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DIVINE MERCY PARISHAPRIL 3, 2022Parish Office 4444 S Ohio Street/PO Box 98 St. Anthony, IN 47575 (812)326 2777 Facebook facebook.com/ divinemercyparishduco Website www.divinemercyduco.org Administrator: Fr. Jose Thomas jothomas@evdio.org Deacon Charlie Johnson crjohnson@evdio.org Parish Secretary Bookkeeper Janelle Pund jpund@evdio.org Kim Jackson kjackson@evdio.org Baptismal Prep Matt & Sharon Meyer 812 639 2890 RCIA Coordinator Brenda Hopf brendahopf@gmail.com MASS TIMES Tuesday 6:00pm St. Anthony Wednesday 6:00pm Sacred Heart (There will be Adoration, the Rosary, Chaplet ofDivine Mercy & Benediction beginning at 5:15pm onTuesdays & Wednesdays before Mass) Thursday 8:00am St. Anthony Friday 8:00am Sacred Heart Saturday 4:30pm St. Anthony (Oct. March) Saturday 4:30pmSacred Heart (Apr. Sept.) Sunday 8:00am Sacred Heart 10:00am St. Anthony BULLETIN DEADLINE.Tuesdays by noon. Earlydeadlines for holidays will be posted in the bulletin. Sacred Heart of Jesus Schnellville, IN St. Anthony of Padua St. Anthony, IN OFFICE HOURS Parish Catechetical Leader/Administrative Assistant Janie Kempf jakempf@evdio.org Monday 8:00am Noon Tuesday 8:00am 4:00pm Wednesday 8:00am 4:00pm Thursday 8:00am 4:00pm Friday Closed CONFESSION TIMES Thursday 7:30am (before the 8:00am Mass) Friday 7:30am (before the 8:00am Mass) Saturday 4:00pm (before the 4:30pm Mass)

Saturday, April 2 Fifth Sunday of Lent 4:30pm Al & Lena Steffen (SHJ) Sunday, April 3 Fifth Sunday of Lent 8:00am 10:00am For the Parishioners (SHJ) Eugene & Mary Ann Klem (SAP) Monday, April 4 8:00am Leroy Voegerl (SAP) Tuesday, April 5 (NO 6PM MASS) 8:00am Mary Katherine Klem (SAP) Wednesday, April 6 7:45am For the Religious Ed Students (SAP) 6:00pm For the Parishioners (SHJ) Thursday, April 7 8:00am Reckelhoff & Kluemper Families (SAP) Friday, April 8 8:00am For the Parishioners (SHJ) Saturday, April 9 8:00am For the Parishioners (SHJ) Palm Sunday 4:30pm Rose & Alban Merkley (SHJ) Sunday, April 10 Palm Sunday 8:00am 10:00am For the Parishioners (SHJ) Norbert Klem, Frank & Agnes Klem (SAP) I hope you are all doing well and preparing for thecelebration of Easter. I thought it will be good tooffer the anointing of the sick this weekend afterall the Masses. All who need healing from avariety of spiritual, emotional or physical ills arewelcome to receive the Sacrament of Anointing ofthe Sick. Mondays and Tuesdays from12:00noon 9:00p.m. in SacredHeart of Jesus Church AdorationChapel. Monday: Dn 13:1 9, 15 17, 19 30, 33 62 or 13:41c 62/Ps 23:1 3a, 3b 4, 5 6/Jn 8:12 20 Tuesday: Nm 21:4 9/Ps 102:2 3, 16 18, 19 21/Jn8:21 30 Wednesday: Dn 3:14 20, 91 92, 95/Dn 3:52, 53, 54,55, 56/Jn 8:31 42 Thursday: Gn 17:3 9/Ps 105:4 5, 6 7, 8 9/Jn 8:51 59 Friday: Jer 20:10 13/Ps 18:2 3a, 3bc 4, 5 6, 7/Jn10:31 42 Saturday: Ez 37:21 28/Jer 31:10, 11 12abcd, 13/Jn11:45 56 The Catechism of the Catholic Church states,“This sacred anointing of the sick was institutedby Christ our Lord as a true and proper sacramentof the New Testament (James 5:14 15 and Mark6:13). The special grace of the sacrament of theAnointing of the Sick has as its effects: theuniting of the sick person to the passion of Christ,for his own good and that of the whole Church;the strengthening, peace, and courage to endure ina Christian manner the sufferings of illness or oldage; the forgiveness of sins, if the sick person wasnot able to obtain it through the sacrament ofPenance; the restoration of health, if it isconducive to the salvation of his soul; thepreparation for passing over to eternal life. (CCC,1532) Here I wish to clarify a commonmisunderstanding: This sacrament used to bereferred to as Extreme Unction or Last Rites,which sometimes led people to believe that theonly proper time to call the priest for thissacrament is when someone is about to die. TheChurch wants us to know that this Sacrament canbe administered several times for the same person,if necessary. One might certainly becomeseriously ill more than once in a lifetime, or mayface serious surgery on several occasions. In eachinstance, one can receive this anointing. Weencounter Jesus the divine healer at every Mass.Anointing of the sick is an opportunity foreveryone to pray for the Lord’s healing touchupon whatever we need to be free from anillness or mind, body or soul, an inability toforgive, unhealthy tendencies. Immediately afterthe weekend masses I will be available in thechurch to offer the anointing of the sick. Fr. Jose Holy Thursday Sacred Heart at 7:00pm Good Friday Sacred Heart at 3:00pm Holy Saturday Sacred Heart at 9:00pm Easter Sunday Sacred Heart at 8:00am St. Anthony at 10:00am

All are invited to attend our fish fry and shootingmatch benefiting the charitable efforts of St. IsidoreParish Good Shepherd of the Hills K of C Council#13623. The event is being hosted at and co sponsored by, the Celestine Community Club onFriday, April 8, 2022. Drive thru catfish dinnersfrom 4 to 6pm. The 11 fish dinner includes agenerous portion of fried catfish, HOMEMADEGerman fries, baked beans, slaw, and bread. Dinein and carry out food begins at 6pm and will featureour Famous Fish Dinners, Chicken Dinners, andHamburgers. The event will feature a closedshooting match at 8pm. The first choice is a 1/2beef, with beef and pork choices thereafter. The Diocesan Choir is back! Please join theDiocesan Choir for the Chrism Mass on Tuesday,April 12 at 5:30pm (Evansville Time) at St.Benedict Cathedral. The Choir is open to singersfrom all the parishes of Diocese of Evansville.This is a great opportunity to come together andshare in musical prayer. Members are typically in8th grade and older. While reading music andattending all three practices is recommended, itisn't a requirement! Practices are held in theCathedral Church (please enter on the East side ofthe Cathedral Parish Center / Handicap RampSide). Practice times are Central time Sunday, April 3 2:00pm 4:00pm Tuesday, April 5 6:00 7:30 pm Sunday, April 10 2:00pm 4:00pm Schnellville Home Ec meeting on April 12 at 7pmat the Community Club. Schnellville Comm. Club Easter Egg hunt willbe Palm Sunday, April 10, after the 8am Mass.Please bring your Easter baskets. Prizes will behanded out by the Schnellville Home Ec. TheEaster bunny will make an appearance! All ageswelcome! Will be held rain or shine. The Divine Mercy 800 Club Easter Egg Huntwill be held Saturday, April 16 at the 800 Club at1:00pm for kids 10 and under. Prizes will beawarded. Quilting at the 800 Club is done for the year.Thanks to the quilters who donated their time,energy & talent. If you would like to donate to thequilt fund, mark the envelope “Quilt Donation”.We will continue this fall on Mondays &Wednesdays 12:30 4:30pm. Evening sessions arethe 1st & 3rd Monday of the month. New memberswelcome! The Schnellville quilters are done quilting thisspring & will start again in October. We want tothank everyone for their monetary donations,supplies, quilt tops, desserts & egg cartons, &Myron Betz for selling them for the quilt fund.Special thanks to the Schnellville Fire Dept. for useof the firehouse. All your hard work is appreciated! First Work Session big success! The first of 3scheduled tornado relief work sessions to aid thepeople of Bremen, KY was very successful. OnSat. March 19 about 40 people from St. Mary'sChurch in Huntingburg and other area churchescar pooled the 1 1/2 hour drive to a largewarehouse in Bremen. Upon arriving we weregreeted by Leah Putnam Whse mgr. After a bit ofinstructions,webeganunpacking/sortingchildren's and adult clothing, as well as cannedfood goods and personal health items. We askedMayor Miller how he has maintained his hopeamidst all the tornado destruction and loss of life.He responded, with a bit of emotion, by saying,"By you people showing up to help." It was verytouching to hear. Checks were presented to Mr.Miller for 10,000. This amount combined withthe total donations from the Dubois County areasince Dec. 20 total over 16,000. Call LugeneMerkel at 812 309 3316 or the St. Mary's ChurchOffice for more details on how you can help.

STEWARDSHIP FOR MARCH 27, 2022 Adult Envelopes 4,824.00 Loose 535.00 Child Envelopes 0 Automated 185.00 Total 5,544.00 Weekly Goal 7,400.00 Year to date difference 3,880.23 Capital Improvement (SAP) 0 Capital Improvement (SHJ) 0 No Preference Either Campus 0 THANK YOU! PRAYER LINE Pat Fleck (812)639 6044, Sara Betz (812)630 9720 PRAYER LIST To place a name on the Prayer List,please call the parish office (812)326 2777. Nameswill remain on the list for two months. After that,you may call to request a name to be added backto the list. March Richard Berg, Joe Fehribach, SethStriegel, Lisa Striegel, Special Intention, DarrellPund, Dennis Frieler, Toots Englert, SpecialIntention, Phillip Murphy April Melvin Betz, 2 Special Intentions,Gavin Fehribach, Special Intention, Herman&LeonaBramesTeachingScholarship Per direction by the Brames family,the scholarship is to be awarded to qualifiedapplicants who consider St. Anthony of PaduaChurch their home church for worship.Applications are in back of St. Anthony Church onthe bulletin board. Applications are due April 30,2022. Send to: Mark Jahn 655 Pebble Beach Drive Huntingburg, IN 47542 Or email markjahn05@gmail.com for moreinformation. 52 week Raffle 500 ticket winner March 28, 2022 Robert Hayden Evansville, IN ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING THECATHOLIC FAITH? A Disability Ministry Educational Day withspeaker Charleen Katra will be held at the CatholicCenter April 28 from 8:30am 3pm (Central) Thecost is 10 per person and includes lunch. The daywill include information for parish staffs,catechists, and those who plan liturgies. For g. Registration is due April 21. Are you searching quietly and seeking someanswers about having a deeper relationship withGod? Do you feel a sense of longing to belongto a faith community? Have you ever wonderedwhat Catholics believe about Mary and thesaints? Are you interested in learning moreabout Catholic tradition? If you would like to have these and otherquestions answered, please contact Janie at theParish Office at 812 326 2777 for moreinformation about joining the Catholic faith.

2Today 4/3 G Youth Group will be sellinghamburgers and cheeseburgers after the 10:00ammass at St. Anthony. Proceeds will go towards theMission trip in June. Today 4/3 Third Scrutiny during the 10am Mass Monday 4/4 Stations of the Cross at 6:00pm at St.Anthony Tuesday 4/5 Mass at 8:00am for the Religious Edstudents at St. Anthony. Everyone welcome! Tuesday 4/5 There will be NO 6:00pm Mass at St.Anthony due to Reconciliation at Holy Family Wednesday 4/6 Mass at 7:45am for the ReligiousEd students at St. Anthony. Everyone welcome! Wednesday 4/6 Children’s Scrutiny during the7:45am mass at St. Anthony Friday 4/8 Stations of the Cross at 6:00pm atSacred Heart DIRECTORIES ARE IN!! If you got your picturetaken, you can get your FREE directory after massesthis weekend. Or stop by the Parish office duringbusiness hours to pick it up. Deanery Reconciliation Services: Sunday, 4/3 at 4:00pm at St. Ferdinand Church Tuesday, 4/5 at 6:30pm at Holy Family Church (NO 6:00PM MASS AT SAP) Sunday, 4/10 G2 Youth Group will be sellingbreakfast sandwiches after the 8:00am Mass atSacred Heart Mass. Proceeds go towards themission trip in June. G2 Youth Group will have their last meeting of theschool year Wednesday, April 6 at the SchnellvilleCommunity Club at 6:30pm. We will share a meal,play games, and recognize our seniors andscholarship recipients! Please bring volleyballs,basketballs, frisbees, etc. to share. First Communion Parent Meeting on Wednesday,April 6 at 7:00pm in the Parish Center Library.Please plan to attend. Prayer cards for children receiving FirstCommunion on June 18 are available in the back ofeach church. Please take a prayer card with you andpray daily for the child. Reconciliation at our Parish There will be extra opportunities to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation at our Parish: Monday, 4/11 at 6:30pm 7:30pm at St. Anthony Wednesday, 4/13 at 6:30pm 7:30pm at SacredHeart Wednesday, 4/6 at 12:00pm noon at Holy FamilyChurch Divine Mercy SVdP dues at 5.00 per person aredue. You can either put it the collection basket, dropbox or mail to: John Kempf 1469 E 550 South Huntingburg, IN 47542 The Diocesan Chrism Mass will be held onTuesday, April 12 at 6:30pm (EDT) in St. BenedictCathedral in Evansville. Please call the parish officeif you are interested in carpooling. We plan to leavethe south parking lot of St. Anthony Church at5:00pm. Early bulletin deadlines: Monday, April 4 for the April 10 bulletin Friday, April 8 for the April 17 bulletin Divine Mercy Parish will be having a "boxed" fooddrive April 1 thru Palm Sunday, April 10. Boxes willback in the back of both churches. The local FoodBank is most in need of Jello, pudding, hamburgerhelper, crackers, cereal, and mac/cheese. Thank youfor your generous heart. **Easter flower Memorials are due April 10. Divine Mercy Sunday willbe held at St. AnthonyChurch on Sunday, April 24.Confessionsbeginat2:00pm and a pre serviceRosary will begin at 2:40pmService begins at 3:00pm. A dinner will immediatelyfollow the service in theParish Center. Everyonewelcome!

FischerElectric, Inc.DENNY’SAUTO SALES & SERVICEatv/motorcyclesrepair, parts & accessoriesall brands welcome!com9-6 mon thru fri / 8-1 satParishioneradam combs, owner(812) 326-2403ac.motorsports@hotmail.3937 e. 450 s., st. anthonyIndustrial - CommercialAgricultural - ResidentialParishioner634-2727 482-1881491 Third AvenueJasper389-2418SchumBERG’S GARAGE, INC.4760 E. State Rd. 64St. Anthony, IN 47575Monuments, Inc.P.O. Box 430Dale, Indiana937-4921www.schummonuments.com2739 S. St. Anthony Rd. W., HungtingburgPhone 812-326-2053 Snapper Lawnmover Dealer Used Car & Truck Sales General Auto Repair 24-Hour Wrecker Service1445 Main St., Ferdinand, IN 47532Mill 812-326-2055 Fax 812-326-2515ParishionersGene Merkley Richard MerkleyFrank Merkley Joe 4665 S Cross StreetSt. Anthony, IN all now to schedule your next event!VIDEO TECHDIRECT MAYTAGAPPLIANCES &ELECTRONICSSales & ServiceM-F: 7:30AM-6PM Sat: 7:30AM - 2PMParishionerwww.videotechmaytag.comContact Stephanie Mullinsto place an ad today!smullins@4LPi.comor (800) 477-4574 x79093710 Newton St., Jasper, IN 482-9912CARPETWAREHOUSE“Quality you can stand on”650 Woodlawn (off Hwy. 162)Next to VUJC(812) 482-5692 per, IN800-937-8721Vincennes, IN800-264-0046K EM P FMike Blume, AAMS Financial AdvisorEXCAVATING INC.223 West 10th Street AFerdinand, IN 47532812-367-0692COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Trackhoe Scraper High Lifts Lakes/Ponds Backhoe Basements Bulldozing Septic Tanks630-4046PIEPER-BURNSINSURANCE AGENCYAuto Life Health Home Business415 CLAY ST.JASPER3301 E. 550 S., Huntingburg, IN 47542812-326-2882Allen SteffenParishioner482-5151BECHER-KLUESNERFuneral Homes, Inc.Downtown & North ChapelsHwy. 231 N. Jasper, IN ohn’sTrim Shop8515 S. Club Road, Ferdinand, IN 47532(812) 367-2337 Phone (812) 367-1040 Faxpundplumbing@frontier.comAnimal Medical Centerof Dubois County, P.C.1390 Crossroads Ave, JasperCharles R. Johnson, D.V.M.Stain / Paint House Trim and DoorsJohn Kempf683-4419ParishionerLori H. Mehringer, D.V.M.Molly R. Johnson, D.V.M.(812) 634-9752 Fax (812) 482-7293Still theOriginalHoosier Business Machines, Inc.812-482-3736For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 www.4lpi.com(812) 936-29628498 W. State Road 56 French Lick, INSt. Anthony, St. Anthony, INA 4C 01-0093

Friday, April 8, 2022. Drive thru catfish dinners from 4 to 6pm. The 11 fish dinner includes a generous portion of fried catfish, HOMEMADE German fries, baked beans, slaw, and bread. Dine in and carry out food begins at 6pm and will feature our Famous Fish Dinners, Chicken Dinners, and Hamburgers. The event will feature a closed

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