Automated Guided Vehicles

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BUILT TO PERFORM.DESIGNED TOWORK TOGETHER.For 95 years, The Raymond Corporation has built a reputation based ontop-notch quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service.We design and build the best lift trucks in the business. We providetechnologies, systems, and solutions that bring day-to-day warehouse anddistribution operations to a new level of performance. And we supportcustomers with a network of skilled service centers and technicians unmatchedin the industry.From our eco-efficient trucks and telematics to our warehouse optimizationand flexible financing, Raymond’s big-picture approach and precisely targetedsolutions are designed to adapt and grow with your business.Our innovations in energy savings, space utilization, ergonomics, manufacturingquality, and fleet optimization—combined with our best-in-class products andservices—work together to increase efficiency and lower costs throughout yourmaterial handling operations.Raymond stands ready to help you run better and manage smarter—end to end.

RAYMOND AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLESAUTOMATING ASOLUTION FOR TODAY’SLABOR CHALLENGESOptimize your allocation of resources with a series of Raymond Courier trucks that offer a range of automated capabilities and efficiencies.FOR MORE ENGAGED& PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEESBy freeing operators from repetitive, lowvalue tasks, Raymond Courier trucks cancreate a more rewarding work environment,raising engagement and lowering turnover.From skilled to reliable, permanent or seasonal, labor is becomingincreasingly hard to find and difficult to afford. Automation is becomingan inevitable and invaluable option for warehousing, manufacturing, anddistribution operations. Machine power is augmenting manpower in aneffort to keep goods moving, keep workers happy, and keep costs down.LABOR COSTSTECHNOLOGY COSTSAutomated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) like the Raymond Courier truck offer acost-effective solution for today’s labor challenges by efficiently and reliablyperforming a variety of repetitive transportation and pallet handling tasks.COLLABORATIVEAUTOMATION Share responsibilities between man andmachine to enhance productivity andovercome specific business challenges.COURIER 3010COURIER 3020COURIER 3020COURIER 3220COURIER 3030AUTOMATEDPALLET TRUCKAUTOMATEDTOW TRACTORAUTOMATEDTOW TRACTORwith optionalLow Clearance ArchAUTOMATEDTOW TRACTORAUTOMATEDSTACKER Transform skill sets by focusing onadvanced knowledge tasks. Empower employees by allowing them tomanage the equipment now performingthe manual tasks they once did. Reduce the ergonomic impact ofrepetitive, physically demanding tasks.While labor costs continue to rise,automation is becoming increasinglysimple, accessible, and affordable.74%With labor accounting for 74% of a lift truck’soperating costs, automated solutions like theRaymond Courier trucks offer dramatic costsavings opportunities, fast payback, and a lowtotal cost of ownership.

LESSTHAN2 YEARSRETURN ON INVESTMENT ( ROI)RAYMOND COURIER—FLEXIBILITY, SIMPLICITY, AND AFAST RETURN ON INVESTMENTNo matter where you are in the process of adopting automation, Raymond Courier trucksoffer an easy-to-implement, vision guided solution requiring no changes to your facility orinterruption to your workflow. easy implementationwith no infrastructure changes orbusiness interruptions simple to usewith an intuitive operator interface that allows forquick, easy route teaching and truck dispatching quick commissioning timewith ease of setup, the truck can be operationalfrom day 1 ongoing scalabilityOperational from day one and easily programmed and reprogrammed internally forexceptional flexibility and scalability, Raymond Courier trucks deliver fast payback and lowtotal cost of ownership.LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP—HOW IT ALL ADDS UPREDUCE LABORCOSTS ANDEMPLOYEETURNOVERby automatingrepetitive applicationsand freeing upworkers to focus onmore value-addedtasks.MAXIMIZERESOURCES ANDPRODUCTIVITYwith one operatorsimultaneouslymanage multipletrucks.ENJOY COMPLETEFLEXIBILITY ANDSCALABILITYwith users ableto easily changeroutes and redeploytrucks to meet yourchanging needs.with routes that can be quickly transferredbetween trucks for quick redeploymentto different facilities, locations, shifts orapplications superior flexibility and productivitywith manual or automated operation, and oneemployee able to manage multiple trucksMINIMIZEMAINTENANCEAND MAXIMIZETIME ON THEFLOORwith the mostdurable and reliabletruck platform onthe market.LEARN THE ROPES. REAP THE REWARDS.Raymond makes it easy to integrate Raymond Courier trucks into your operation, offering you the long-term toolsto work efficiently, productively, and collaboratively with labor.Raymond: delivers your trucks & providesongoing service and support programs your routes trains operators how to programand reprogram your trucks

A CASE FOR THERAYMOND COURIERVS.CourierTotal Estimated Cost Installed¹Fully Burdened Annual WageTHE COSTOF DOINGNOTHINGSample Application²: Finished goods moving frommanufacturing into short- and long-term storage.By enhancing efficiency and reliability, and allowing youto redeploy personnel to optimize productivity, RaymondCourier trucks offer an immediate impact on your bottomline and a fast payback—in this case, under 18 months. 53,591 per Full-TimeEmployee (FTE)FTEs per Shift3Number of Shifts25% per yearNew Employee Startup Cost8% per yearAnnual MH Employee Turnover %30%FINANCIALS3 year4 year5 yearIRR47%58%63%NPV 347,973 590,554 817,477ROI108%181%256%NET CUMULATIVE SAVINGS 573,834 964,513 1,366,523 1.5m .5m 534,000Absentee Replacement Operator (ARO) % 2m 1.0m3LABORVA R I A B L E SPURCHASING,PRODUCTIVITYAND PAYBACKRAYMOND COURIERPAYBACK 0Payback PeriodYEARSFTEs RedeployedLABOR COSTAGV INVESTMENT²Figures shown are representative of one customer’s particular application. Actual numbers,savings, and payback time for your specific location and application may be more or less.Cost of not automating this project¹ LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP17.5 months6- 5,256 per monthPricing shown for the Raymond Courier is all-inclusive. There are no additional fees charged by other manufacturersfor services such as: Application/installation engineering Post-sale support Product retraining/new routes Product implementation Product training Product demonstrations

ENGINEERED TO TAKEA LOAD OFF YOUR MINDRaymond Courier trucks work collaboratively and in tandem with each other, side by side withyour operators, and hand in hand with your conveyors, forklifts, and other equipment.From horizontal load transport to vertical pallet handling, simple cross-docking to more involvedworkflows, Raymond Courier trucks offer the capabilities to seamlessly and reliably automate avariety of tasks in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing operations.IDEAL ENVIRONMENTS & APPLICATIONSWAREHOUSING/DISTRIBUTION/3PLInbound Receiving to StoragePicking to Outbound/PackagingLong Haul Transfers to OtherStorage LocationsMANUFACTURINGKitting TransfersParts-to-LineEnd-of-Line to Stock or DockFinished GoodsInbound PutawayTypes of Warehouses:Consolidation Warehouses / Cross-Dock DistributionCenters / Break-Bulk Warehouses /Mixing/Order-Assembly / Distribution FacilitiesIDEAL MARKETSDistributionFood BeverageAerospaceConsumerAutomotiveSimplified illustration of a combined warehouse & manufacturing facility.

COURIER 3010AUTOMATED PALLET TRUCKCOURIER 3020AUTOMATED TOW TRACTORCOURIER 3220AUTOMATED TOW TRACTORCOURIER 3030AUTOMATED STACKERHorizontal transport; ideal for transportingpallets over long hauls, for putaways, cross-docking and load stagingapplicationsHorizontal transport; ideal for pulling cartor trailer loads in batch picking, parts-toline and end-of-line (automated conveyorcart) applicationsHorizontal transport and vertical pallethandling capability; versatile option idealfor pick-up and drop-off, end-of-aisle, endof-line and conveyor picking applications Reverse motion and obstruction sensor(optional) Auto pallet engagement and drop-off Universal tapered forks Single and double fork lengths available Automatic hitch and unhitch withdual slots for hitch height adjustment(optional) Low Clearance Arch available forrestricted-height areas down to 63”(optional)Horizontal transport; ideal for pulling cartsor trailers with heavy loads on flat groundor ramps in batch picking, parts-to-lineand end-of-line (automated conveyor cart)applications Reverse motion and obstruction sensor(optional) Auto pallet engagement ITA fork designOUTBOUND Dual slots for hitch height adjustment(optional) Low Clearance Arch as standarddesign; can operate under low hangingstructures3220INBOUND301030303030Pallet TruckTow TractorTow TractorStackerN/A500 lb @ max 5%7,500 lb @ max. 11%8% at max. loadOVERALL LENGTH160.3”66.1”75.7”121.5” with 42” forksTURNING RADIUS123.4”60.1”69.8”74.5”RAMP CAPACITYAll Models: 24V BatteryFloor to Top of Vision Guidance Unit: 90.2” (models 3010, 3020, 3030)Floor to Top of Operator Interface Unit: 63” (models 3220 and 3020 Low Clearance Arch option)MATERIAL MOVEMENT3220OUTBOUND3020M A N U FAC T U R I N GCHOOSINGTHE PERFECTPLATFORMTYPE30103220 30203010Staging to Putaway (floor to rack storage up to 72”)xStaging to Pick & Drop LocationxxxCrossdock (staging to staging)xxxPallets from Pick & Drop to Outbound StagingxxxTrash/Dunnage TransportxxPallet Picking (floor to rack storage up to 72”)xLayer Picking to Outbound StagingxOrder Pallets/Carts to Pack-OutxxPallets to Wrapper/Wrapper toOutbound StagingxxStaging to Putaway (floor to rack storage up to 72”)xStaging to Pick & Drop LocationxKitted Parts-to-Line3020Designed to operate on their own and handlea variety of functions, Raymond Couriertrucks enhance reliability, consistency, andefficiency at all phases of your operation.From inbound to outbound, each model canautomate specific applications to address theunique needs of your business.MATERIALMOVEMENTWA R E HOU S I N GINBOUND3030Bulk Parts-to-LinexxxxxxSmall Parts-to-LinexSub-Assembly to Assembly LinexxEmpty Container ManagementxxxTrash/Dunnage TransportxxxFinished Goods to WarehousexxxFinished Goods to Outboundxxx

OPTIMIZATION BEFOREAUTOMATIONThe era of automation is here, ready to keep your business productive and competitive.But organizations need to rethink before they retool. Automation takes preparation.Prior to the introduction of any sort of automated system, your warehouse andprocesses should first be analyzed and optimized by evaluating different aspects of youroperation, including:Is your labor force not meeting escalating demands primarily dueLABOR UTILIZATION ANDOPERATOR PRODUCTIVITY:to limited capacity? Experienced consulting services, application engineers, andautomation systems expertsnon-value added or redundant tasks?Is the velocity of your warehouse being impacted by using the The industry’s most comprehensive telematics offering dataand insights to measure where you standincorrect type of powered industrial equipment to move product?Are your fleet maintenance costs inflated by prematurely servicingunder-utilized “spare”, “just-in-case” vehicles?TRAFFIC PATTERNS ANDBOTTLENECKS IN YOURWORKFLOW:While automating may be intimidating, Raymond can simplifyyour adoption and implementation with an array of professionalteams and tailored technologies, including: Integrated system solutions including automated guidedvehicles, storage and retrieval systems, and semi-automatedoperator navigation systemsOr, is your labor force’s capacity being diminished by performingSIZE AND TYPE OF YOURLIFT TRUCK FLEET:GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WORKSPACE,WORKFLOW, AND WORKFORCEAre your current work and traffic flows very dynamic or even randomwhich can cause congestion or inefficient routes?

2MILLION Miles logged to date worldwide using SeegridVision Guided Technology without incident.CONTROL YOURTRUCKS—AND YOUR BUSINESSAny automated system is only as good as the software behind it.And Raymond Courier trucks offer three platforms designed todo everything from controlling your trucks to helping you manageyour operation and make more informed decisions:VISION GUIDED TECHNOLOGYSUPERVISOR SOFTWAREiWAREHOUSE TELEMATICSiWAREHOUSE telematics gives you the tools to make data-driven decisions toenhance the efficiency and productivity of your equipment, facilities, and labor.VISION GUIDED TECHNOLOGY—FOR RELIABLE, PREDICTABLE NAVIGATIONSUPERVISOR SOFTWARE—FOR CONTROL OF YOUR TRUCKSRaymond Courier trucks can operate on their own in virtually anywarehouse environment thanks to a powerful, flexible, reliablevision guided system.Supervisor Software lets you monitor your Raymond Courier trucksfrom any web-enabled computer or mobile device—anywhere,anytime—with real-time status updates.Engineered by Seegrid, a pioneer and market leader in 3D visionnavigation, and based on evidence grid technology, the systemuses a series of truck-mounted cameras and sensors to providea 360 view of your environment. Rich, contextual informationallows the trucks to work by recognizing locations, identifyingobstructions, and controlling behaviors.FLEET STATUSProvides real-time updates on truck locations and status for easytracking and monitoring.INTERSECTION MANAGERControls traffic by granting or withholding access requests fromindividual trucks for optimum flow throughout your operation.GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATIONSWITCHBOARDAllows easy programming with PLC integration, customizablecommands, rules, and notifications to tailor the system to yourneeds.VISIONVS.LASERSUBWAY PLATFORMDisplays an estimated time of arrival at pick-up and drop-off pointsfor more timely and efficient operator/truck interactions.iWAREHOUSE FLEETMANAGEMENT AND WAREHOUSEOPTIMIZATION SYSTEM (OPTIONAL)The industry’s most comprehensive and scalable telematicsplatform, iWAREHOUSE Evolution gives you deeperinsights into your operation by working with all the trucks inyour fleet—Raymond or non, automated or manual—to helpyou identify operator inefficiencies, determine opportunities,and optimize fleet and labor productivity.Adding this option to the capabilities of Supervisor Softwaregives you a more complete and holistic view of your overallbusiness.Regularly updated and trusted by operations worldwide,iWAREHOUSE telematics offers the data, analysis, andreporting functions you need to make the most of theRaymond Courier, future automation investments, and ashrinking labor force.

warranty coverageFROM FLEETTO FINANCE,WE HAVEYOU COVEREDRaymond Asset Protection is Raymond’s industry-leadingwarranty that begins with a Standard Warranty–coveragethat starts the moment the new truck arrives at your facility.*Additional coverage options are available; select the option thatfits your fleet so you can maximize performance while lockingin affordable, predictable service costs. maintenanceDesigned to fit your budget, Raymond offers three plans specificto your needs which you can tailor for individual trucks orentire fleets: contract maintenance, comprehensive fixed-pricemaintenance and scheduled maintenance audit.*For complete details, refer to the Raymond Standard Warranty. parts expert techniciansFor those customers who have lift truck technicians on-site,Raymond offers Customer Technician Courses. Training isavailable at Raymond headquarters, at your facility or your localRaymond authorized Solutions and Support Center.Raymond Parts is the industry’s most comprehensiveone-stop shop for world-class lift truck parts. Raymond iscommitted to meet all your parts and supply needs, regardlessof the make or model of the truck. We sell only the highestquality parts that meet or exceed OEM quality standards. Trucks and Training Fleet Maintenance and Parts Warehouse Optimization System Certified, Pre-owned Lift Trucks and Rentals Industry Leading Warranties Flexible Financing SolutionsFrom initial consultation to custom-designed solutions tolong-term product and operational support—and with anetwork of more than 100 Solutions and Support Centers—Raymond provides unmatched, world-class supporttailored to meet your needs, help you drive down costsand run your business better and smarter. financingFor an outstanding and flexible Raymond equipment solution,your Raymond Solutions and Support Center and RaymondLeasing Corporation deliver what your business needs—theequipment you need to grow, at fixed costs. Raymond offerslow ownership interest rates and variety of affordable andflexible lease options. pre-owned lift trucksRaymond RENEWED offers certified, pre-owned electric lifttrucks that have undergone a rigorous quality inspection andreconditioned with genuine OEM parts from top to bottom.Every truck is delivered with full warranty coverage. rentals iTRACK The iTRACK Asset and Cost Management System helps toreduce your overall cost of ownership. It provides accurate,actionable maintenance data and reports—from individualassets, to a fleet at a single location, or across your entireenterprise. iTRACK is your anytime, anywhere web-based assetmanagement system.A Raymond rental is the smart and economical solution tomeet your interim material handling needs—whether youare looking for seasonal rentals, unplanned peaks in activity,replacing trucks for scheduled repairs or waiting for delivery ofnew equipment. Or, if you just want to establish the value ofthe equipment before purchasing or leasing. training iWAREHOUSE iWAREHOUSE delivers the industry’s most comprehensiveand scalable fleet telematics solution. From battery monitoringand impact management to vehicle and operator utilization,electronic checklists, labor management and professionalservices – iWAREHOUSE gives you all the tools and insightsyou need to run more efficiently, reliably and profitably.Studies have shown that effective operator training canhelp improve how your operation runs. Designed to helpyou protect your people, equipment and materials, Safetyon the Move can assist in satisfying the OSHA mandateto train your operators.

RUN BETTER.MANAGE SMARTER.At Raymond, our aim is to deliver the utmost quality and to work forcontinuous improvement every day, in every aspect of our business.We are proud of what we build. We are proud of the level of servicewe provide to keep our customers’ business up and running. Wetake pride in our commitment to our customers through our end-toend approach in helping them find smarter, more efficient, and moreeffective solutions.We value the trust that Raymond has earned through decades ofproven performance and hands-on innovation. Since the patenting ofthe first hand-pallet truck to the invention of the reach truck to ourpioneering work in narrow aisle operations and beyond, Raymond hasled the way in providing customers with the tools and expertise toimprove their business.IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A PARTNER WITH THE TOOLS ANDEXPERIENCE TO HELP YOU RUN BETTER AND MANAGESMARTER, LET’S TALK.PO Box 130Greene, New York 13778-0130Toll free 1-800-235-7200Fax 1-607-656-9005www.raymondcorp.comDue to continuous product improvements, specifications are subjectto change without notice. Some systems and features shown areoptional at extra cost. ACR System, Raymond, Safety on the Move,Steps to Safety, Raymond Asset Protection, Raymond RENEWED,Raymond Parts, Raymond Courier, iTRACK and iWAREHOUSE areU.S. trademarks of The Raymond Corporation. 2021 The Raymond CorporationPrinted in USASIPB-1036G 121 NP

RAYMOND AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLES Optimize your allocation of resources with a series of Raymond Courier trucks that offer a range of automated capabilities and efficiencies. COURIER 3220 . AUTOMATED . TOW TRACTOR COURIER 3030 . STACKER. COURIER 3010 . PALLET TRUCK. COURIER 3020 . COURIER 3020 . TOW TRACTOR . with optional Low Clearance Arch

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