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GUIDE TO THE RECORDSOF THENEW YORK CITY BOARD OFEDUCATIONMunicipal ArchivesNew York City Department of RecordsJune 2008

GUIDE TO THE RECORDSOF THENEW YORK CITY BOARD OF EDUCATIONCompiled byDavid M. MentMunicipal ArchivesNew York City Department of RecordsJune 2008Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education1

PREFACEThe Guide to the Records of the Board of Education is the outcome ofthe work of archivists, educators, and researchers, over many years, inassembling the collections, organizing them, and recognizing theirusefulness.The Department of Education and its predecessor, the Board ofEducation, has perceived the significance of its historical records andcooperated in their archival preservation. The Department of Records andInformation Services has not only accepted responsibility for the records buthas defined a vision of their importance as a major resource for the study ofeducation. The New York State Archives, through its Local GovernmentRecords Management Improvement Fund has supported archival processingof portions of the collection as well as the preparation of this Guide.Archivists Tobi Adler and David Ment have worked on organizingand describing the records, with leadership from Leonora Gidlund, Directorof the Municipal Archives and Kenneth Cobb, Assistant Commissioner ofthe Department of Records and Information Services.Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education2

CONTENTSIntroduction6List of Record Series9Series DescriptionsSeries 1: New York Public School Society, 1805-185328Series 2-19: City of Brooklyn, 1843-1897 and other schoolboards28Series 20-79: City of New York, 1843-1898Series 50-59: Records of Ward Trustees and DistrictInspectorsSeries 60-75: Records of individual schools3236Series 80-99: Borough Boards, 1898-190240Series 100-999: Consolidated City of New York, 1898-1970Series 100-130: Board of Education bylaws, manuals,meetings, calendars, minutesSeries 131-151: Standing CommitteesSeries 152-199: Special CommitteesSeries 200-209: Annual ReportsSeries 210-219: Directories45Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education3845485358593

Series 220-269: Records of Board projects, commissions,activitiesSeries 275-299: Secretary of the BoardSeries 300-399 Board Members’ PapersSeries 400-499: Superintendent of SchoolsSeries 500-699: Administration, Office of theSuperintendent of Schools, Associate and AssistantSuperintendents, Divisions, BureausSeries 590-599: Anticommunist InvestigationsSeries 601-699: Deputy, Associate, and AssistantSuperintendentsSeries 700-799: Bureau of Reference, Research, andStatistics (BRRS) and related research bureausSeries 800-859: Business Administration and SchoolBuildingsSeries 860-865: Vocational Education Advisory GroupsSeries 870-879: Teacher Associations [reserved]Series 890-899: City College, Hunter College, and Board ofHigher Education [reserved]Series 900-949: Cooperating AgenciesSeries 950-999: Records of individual schoolsSeries 1000-1999: Period of Decentralization, 1970-2002Series 1000-1099: Board of Education (including Secretary,Counsel, etc.)Series 1100-1199: Chancellor (and Office of the Chancellor)Series 1200-1699: Administration[Series 1700-1799: reserved]Series 1800-1849: Graphic MaterialsGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of 1514

APPENDICESAppendix IChronology of the Public Schoolsof New York City155Appendix IIOrganization Charts of the New York CityBoard of Education157Appendix III Regulations of the Department of162Records/Municipal Archives for Use ofCollections and Access to Restricted MaterialsGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education5

INTRODUCTIONBuilding the CollectionThe collection of the records of the Board of Education at the NewYork City Municipal Archives is the product of several strands of collectingactivities. This Guide is the first effort to provide a coordinated descriptionof the entire collection, an essential step in unleashing the potential value ofthe records for educators, historians, architects, and participants in familyand community history activities. The Guide is intended to be used incoordination with finding aids and inventories for the various components ofthe collection, which are accessible either on the Department of Recordsweb site or at the Municipal Archives reference room.The first major effort to preserve the historical records began in 1975,with an agreement between the Board of Education and Teachers College,Columbia University, under which the library of Teachers College wouldserve as custodian of Board of Education records of historical significance.Under that arrangement, archivists from Teachers College reviewed thematerials in various Board of Education storage rooms and selected those ofgreatest importance. A “Preliminary Checklist” prepared in 1978 becamethe basic guide to these records. A few years later, the files of severalmembers of the Board of Education, which had been under the jurisdictionof the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Education, were transferred.And these were followed, in the mid-1980s, by the Board’s photograph files.Overall, these materials constituted about 1500 cubic feet of records.In 2003, during a reorganization of the library at Teachers College, itwas decided to end the library’s role as custodian of the records andagreement was reached to transfer them to the Municipal Archives, whichhas overall responsibility for municipal records. At approximately this time,the Department of Education began to plan for the move of its headquartersout of 110 Livingston Street, Brooklyn. The Department cooperated withthe Municipal Archives in a review of records stored there at that time.These included the records of each of the Chancellors who had administeredthe school system since the decentralization of 1970, as well as the files ofseveral members of the Board of Education and the files of various boardbureaus and projects. Approximately 1700 cubic feet of records wereGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education6

identified as requiring archival preservation and these were transferred to theMunicipal Archives in 2004.Also, in 2004, the Municipal Archives cooperated with the SchoolConstruction Authority, in reviewing the archival requirements of thearchitectural records stored in their facility in Long Island City, Queens.Approximately 2,000 cubic feet of architectural drawings were selected fortransfer to the Archives. Finally, in 2007, the Municipal Archives agreed toaccept collections of the records of two organizations whose functions hadbeen deeply intertwined in the operations of the public school system: thePublic Education Association and the United Parents Associations.In addition to these large transfers the collections include historicalmaterials transferred from several individual public schools and filescontributed by individual members of the Board. Each of these adds adimension to the usefulness of the overall collection.Describing the CollectionEarly efforts to describe the collection and provide access tools forresearchers include the “Preliminary Checklist” mentioned above and folderlistings that were prepared for particular series. In the 1980s and 1990s,some portions of the collection were organized and described withgovernment and private support. From 2004-2007 several major series ofChancellors records and board member files were processed with LGRMIFsupport. Routine management efforts have also generated inventories, atbox, folder, or volume level, for many series. However, the work ofdescription is an incremental process, and much remains to be done.The brief descriptions in this Guide are intended to provideresearchers with a thorough overview of the collections. With the serieslevel descriptions provided here, the researcher can determine those seriesthat seem promising and worth further consideration. The next step for theresearcher, of the greatest importance, is to review the more detailed findingaids, inventories, or folder or box listings that may exist for those series inwhich they are interested. The Guide entries indicate if a finding aid isavailable online; however, for many other series, detailed inventories or boxlistings are available at the Archives reference room.Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education7

The user of this Guide will observe that the various records series areorganized in a framework that combines major chronological divisions withsome recognition of the organizational structure of the Board of Education.Over the decades, the public school system of New York City grew not onlyin size but in complexity, and its administrative structure changed as well,with redefined functions and renamed bureaus. The subject of interest to aresearcher may have been the shared responsibility of many levels ofadministration. Thus, the series structure provides an initial basis forapproaching the records, but it is necessary for the researcher to take a broadview in considering possible series of relevance. The “List of RecordSeries” is intended to assist in this process, providing a relatively conciseoverview that can be used before approaching the series descriptions.New York City Municipal ArchivesDepartment of Records and Information Services31 Chambers Street, Room 103New York, NY New York City) dial 311(outside New York City) (212) NEW-YORKGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education8

LIST OF RECORD SERIESI: Condensed OutlineSeriesnumbersCategory of records1Public School Society of New York (1805-1853)2-19City of Brooklyn (1843-1898) and other school boards20-79City of New York (1843-1898)80-99Borough boards (1898-1902)100-999Consolidated City of New York (1898-1970)1000-1999 Period of Decentralization (1970-2002)II: List of Record SeriesSeriesBrief TitleDatesVolume(cu. ft.)Series 1: Public School Society of New York, 1805-18531Public School Society of New York. 58-18970.152.51884-18960.21882-18960.1Series 2-19: City of Brooklyn, 1843-1897 and other schoolboards234567City of Brooklyn. Board of Education. Manual and Course ofStudyCity of Brooklyn. Board of Education. Bylaws and RulesCity of Brooklyn. Board of Education. ProceedingsCity of Brooklyn. Board of Education. Annual Report of theSuperintendent of Public InstructionCity of Brooklyn. Board of Education. Annual Report of thePresident of the BoardCity of Brooklyn. Board of Education. DirectoryGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education9

9City of Brooklyn. Board of Education. School Visitors’Records.1859-18810.111City of Brooklyn. Board of Education. Evening SchoolsPayroll1891-18980.116Long Island City. Board of Education. Records1871, 18930.117Town of New Lots. Union Free School District No. 2. Rollof Teachers and Janitors1883-18860.118Town of New Utrecht. School District No. 2. Trustees.Minutes.1849-18940.1--222325[Journal of the Board of Education, 1854-1897, continuouswith 1898-2001; see Series 116]Annual Report of the Board of EducationAnnual Report of the City Superintendent of SchoolsSuperintendent of Truancy. Annual Report1843-18961889187570.10.130353738Documents of the Board of Education,Manual of the Board of EducationRegister of OathsAccount .140Directory of the Board of Education1854-189714546474849Committee on Buildings. MinutesCommittee on Instruction. MinutesCommittee on School System. MinutesCommittee on Bylaws and Legislation. MinutesTeachers Manual1878-18991897189618971873, 18841.,18941888, 189518841868-18760.1Series 20-79: City of New York, 1843-1898Series 50-59: Records of Ward Trustees and DistrictInspectors508th Ward. Board of School Trustees. Account Book54565717th Ward. Board of School Trustees. Manual19th Ward. Board of School Trustees. Report on Salaries21st Ward. Board of School Trustees. MinutesGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education0.10.10.110

581st Ward. Board of School Trustees. Minutes1870-18790.15924th School District. Board of Inspectors. Minutes1896-19020.1Series 60-75: Records of individual schools65School Visitors’ Records1833-1930,bulk 184318983671851-1866118750.169Ward School No. 14. 21st Ward. Boys Dept. Record ofStudents.Grammar School 18. Primary Department. Principal’sRecord Book.Evening School. Teacher Attendance Record.1852-18550.1707172Primary School 7. Annual Report to the City SuperintendentGrammar School 56. News Clippings.Grammar School 52. 12th Ward. Record of Examinations18861886, 18881875-18890.10.10.5School Board for the Boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.BylawsSchool Board for the Boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.DirectorySchool Board for the Boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.Committee RecordsSchool Board for the Boroughs of Manhattan and the 902290919394School Board for the Borough of Brooklyn.School Board for the Borough of Brooklyn.School Board for the Borough of Brooklyn.School Board for the Borough of Board for the Borough of Queens. BylawsSchool Board for the Borough of Queens. Journal18981898-19020.11.5979899School Board for the Borough of Richmond. DirectorySchool Board for the Borough of Richmond. BylawsSchool Board for the Borough of Richmond. Minutes1900-1901[1898?]1898-19000.10.2168Series 80-99: Borough Boards, eeGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education11

Series 100-999: Consolidated City of New York,1898-1970Series 100-130: Board of Education bylaws, manuals,meetings, calendars, minutes111Bylaws [Manual] of the Board of Education1898-19852116Journal of the Board of Education of the City of New York,[1854-1897, continuous with 1898-2001]1854-2001138118Board of Education. Meetings and Hearings. Recordings1966-196910120Board of Education. Regular and Special Meetings.Calendar1946-196112121Board of Education. Committee of the Whole. Calendar.1924-1938122Board of Education. Executive Session. Calendar1943-1961126Local School Boards. Minutes1902-19120.5128Personnel Board. Agendas and Minutes1943-196115.521Series 131-151: Standing Committees131132133134135Committee on the Care of Buildings. MinutesCommittee on Sites. RecordsCommittee on Buildings. MinutesCommittee on Buildings and Sites. RecordsCommittee on High Schools and Training Schools. 17417102136137Committee on By-Laws and Legislation. MinutesCommittee on Elementary Schools. Minutes1898-19171902-191531138139Committee on Finance. MinutesCommittee on Finance and Budget. Records1912-19171944-19611.56140141Committee on Instructional Affairs. CalendarsCommittee on Instructional Affairs and Auxiliary Agencies.Minutes1946-1961193740.1Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education12

142Committee on Law. RecordsCommittee on Lectures and Libraries. MinutesCommittee on Nominations. on Special Schools. MinutesCommittee on Studies and Textbooks. MinutesCommittee on Supplies. tee on Vocational Schools and Industrial Training.Minutes1908-19170.3Series 152-199: Special Committees154155Committee on Recreation. MinutesCommittee on Economy. l Committee Appointed to Create Standards withreference to the Work of District Superintendents. ReportSpecial and Miscellaneous Committees. Minutes1900-19170.3161Committee on School Relief. Minutes1931-19360.1164Joint Committee on Maladjustment and Delinquency.ReportsArchitectural Commission. mmittee for the Study of the Care and Education ofPhysically Handicapped Children. Reports.Committee on the Study of Vocational Education andMechanic and Industrial Arts Classes in Secondary Schools.Report174175Committee on Civilian Defense in the Schools. ReportsCommittee on the Study of Practical Democracy ee on the War Industries Training Program.RecordsSpecial Committee on Veterans. Records1946-19481179Committee on the Superintendency. Records19460.2Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education13

184Special Committee on Veterans and Reconversion Training.Records1958-196111899-19153Series 200-209: Annual Reports201Annual Report of the Department of EducationSeries 210-219: Directories211212Directory of the Board of Education [continues series 40]Directory [of board members and administrative officials]1898-19901902-19303.50.5215Directory of Teachers1902-19161217Maps of Districts and Schools19100.1Series 220-269: Records of Board projects, commissions,activities225Teachers Council. Records19330.1233School Visitors Records (post-Consolidation)1898-19320.5235Paris Exposition of 1900, Board of Education exhibition19003236St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904, Board of Educationexhibition19041240Harlem Project: The Role of the School in Preventing andCorrecting Maladjustment and Delinquency. Report19470.4241Education Management Study. Records1951, 19551255New York State Education Department. Cooperative Studies 1941-1962of New York City Schools.0.5261Commission on Integration. Records1954-19603270Coordinator of Local School Boards. Records1961-197046Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education14

Series 275-299: Secretary of the Board275Secretary of the Board. Annual Report1924-1941276Office of the Secretary. Original Board Papers [recordsretained by Department of Education]Office of the Secretary. Legal FilesOffice of the Secretary. Damage MapsOffice of the Secretary. Site 5---1920-19871950-19751965-197555104Office of the Secretary. Subject Files to 1958Office of the Secretary. Harold F. Hay. Subject FilesOffice of the Secretary. Harold Siegel. Subject Files [laterfiles of Siegel in post-1970 section, Series 1028]Office of the Secretary. Beatrice Steinberg .Decentralization Subject ice of the Secretary. Expense JournalsOffice of the Secretary. Index of Leases, Architects, andEngineers,Office of the Secretary. Index to Capital Projects1927-19591940-1970111950-19702Series 300-399: Board Members’ Papers311312Stephen R. Aiello FilesAmelia H. Ashe Files1974-19801974-1985945313314315316317Gwendolyn Baker FilesJoseph G. Barkan FilesCharles Bensley Subject FilesMurry Bergtraum FilesAmalia Betanzos 1212.52.525319Andrew G. Clauson, Jr. Files1954-19612321James B. Donovan Subject Files1961-19631.5331332334Lloyd K. Garrison FilesAlfred A.Giardino Subject FilesCarol A. Gresser Files1959-19681964-19681993-1996745337John F. Hennessy Files1961-196412345Irene Impellizzeri Files1980-199311.5Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education15

351Seymour Lachman Subject Files1969-197216.5353354Carl McCall FilesJames Marshall Papers4812356Mary Meade Files1991-19931930-1986,bulk 193519581969-1972372373378379James F. Regan FilesLuis O. Reyes FilesIsaiah Robinson FilesMax J. Rubin 12.25381385386387Edward Sadowsky FilesRose Shapiro PapersCharles Silver FilesEsmerelda Simmons 392Robert F. Wagner, Jr. FilesFrank Wilsey Scrapbooks1985-19901905-191930.53184Series 400-499: Superintendent of Schools401Annual Report of the Superintendent of Schools1899-1965416Superintendent of Schools. Visitors’ Book.1907-1930471Superintendent of Schools William Jansen. GeneralCorrespondenceSuperintendent of Schools William Jansen. Subject files onRacial DiscriminationSuperintendent of Schools William Jansen. Exemption fromInstruction Authorizations1949-1958Superintendent of Schools Bernard E. Donovan. Subjectfiles4724734900.1121951-19590.5circa 195011964-1970181902-19621Series 500-699: Administration, Office of theSuperintendent of Schools, Associate and AssistantSuperintendents, Divisions, Bureaus511Office of the Superintendent of Schools. Indexes toCircularsGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education16

512521522530Office of the Superintendent of Schools. CircularsSchool Vandalism ReportsAccident ReportsStaff 2Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent. David J.Swartz. Comprehensive Calendar Correspondence1948-19540.5547Secretary to the Superintendent, Howard Shiebler. SubjectFiles (Secretary to Superintendent Harold G. Campbell)Secretary to the Superintendent, Howard Shiebler. SubjectFiles (Secretary to Superintendent John E. Wade)1934-194231942-19472Puerto Rican Study. RecordsCommittee to Study Training Methods and Procedures of theArmed Forces. ReportCommittee on the School Camp Experiment. RecordsCommittee on Articulation. ReportCommittee on the Study of Retardation, Truancy, andProblems of Personality and Conduct1953-1959194620.11947-19481958ca. 19300. Committee on Human Relations. Files1945-1950565Office of Education Information Services and PublicRelations (OEISPR). Subject files.1954-1967567OEISPR. Press Releases1954-1968569570OEISPR. Education News DigestOEISPR. News Clippings1961-19631961-1972192572OEISPR. Press Release Support Files1959-19697581582Rebecca Elsberg Memorial Scholarship. RecordsChamber of Commerce Essay Competition. Records1921-19461955-19720.51Anti-communist Investigations. Lists of Names, Index ofPublications, and Filing Records [Restricted Access]Anti-communist Investigations. Subject files [RestrictedAccess]circa 194019621936-19610.519.5Anti-communist Investigations. Trial Transcripts1950-19512217.5Series 590-599: Anticommunist Investigations590591593Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education17

594595596597Anti-communist Investigations. Individual case files[Restricted Access]]Anti-communist Investigations. Published materialsAnti-communist Investigations. General Index File ofSuspected Communists [Restricted Access]Anti-communist Investigations. Feinberg Law loyalty formscirca 19521962circa 19401962circa 195521.5circa 195541967-19696.51902-19391943220.28.516.5Series 601-699: Deputy, Associate, and AssistantSuperintendents601611612Executive Deputy Superintendent Nathan Brown. SubjectFilesBoard of Superintendents. MinutesBoard of Superintendents. Calendar and Action Calendar615Board of Superintendents. Committee on Youth Problems.Report19450.1617Board of Superintendents. Committee on InstructionalMaterials. Records1955-19600.3618619Board of Superintendents. Abraham Lefkowitz Case FilesBoard of Superintendents. Henriette Porteous Case Files1919-19331926-19360.52.2621Association of Assistant Superintendents. Reports1938-19550.5628629630631Assistant Superintendent.Assistant Superintendent.Assistant Superintendent.Assistant Superintendent. Jacob Greenberg. InterculturalEducation Course FilesAssociate Superintendent. Jacob Greenberg. Programs ofTeacher Study and Travel1944-19530.51952-19561.0637638Committee on Commercial Education Research. ReportCommittee on Specialized High Schools. Report192319460.10.1648Division of High Schools. High School Equivalency TestingProgram. Records1961, 19670.2635Clare Baldwin. FilesPhilip Becker. Subject FilesJohn Conroy. Subject FilesThomas Nevins. Subject FilesGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education18

652Division of Vocational High Schools. Proposal for theSchool of the Performing Arts19460.1663Division of Elementary Schools. PS 500 (Speyer School).Curriculum Experiment. Records1938-19410.5664Division of Curriculum Development. “StrengtheningDemocracy.”Division of Curriculum Development. Curriculum d of Superintendents. Courses of Study and CurriculumResource Materials. Non-Serial Publications1900-19425667Division of Curriculum Development. Curriculum Bulletin1942-197015671Division of Personnel. Associate Superintendent EdmundGannon. Subject Files2.5672Division of Personnel. Committee on Teacher Recruitment.Subject Files1934-1958,bulk 194819581949-1959678WPA Project Records1936-19426679Bureau of Child Guidance. Report19550.1680Bureau for the Education of Socially Maladjusted Children.Assistant Director Louis Hay Papers1950-19714681Bureau of Lectures. 490.31913-19371938-1948100.51942-194313Series 700-799: Bureau of Reference, Research, andStatistics (BRRS) and related research bureaus705706707711712713BRRS. Publications SeriesBRRS. Division of Curriculum Research. CurriculumResearch BulletinBRRS. Educational Research BulletinBRRS. Research Division. Research ReportsBRRS. Division of Administrative Research. ResearchReportsBRRS. Division of Curriculum Research. Research ReportsGuide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education19

714BRRS. Division of Instructional Research. ResearchReportsBRRS. Division of Tests and Measurements. ResearchReports1948-19500.51938-19494717719Bureau of Educational Research. Research ReportsBureau of Educational Program Research and Statistics.Research Reports1949-19661955-197474725Bureau of Educational Research. J. Wayne Wrightstone,Director. Correspondence Files1951-19541751753BRRS. Subject Classification SystemBRRS. Pamphlet Collection0.125.5755BRRS. Vertical File757Bureau of Educational Program Research and Statistics.Subject File1936circa 18881966circa 18881966circa 19371959762BRRS. Building History Cards3.5763BRRS. Nationalities Surveyscirca 193019651931-19471780783BRRS. Budget EstimatesBRRS. Budget Estimates for Classes for PhysicallyHandicapped Children1923-19531925-1943153790791792Bureau of Reference, Research, and Statistics. CircularsBureau of Administrative and Budgetary Research. CircularsBureau of Educational Program Research and 50.5715604Series 800-859: Business Administration and SchoolBuildings801Office of Business Affairs. Circulars1919-19630.2805Bureau of Finance. Annual Financial and Statistical Report1908-19669806Bureau of Finance. Payroll Ledgers1893-192035808Bureau of Finance. Teacher Salary Record Cards1894-19272Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education20

812Bureau of Finance. Accounts Payable. Assignment Ledger1917-19230.5818Office of Business Affairs. Audits of General Organizations, 1954-1956Vocational Activities Funds, and Cafeterias2.2820821822823Bureau of Supplies.Bureau of Supplies.Bureau of Supplies.Bureau of Supplies.1917, 19441943-19441947-19581942-19700.10.120.2824Bureau of Supplies. Record of Coal Deliveries19010.1834Bureau of Plant Operations and Maintenance. Circulars1921-19590.2850852853856857Division of Housing.Division of Housing.Division of Housing.Division of Housing.Division of 460.50.5ReportsBid ProposalsRequisitionsCircularsSchool Building Program RecordsBuilding Status RecordsSite DataLeased Facilities CertificationsRenovations, Repairs, Furnishings.Series 860-865: Vocational Education Advisory Groups860862Vocational Survey Commission. ReportsAdvisory Board on Vocational Education. ReportsSeries 870-879: Teacher Associations [reserved for futureentries]Series 890-899: City College, Hunter College, and Boardof Higher Education [reserved for future entries]Series 900-949: Cooperating Agencies901Public Education Association Records1895-199860911912United Parents Associations RecordsJoan Carney Files of United Parents Associations andParents Association of P.S. 75, Manhattan1921-1989circa 1973199060.55.5921Commission on School Facilities and Maintenance Reform1994-19963.5Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education21

Series 950-999: Individual Schools, 1898-2002951952953954955P.S. 230 Brooklyn. Oral History InterviewsBoys and Girls High School, Brooklyn. School HistoryCurriculum and Time CapsuleP.S. 75, Brooklyn. RecordsManhattan School for Children (JHS 118, Manhattan).Children’s World Trade Center Letters and GiftsP.S. 86, Brooklyn. School History198019790.52.5circa 1890200320016.519600.29Series 1000-1999: Period of Decentralization, 1970-2002Series 1000-1099: Board of Education (includingSecretary and Counsel)10051007Board of Education. Public Meetings. CalendarBoard of Education. Public Agenda Meetings. SpeakerLists1983-19851970-1989211011Board of Education. Informal Meetings. Minutes1966-1985121013Board of Education. Public Meetings and Hearings.Audiotapes1970-199837101410151022Advisory Council on Redistricting. RecordsPublic Hearings on Budgets. RecordsConsultative Council Meetings. mmittee on Management Pay Plan. Files1991-1997110261970-2002121982-199311028Office of the Secretary. Financial Disclosure andAppointment RecordsOffice of the Secretary. Files on Asbestos in SchoolBuildingsOffice of the Secretary. Harold Siegel. Subject Files1970-1977181029Office of the Secretary. Appeals1972-1991151032Office of the Secretary. Decisions of the New York StateCommissioner of Education1970-198531027Guide to the Records of the New York City Board of Education22

103510371039Office of the Secretary. Corrective Action Plans andComprehensive Educational Plans.Office of the Secretary. Copyright Registration ApplicationsManual of Policies, Regulations, and Bylaws10451046Office of the Counsel. Major Issues FilesOffice of the Counsel. -1997,bulk 198919975545Series 1100-1199: Chancellor (and Office of theC

30 Documents of the Board of Education, 1851-1868 2.5 35 Manual of the Board of Education 1844-1897 3.5 37 Register of Oaths 1876-1916 0.5 38 Account Book 1856-1857 0.1 40 Directory of the Board of Education 1854-1897 1 45 Committee on Buildings. Minutes 1878-1899 1.5

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22.07: Ski Fly Boat Speeds 22.08: Ski Fly World Records 22.09: Ski Fly Course Rule 23 – Records 23.01: What Records are Recognized 23.02: Competitions where Records may be set 23.03: Jump Records 23.04: Slalom Records 23.05: Tricks Records 23.06: Open Division Overall Records 23.07: Under 21 Record 23.08: U

4.11 Records Security and Business Continuity 28 Useful Guidance 29 5.1 Adopted Persons Health Records 29 5.2 Ambulance Service Records 29 5.3 NHS 24 Records 29 5.4 Asylum Seeker Records 30 5.5 Child School Health Records 30 5.6 Complaints Records 30 5.7 Controlled Drugs Regime 31 5.8 Data Processors, Subcontractors and Changes in Contracts 31

Records Retention Policy 3 as permanent records they should be destroyed according to the time period shown on the Records Retention Schedule. Inactive records should be securely stored until the end of the retention period. However, at the end of the retention period the custodian of the records is responsible for destroying the records.

Records Management System (ERMS). Johnston and Bowen (2005, p.132) define the term ERMS in the following way: "An electronic records management system (ERMS), as the term stands, could be an electronic system for managing records on any media. An electronic system for managing paper records in a records centre or

Lời Nói Đầu K inh Bát-Nhã (Prajna) đƣợc lƣu hành rất sớm tại Ấn độ. Khoảng 700 năm sau khi Phật diệt độ (cuối thế kỷ II đầu thế kỷ III Tây lịch), lúc Bồ-tát Long Thọ

UNESCO in consultation with thé National Commission for UNESCO as well as b non- overnmental or anizations NGOs in officiai artnershi with UNESCO. Nominations must focus on a s ecific ESD ro'ect or ro ramme. Each Member State or NGO can make u to three nominations for an édition of thé Pri

1.2. Chương Trình 0% Lãi Suất Ưu Đãi Mua Sắm không áp dụng cho Chủ thẻ Tín Dụng Thương Mại. The Installment Plan With 0% Interest is not applicable for HSBC Business Credit Card. 1.3. Loại tiền tệ được sử dụng trong Chương Trình 0% L

For centuries, Baccarat has been privileged to create masterpieces for royal households throughout the world. Honoring that legacy we have imagined a tea service as it might have been enacted in palaces from St. Petersburg to Bangalore. Pairing our menus with world-renowned Mariage Frères teas to evoke distant lands we have

HƯỚNG DẪN LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ A/ LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP : Khi chọn cáp, khách hàng cần xem xét những yếu tố sau: - Dòng điện định mức - Độ sụt áp - Dòng điện ngắn mạch - Cách lắp đặt - Nhiệt độ môi trường hoặc nhiệt độ đất