s Diploma in InformationTechnology were each crowned champions of the Games andInnovation categories at the Microsoft Imagine Cup Singapore 2016.May 2016More than 5,800 graduates received their diploma certificates atSingapore Polytechnic’s 56th Graduation Ceremony. Notably, ofthese graduates was the pioneer batch of 30 Diploma in EngineeringSystems (DES) students.June 2016Source: Lianhe Zaobao Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproductionSP’s Diploma in Environmental Management and Water Technologyalumnus, Ho Xiang Tian was one of the winners of the annual HSBC/NYAA (National Youth Achievement Award) Youth EnvironmentalAward that recognises youths for their green contributions.Three Earn and Learn Programmes (ELP) were jointly developed bySingapore Polytechnic, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore(MPA) and the then-Singapore Workforce Development Agency(WDA). These ELPs aim to provide fresh polytechnic graduates witha head-start in their maritime careers through facilitated training, inhouse structured programmes and mentorship with industry partners.

SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017July 2016Audrey Yong, an SP’s Diploma in Hotel and Leisure FacilitiesManagement student, as well as Leonard Ong, an SP’s Diploma inChemical Engineering alumnus, competed at the Rio 2016 Olympics,representing Singapore for the first time since 1984. Audrey was thefirst female windsurfer from Singapore to compete at the Olympics.She was also named Sailor of the Year, a title awarded by theSingapore Sailing Federation.Daniel Ho and William Tan were among the 73 recipients of the PublicService Commission (PSC) Scholarship. Daniel, who graduatedfrom SP’s Diploma in Infocomm Security Management, was also theInstitutional Medallist from Class of 2016. William Tan graduated fromSP’s Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.August 2016First of its kind among institutes of higher learning, the new SpecialEducation Needs (SEN) Centre at SP opened its doors to studentshere. Equipped with a rest area, resources such as books on SEN,and assistive technology devices, this facility will greatly benefitthose like Diploma in Business Information student and wheelchairuser, Mohammed Najulah.SP and the then-WDA launched an 18-month long Earn and LearnProgramme (ELP) to boost skilled local manpower for the energyand chemicals sector. Participants will undergo on-campus trainingat SP, along with structured on-the-job training and mentorshipwith industry leaders such as Shell, Mitsui and Hyflux to receive anAdvanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering.Fiona Quah, a student from SP’s Diploma in Media andCommunication, beat more than 100 entries for a GoBear videocompetition to win the grand prize of 10,000. A budding film-maker,Fiona’s video shared her interest in the stories of our local hawkers.Eleven SP colleagues have been accorded the 2016 National DayHonours in various award categories by the President of the Republicof Singapore.13

14SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017September 2016October 2016SP was one of the five polytechnics that the Monetary Authority ofSingapore (MAS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)with to promote the development of skills in financial technology(fintech). SP will work with MAS to shape a curriculum to bring aboutgreater alignment with the needs of the financial sector. In addition,MAS will facilitate fintech internship opportunities for final-yearpolytechnic students.SP and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) jointly developed a new test kitthat uses nanotechnology to detect dengue in 45 minutes with 100%accuracy rate. With this success, SP and TTSH also signed a secondMemorandum of Understanding (MOU) to innovate new methods ofearly detection of infectious diseases for the next 3 years.Among the finalists of the LTA Engineering Challenge organised byLand Transport Authority (LTA) are two teams from SP. SP’s Diplomain Aerospace Electronics students came up with a prototype of anUnmanned Aerial Vehicle to conduct track inspections in long anddeep MRT tunnels. Another team of students from SP’s School ofArchitecture and the Built Environment developed a computer modelto show how MRT trains can be extended to ease crowd congestionduring peak hours.SP became one of the first government agencies to launch Workplaceby Facebook enhance interactions between staff.

SINGAPORE POLYTECHNICANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017November 2016SP, Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Agilent Technologies launchedthe new Lean Enterprise Development (LED) project to help Smalland Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in food manufacturing improve theirefficiency and productivity in product testing and development.Close to 1000 adult learners have graduated from SP’s Professionaland Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy, with 529 adultstudents from 31 courses who graduated this year. The ceremonyalso saw the pioneer batch of graduates from the first Earn and LearnProgramme (ELP) for Food Manufacturing. The 18 graduates eachreceived an Advanced Diploma in Applied Food Science under thework-study programme which was launched in April last year.December 2016SP’s Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) final-year studentslaunched a new mobile app for aspiring photographers called - LocatLor! - on theGoogle Play Store, under their new start-up Livvit. The app is the first to be fundedunder SP’s 36-week SPiNOFF entrepreneurship programme, which sees the polycollaborating with seed capital and start-up incubator firm Spaze Ventures.January 2017SP and BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, formaliseda series of collaboration, including the launch of BASF’s first regionalNewtrition Lab Asia Pacific at SP and the signing of the five-yearMemorandum of Cooperation (MOC). As part of the collaboration,BASF will customise a five-month internship progra

SHAPING CAPABILITIES FOR THE FUTURE ANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017. OUR MISSION OUR CORE VALUES OUR VISION Life-Ready Work-Ready World-Ready A future-ready institution that prepares our learners to be life-ready, work-ready and world-ready. . Asia Pacific at SP and the signing of a five-year Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), where .

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Hotell För hotell anges de tre klasserna A/B, C och D. Det betyder att den "normala" standarden C är acceptabel men att motiven för en högre standard är starka. Ljudklass C motsvarar de tidigare normkraven för hotell, ljudklass A/B motsvarar kraven för moderna hotell med hög standard och ljudklass D kan användas vid