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Outline of today’s session Welcome – Leela Darvall, DET Rationale for My Career Portfolio – Leela Darvall Using MCP as a Career Practitioner – Stefanie Doyle, DET Learning from schools about implementing My Career Portfolio – Daniel Kingham,Essendon Keilor College / Rowena Archer, Braybrook College Q & A (please post any questions in the chat window) Finish2

Transforming Career Education in Victorian Government SchoolsContext:- Feedback from student leaders andresearch reports- Review of career education in Victoriangovernment schools (2017)- Parliamentary inquiry into careeradvice in Victorian schools (2017)Career education:- not meeting the needs of students- varies in quantity and quality- starts too late- not prioritised by some schoolsResponse: Transforming Career Education in Victorian Government SchoolsThe Government is investing 109 million over four years and 26.7 million ongoingto improve career education in government schools and make it easier for students tomake better career and pathway decisions and meet industry needs by:1. Starting career education earlier2. Connecting career education to work3. Making career education a priority in rams/Pages/transforming-career.aspx3

Benefits of My Career Portfolio A free online resource Designed to support students so they cannavigate and track their career journey andunderstand and prepare for the world of work Provides students with an engaging way totranslate career exploration and planning intoconcrete actions Can facilitate students’ career conversationswith teachers and parents.My Career Portfolio is available to allgovernment school students in Years 7 to 12.4

A couple of important notes about accessing My Career Portfolio 1The URL for My Career Portfolio is: to My Career Portfolio is not automatic!-Students need an activeeduPass account to loginIf your students don’t have an active eduPass account,please refer to the instructions “Supporting students toaccess My Career Portfolio” on the MCP web page onthe DET website.IMPORTANT!Please work with your school’s Technical Team for any queries relating toeduPass when preparing to use MCP.-Staff need to be providedwith Career Practitioner orSchool Admin accessOnce staff have been given access, they also need tologin with their eduPass details i.e. your 8-digit number(e.g. 10012345) and password.5

User roles for school staffThere are two user roles available to school staff:1.Career Practitioner2.School AdministratorCareer practitioners can: view and download a student's Career ActionPlanprovide feedback about a student’s CareerAction Planview, download and delete any files orbookmarked links that are uploaded by astudenthelp retrieve deleted files and links for astudentaccess career counselling notes functionality(if permitted)School Administrators can do everything aCareer Practitioner can, plus manage useraccess for their school.A school can have multiple SchoolAdministrators.Please contact the Career Education Unit to set up an initial School Administrator for your school, orfor any other queries relating to staff access:

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Learning from schools about implementing My Career Portfolio:Daniel Kingham, Essendon Keilor CollegeStrategies used to implement MCP in 2021: Year 12’s have compulsory study sessions,so they completed their CAP in thosesessions early in the year to help set somestudy and career goals for the year. Years 10 and 11 completed their CAPduring class time in a particular subjectblock. This is linked in with exploring otherwebsites such as VTAC course search,career targets and myfuture. Year 10 students are required to uploadtheir Morrisby report to the My Files section,so it’s also a chance for them to go backover their Morrisby results from Year 9. We use students’ CAP in conjunction withMorrisby to assist with subject selection forYear 10 into Year 11. For Years 7-9 the CAP is done during ourFocus Group sessions (same as HomeGroup).Any implementation challenges? Howdid you overcome them? The only issue is really studentsforgetting their login details. We reseteduPass logins at the start of each year,and the MCP website will automaticallyhave last years password stored. So thestudent needs to know current updatedlogin details. We keep a log ofpasswords so we can assist them if theyforget. Some terminology within the CAP isunfamiliar to some students, so theymay need to be assisted through a few(not many) of the questions / terms.What has been your students’ experience in usingMCP? Feedback from students about the MCP website isgenerally very positive. It is very straightforward and easy for students touse. They find that the CAP is not overly onerous tocomplete, and they like that if they get stuck on aparticular question, they can come back to itanother time.If you were to advise another school about MCP, what would yousay? Once you have passwords set up, MCP is an engaging andstraightforward platform to use to get students from Years 7-12 tocompete their yearly Career Action Plan. Other features are helpful to students also (links to Careersresources such as myfuture, the My Toolbox section etc).8

Learning from schools about implementing My Career Portfolio:Rowena Archer, Braybrook CollegeIf you were to advise another school about MCP,what would you say? This is a good way of the whole school having aCareers focus! If everyone completes it then all the staff andstudents know it's important.How have you implemented MCP? Any challenges?How did you overcome them? We implemented MCP through the Home Groupprogram initially. Some students encountered eduPasschallenges, so were followed up with individualmessages e.g. via email and Compass messages. Students have been told this is important for their futurecareer decisions. Students have also been asked tosave important items like safe@work certificates intoMCP.What has been your students’ experience inusing MCP? eduPass is not always easy, but try to get the ITDepartment on board with helping with the sending outof eduPass details. The students like putting in their data. And, theyalso like the fact that someone is going to look atit.9

My Career Portfolio resourcesUser guides and an introductory lesson plan available on to videos for students and staff, instructions for “Supporting students toaccess My Career Portfolio” available on DET ortfolio.aspxQueries? Feedback? Contact the Career Education

State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training) 2021[Insert name of document] is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. You are free to re-use the work under thatlicence, on the condition that you credit the State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training), indicate if changes were made and complywith the other licence terms, see: licence does not apply to: any images, photographs, trademarks or branding, including the Victorian Government logo and the DET logo; and content supplied by third parties.Copyright queries may be directed to

improve career education in government schools and make it easier for students to make better career and pathway decisions and meet industry needs by: 1. Starting career education earlier 2. Connecting career education to work 3. Making career education a priority in schools. Context: - Feedback from student leaders and research reports

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