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ANNUAL MEETINGFRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018 AT GENERAL ASSEMBLYKANSAS CITY, MOSECTION 1: INTRODUCTIONCall to Annual Meeting and Agenda2018 Nominees for Board ofDirectors and NominatingCommittee2017 Annual Meeting MinutesVision and Mission StatementLouis C. Cornish Award RecipientSteward of Partnership RecipientsSECTION 3: GENERALINFORMATIONGeneral Assembly EventsTravel GrantsContribution CardSECTION 2: REPORTS ANDFINANCIAL STATEMENTSBoard Chair’s ReportExecutive Director’s ReportList of DonorsSupporting Institutional MembersTreasurer’s Report2018 BudgetTravel Committee Report.

Unitarian Universalist Partner Church CouncilConnecting Unitarian & Universalist congregations around the globeTO ALL UU PARTNER CHURCH COUNCIL MEMBERS:Pursuant to Article III, Section 3.5 of the bylaws and the vote of the Executive Committee, notice ishereby given that the 2018 UUPCC Annual Meeting will be held during General Assembly on FridayJune 2212:00-1:30 pm UUPCC Luncheon and Annual Meeting—Crowne Plaza KC Downtown Salon C (1301Wyandotte St.) in Kansas City, MO for the transaction of the following business:1. To hear reports of the officers and of such committees as may report to the meeting and totake such action thereon as may seem appropriate.2. To elect members to the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee.3. To transact any other business that may properly come before the meeting.NOTE: Any new business to come before the Annual Meeting must be submitted in writing tothe Board Chair via the UUPCC office no less than 10 days before the annual meeting.Article IV: Meeting of the Membership, Section 4.4 of the bylaws reads: “Each individual member isentitled to one (1) vote. Each set of persons who have joined as a family membership is entitled to atotal of one vote. Institutional members are entitled to designate three (3) voting members who shallhave one (1) vote each.”BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors of the Partner Church Council will be composed of 12members serving for three-year terms. A person may serve a maximum of three consecutive threeyear terms, but a person elected or appointed to fill a vacancy may serve no more than tenconsecutive years.NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The nominating committee will be composed of three members. Themembers of the nominating committee will be elected at the annual meeting of the Council for astaggered three-year term.NOMINATION BY PETITION: Nomination by petition shall be made by a signed petition of ten or morevoting members and submitted to the Chair not less than 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting alongwith indication by the candidate of his/her willingness to accept nomination. Nominations and astatement by the nominee of willingness to serve must be received by close of business by May 25,2018.During the Annual Meeting, we will honor Jay Roller as the 2018 Cornish Award recipient. We will alsorecognize recipients of the annual Steward of Partnership Awards. If you wish to attend the buffetlunch prior to the meet, please purchase tickets in advance either on-line with a credit card 18-annual-meeting-luncheon-ga. Tickets are 39 perperson. Lunch starts at 12:00 Noon.The meeting portion will begin at 12:45 pm and no ticket is necessary if you are not coming for lunch.Rev. Eric MeterSecretary, UUPCCUUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 2

2018 NOMINEES TO THE UUPCC BOARD OF DIRECTORSFor three-year terms 2018-2021 (three positions available)Each year, we present a slate of recommended nominees to fill upcoming vacancies on the UUPCCBoard of Directors. We are pleased to announce the following nominees:Rev. Ilene Kaur Tompkins-Gillispie - Unitarian Universalists of Transylvania County, Brevard, NCDaughter of Lisa Gillispie, a longtime partnership advocate from the DC area, Ilene is a life-long UUand “grew up” in partnership. She is also a practicing Sikh – and speaks Hindi (and would beinterested in leading trips to India!) As an intern in Stowe MA, she took an inactive partnership andrevitalized it – leading over 20 people on a trip to their Transylvania partner.Gwyn Reid - Boise UU Fellowship, Boise, IDA lay leader dedicated to partnership, and a seasoned traveler to Transylvania, Gwyn enjoys visitingBoise’s Meszko partner church in the Alabaster Village so much she is going again this June. Due tothe trip, Gwyn will not be at GA to be receive her Steward of Partnership Award. Gwyn is deeplycommitted to sharing all aspects of partnership along with our Unitarian Transylvanian roots. Afterreviewing letters from Christine Morgan (wife of David Ferenc) to her family members, Gwyn createdand wrote a one-woman show called “Letters from Christine”. The play was performed by a memberof her congregation at GA in 2008.Rev. Howard Dana – First Parish, Concord MAHead minister at Concord, Rev. Dana brings experience of his church’s high-profile partnership aswell as a dynamic personality to the UUPCC board. Concord’s well-developed lay leadership hasbuilt a strong relationship with their partners in Székelykeresztúr, resulting in one of the largest andmost active partnerships in the U.S. Howard has traveled to Transylvania several times; mostrecently this past April with his Concord group that included several young families.2018 NOMINEE TO THE UUPCC NOMINATING COMMITTEEThe nominating committee is responsible for submitting names of nominees to the UUPCC Board ofDirectors and to the Nominating Committee. There is one nominee for the Nominating Committee for athree-year term.For three-year term 2018-2021 (one position available)Barbara Weber: Main Line UC, Devon PAA former UUPCC board member with a wealth of experience, Barbara has worked tirelessly andcreatively for nearly twenty years to grow the partnership team at Main Line, organize and lead trips,raise funds, keep the congregation engaged, and encourage communication between partners. Shehas dedicated herself to supporting the kind of mutual partnership which transforms lives and helpsbuild a better world.UUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 3

DRAFT MINUTES – UUPCC ANNUAL MEETING JUNE 23, 2017Board Chair Rev. Morgan McLean called the meeting to order at 12:47 pm.Recognition of current board members (Rev. Morgan McLean, Chair; Rev. Eric Cherry, CarolCook, Ann Gary [absent], Anne Greenwood, Rick Irwin, Rev. Eric Meter, Melody Moberg [absent],Rev. Diane Rollert, Rev. Catie Scudera, Rev. Andrew Weber)Introduction of international guests: Rev. Gyerö Dávid, Transylvania; Rev. Tet Gallardo,Philippines; Rev. Darihun Khriam, Khasi Hills, India; Rev. Jorge Espinel, Colombia; Inge Brandes,Germany; Margaret Kanada, Japan; Richard and Johanna Boeke, UK.Cornish AwardPresented to Cathy Cordes by Rev. Morgan McLeanSteward of Partnership AwardsPresented by Rev. Roger Bertschausen and Rev. Andrew WeberRev. Dr. Phillip Hewitt, Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, BCValerie Zucker Holt, First Parish in Concord, MA (awarded posthumously)Carolyn and Mike Nolan, First Unitarian Church, St. Louis, MO (awarded posthumously toCarolyn)Livia Racz, First Church in Belmont, MASteve and KC Swallow, First Religious Society in Newburyport, MACeil and Tom Toth, Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware, Lewes, DEBarbara Weber, Main Line Unitarian Church, Devon, PAApproval of Minutes - 2016 Annual MeetingCathy Cordes moved to approve as presented. Barbara Beach seconded. Approved.Board Chair Report – Rev. Morgan McLeanThis year we successfully completed the transition with our new Executive Director RogerBertschausen to the new St. Louis office.We are enthused about the creative work of the new International Joint Working Group (UUPCC,International Council of U/Us and UUA International Office), and are excited to co-sponsor the Yearof Religious Freedom project.Executive Director Report – Rev. Roger BertschausenParity instead of Charity, as initiated by Cathy Cordes, continues to be our focus.Highlights: 2 New Partnerships: Live Oak UU Fellowship in Oakland CA, to partner with the Unitarianchurches in Kocsord, Nyíregyháza and Vásárosnamény in Hungary and Nagykároly inRomaniaFirst UU Society of San Francisco CA, to partner with Datk, Transylvania New Start/ReFresh program 2018 Pilgrimages:Northeast India Pilgrimage (February, following the ICCU conference)Roots Pilgrimage (July)A Mindful Walk (July)Annual Budget Transylvania Pilgrimage (Thanksgiving) Cathy Cordes Travel FundUUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 4

Youth and Young Adult InitiativeInternational UU Joint Working Group (JWG)Year of Religious Freedom (#Torda450)Acknowledgments: Profound thanks to Dick Van Duizend and Rev. Morgan McLean for theirleadership, to Cathy Cordes and past and present staff in Bedford and St. Louis, and to allwho volunteer and support the UUPCC and its work.Treasurer's Report – Rick IrwinRevenue from the large number of travelers partly offset expenses incurred for the transition andYouth Initiative. Going forward we are taking steps to reduce expenses and achieve a balancedbudget by 2018.Election of Board Members and Nominating Committee MembersFor three-year terms until 2020 (three positions available):Carol Cook (San Mateo, CA) for a second three-year termMelody Moberg (Seattle, WA) for a second three-year termMichelle Leebens-Mack (Athens, GA) for a first three-year termRichard Van Duizend moved to approve. Cathy Cordes seconded. Approved.2017 NOMINEES TO THE UUPCC NOMINATING COMMITTEEFor a three-year term until 2020 (one position available):Richard Van Duizend (Falls Church, VA)Eric Cherry moved to approve. Barbara Beach seconded. Approved, with 1 abstention.Bylaw AmendmentsDavid Keyes moved to approve. Mary Castiglia seconded. Approved.New Business – NoneAt 1:40 pm Rev. Morgan McLean adjourned the meeting.Respectfully submitted by Eric MeterUUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 5

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST PARTNER CHURCH COUNCILVISION AND MISSION STATEMENTJUNE 2010Vision: We envision a worldwide Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist community thatpromotes peace, justice, and liberty for all, supported by partnerships that areintegral to congregational life.Mission: The mission of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Council is to foster andsupport partner relationships between UU congregations and individuals in theUnited States and Canada with Unitarian and Unitarian Universalistcongregations, orphanages, schools and students in all other countries wherepartnering is sought and welcomed. These will be mutually beneficial,responsibly sustained, and linked by joint and mutual covenants.We will:BE a bridge that connects congregations around the world;REACH across boundaries to collaborate with old and new partners;CREATE transformational opportunities for pilgrimage and hospitality, for learning and forservice;CHALLENGE ourselves theologically and open ourselves to changed values and behaviors;ESTABLISH global community as a common commitment of liberal religion;INITIATE partnerships that promote global friendships, international awareness, human rights, and abetter world; andSUSTAIN this global vision, enlarging and renewing it as new occasions teach new duties.UUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 6

2018 LOUIS C. CORNISH “LIVING THE MISSION” AWARDThe UUPPC’s Board of Directors is honored and pleased to announce that it has chosen JayRoller as the recipient of the 2018 Louis C. Cornish “Living the Mission” Award.Jay RollerFirst Unitarian OaklandThe award is given annually to honor a person who has worked tirelessly to foster the mission ofdeveloping and sustaining mutually beneficial congregational partnerships between Unitarians andUnitarian Universalists around the world.Two years ago, Arliss Unger was awarded the Cornish Award in recognition of her dedicated andhighly impactful work on the Balázs Scholars program of Starr King School for the Ministry (SKSM).We noted then the enormous impact Balázs Scholars have had for nearly all of the UUPCC’sexistence.We joyfully return to the Balázs Scholars program to recognize a person who has done so muchmostly behind the scenes to make the program work so brilliantly: Jay Roller.Jay joined the Balázs Committee in 2000. He quickly jumped into working closely with each of thescholars (and their families if they come along) during their academic year in the US. Jay takesthem on local tours, responds to medical and personal needs, provides transportation to Bay Areachurches, and helps acclimate them to American culture.Jay is beloved by the Scholars for his dedicated attentiveness and kindness. They have bestowedon him the name Jay-bácsi—Uncle Jay. Anyone who has had contact with Scholars since 2000 willhear a lot about the legendary Jay-bácsi. A powerful example of Uncle Jay’s dedication is theextraordinary care he provided to the Kiss family during and after László’s Balázs year. During hisLászló’s Balázs year, Jay was present at the birth of Matilda’s and László’s daughter Anna and wasnamed as her godfather. And he’s been there for Matilda and her two children since László’stragically too soon death several years later.Jay’s impact on the Scholars and their families is evident in the nomination letters we received fromthree alumni Balázs Scholars. Here are some of their glowing tributes: “Jay is a great friend, a great person, truly devoted to the international cause.”UUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 7

“His priceless guidance offered (a) warm and welcoming environment for all of us whoexperienced for the first-time life in the United States.”“Jay’s tireless efforts to make our ‘American life’ better never seemed to cease, his patience,devotion (and) warm heart are proverbial amongst the SKSM students.”“As I think about it, Jay Roller was the pillar, the person who got everything in order, whosorted out travels, plane tickets, dreams to reality He truly brought Unitarians and UUstogether, (and) worked so hard to smooth things and process out, to harmonize our lives.”“He was and still is the person who is there when he is needed.”Beginning in 2013, Jay took on serving as the travel coordinator for the Balázs Scholars, solicitingpreaching dates at U/U congregations around the US and Canada, and arranging flights, localhosting and ministerial connections. His attention to detail is legendary. Through his efforts, fifteento twenty North American congregations and thousands of U/U’s meet the Balázs Scholar eachyear. New and reinvigorated partnerships continue to result from these personal connections withthe Scholars.Jay has also been vigorously involved in congregational partnerships since the UUPCC’s inception.He has contributed greatly to partnerships between First Unitarian Church in Oakland and Oklánd,First Unitarian Church in San Francisco and Kolozsvár III, and Live Oak UU, Fellowship in Alamedaand congregations in Kocsord, Nyíregyháza and Vásárosnamény in Hungary and Nagykároly inRomania.Jay’s devotion reaches beyond his congregation’s partnerships and Balázs Scholars: when, forexample, UU ministers from Transylvania and India flew to California for the International Women’sConvocation in 2017, it was Jay who found home hospitality for them.Through all his work with partnerships and Balázs Scholars and living in Transylvania for anextended period, Jay has (in the words of one Transylvanian nominator) become “one of the bestknown American UU persons in Transylvania thanks to his charming personality.”2018 STEWARD OF PARTNERSHIP AWARD RECIPIENTSEach year, the UUPCC is pleased to present its Steward of Partnership Award to people whoprovide exceptional care for their own congregation’s partnerships. These are the some of theunsung heroes of the UUPCC. Long-term partnerships do not automatically sustain themselves.They take time, attention, and loving care to maintain long distance connections and nurturefriendship. Often this work is not publicly recognized even though it is the crucial grassroots workthat keeps the partnership thriving and keeps the congregations involved.The people recognized with this award have kept communication going, organized worship services,kept their congregations engaged, made friends, shared stories—and their lives—with their partnersin other countries. They have cooked and served and cleaned up at countless events. They havevisited their partners and helped their partners come here.The UUPCC proudly presents our 2018 Steward of Partnership Award to the following:UUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 8

Claudia Kern, Unitarian Universalist Church of the Upper Valley, Norwich, CTClaudia Kern has shepherded the partnershipbetween the UU Church of the Upper Valley(UUCUV) and the Mukhap Church in NE India forten years. Fueled by her experience as a volunteerteacher in Gujarat and a trip to the Khasi Hills thatincluded visiting Mukhap, Claudia and her husbandPhil first presented the idea of partnership with a NEIndian congregation to UUCUV. Her culturalsensitivity, determination, imagination and energyhave done much to bring the partnership to life.Claudia Kern 2007 visits with children at theDavid Edwards School in Mukhap, NE IndiaLee Edwin Chipps-Walton, Unitarian UniversalistChurch of Tallahassee, FL, and Justine Magara, leaderof the Unitarian Church in Kisii, KenyaLee Edwin Chipps-Walton and Justine Magara have been thedriving forces behind the maturation over the past several yearsof a thriving partnership between the Unitarian Church ofTallahassee, FL, and the Unitarian Church in Kisii, Kenya.In February, the UUPCCformally recognized thepartnership. A Boardmember at the UU Church ofTallahassee wrote this aboutJustine and Lee: “Both hadto work so very hard to keepthe partnership going. TheyLee Edwin Chipps-Walton with wife Saraare both Unitarians, twoyoung adult leadersthousands of miles apart, who have devoted time, energy, and tons ofperseverance to creating this partnership. In a way, they have beenbrothers, though born in two different cultures, who adopted and appliedthe seven UU principles to ongoing communications, projects, andfriendship They kept the Chalice constantly burning through four yearsof working together.”*With this joint award, the UUPCC for the first time presents aSteward of Partnership Award to someone not from the US orCanada.Justine Magara, KenyaUUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 9

Tina Main, Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Appleton, WITina is in her ninth year of involvement in theFox Valley UU Fellowship’s partnerships withDéva, Transylvania and Banaybanay in thePhilippines. She brings passion, commitment,enthusiasm, reliability, an analytical mind, andcommon sense to the partnership team. She issomeone who gets things done. Her deepdedication to the partnership is especiallyremarkable since she hasn’t visited eitherpartner congregation. Happily that will happilychange this fall when she joins in the Fox ValleyUU Fellowship’s pilgrimage to Déva.Tina Main pictured with Rev. KoppándiZoltán at the Fox Valley UU FellowshipGwyn Reid, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boise, ID“Your partnership is a real gem,” are the words GwynReid recalls upon receiving the news in 1993 that theBoise UU Fellowship (BUUF) was partnered with thebeautiful, historic church in the village of Mészkö,Transylvania. For 25 years, Gwyn has been a gem inthe partnership. She continues to be a leader in thepartnership—in fact, she’ll return home to Boise a fewdays before General Assembly from helping facilitate a25th anniversary choir trip to Mészkö. Gwyn’s stampgoes beyond the Boise/Mészkö partnership: shecontinues her efforts to make accessible the lettersand words of the famous early 20th centuryTransylvanian minister Balázs Ferens and hisAmerican wife Christine. Gwyn compiled Christine’sletters to create the one-woman presentation, “Lettersfrom Christine” that was performed several years agoat GA. Says Gwyn about the partnership: “It is a livingthing that requires care for the rest of my life.”Gwyn Reid making chimney breadUUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 10

Tony Salsich, Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Appleton, WITony has been a dedicated, faithful member of the Fox Valley UUFellowship’s partnership committee for 15 years. His serviceincludes a leadership position on the committee when apartnership with Banaybanay in the Philippines partnership wasadded to the congregation’s partnership with Déva, Transylvania.He and his wife Jane are educational sponsors of two children inBanaybanay, and Tony has been on several pilgrimages to Dévaand will go on another one this fall. Tony is especially gifted in theareas of hospitality and good will, making him much-loved on bothends of the partnerships. He also brings gifts of positivity andgenerosity to the partnership team.Tony Salsich inDéva, TransylvaniaJoel Schrag, River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Bethesda, MDJoel Schrag has been chair of River Road UUCongregation’s Partner Church Committee for the past fouryears. During this time, he has contributed mightily toRiver Road’s thriving partnerships with congregations inFiatfalva, Transylvania and Kyrdem in NE India. He hasplanned and led trips to and from each partner, including atrip to NE India last February. Joe’s steady, reliable, andenthusiastic leadership continues to be an inspiration on allsides of River Road’s partnerships.Joel Schrag withIndia partnersCarole Watson, First Unitarian Church, St. Louis, MOCarole has been involved in the Partner Church Committee at First Unitarian Church in St. Louis since theearly 2000’s, including serving as chair from 2005 to 2010 and leading a trip to First Unitarian’s partnerchurch in Csókfalva, Transylvania in 2007. In addition to holding many other leadership and volunteer rolesin the church, including her current positions of Church Council chair and worship assistant, Carole continuesto find time and energy for partnership activities. Her commitment, enthusiasm, and willingness to dowhatever is needed are hallmarks of her work on behalf of partnership.UUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 11


BOARD CHAIR’S REPORTThe Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers who continue to focus on workingtogether in service of the UUPCC’s mission. We meet monthly by video conference, bringingtogether a unique group of lay leaders and religious professionals committed to Partnership.In October the Board met for our annual retreat. This two-day meeting provides the board and theExecutive Director the opportunity for deeper conversations around both short-term goals and longterm vision. At the retreat we also take time to develop our work plans for the year. This year theBoard decided to continue much of its work from the previous year, and to make time at eachmeeting for self-reflection and sharing around the white supremacist culture in which we exist. Wealso committed to support the work of the Torda450 and the 25th Anniversary of partnership!The key areas of focus for the work of the board continued from last year. Travel: This task force is essential to our work! They meet to explore expectations forPilgrimages and to monitor the cost and expenses of our travel. This year they updated thetravel survey and considered new resources to add to our travel packets. There will beimportant conversations as we add more pilgrimages outside of the congregational model. Long Term Financial Sustainability: This task force considered our financial overallfinancial health. They analyzed our budget income and expenditures, and used our newdatabase to explore both individual giving and institutional dues. Mission and Vision: This task force is continuing to meet to evaluate the mission and vision,and the scope of our work. Organizational Structure: This task force reviewed Board travel expenses, Board andExecutive Director roles, and created a process for the evaluation of the Executive Director.This year presented some challenges and many opportunities. Throughout it we have beenreminded of the sacred work of building partnership and found difficult conversations a little easier tohave because of the trust we have built over decades.I commend the work of UUPCC support staff who keep us organized and informed, and ourExecutive Director who is spreading the good news of partnership. I also commend the work of theInternational Joint Working Group (UUPCC, International Council of U/Us and UUA InternationalOffice) for deepening the work of each of us through collaboration.Thank you to all our volunteers in congregations across the country who do the everyday work ofbuilding partnerships. The Board is grateful for your dedication!Respectfully,Rev. Morgan R. McLeanChair, UUPCC Board of DirectorsUUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 13

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORTJUNE 2018PartnershipsNew partnerships were recognized in the last year between the UU Church of Tallahassee, FL, andthe Unitarian church in Kisii, Kenya, and between Original Blessing, a newer UU congregation inBrooklyn, NY, and the Unitarian church in Kede, Transylvania. The Tallahassee/Kisii partnershiphas been going informally for several years; both congregations took the step this year to formallyapply for partnership. Several congregations are moving forward to applying to become partners,including First Unitarian Church in Dallas which will partner with the Annie Margaret Barr Children’sVillage in NE India.A centerpiece of our support of partnerships continues to be our New Start/ReFresh program. Inthis program, the UUPCC sends a facilitator to lead a weekend of partnership-focused activities atlow cost to the congregation. New Start Weekends help a congregation get off to a strong start bylearning about best practices for partnership up front. They also help new North American partnersget clear on their hopes and expectations for the partnership. This clarity sets the table for aconversation with overseas partners about their hopes and expectations. I facilitated a New Startweekend at the Tallahassee church. ReFresh weekends are designed to help re-energizepartnerships. They work best when the partnership has been strong but is at a key juncture such asnew minister(s) in either or both partners or concern about a lack of new leaders emerging within thepartnership team. I facilitated ReFresh weekends during the past year at Horizon UU Church inCarrollton, TX, Cedar Lane UU Church in Bethesda, MD (with participation from River Road UUCongregation and Fairfax UU Congregation), First Unitarian Church in Omaha, NE, and Beacon UUCongregation in Summit, NJ. Several ReFresh weekends are planned in 2018-19. I’m expandingthe team of ministers who facilitate ReFresh weekends so our capacity is not limited by myavailability.I facilitate quarterly Zoom videoconference meetings with Philippines and Northeast Indian partnercongregations. These meetings have been greatly enhanced by regular participation of leaders fromthe UU Church of the Philippines and the Unitarian Union of North East India. These meetings aregood opportunities to share stories and best practices and to discuss and troubleshoot commonchallenges. I plan to start offering them to UK partners as well as Transylvanian/Hungarian partnersin the fall. Because there are many more in the latter category, I’ll likely break them down into UUAregions plus Canada. I’m also working to connect US/Canadian congregations which have Africanpartnerships.I hope that a major focus of Transylvanian and Hungarian partnerships going forward will beengagement with the issue of marriage equality and LGBTQ inclusion. As many UUPCC membersare aware, the Hungarian The Synod of the Hungarian Unitarian Church (HUC) last fall issued astatement on marriage and the family that many US and Canadian U/Us—me included—findconcerning. I joined leaders for the UUA, ICUU and UUPCC Board Chair Rev. Morgan McLean insending a collegial letter before the vote and a Statement of Concern after the vote. You can find arecent update as well as more background information c marriage equality update 6-6-18.pdf. I believe thebest way to move forward is for partnerships to engage with one another about this as well as otherimportant issues. This is not easy work, but real, mutual Partnership includes difficult conversationsabout areas of disagreement. This is how hearts and minds—theirs and ours—are changed. Theheart of Partnership is learning from one another and opening ourselves to mutual transformation. Icontinue to be in touch with HUC, UUA and ICUU leaders as well as with allies supporting marriageequality in Transylvania and Hungary.UUPCC Annual Meeting PacketSection 1, Page 14

Pilgrimage ServiceThe UUPCC’s pilgrimage service remains in strong and good hands with our Travel CoordinatorsJohn Dale and Csilla Kolcsar and our newly strengthened Travel Committee wonderfully chaired byAnn Gary. We are very blessed to have John and Csilla as our Travel Coordinators and Ann and agood committee working with me to steer and support our pilgrimage service. I’m also grateful forsupport from the HUC and the Unitarian Union of Northeast India (UUNEI) for travel—particularlyRev. Pap Mária, Rev. Bálint Róbert, and Furu Árpád from the HUC and Rev. Nangroi Suting andBarishisha Mukhim from the UUNEI. I especially want to lift up the invaluable and frequent supportwe’ve received over the years from Rev. Pap during her service as the Bishop’s Secretary. Sherecently resigned that position and relocated to the UK where she’ll start a new ministry. Bestwishes and deep gratitude to Mária.We have considerably more travelers this year than last, and considerably more than we projectedfor this year. John and Csilla are leading twelve groups plus extensions this year. The ye

Pursuant to Article III, Section 3.5 of the bylaws and the vote of the Executive Committee, notice is hereby given that the 2018 UUPCC Annual Meeting will be held during General Assembly on Friday June 22 12:00-1:30 pm UUPCC Luncheon and Annual Meeting—Crowne Plaza KC Downtown Salon C (1301

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Pursuant to Article III, Section 3.5 of the bylaws and the vote of the Executive Committee, notice is hereby given that the 2011 UUPCC Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 25, 2010 at 1:15 p.m. at General Assembly in Charlotte, North Carolina for the transaction of the following business: 1.

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Get Started with Zoom at the U . Page 9 of 10 . In-Meeting Controls . Once you have started or joined a meeting, you can access the meeting controls located at the bottom of the meeting window (move your mouse in the Zoom window to display meeting controls). Learn more about meeting controls for hosts, co-hosts, and attendees. You can also join .

Oct 06, 2019 · their first meeting together was a prayer meeting. The word Prayer – proseuche, means toward God – communication which addresses God. The first gathered meeting of believers who would birth the church, was a 10-day “toward God” meeting. The upper room prayer meeting challenges us to the core

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New York Quarterly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business Zoom/video-conferencing / should be in Prospect Park @ Quaker Cemetery seventh month and seventeenth day, 2021 ADVANCE AGENDA 2021-06-30 in-progress 11-12pm: Meeting for Worship: Open Meeting for Zoom worship - Zoom link TBA

City Council Work Session Meeting Minutes for April 16, 2020 6.c . City Council Meeting Minutes for May 18, 2020 The minutes of the City Council meeting are enclosed for review. Please note, the minutes for March 16, 2020 meeting were delayed due to technical audio issues during this first meeting utilizing virtual meeting technology.

TARTALOM A fáradt Prométheusz (Előszó) / 7 A neuronális erőszak / 9 Túl a fegyelmező társadalmon / 21 A mélyreható unalom / 28 Vita activa / 34 A látás pedagógiája / 43 A Bartleby-eset / 50 A fáradtság társadalma / 59 Függelék