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CAN YOU GETRID OF BELLYFAT?A quick reference guide tounderstanding why belly fat isdangerous, some do’s anddon’t and how to measurewhether what you’re doing isworking.By Adam and Olivia McCubbinCo-founders & Head Coaches @bestbodycoCOPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

Excess belly fat doubles the risk of prematuredeath. Men and women with the largest waists (morethan 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women)had roughly double the risk of premature death asWHY IS BELLYFAT AN ISSUE?Belly fat is one of themost common areas ofstored body fat in bothmales and females sowhy is it bad?men and women with the smallest waists (less than34 inches for men and 28 for women). Each 2-inch increase in waist circumference wasassociated with close to a 17% increase inmortality in men and a 13% increase in women. Waist-to-hip ratio also strongly predicted mortality. Apple vs. Pear - The two shapes are associated todifferent diseases when in excess. Apple shapedbody types have more “android fat” which is fat storedaround the trunk and abdomen. This type of fat iscorrelated with cardiovascular disease and isobviously the enemy of a lean mid section. Gynoid fathas less disease risks, however there are some links tocervical and testicular cancer.COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

Central obesity is linked to type 2 diabetes andcardiovascular disease, which means when it comesto dropping inches around the belt, its critical tomanage blood sugars well and not have excessivespikes in insulin. Doing this will help reduce risk ofthese diseases but also help you to look better. WINWHY IS BELLYFAT AN ISSUE?Belly fat is one of themost common areas ofstored body fat in bothmales and females sowhy is it bad?COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.WIN! Visceral vs. subcutaneous fat Visceral fat is the dangerous type of fat that isstored around the abdomen cavity in and aroundinternal organs. All disease risks are higher withthis type of fat. Subcutaneous is the fat that isstored just under the skin and is less of an issue fordisease.

Throw the sit ups and ab machine exercises in thetrash! All the sit ups in the world won’t help if youdon’t fix the underlying issues. Start with diet - “Abs are built in the kitchen & notthe weight room.”WHAT CAN YOUDO TO GET RIDOF BELLY FAT?Throw the ab exercisesout the door and focuson your diet! It’s not all a calorie problem. Yes, an excess calorieconsumption can keep the body fat on, but foodquality is just as important. Reducing refined carbs, sugars and increasingnutrient dense foods is the key! If you’re someone that has trouble getting leanthrough the mid section, high starch and carbdiets might not be best practice for getting that sixpack Assess how sensitive you are to sugars andcarbohydrates at the doctor’s office. These are the critical tests to get done - Bloodtests first: Fasting glucose tolerance test, HbA1cand insulin (fasting)COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

Understanding and keeping your blood sugarsregulated is critical. Getting a cheap blood glucosemeasuring tool from the pharmacy is a great way tosee how your body responds to certain meals.Prolonged elevated levels of blood glucose are signsthat you’re not processing the carbs/sugarsWHAT CAN YOUDO TO GET RIDOF BELLY FAT? Throw the ab exercisesout the door and focuson your diet! effectively. Interventions: HCLF, Keto and low carb dietsAvoid highly processed foods High fructose corn syrup, trans fats and out ofbalance omega 6s are ingredients you shouldavoid!Alcohol is not your friend when it comes to beinglean through the abs. Especially consuming on anempty stomach, which causes your blood sugar tospike even more than usual. Bottom line: drop thebooze or have small amounts on a full tummy offood.COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

1.Focus on getting more qualitysleep quicker results. Aim to sleep atleast 8 hours per day.TOP 10 TIPS TOGET RID OFBELLY FAT FORGOODThe solution2.Reduce carbohydrate intake orbetter manage blood sugars. Hba1clevels must be controlled.3.Use natural remedies such ascinnamon, apple cider vinegar andlemon juice. Can be added to food ordrinks. This helps to manage bloodsugar response.COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

4.Supplement with magnesium,alpha lipoid acid, fish oils andchromium picolinate.TOP 10 TIPS TOGET RID OFBELLY FAT FORGOODThe solution5.Drink green tea (without sugar)and take branched chain amino acids(BCAAs). Green tea is rich inpolyphenols and helps with reducinginflammation and assists with fatburning by way of increasing yourmetabolism. BCAAs have been seen toincrease muscle growth, reduce musclesoreness and exercise fatigue andprevent muscle wasting - which can leadto better performance and energyoutput during your training.6.Stay away from inflammatoryfoods: for aesthetic and digestivereasons.COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

7.Focus on your compound lifts i.e.squat, bench press, deadlift. Doweight training, high intensity intervaltraining (HIIT) and sprint training.TOP 10 TIPS TOGET RID OFBELLY FAT FORGOOD8.Watch your total calorie intake,then focus on your minimum proteinrequirement before consideringmacronutrient splits and meal timing.The solution9.Reduce stress and practicemindfulness - stress increases body fatstoring hormones.COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

10. Increasing meal frequency hasbeen seen to link to reduced waistcircumference, so try smaller meals,more often.TOP 10 TIPS TOGET RID OFBELLY FAT FORGOODThe solutionCOPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

Measure waist circumference and get a DEXA scanevery 6 to 8 weeks. If you don’t assess you won’tknow if your intervention is working. Place much less emphasis on scale weight andfocus on the circumference measures.HOW TO KNOWIF IT’SWORKINGSo you’re working outand following our plan,how do you measureyour results?COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO. Focus on body composition. If you look clearlyat how much fat you have in your body(particularly in the waist) and can see itdropping, then it’s only a matter of time untilyou’ll see your abs starting to show through. Youmust measure to know if it’s working. How do your clothes feel on your body? Theyshould feel better and looser. This is much like theabove-mentioned measures. It’s more specific andwill be focused on how your clothes fit around yourwaist line.

Energy levels have increased, improved moodquality. This goes without saying, if you are healthierand have less visceral fat, then you will feel muchbetter.HOW TO KNOWIF IT’SWORKINGSo you’re working outand following our plan,how do you measureyour results?COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO. Are you getting fitter and stronger? If you are,then you’re on the right track. Fitness and strengthimprovements will help with insulin sensitivity andyour body’s ability to burn body fat. Make suretraining and fitness improvements are measured follow a structured and periodised training program,like what we offer in our 6in4 Challenge programwhich runs for 4 weeks. Remember, everything is subject to the individual, soit’s critical to measure and see what works for you.Assess assess assess! Never guess!

AS FEATURED INHOW TO LOSE6KG IN 4WEEKS Does the#6in4Challengeprogram actually work?Check out one of ourmember’s results.COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.Check out this article where Tim showcases hisamazing transformation results from doing our famous6in4 Challenge iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

WANT TO BEOUR NEXTSUCCESSSTORY?Join our Original#6in4Challenge andvisit bestbodyco.comfor dates and locationsCOPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO.

Visceral fat is the dangerous type of fat that is stored around the abdomen cavity in and around internal organs. All disease risks are higher with this type of fat. Subcutaneous is the fat that is stored just under the skin and is less of an issue for disease. COPYRIGHT 2019 BEST BODY CO. WHY IS BELLY FAT AN ISSUE? Belly fat is one of the

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