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DATA ANALYSIS REPORTReport Date 1/18/2022Total Attendees by Registration ClassTotal AttendeesFirst Time 1310 64%Total Attendees byMember2035 51%Membertype1962Total Attendees by49%Total Attendees by3997Membertype eniors100%First Time l Attendees by Registration endees by Registration StudentsCompsSeniorsStudents34%Seniors34%Member Attendees by RegionTotal Attendees by RegionREGION I26913%REGION II31616%REGION III32116%REGION IV30515%REGION V82340%International/Other10%MemberAttendees by Region2035 100%0%MemberAttendeesby Region13%REGION I57714%REGION II69617%REGION III57114%REGION IV62016%REGION V1531 38%International/Other20%Total 3997Attendees by Region 100%0%14% by RegionTotal Attendees0%0%13%14%REGION IREGION I38%REGIONREGIONIIIIREGION IREGION I40%40%16%16%REGION IIIREGION IIIREGION IVREGION IVREGIONVREGIONREGION IVREGION herInternational/OtherREGION V14%IIREGION III17%17%REGION III16%REGIONIIREGIONPAGE 115%REGION VInternational/Other16%

DATA ANALYSIS REPORTReport Date 1/18/2022Total Attendees by DivisionTotal Attendees by DivisionAdministrationTotal Attendees by DivisionAgricultural EducationAdministration16%Administration 636Agricultural Education310NRS 211Family and Consumer Sciences Education188Business Education 146Counseling and Career Development142Trade and Industrial Education133Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education89Engineering and Technology Education 50%87Health Science Education74Data not 2%50%Agricultural Education16%50%Family and Consumer Sciences EducationNRS8%Business Educati onCounseling and Career DevelopmentFamily and Consumer Sciences EducationTrade and Industrial Educati onBusinessEducati onAdult and Career EducationPostsecondary,5%8%Health Science EducationTrade and Industrial Educati onData not collected/NonMembers5%Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education4%5%Engineering and Technology Education4%Health Science Education3%2%2%2%Data not collected/NonMembers5%100%Engineeringand TechnologyEducationCounselingand CareerDevelopment4%Total AttendeesTotalbyAttendeesField ofbySpecializationField of SpecializationTotal Attendees by Field of Specialization4%Administration 1192Agricultural Education735Trade and Industrial Education363Counseling and Career Development3185%Family and Consumer Sciences Education262Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education6%248Business Education 226Engineering and Technology Education - STEM205Health Science Education1286%New and Related Services100Engineering and Technology Education - Arts54Business Education-Marketing427%Data not collected %3%3%1%3%Agricultural Education2%Trade andEducationIndustrial Educati onAgricultural30%5%Counseling and Career DevelopmentTradeFamilyand IndustrialEducati onand Consumer Sciences Education30%Postsecondary, Adult and Career EducationCounselingand Career Development6%Business Educati onand TechnologyEducation- STEMFamilyEngineeringand ConsumerSciencesEducationHealth Science EducationPostsecondary,Adult and Career EducationNew and Related Services6%Engineering and Technology Education - ArtsBusinessEducati onBusiness Educati on-Market ingData not andcollectedEngineeringTechnology Education - STEM7%Health Science Education8%New and Related Services18%Engineering and Technology Education - Arts9%Business Educati on-Market ing100%8%Data not collected18%TOTAL NRS ATTENDEESMakers of Policy 1 16%16%Tech Prep 1Research 4Career Academy 5ROTC 5Public Information 6Support Staff 6Instructional Management & Materials8Teacher Educators 1015%15%Special Populations 10Integration of Academics and Careerand Technical Education13Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeships15Other %10%10%13%15%16%9%1%1%1%1%4%4%16%1%5%5%1%4%Chart TitleChart E 2Chart TitleTOTAL NRS ATTENDEESTOTALNRSATTENDEESTOTAL NRSATTENDEESMakersof PolicyMakers of PolicyMakers of PolicyTech PrepTechPrepTechPrepResearchResearchCareer AcademyResearchCareerAcademyROTCCareer AcademyPublic InformationROTCROTCSupport StaffPublic InformationInstructionalManagement &PublicInformationMaterialsSupportStaffTeacher EducatorsSupport StaffSpecial Popul ationsInstructional Management & MaterialsInstructionalManagement& MaterialsIntegration of AcademicsandCareer and TechnicalEducationTeacherEducatorsWork-Based Learning/YouthTeacherEducatorsAp p renticeshipsSpecialPopul ationsOtherSpecial Popul ationsIntegration of Academics and Career andIntegrationof Academics and Career andTechnical h ApprenticeshipsWork-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeships

DATA ANALYSIS REPORTReport Date 1/18/2022Total Virtual vs In-Person Attendees by Registration ClasTotal Virtual vs In-Person Attendees by Registration ClassIn-Person VirtualMember 1177 38% 42246%Non-Member1019 33%35939%Speaker 1746% 819%NAAE 59819% 364%Complimentary 1073%243%Total Attendees Virtual vs In-PersonTotal Attendees Virtual vs In-Person1400120010003997TotalAttendees Virtual vs100%In-Person8006 PersonIn-Person77%TotalVirtual vs In-Person100% 922Attendees by RegistrationClass3075100%140012001000Member8006 peakerSpeakerIn-PersonNAAENAAEComplCompl imentaryVirtualVISION HYBRID 2021In-PersonVirtualRegistrant Classand weeks out21 and 17-20 31181174ACTE Member-Virtual2430ACTE Member-On-Site175248ACTE Student-VirtualACTE Student-On-siteComplimentary714NAAE- Virtual33NAAE- eting Totals1,559 1,858 2,083 2,226 2,561 3,249 3,343 3,775 3,997362518Exhibitor InformationComplimentary Booth Personnel Full Registration218Complimentary Booth Personnel Expo ONLY 222Exhibitor Guest Expo Only 119PAGE 3Total559Meeting Total with Exhibit Data4,556

DATA ANALYSIS REPORTReport Date 1/18/2022Attendees by Position Type5%Attendees by Position Type5%Teacher 13747%Administrator/Supervisor1283Other 422Teacher Educator294Business/Industry Rep19711%Counselor 185Student 68Teacher Supervisor50Data not collected12434%32%11%7%5%5%2%1%3%100%39972%1% 3%Attendees by Position Type5%2%Teacher1% her EducatorBusiness/Industry RepCounselor11%StudentCounselorStudentTeacher SupervisorTeacher SupervisorData not collectedData not collected32%Attendees by Institution TypeAttendees by Institution TypeAttendees by Institution Type3997Administrator/SupervisorTeacher EducatorBusiness/IndustryRep32%Comprehensive High School1537Local School System442Secondary Career/Technical School377CTE Center 370Two Year Post Secondary213Four Year College or University205Other 187Federal, State or Local Education Agency 170Junior High/Middle School138Business Corporation 137Retired/No School 89Correctional Institution 8Data not collected124Teacher3%2% 0%2% 0%Comprehensive High SchoolComprehensive High School3%3%Local School SystemLocal School SystemAttendees3% by Institution Type3%3%38%4%3%11% 4%3%9% 5%4%9% 5%5%5%5% 5%5%5%5%4% 5%5%3%5%3%2%9%9%0%9%3%9%9%100%2% 0%Comprehensive High School3%38%38%38%Secondary Career/Technical SchoolSecondary Career/Technical SchoolLocal School SystemCTE CenterCTESecondaryCenter Career/Technical SchoolTwoCTEYearPost SecondaryCenterTwo YearPost SecondaryTwoYearPost SecondaryFourYearCollegeor Uni versityFour Year College or Uni versityFour Year College or Uni versityOtherOtherOtherFederal, State or Local EducationFederal, State or Local Education AgencyFederal,Agency State or Local choolSchoolJunior High/Middle ationBusiness CorporationRetired/No SchoolRetired/No SchoolRetired/NoSchoolCorrectionalInstituti onCorrectional Instituti onData not collectedCorrectionalInstituti onData not collectedData not collectedPAGE 4

DATA ANALYSIS REPORTReport Date 1/18/2022RegistrationRegistration MethodsMethods4%4%0%0%Registration MethodsAttendees Registered via WebAttendees Registered via MailAttendees Registered Onsite38371421896%4%0%3997100%Attendees RegisteredAttendees Registeredvia Webvia WebAttendees RegisteredAttendees Registeredvia Mai lvia Mai lAttendees RegisteredAttendees RegisteredOnsiteOnsite96%96%Registration Payment Type3%4%Registration3%4%26%Registration Payment TypeCredit Card26%Credit Card2672Checks 1021Comps 131Po’s/Outstanding17367%26%3%4%100%3997Payment TypeCredit standing67% 67%PAGE 5

DATA ANALYSIS REPORTReport Date 1/18/2022Total Attendees by StateMember Attendees by State .25%0.25%0.20%0.15%0.15%0.05%0.05%0.00%0.05%Grand Total3997100%Grand Total2035100%PAGE 6

Trade and Industrial Education 363 9% Counseling and Career Development 318 8% Family and Consumer Sciences Education 262 7% Postsecondary, Adult and Career Education 248 6% Business Education 2266% Engineering and Technology Education - STEM 205 5% Health Science Education Engineering and Technology Education - STEM128 3%

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