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Food & Beverage Industry WebinarWhat Will 2016 Bring?February 10, 2016

Today’s Agenda 2015 Highlights from the past yearLitigation trends for 2016Regulatory issues to watchDemo of the Food and Beverage IndustryTracker2

PresentersKarin MooreGrocery Manufacturers AssociationSr. Vice President & General CounselWashington, D.C.Michelle GilletteCrowell & Moring PartnerHead of Food & Beverage Industry PracticeSan Francisco, CA Advertising & Product Risk Mgmt Commercial LitigationJohn FusonCrowell & Moring PartnerWashington, D.C. Advertising & Product Risk Mgmt HealthcareAndrew KaplanCrowell & Moring PartnerWashington, D.C. Advertising & Product Risk Mgmt Product Liability & TortsChalana WilliamsCrowell & Moring AssociateWashington, D.C. Advertising & Product Risk Mgmt Antitrust3

Highlights From the Past Year4

Class Certification - Ascertainability 3rd Cir: Carrera v. Bayer Corp.: must be “a reliable and administrativelyfeasible” method for ascertaining putative class members 7th Cir: Mullins v. Direct Digital, LLC: class must be defined clearly andmembership defined by objective criteria 9th Cir. (on appeal):– Jones v. ConAgra Foods, Inc.: Hunts, Pam, and Swiss Miss – variations inproducts and labels, lack of receipts made certification inappropriate.Proposed classes not ascertainable because plaintiffs sought to identifyclass members only through self-identification– Kosta v. Del Monte: amount of antioxidants in canned fruit products. Toomuch variation in class members’ experience due to differences in labelingin presentation, so class certification inappropriate5

Class Certification – Lead Plaintiff Campbell- Ewald Co. v. Gomez, No. 14-857, onJanuary 20, 2016– An unaccepted offer of judgment under Fed. R. Civ. P. 68neither moots a plaintiff’s individual claim nor moots putativeclass claims– 6-3 opinion by Justice Ginsburg. Justice Thomas filed an opinionconcurring in the judgment. Chief Justice Roberts filed adissenting opinion, in which Justices Scalia and Alito joined.Justice Alito filed a dissenting opinion– What is the impact?6

California’s Prop 65Lead Invalidate safe harbor via litigation(Mateel Environmental Justice Fdn. v. OEHHA) Repeal or lower safe harbor via regulation (petitionfor administrative rulemaking filed by Center forEnvironmental Health)– In response, OEHHA issued a pre-regulatory draftproposal, proposing a matrix– formal proposed regulation expected Q1 20167

California’s Prop 65BPA Listed as Developmental Toxicant in 2013– De-listed as a result of litigation (ACC v. OEHHA) ACC wins preliminary injunction against OEHHA de-listing BUT trial court issues final judgment in OEHHA’s favor ACC appeals – BPA remains de-listed pending appeal– Re-list BPA as developmental toxicant if appeal denied? Listed as Reproductive Toxicant in 2015 (during appeal)– Warnings required by May 11, 2016 (mandatory 12-monthgrace period)– OEHHA has not yet proposed a safe harbor level8

California’s Prop 65Proposed Overhaul First proposal 1/15; public comments; withdrawn andreplaced 11/15 Would require warnings to mention “one or more”chemicals by name (except for on-product warnings)This product can expose you to [name of one or more chemicals], achemical [or chemicals] known to the State of California to causecancer. For more information go to Would require ANSI symbol9

California’s Prop 65Proposed Overhaul More attenuated warning programs– Different warnings for different exposure scenarios (dieselexhaust, restaurants, furniture, amusement parks, garages,etc.) Website/catalog sales require warning beforepoint of purchase Puts primary responsibility for warnings onsuppliers rather than retailers (exceptions apply)10

Litigation Trends for 201611

Mislabeling Claim TrendsOrganics LabelingQuesada v. Herb Thyme Farms (CA Supreme Ct) Allegations: mixed organic and conventional herbs atpacking facility, labeling the resulting combo as“organic” mislabeling Defense: California state court action preempted dueto federal law (Organic Foods Act)12

Mislabeling Claim TrendsOrganics LabelingQuesada v. Herb Thyme FarmsCA Supreme Court Holding– OFA only provides: 1) definition of “organic,” 2) certificationprocess, 3) complaint mechanism– OFA silent on whether state consumer deception laws additional enforcement mechanism– CA’s broad consumer protection laws can be used asenforcement mechanism for policing use of “organic” onfood products, despite federal regulations governing thisspace13

Mislabeling Claim Trends“Handmade” “a handcrafted bourbon whiskey made at 9600 feet withsnowmelt from the Rocky Mountains”– Process: mass produced at distilleries outside of Colorado.Pending “handmade”– Process: mechanized and automated processes with littlehuman involvement. Pending “Handcrafted” bourbon/“handmade” whisky– Process: mechanized and automated with little humaninvolvement. Dismissed. (“[a] reasonable consumerwouldn’t interpret the word ‘handcrafted’ on a bourbonbottle to mean that the product is literally ‘created by a handprocess rather than by a machine.”)14

Mislabeling Claim Trends“Craft” “artfully crafted”– Allegation: implies that beer was a “craft beer” made in smallindependent brewery. Pending“Simple” “simple quality ingredients” – NUTELLA spread– Ingredients/Process – high levels of saturated fat, processed sugar.Class action settled “simple, the way nature intended” “Simple Orange” – SIMPLYORANGE orange juice (also “pure squeezed,” “natural”)– Ingredients/Process – highly engineered process using complexalgorithm and chemically engineered flavors. MDL pending15

Mislabeling Claim Trends“Pure” “100% Pure Olive Oil”– Ingredients/Process: olive-pomace oil or olive residue oil.Pending “100% Pure & Natural” BEAR NAKED food products– Ingredients/Process: hexane processed soy ingredients. Settledfaux “meat” products “made with mycoprotein (“myco” is Greek for “fungi”) there arebelieved to be over 600,000 varieties of fungi in the world, many ofwhich are among the most sought after foods like varieties ofmushroom, truffles, and morels.” Plaintiff’s allegation: product is a fermented soil mold, not fungi,so false and misleading. filed 1/22/16 - Pending16

Mislabeling Claim Trends“Just” “Just Mayo” brand eggless “mayonnaise” Definitions– “Just” only, exactly, specifically; “mayo” mayonnaise Image of Egg on front panel, “egg free” on side or back Standard of identity for mayonnaise requires eggs Legal Action:– Unilever: filed Lanham Act lawsuit 11/14, dropped 12/14.– Florida Class Action filed 3/15 (pending)– FDA warning letter 8/15. agreement to allow continued use of namewith explanatory label statements 12/1517

Regulatory Issues to Watch18

FDA’s Food Agenda for 2016 Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA)update– Expect “food safety” through “preventivecontrols” to be FDA’s 2016 mantra formanufacturers– Key question: will the new regulations befollowed up by an uptick in enforcement? Labeling changes – added sugars, salt19

Natural FDA invited comment on use of the term“natural” in labeling of human food products– Will FDA finally resolve this contentious debate?– Can we expect regulation, guidance, or at least astatement of policy? Status of comments20

State Regulators’ Agenda for 2016Vermont’s GE labeling law VT Act 120 passed in 2014,requiring food manufacturesto identify products producedwith genetic engineering Effective Date: July 1, 2016 Is a patchwork of GE labeling rules next?21

Demo: Food & Beverage Industry Tracker22

Food & Beverage Tracker - Overview Established in 2015 Objective: Identifying high-level trends and keylegal developments What does it track?––––New filingsOngoing actionsKey decisionsLegislative and regulatory activities23

Food & Beverage Tracker – Content24

Food & Beverage Tracker - DemoFood and Beverage Tracker25

How to Access the Tracker and LearnMore? Call or email any of today’s Crowell & Moringpresenters or your regular Crowell & Moring contact Email [email protected] and requestuser credentials Visit

Questions?Karin MooreGrocery Manufacturers AssociationSr. Vice President & General CounselWashington, [email protected] GilletteCrowell & Moring PartnerSan Francisco 1 [email protected] FusonCrowell & Moring PartnerWashington, D.C. 1 [email protected] KaplanCrowell & Moring PartnerWashington, D.C. 1 [email protected] WilliamsCrowell & Moring AssociateWashington, D.C. 1 [email protected]

Food & Beverage Industry Highlights, Litigation trends for 2016, Regulatory issues, Demo of Tracker Keywords "Craft" food labels, "Handcrafted" food labels, "Handmade" food labels, "Just" food labels, "Pure" food labels, "Pure" food labels, ACC v. OEHHA, American Chemistry Council, Antioxidants, Ascertainability, Blanket .

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ABB drives for food and beverage industry: — 01 Micro and machinery drives — 02 A, B General purpose drives — 03 Industrial drives — Drives and automation for food and beverage industry — 01 — 02 A — 02 B Drives are an important tool to deliver safety for food and beverage machinery. ABB's Variable Speed Drives (VSD) have been used

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How Digital Innovation is Transforming the Food & Beverage Industry 2 Digital Innovation The oldest industry in the world, food and beverage, now finds that modern . technology must be on the menu. Food and beverage companies need digital

Summer 2018 SEVP InFocus Webinar—Script . 1 . Summer 2018 SEVP InFocus Webinar . Aug. 16, 2018 . Webinar Script . Slide 1: Pre-webinar Title Slide [Adobe Connect room opens approximately 15 minutes prior to webinar. Slide 1

3. Webinar 3 - Evaluation questions and indicators 4. Webinar 4 -Experimental impact evaluation 5. Webinar 5 -Non experimental impact evaluation 6. Webinar 6 - Sample size and power calculations 7. Webinar 7 - Timeline and budget 8. Webinar 8 - Rapid-fire presentations and closing remarks For all webinars except webinar 8, a learning

and beverage industry Food and beverage manufacturers transform inputs into value-added products, which are then distributed to food retailers, food service establishments and consumers. The largest food and beverage processing segment in Canada is meat processing, which accounts for 17% of the industry, followed by bakery (14%) and dairy (9%).

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percent is generated through the sales of food and beverage. Even though room sales is supposedly more perishable product of a hotel as compared to food and beverage sales, but the importance of food and beverage sales cannot be taken away as the majority of the publicity and reputation of the organization largely depends on food and beverage .

The food and beverage processing sector has been in transition over the past 15 years and continues to evolve. Today food and beverage manufacturing is an urban centric industry rather than a rural manufacturing industry. Municipal governments have the most interaction with food and beverage manufacturers on a daily basis and this is a

beverage industry 2 we are not only product specialists, but we also offer the following services to the food & beverage industry: in the past three years, we've documented a savings to our 1.9 million dollars a total of in fact, through our solutions. food & beverage customers our solutions are designed to reduce our customers total cost of .

The Digital Future of the Food and Beverage Industry 5 Today, the food and beverage industry is looking at tremendous e-commerce growth. Revenue from online food and beverage sales is predicted to exceed 27 billion by 2023 in the U.S. alone. Globally, online sales will make up 15-20% of the sector's overall sales

Source: Ipsos, Reputation Snapshot for the Food and Beverage Sector, Ipsos Global Reputation Centre, 2012, p 04 There are myriad of features that make the Algerian food and beverage industry an exemplary case for CSR. One distinguishing feature is enormity of size, the Food and beverage Industry is the second largest industry in Algeria.

food and beverage businesses, enterprise resource planning software is a critical need, designed to solve the industry's most pressing problems. Beginner's Guide to ERP: Challenges facing the food and beverage industry The food and beverage industry is a dynamic, ever-evolving sector. Companies today grapple with key operational and .

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