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ISO TC22-SC32-WG13ISO TS 5083––––––Strategy and objectivesRoadmap and timelineSafety goals and principlesSafety by design and verification & validationCurrent work topicsSummaryRoad Vehicles – Safety for automated driving systems –Design,verification and validationsafetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083Schwalbach and Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021Page 1

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.STRATEGY AND OBJECTIVES.Overarching standard for safety for automated driving systems linking all standards addressing specialautomated driving related topicsGives big picture by an holistic safety approach for automated driving systems of SAE Level 3 and 4Application-specific standardization based on generic underlying standards like ISO 26262 (functionalsafety), ISO 21448 (SOTIF), ISO 21434 (automotive cybersecurity)Shall be suitable as a basis for authorities and regulatory acts.Standardization of the state-of-the art in parallel with the product developmentProceed from an ISO/TR to finally release an ISO Standard.1. ISO TR 4804, in Dec. 2020Target was to convert Safety First White Paper into an ISO/TR creating an early 1st edition to worldwideaddress this field by an ISO standardization activity. Avoid major changes in this step to be fast.2. ISO TS 5083 by Mid 2023Go for necessary enhancements and extensions to cover scope in width and depth.3. Continue work to proceed towards ISO IS standardMature worldwide industry consensus and state-of-the-art based on global product releases.safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-20212

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.TIMELINE.Release ofWhite Paper “Safety First”02-Jul-19n/aInternational release of White Paper as free download from allpartners. Pre-work for ISO standardizationProject approval ISO TR 480430-Dec-19ISOISO project formally approved to start.Release of ISO TR 480407-Dec-20Genève, ISOISO TR 4804 available at www.iso.orgProject approval ISO TS 508306-Dec-20Genève, ISOISO project formally approved by P-members of TC22. NewTC22 / SC32 / WG 13 founded to host project.WG13 Kick-off meeting16-Feb-21Web meeting,ISOFounding of intl. expert team, clarification on operational issues,collection of topics for ISO DTS 5083WG13 plenary and sub-teammeetings2021/2022Web meetings Work on content of ISO DTS 5083Planned Release of ISO TS 5083Mid 23Genève, ISOsafetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021Expected release date of ISO TS 50833

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING ciple schedule of WG13 plenary and sub-team meetingsMeeting dates: 2nd WG13 Meeting– Understand proposals on cluster and topics2nd WG13 plenary2021-02-16 3rd/ 4th WG13 Meeting and sub-team workshops– Align and detail proposals incl. initial drafting of text– Decide on proposals for TS 50833rd WG13 plenary4th WG13 plenary2021-07-27/28/292021-11-16/17/18 5th/ 6th WG13 Meeting and sub-team workshops– Drafting of text and integration into TS 5083– Create baseline after 6th meeting5th WG13 plenary6th WG13 plenary2022-Mar.2022-Jun.7th WG13 plenary8th WG13 plenary2022 late Sep. - early Oct.2022 Dec.Reviewphase Official commenting via SC32 in ISO comments sheet 7th/ 8th WG13 Meeting– Review and conclusion of commentssafetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-20214

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.STRUCTURE.1How safe must a Level 3/4 system be?2What aspects are necessary to achieve theoverall safety vision?3What capabilities are neededto cover all the above aspects?4Which building blocks arenecessary?5How to design a generic architectureout of these building blocks?6What verification and validation isneeded?safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021PO S ITIV E RIS K B A L A N C E A N DAV O ID A N C E O FUN R E A S O N A B L E RIS KPR INC IPL E S O F SA FE TY A NDC Y B E R S E C U R ITYSA F E T Y B Y DE S IG NSA F E T Y B Y DE S IG NVE R IFIC ATIO N & VA LID ATIO NOverall TestingSimulation and FieldOperationCapabilitiesElementsA PP E N DIX ADev elo pm entE x am plesA P P E N DIX BDeep NeuralNetw o rksVerification & Validation ofElementsGeneric Architecture5

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.POSITIVE RISK BALANCE AND AVOIDANCE OF UNREASONABLE RISK.ACCIDENTSIN MEGA-CITIESACCIDENTSON RURAL ROADS/ SPECIFIC AREASGLOBAL AVERAGEHUMAN DRIVINGPERFORMANCEACCIDENTSON SECUREDHIGHWAYSZERO AVOIDABLEACCIDENTSBased on recommendation of the German Ethics Commission in 06/2017 (BMVI):Maximizing the evidence of a POSITIVE RISK BALANCE of automated driving solutions compared tothe average human driving performance which is different between Europe, US and China; road types e.g. highway or urban road; and weather, age of driverAVOIDANCE OF UNREASONABLE RISK is the second major measure to claim an acceptable level of safety. Itsevidence is based on the application of a proactive and reactive driving behavior, avoidance of accidents as much as“practically possible”. These judgements are made on basis of a combination of qualitative and quantitative assessments,and also on an understanding of good engineering practice and existing standards.safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-20216

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.PRINCIPALS.Groups of principals of safety and cybersecurityPSC-01 CybersecurityPSC-02 Data RecordingPSC-03 Passive SafetyAutomated Vehicle andRelated AspectsPSC-04 Safety AssessmentPSC-05 Safe OperationPSC-06 Safety LayerPSC-07 Behaviour in TrafficAutomated Driving SystemPSC-08 Operational Design DomainPSC-09 Role of UserPSC-10 Driver Initiated TakeoverPSC-11 Vehicle Initiated Takeover RequestHuman FactorsPSC-12 Interdependency between Driver and Automated Driving Systemsafetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-20217

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.GENERIC ARCHITECTURE.Traffic Rules: Worldwide andlocally different traffic rules needto be taken into account.Environment PerceptionSensors: Different physicalprinciples.HD maps have to offer reliablemap attributes.Sensor Fusion: Combination of atleast three sensor technologies(e.g. camera, lidar, radar).Safety measures for supervisedoffline trained DNNs.Integrated circuits need to fulfillFunctional Safety requirements.Complement verification &validation approaches by fieldmonitoring.Implementation of redundantsafety channel.safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-20218

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.SAFETY BY DESIGN.Fail Safe (FS):After failure the risk is small orcovered by Fail Degraded Fail Degraded (FD):Provide safe system forspecific time until Minimal RiskCondition (MRC) is reachedsafetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-20219

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.CURRENT AREAS OF WORK STRUCTURED BY CLUSTER AND TOPICS.G04 Safety by designG01 OverarchingC01 ScopeC23 OverarchingC10 CapabilitiesC12 ElementsC21 Safety of connected vehiclesC15 HD mapC03 Terms and definitions C06 PrinciplesC11 MRM and MRCC02 Alignment with other related standardsC16 Architecture modelsC04 CybersecurityC22 Electrical architecture/ network designC08 Reference safety life cycleG07 Development examplesG03 Overall risk assessment and verification & validationC05 Positive risk balance and avoidance of unreasonable riskC07 Safety CaseC17 Development examplesC19 Busses and TrucksC20 Different Level of AD systemsC09 Generic structure of risk assessmentC18 Achievement of safety by fulfilled requirementsC13 Verification & validationsafetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021G06 AI / MLC14 Artificial intelligence / machine learning10

ISO TS 5083 ‒ SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS.SUMMARY.Targets of ISO TS 5083 Representing an worldwide industry consensus Being developed in short cycles to represent state-of-art of fast evolving field of automated vehicle Following an holistic safety approach for automated driving systems of SAE Level 3 and 4 Introducing approach on safety targets– positive risk balance and– avoidance of unreasonable risk Being the overarching, application specific standard covering all aspects of automated driving systems Linking all standards addressing dedicated automated vehicle related topics.safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-202111

ISO TC22-SC32-WG13ISO TS 5083Thank you for your attention!Road Vehicles – Safety for automated driving systems –Design,verification and validationsafetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083Schwalbach and Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021Page 12

ISO TS 5083 ‒SAFETY FOR AUTOMATED DRIVING SYSTEMS. PRINCIPALS. safetronic 2021 ISO TS 5083 Web Meeting 17-Nov-2021 7 PSC-01 Cybersecurity Automated Driving System Human Factors Automated Vehicle and Related Aspects PSC-05 Safe Operation PSC-08 Operational Design Domain PSC-10 Driver Initiated Takeover PSC-11 Vehicle Initiated Takeover .

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