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RMITHeadlineBrand GuidelinesIntroFebruary 2022

HeadlingThe RMIT brand guidelines demonstrate thekey elements of the brand along with simpleinstructions for how to use them.Adherence to these guidelines is important toensure consistency and recognition of the brand.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 20222

ContentBrand strategyRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 20224The RMIT storyTimelineBrand summaryCore value propositionBrand pillarsBrand manifestoOrganising ideaBrand blueprint568910111112Brand elements13MasterbrandOverviewScalable system141516Logo17Logo suiteClear spaceMinimum sizeSub-brandsMasterbrand with partnershipsRelationship statementsUsage on a coloured backgroundIncorrect usageIndigenous branding181919202122232425The pixel26Graphic elements59Main usageBest practiceIncorrect usage272930Colour31Primary colour paletteSecondary colour paletteColour combinationIncorrect usage32333435The lineText boxesOptional graphic elementsIncorrect usageBest practiceOptional graphic ing and language68Type hierarchyWriting URLsTypefaceType and colour37373839Writing and language69Video70The grid40The gridBest practice4152VideoVideo assetsSupersSocialAnimated components7174757681Photography53Best practice84Photography treatmentImage treatmentThings to 587889193943

HeadlineBrandstrategyWhen developing communications for the RMIT brand, it isIntroimportant that every piece is consistent with the brand visualidentity as well as being aligned to the brand strategy.

The RMIT storyOver 130 years since RMIT first opened its doors, much haschanged. Yet our core belief has stayed the same: that practical,real-world skills and applied knowledge are key to success in lifeand work.This is the idea on which RMIT was built, and is still true today.It’s what motivates us to find new ways to bring skilled hands andcultivated minds together.The RMIT experience is different. It transforms you and changeshow you see the world, allowing you to make an impact. Here, you’llcollaborate with some of the world’s brightest academic leaders, andbenefit from close partnerships with industry – all intended to broadenyour experiences and equip you with the knowledge you’ll need tomake a real difference.And regardless of where they are, each belongs to a larger RMITcommunity that provides a foundation for students, alumni, staff andindustry partners to keep collaborating and sharing ideas well beyondgraduation.Because an education at RMIT isn’t measured in semesters, trimesters,years or degrees – it’s measured in lifetimes and achievements.It’s all part of our journey. Constantly evolving. Always learning.This may not sound conventional, but in dynamic times, a courageousapproach is needed to ensure success in life and work.Our programs are developed with future workforce demands in mind,blending academic excellence with industry insight. People fromevery corner of the globe are drawn to this unique practice ofenterprise-driven learning, confident that our approach will leavehem with the tools and skills they need for future success.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 20225

TimelineRMIT established asWorking Men’s Collegewith the aim of bringingeducation to working peopleof Melbourne.1887The Collegeestablishes classesin trade teachingfor returnedservicemen. Over1500 servicemenreceive post-warvocational training atthe College.The College plays amajor role in the wareffort, with 20,000servicemen trainedin communicationsand 2000 inmunitionsproduction.19171939The College Counciladopts a new name,Royal MelbourneInstitute of Technology.1960Opens campusesin Brunswick andBundoora.1993Hanoi campusopens in Vietnam.RMIT opens aresearch and industrycollaboration centre inBarcelona, Spain.The VietnameseGovernment awardsRMIT Vietnam aprestigious GoldenDragon Award forthe 12th consecutiveyear, recognising itsexcellence in educationand lasses offered to menand women in technical,business and arts.A new name,Melbourne TechnicalCollege, is adopted.RMIT was awardedroyal patronage byQueen Elizabeth II forits educational serviceto the Commonwealthand contribution to thewar effort, and RMITremains the only highereducation institution inAustralia with the rightto use the prefix “Royal”and the monarch's coatof arms.RMIT is granteduniversity statusunder Statelegislation andadopts the nameRMIT University.RMIT is invited by theGovernment of Vietnam toestablish Vietnam’s firstforeign-owned university.RMIT offers two newadditions to Melbourne'scityscape with theenvironmentally smartSwanston AcademicBuilding and RMIT'sDesign Hub, bothawarded with a 5 StarGreen Rating.RMIT receives thePremier's InternationalEducation Provider ofthe Year and Excellencein InternationalEducation awards inrecognition of globalimpact.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022The first campus in Ho ChiMinh City opens thefollowing year.6

RMIT launch #shapeRMIT,a university-widecrowdsourcing campaignfor the development of our2020 Strategy.2015RMIT Activator launchedfor students, staff,researchers and alumni tocreate start-up ideas andlaunch ventures.New AcademicStreet is completed,transforming the heartof the city campus.Vice-Chancellor,Martin Beans CBE,is the first UniversityVice-Chancellor inAustralia to publicly backmarriage equality duringthe postal survey.201620162017Cedar Pacific gifts 1m in kind to RMITsupporting 30 3-yearaccommodationscholarships forindigenous students.RMIT named employerof choice for GenderEquality for thirdconsecutive year.2019202020152016201720182019RMIT also launch thenew five-year StrategyReady for Life and Work,laying out our Directions,Goals and Priorities to2020; a synthesis ofvoice from our wholeRMIT community.RMIT Online islaunched to expandand offer elegant digitallearning experiences.RMIT's firstmicro-credentialis launched to thecurrent students.Law of the Land installedWurrunggi Biik artwork,in NAS to signify along-lasting spiritualconnection to land.RMIT awarded GoldEmployer Status andEmployer of the Yearat the Australian LGBTIInclusion Awards.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 20227

Brand summaryBrand visionThe brand vision sets out theambition for RMIT – establishinga destination that the wholeorganisation can strive towards.To be a leading global university of technology, design andenterprise that creates life-changing experiences and shapes theworld.Brand missionThe brand mission lays outhow RMIT will make its vision areality. It describes the meansby which the brand will set itselfapart and deliver value.RMIT exists to create transformative experiences for our students,getting them ready for life and work, and to help shape the worldwith research, innovation, teaching and engagement.RMIT ValuesThe RMIT values stand at thevery core of the brand. They’rethe principles that guide thebrand to pursue its mission.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022Passion Impact Inclusion Courage Agility Imagination8

Core valuepropositionThe RMIT brand has many audienceswho want to hear from and connect withthe RMIT people relevant to them. Whilstthere are slight variations in messagingand visuals shown to these audiences,they are all tied together by our corebrand mission and organising ryRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 20229

Brand pillarsThe brand pillars are the foundationsof the RMIT brand. They define whatmakes us different and underpineverything we do.Industry connectionGlobal and localAt RMIT we put industry connection at the heartof everything we do.At RMIT we bring together a global footprint and focus,with contemporary urban campuses.Industry connections are a key differentiator for RMIT. Our vastnetwork of industry relationships enables students to experienceand work with industry throughout their studies. Our programsare aligned with future workforce demand and shaped by theexpertise of industry practitioners.We understand that we need to prepare students for a global world of work– working and competing internationally, and collaborating seamlessly aspart of global teams. While our perspective is global, we create a universityexperience that’s connected to a modern urban lifestyle.Enterprise readyAcademic excellenceAt RMIT we actively encourage enterprise culture,and nurture entrepreneurial spirit in our students.RMIT’s knowledge and reputation for academic excellenceis built on outstanding staff, strong collaboration andspecialist resources.Enterprise is integral to everything we do and we recogniseits value as a key part of the social and economic landscape.RMIT is part of a dynamic ecosystem that gives students theopportunity to participate in enterprise formation initiatives andactivities while they study. We help students build the qualities,skills and capabilities they need to succeed as entrepreneurs andintrapreneurs.Our staff are internationally recognised experts or established industryleaders and specialists in their chosen fields and share their knowledgewith students. Their work and involvement with industry, community andbusinesses ensures programs are always aligned to the current and futureneeds of professions, industries and organisations.Transformative experiencesCo-creationAt RMIT we create transformative experiences thatchange our students’ lives.At RMIT we collaborate and co-create with industry,our students and our communities.We believe that the university experience for all students from allbackgrounds should have a truly transformative effect on theirlives. This may be to discover those aspects of themselves thatwill enable their success – or the revelation that their path will bea very different one to that anticipated. This experience integrateslearning, campus, social and work connections and ensuresstudents are ready for life and work in a dynamic world facingconstant disruption and change.It’s the fabric of the university and a core part of everything we do. Werecognise the power of collaboration to enable better and more farreaching solutions. This extends from the way we develop our programsand the way we structure our organisation to the way we encouragestudents to work.When it comes to our marketing communication, RMIT’s talented andpassionate community provides a unique opportunity for co-creation. Indeveloping the RMIT brand we invited students and staff to contribute theirideas and opinions. As we move forward, our communication is anotherway we can give voice to the ideas and experiences of our community.We draw on their skills and expertise in crafting our communication –co-creating with an inspired group of writers, photographers,designers and artists that are part of RMIT. We also actively encourageour community to participate in and become the content of ourcommunications by telling their stories.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202210

Brand manifestoSeize the futureThey say the only constant in life is change, and we humans don't like change.Far too often, we fear the future.Not RMIT — we're the torch bearers of a new future narrative — enablers of thepositive stories that the world craves.Whatever their life stage or aspiration, we give people the real world skills,knowledge, support and experiences they need to step forward with confidence.We partner with them to define and redefine their path as the world evolves,propelling them into and through futures in which they can thrive.Organising ideaWhat’s next‘What’s next’ is more than just two words on a page. It’s a question.It’s a statement. It’s a driving force to make sure all at RMIT know that we arelooking positively toward the future. It talks to the next great research discovery,the next global job opportunity, the next human-to-human interaction you have orthe next study opportunity you decide to take.It is always used contextually, in a huge range of different contexts. It can be partof copy used to promote a course, it can part of a name of a new project, it canbe an idea that sits behind an event, it has the power to push everything we do atRMIT towards what’s next.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202211

Brand blueprintBrand VisionBrand MissionPersonalityTo be a leading global university oftechnology, design and enterprise thatcreates life-changing experiences andshapes the world.RMIT exists to create transformativeexperiences for our students, gettingthem ready for life and work, and tohelp shape the world with research,innovation, teaching and engagement.Confident, Provocative, Collaborative,Creative, Optimistic, Entrepreneurial.Every-Person Creator.Brand ManifestoThey say the only constant in life is change, and we humans don’t like change. Far too often, we fear the future.Not RMIT – we’re the torch bearers of a new future narrative – enablers of the positive stories that the world craves.Whatever their life stage or aspiration, we give people the real world skills, knowledge, support and experiences they need tostep forward with confidence. We partner with them to define and redefine their path as the world evolves, propelling them intoand through futures in which they can thrive.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022ValuesBrand PillarsTonePassion, Impact, Inclusion, Courage,Agility, Imagination.Industry connection, Enterprise ready,Transformative experiences, Globaland local, Academic excellence,Co-creation.RMIT is for everyone. It's aboutempowering the 'every person' not the'better person'. And creating an imageof inclusivity heroing individualism.Brand PropositionOrganising IdeaSeize the futureWhat’s next12

HeadlineBrandelementsThe RMIT brand is comprised of many components that bringIntrothe look and feel to life. The following pages detail how best toapply these components in order to maintain a consistent brand.

MasterbrandThe visual identity for the RMITmasterbrand provides the flexibility toenable various entities to convey differentmessages to different audiences.RMIT has a strong brand that stretchesacross a number of services andproducts. The visual identity we adoptneeds to strengthen and not dilute theRMIT brand.The brand architecture builds upon thestrong brand equity that’s been builtfor the RMIT brand. Everything needsto be part of the masterbrand. The onlyexception to this is for RMIT partnershipsor endorser relationships.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022LogoTypographyOnly the master logo should be used for all executions.The RMIT logo is the key identifier of the university,consisting of two key elements: the RMIT pixel and RMITwordmark.The Primary typeface Museo should be used forheadlines and single line statements in combinationwith the Secondary typeface Helvetica Neue LT Profor body content. No other typefaces are to beintroduced to the brand.ColourOnly colours from the Primaryand Secondary paletteshould be used.Writing and languageCore brandattributesRMIT have the ability todifferentiate themselves fromother universities through aunique tone of voice and useof language.ImageryGraphic elementsImagery should reinforce RMIT’s brand behaviours –confident, inclusive, provocative, responsive andcollaborative.The ribbon, ellipses, and ‘What’s next.’ are optiongraphic elements which h elp create a strong look for theRMIT brand. These should be used across RMIT brandcommunications. No new shapes are to be introduced.14

OverviewAll the elements required for the RMITbrand look and feel are outlined in thesebrand guidelines.LogoPixelPixel breakdownThe GridWorkshopsLectures8 August 2021Brunswick CampusGraphic elementColourTypographyPhotographyAaRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202215

Scalable systemSimilar to the RMIT Masterbrand, wecan dial up or down our applicationsdepending on the medium and it’srespective purpose.Point A of the scale represents the mostreductive form of the brand language,and Point B represents the flex to a morelayered and design-led approach.8 August 2021Brunswick Campus19 August 2022City Campusnextfest.rmit.edu.aunextfest.rmit.edu.auA day of discoveryfor the future ofwork and industry.RMITOpen Day2021A day of discoveryfor the future ofwork and industry.Connect with a work-readyintern for a new perspectiveon your day 8 AugustBrunswick Campusopenday.rmit.edu.auFind out more. Visit internships.rmit.edu.au.Sunday 8 AugustBrunswick CampusSunday 8 AugustBrunswick d with TypeImage TreatmentBold Colour UseVisible Grid OverlayColour on WhiteRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022openday.rmit.edu.auRMITOpen Day2021Playful8 August 2021Brunswick Campusopenday.rmit.edu.auInternA day of discoveryfor the future ofwork and industry.Reinforcing (Repetition)An Open Day ofdiscovery for the futureof work and industry.Nonsequae maximcus et, vidiam,untorpo rernamfugitibea aut fugia.RMITOpen tention GrabbingCourse Guide2022Course Guide20218 August 2021Brunswick CampusWhat’sNext NextNext NextNextfestNext NextNext Next2021NextfestOpen Day 2021Nonsequae maximcus et, vidiam,untoropo rernamfugitibea aut ersationalOpen Day m16

HeadlineLogoThe RMIT logo is the key identifier of the university, consisting ofIntrotwo key elements: the RMIT pixel and RMIT wordmark.This section provides details on available logos and intended usage.

Logo suiteAs a preference the full colour positivelogo should be used. Where this is notpossible the mono RMIT Blue positivelogo should be used.Primary logo suiteLimited use logo suiteThe mono black positive logo should onlybe used when full colour is not an option,e.g. single colour print applications.For a detailed explanation, please seepage 32 for PMS specifications andcolour breakdowns in CMYK.NOTE:The two colour black and red logois currently used for signage andstationery. Moving forward the full colourpositive logo will replace the two colourblack and red logo.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022Two colour blackand red logoFull colour positiveFull colour reverseMono RMIT Blue positiveMono reverseMono black positive18

Clear spaceThe RMIT logo needs to be surroundedby an area of uninterrupted clear spaceto allow it to remain prominent in allcommunications. Clear space is the nonprint area surrounding the logo.1/2 X XNo other graphic elements (such asphotography or typography) shouldappear within this zone. Whereverpossible, apply more clear space thanthe minimum specified.1/2 X1/2 X1/2 XMinimum sizeTo avoid any possible reproductionproblems, the logo must never bereproduced at a size smaller than theminimum specified width.20mm wide (print)166px wide (digital)86px wide (digital: rendering for small screen)RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202248px wide (digital)20px wide (digital: rendering for small screen)16px wide (digital: favicon)19

Sub-brandsWhile the RMIT logo should be themain logo used, if there is a need for aproduct or service to highlight itself incommunications, a sub-brand logo hasbeen developed.External entityOn DemandWe have created sub-branded logos forall those wholly owned RMIT Universitycompanies that support core business,and all commercial and associatedentities that use RMIT in their brand.One logo has been developed for entitiesaimed at internal audiences and one forentities aimed at external audiences. If anentity stretches internally and externally,the external sub-brand logo should beused.Centre forUrban ResearchWhere a sub-brand logo is applied,it should only be used for the ‘umbrella’service, not the services underneath.For example RMIT Connect has adescriptor logo, but the services offeredby RMIT Connect are not eligible.Social and GlobalStudies CentreProgram names, courses and Schools arealso not eligible for a descriptor logo.Internal entityRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202220

Masterbrandwith partnershipsWhen RMIT partners with othercompanies and organisations, such asThe Australian University Games, TheCity of Melbourne, the RMIT master logoshould be used.Example oneThe size of the logo in relation to theother partners will largely depend on theimportance of the relationship but wherepossible should be of equal weighting.Example twoRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202221

RelationshipstatementsWe must at all times protect theintegrity of our logo to deliver positiveassociations with our partners, clientsand suppliers.In partnership withPowered byA business ofWe have developed a range ofRelationship Statements andapplication for these circumstances.ExampleRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202222

Usage on a colouredbackgroundWhen using the RMIT logo on abackground colour there are certainaccessibility and legibility issues thatmust be taken into consideration. Thispage indicates which logos should beused on each colour.As a preference the full colour positivelogo should be used, however dependingon your design the other options areavailable.Full colour positiveFull colour reverseMono positiveMono reverseRMIT RedRMIT BlueWhiteBlackRMIT YellowRMIT Warm GreyRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202223

Incorrect usageThe RMIT logo must only be used asdescribed on the previous pages. Thispage highlights some unapprovedincorrect usages.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022X Do not add drop shadows.X Do not distort the proportions.X Do not adjust the size ofindividual elements.X Do not use the wordmark withoutthe pixel.X Do not add gradients.X Do not change the colour.X Do not use imagery inside the pixel.X Do not alter the proportions of thelogo.X Do not use the logo on acomplex background.X Do not use remove thewordmark 'University'.X Do not alter the position of the pixel.X Do not place the wordmark insidethe pixel.24

Indigenous brandingThe 2022 Indigenous brand design artworkwas designed by Master of HumanResource Management studentMark Cleaver.Indigenous artworkExamplesAbout the artwork“The artwork is called ‘Luwaytini’, whichis Palawa Kani for Milky Way. It representsthe connection to something greater.Even though we may occasionally feeloutcast or forgotten, we are made up ofthe same energy and we belong.”— Mark CleaverNOTE:Please include artist credit when theindigenous design is used.Image credit:Artwork ‘Luwaytini’ by Mark Cleaver,PalawaArtwork ‘Luwaytini’ by Mark Cleaver, PalawaTeams backgroundMinutesDo not materially alter an artworkwhen reproducing Indigenous works.Please respect the integrity of anIndigenous temAttendees &apologiesPreviousminutesBusiness frompreviousminutesDiscussion/OutcomesActionNew business4.1 Item DescriptionDiscussion Points4.2 Item DescriptionDiscussion PointsOtherbusiness4.1 Item DescriptionDiscussion Points4.2 Item DescriptionDiscussion PointsDate, time &location ofnext meetingDATE, TIME, LOCATION3.1 Item DescriptionDiscussion Points3.2 Item DescriptionDiscussion PointsIndigenousCareers FairThursday 26 MarchDrop in between 11am 2pmRegister via CareerHubbit.ly/IndigenousCareerFairStatus: DRAFTVersion: 0.1DocRef: TRIMDocument: Document2Author: Microsoft Office UserSave Date: 28/01/2022Page 1 of 1Word templateDigital screenRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202225

HeadlineThepixelThe pixel element is contemporary and symbolises technologyIntroand forward thinking. Even as the RMIT brand has evolved overthe years, the pixel has remained. A testament to its strong design.With that in mind the pixel is stepping out from being only anelement of our logo and is now used as a distinctive graphic element.

Main usageThe pixel is one of the longest-standingdistinctive RMIT graphic elements, it is amark that people recognise and trust.The pixel is simplistic and means thatwe can use it in a very adaptable way,designed to work with whatever kind ofmessage or audience.The pixel has evolved from RMIT brandbehaviours about being confident andbeing provocative. It’s a way that we canexpress the brand in a bold, simple andimpactful way.The pixel must be used as the whole fullpixel in either RMIT Red or white colouras indicated on this page.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202227

Main usageThe pixel can be treated as a graphic,as long is it is not obstructed in away that confuses the overall shapeof the pixel. It can be overlayed withmessaging to reinforce core brandcontent.What’s next?RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202228

Best practiceTransformOpen Day 2021What’snext?WorkshopsEventsLecturesPrograms8 August 2021Brunswick CampusRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022openday.rmit.edu.au29

Incorrect usageWhile the pixel can be used in a varietyof ways, care must be taken to avoidincorrect usage of the pixel.X Do not rotate.X Do not distort.X Do not break into separate elements other than the full pixel.X Do not split the pixel.X Do not flip the pixel.X Do not other coloursother than RMIT Redand white.X Do not use as akeyline.(These have a restricted or limited use for digital campaigns only.Please contact the Brand team for approval before use).RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202230

HeadlingColourOur colour palette is a key part of the brand’s visual identity,helping to differentiate the RMIT brand.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202231

Primarycolour paletteThe primary palette contains a strongRMIT Red and is supplemented with arich RMIT Blue.In most instances the rich RMIT Bluewill replace the standard black (stillretained for certain typographic andprint applications)The strength of RMIT Red and Blue isa distinctly ownable asset and as suchshould not be diluted.NOTE:RMIT Red should not be tinted.RMIT Red*rgb* 230, 30, 42*cmyk* 003, 100, 095, 000*PMS* 485 C - coated stock*PMS* 199 UP - uncoated stock#E61E2ARMIT Blue*rgb* 0, 0, 84*cmyk* 100, 095, 004, 042*PMS* 2757 CP - coated stock*PMS* 768 UP - uncoated stock#00005475% tint50% tint30% tintBlack*RGB* 0, 0, 0*CMYK* 000, 000, 000, 100*PMS* P Black#000000White*RGB* 255, 255, 255*CMYK* 000, 000, 000, 000*PMS* N/A#FFFFFFRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 202232

Secondarycolour paletteEach colour in the secondary palette canalso be used in two different tints.This gives more flexibility when dealingwith more complex layouts and hierarchy.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022RMIT Warm Grey*rgb* 227, 229, 224*cmyk* 010, 006, 010, 000*PMS* P 7527#E3E5E075% tint50% tintRMIT Yellow*rgb* 250, 200, 0*cmyk* 002, 020, 100, 000*PMS* 7406#FAC80075% tint50% tint33

Colour combinationWhen creating colour combinations RMITRed must always be used.Example 1Example 2Example of a colourcombination usingthe two RMITprimary colours.Example of a colourcombination usingthe two RMITprimary coloursand one secondarycolour.This is then combined with RMIT Blue orcolours from the secondary palette.NOTE:This page references common colourcombinations within the RMIT palette thatwork particularly well together. Theseshould act as a point of reference andinspiration when creating your own RMITbrand communications.Example of applicationExample 3Example 4Example of a colourcombination usingthe two RMITprimary coloursand one secondarycolour.Example of a colourcombination usingthe two RMITprimary coloursand one secondarycolour.Example of applicationRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022Example of applicationExample of application34

Incorrect usageCare must be taken to avoid incorrectusage.What’s nextYellow should NOT be used onred background.XD o not use yellow on red background.X Do not use yellow on textWhat’s nextXD o not use yellow as background colour.RMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022X Do not use RMIT Red in tint.35

HeadlineTypographyTypefaces are a tool to aid brand recognition and tone of voice.IntroTo ensure consistency across all communications, RMIT usetwo typefaces—Museo and Helvetica Neue.To access detailed guidelines specific to typography, please contactbrand.design@rmit.edu.au

Type hierarchyThis page outlines the recommendeduse of Museo and Helvetica in relation tothe hierarchy of information for optimumlegibility and clarity.Museo PrimaryHeadlineMuseo 700Maximum 8 wordsMuseo is used for headlines(8 words or less) and Helvetica is usedfor supporting and subsequent copy.AaAll copy should beset in sentence caseHeadline (8 words)Helvetica NeueSecondarySupporting copySupporting or secondary copyHelvetica Neue LT Pro 75 BoldBody copyBody text§ Bullet pointsHelvetica Neue LT Pro 55 RomanCTArmit.edu.auHelvetica Neue LT Pro 75 BoldWriting URLsFor optimum legibility and clarity,RMIT URLs should:§ use Helvetica Neue 75 Bold in lowercase§ not include www.§ be displayed as one lineRMIT Brand Guidelines – February 2022Helvetica u/local-students37

TypefaceMuseo 300Museo 500Museo 700Helvetica Neue LT Pro LightHelvetica Neue LT Pro RomanHelvetica Neue LT Pro BoldArial RegularArial BoldPrimary typeface(Headline / Feature)Secondary typeface(Body copy)System typeface(Microsoft equivalent typeface)Museo is the primary brand typeface.It is used for headlines and single linestatements. The recommended weightfor headline use is Museo 700. Ideallyheadlines should be limited to 8 words,and anything longer than this shouldchange to the secondary typeface,Helvetica Neue LT Pro to optimiselegibility.Helvetica Neue LT Pro is the secondarytypeface. It’s legibility and clarity makesit appropriate as a support to Museo.It is used for supporting copy, and anysubsequent information such as eventdetails or CTAs. It is also ideal forlonger-form copy, print communications,charts and diagrams. The recommendedweight to be paired aga

RMIT Brand Guidelines February 2022 8 Brand summary The brand vision sets out the ambition for RMIT - establishing a destination that the whole organisation can strive towards. To be a leading global university of technology, design and enterprise that creates life-changing experiences and shapes the world. Brand vision The brand mission lays out

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