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Pork middlesPork middle bone in rind onProduct code:FI 3295Pork middle, bonelessPork middle, boneless, rindless, lean.Product code:FI 3966Pork tenderloinChain and head on.Product code:FI 1748, EE 1702036For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork loin bonelessPork loin, boneless, chains on,without false lean, with 1-3 mm fat.Product code:FI 3279Pork back without backbonePork back, rind on, withoutbackboneProduct code:FI 9120, FI 1876Pork belly primal cutPork belly, bone in, rind onProduct code:FI 1567, SE 505532Pork belly boneless, rind onPork belly, boneless, sheet ribbed,rind on. Rectangular cut.Product code:FI 1634, SE 505402For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork belly boneless, rindlessPork belly, boneless, sheet-ribbed,rindless. Full length.Product code:FI 1655, SE 505232Pork ham bone inProduct code:FI 3298Pork ham short cut withoutflank and tailboneProduct code:FI 4752, SE 500037Pork ham boneless, 4DPork leg, boneless, rindless.Max. 5 mm fat.Product code:FI 3456, SE 500501For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork for industryPork back fatPork back fat, rindless.Product code:FI 2932Pork jowlPork jowl , rindlessProduct code:FI 2936Pork belly stripsPork belly strips, rindless.Approx. 50% C.L.Product code:FI 3572, SE 505002For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork loin stripsPork loin strips.Approx. 70% C.L.Product code:FI 3579Pork belly flanksPork belly flanks, rindless. Approx.70% C.L.Product code:FI 3992Pork cutting fatPork cutting fat, rindless.Product code:FI 4622Pork back rindPork back rind.Product code:FI 8433, SE 507703For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork belly rindProduct code:FI 8463, SE 507701Pork rindPork rind, mixed.Product code:FI 2928For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork fore-endPork fore-endPork fore-end. At the neck end, cutin front of the first cervical vertebrae.At the leg end, cut between 3rd and4th rib.Product code:FI 3297, FI 1046Pork collarPork collar, boneless, with falselean. Defatted.Product code:FI 1718, SE 504411Pork shoulder, bonelessWithout shoulder chap and shankmeat. Trimmed to approx. 1 mm fat.Approx. 88% C.L. (4D-shoulder)Product code:FI 3299For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork ribs and bonesPork loin ribs, weight selectedProduct code:FI 1668, FI 1606Pork spareribsPork spareribs without breastbone,Product code:FI 8534, FI 1651, SE 508014Pork flatboneProduct code:FI 8467, FI 1689, SE 509616For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork tipboneProduct code:FI 8831, FI 1695, SE 508801Pork softboneProduct code:FI 1652, SE 508109Pork sternumProduct code:FI 8832, FI 3348, SE 508901Pork ribletPork riblet with breastbone.Product code:FI 1667, FI 6761FI 8562, SE 507901For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork front feetProduct code:FI 9268, FI 1724, SE 306006Pork hind feetProduct code:FI 8279, FI 1621, SE 509919Pork tailProduct code:FI 8833, SE 303104For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork offalsPork stomach, scaldedProduct code:FI 1620Pork liverProduct code:FI 2026, SE 301503 83Pork kidneyProduct code:FI 8420, FI 3452, SE 302386For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork tongue, frozenPork tongue, Swiss cut.Product code:FI 2007, SE 303202Pork heart, frozenProduct code:FI 2015, SE 300883Pork femur bone 2-jointProduct code:FI 9258Pork headPork head without earflap and jowl.Product code:FI 9899For specification, please contact our sales team.

Pork belly primal cut Pork belly, bone in, rind on Product code: FI 1567, SE 505532 Pork belly boneless, rind on Pork belly, boneless, sheet ribbed, rind on. Rectangular cut. . Trimmed to approx. 1 mm fat. Approx. 88% C.L. (4D-shoulder) Product code: FI 3299 Pork fore-end For specification, please contact our sales team. Pork loin ribs .

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General features of pork belly fat for production in South Korea Pork belly comprises approximately 12 % of chilled pig carcass, but represents approximately 15-17 % of the total carcass's value (Fig. 3) [4, 15, 16], which means pork belly is an economically principal part of the pig. But, it is obvious that pork belly is an extremely fatty cut

tops, bottoms, or middles in your house? Here’s the tricky part – sometimes tops, bottoms, and middles come in a can or bag or box! The next time you are shopping for food 5 Something to think about First, read the book yourself and think about these ideas: § The Bear had money and land, but was lazy and did not appreciate what he had.

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Bring a pot of water to a boil. Blanch the pork belly in the boiling water skin side down for 10 minutes, flipping halfway. Set the pork belly on a plate. Using a fork, pierce the pork belly skin and pat dry. Season with half the salt. Heat a pan or skillet over medium heat and cook the pork belly strips for 5

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