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Wakefield's Advance Ship Notice 856 DocumentationINTRODUCTIONPurpose of this DocumentThis document was written to provide Wakefield's trading partners with a detailedguideline for sending an electronic Advance Ship Notice (856). The information in thisdocument is accurate for all Wakefield's and Martin's Family Clothing documents. Anyreference to Wakefield's should be understood to include Martin's Family Clothing aswell.Shipping InformationWakefield's currently operates a central distribution center (DC) to which all orders will beshipped. We do not currently request any drop shipping of goods to individual stores.EDI Contacts at Wakefield's:AndrewHavensJustin Shields1212 Quintard AvenuePO Box 400Anniston, Alabama 36202Telephone: (256) 237-9521 ext 210.Fax: (256) 236-9253E-mail: ork InformationWakefield's currently subscribes to the GXS network using the following qualifier and ID.Communication IDCompany NameQualifierIDWakefield's122562379521Wakefield's extracts data from their mailbox each day around 8:00 a.m. , and depositsdata into its mailbox weekdays around 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Wakefield's requests itstrading partners to extract the data from their mailbox at least once daily to ensure thetimely processing of data.

Functional Acknowledgments:Wakefield's will send a Functional Acknowledgment (997) for each document receivedwithin 3 days. If a 997 is not received within three (3) days, please call the EDI contactlisted above.ANSI X12 VICS Version InformationWakefield's currently supports the 004010 version of VICS for 856's. This is the onlyversion of this document which Wakefield's will support.DelimitersWakefield's will expect the following delimiters in its 856.Segment TerminatorElement SeparatorSub Element Separator0D ( CR)2A (*)3E ( )SEGMENT USAGE SUMMARYSEGMENTSEGMENT DESCRIPTIONISAInterchange ControlHeaderGSFunctional GroupHeaderSTTransaction SetHeaderBSNBeginning SegmentHLHierarchial Level(Shipment)TD1Carrier DetailTD5Carrier DetailTD3Carrier DetailREFReference NumberDTMReference Number

N1NameHLHierarchial Level(Order)PRFPurchase OrderReferenceREFReference NumbersN1NameHLHierarchial Level(Pack/Carton)MANMarks and NumbersHLHierarchial Level(Item)LINItem IdentificationDetailSN1Item Detail(Shipment)CTTTransaction TotalsSEIEATransaction SetTrailerInterchange ControlTrailer856 EXAMPLEISA*00* *00* *08*6111270000 *12*2562379521*060825*1705*U*00401*000000256*0*P* 010VICS ST*856*0001 BSN*00*0280104*20060825*1723*0001 HL*0000001**S

TD1*CTN76*38****G*364.92*LB TD5*O*2*UPGF*M*UPGF - COLLECT TD3*TL**082526 REF*BM*00174570001201446 DTM*011*20060825 DTM*067*20060826 FOB*CF*WH N1*ST*MARTIN'S*92*970 N1*SF*Haggar Menswear*91*007926645 HL*0000002*0000001*O PRF*57395***20060306 TD1*CTN76*38****G*364.92*LB REF*DP*709 REF*IT*1004263 REF*IV*8948224 REF*VN*0292275 N1*BY**92*004 HL*0000003*0000002*P MAN*GM*00000174570559544118 HL*0000004*0000003*I LIN*001*UP*017457120038 SN1**1*EA**12*EA HL*0000005*0000003*I LIN*002*UP*017457120045

SN1**1*EA**24*EA HL*0000006*0000003*I LIN*003*UP*017457120229 SN1**2*EA**12*EA HL*0000007*0000003*I LIN*004*UP*017457120236 SN1**2*EA**24*EA HL*0000008*0000003*I LIN*005*UP*017457120243 SN1**4*EA**24*EA HL*0000009*0000003*I LIN*006*UP*017457120540 SN1**2*EA**12*EA HL*0000010*0000003*I LIN*007*UP*017457121271 SN1**2*EA**12*EA HL*0000011*0000003*I LIN*008*UP*017457121288 SN1**4*EA**24*EA HL*0000012*0000003*I LIN*009*UP*017457121295 SN1**4*EA**24*EA HL*0000013*0000003*I LIN*010*UP*017457121301 SN1**2*EA**12*EA

CTT*13 SE*257*0001 GE*1*86 IEA*1*000000256 SEGMENT USAGE DETAILSegmentLevelLoop InformationISA Interchange Control HeaderEnvelope1 occurrence per interchangeSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberISADescriptionLengthValue orCommentSegment ID3"ISA"ISA01I01Authorization InformationQualifier2"00"ISA02I02Authorization Information10BlanksISA03I03Security Information Qualifier2"00"ISA04I04Security Information10BlanksISA05I05Interchange ID QualifierSender2"01" DUNS"08" UCCAssigned"12" PhoneNUmberISA06I06Interchange Sender ID15Your Comm IDISA07I07Interchange ID QualifierReceiver2"12"ISA08I08Interchange Receiver ID15"2562379521"ISA09I09Interchange Date6YYMMDDISA10I10Interchange Time4HHMM 24Hour

ISA11I11Interchange Control StandardsIdentifier1"U"ISA12I12Interchange Control VersionNumber5"00401"ISA13I13Interchange Control Number9Sender assignedsequentialnumberISA14I14Acknowledgment Requested1"0"ISA15I15Test Indicator1"P" Production"T" TestISA16I16Subelement Separator1" " Hex 6E inEBCDICSegmentGS Functional Group HeaderSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberGSLevelLoop InformationEnvelope1 occurrence per interchangeDescriptionLengthValue orCommentSegment ID2"GS"GS01G01Functional Identifier Code2"SH"GS02G02Application Sender's Code2-12Will match ISA06GS03G03Aplication Receiver's Code2-12Will match ISA08GS04G04Group Date8YYYYMMDDGS05G05Group Time4HHMM 24 HourGS06G06Group Control Number1-9Sender assignedsequentialnumberGS07G07Responsible Agency Code1-2"X"

GS08G08Version/Release/Industry IDCode1-12"004010VICS"SegmentLevelHeaderST Transaction Set HeaderSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberLoop Information1 occurrence per transaction setDescriptionLengthValue orCommentST10Segment ID2"ST"ST01143Transaction Set Identifier Code3"856"ST02329Transaction Set ControlNumber4-9Sender assignedsequentialnumberSegmentLevelHeaderBSN- Beginning Segment for ShipNoticeSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberLoop Information1 occurrence per header levelDescriptionLengthValue orCommentBSNSegment ID3"BSN"BSN01Transaction Handling Code2"00" OriginalBSN02Shipment ID30BSN03Ship Date6YYMMDDBSN04Ship Time6HHMMSSBSN05Hierarchial Structure4"0001"- Pick,PackSegmentLevelLoop Information

HL-Hierarchial LevelSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberShipmentDescriptionLengthHLSegment ID2HL01Hierarchial ID12Hierarchial Level Code1Value orComment"HL"HL02HL03S ShipmentSegmentLevelLoop InformationTD1- Carrier DetailsSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue orCommentTD1Segment ID3"TD1"TD101Packaging Code5CTN76 PaperCTN25 CorrugateTD102Number of Cartons4TD106Weight Qualifier1TD107Total Weight8TD103TD104TD105TD108G Gross Weight

TD3- Carrier DetailsSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue orCommentTD3Segment ID3"TD3"TD301Equipment Description2TL TrailerTD302Equipment Initial4TD303Equipment Number10SegmentLevelLoop InformationREF- Reference NumberSegment /Element I.D.Segment /ElementNumberREFDescriptionLengthValue orCommentSegment ID3"REF"REF01128Reference Number Qualifier2"BM" Bill ofLadingREF02127Reference Number12Bill ofLadingNumberSegmentLevelLoop InformationDTM - Date Time ReferenceDescriptionSegment /Element I.D.Segment /ElementNumberLengthValue orComment

DTM10Segment ID3"DTM"DTM01374Qualifier3"011" Shipped DateDTM02373Date8YYYYMMDDSegmentLevelLoop InformationDTM - Date Time ReferenceDescriptionSegment /Element I.D.Segment /ElementLengthValue orCommentNumberDTM10Segment ID3"DTM"DTM01374Qualifier3"067" ScheduledDelivery DateDTM02373Date8YYYYMMDDSegmentLevelLoop InformationN1Segment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberN1DescriptionLengthValue orCommentSegment ID2"N1""ST" Ship ToN10198Entity ID2N10266Ship To Name35N10367Assigned By2"92"- BuyingPartyN10498Ship To Code8Store Location

SegmentLevelLoop InformationN1Segment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue orCommentN1Segment ID2"N1"N101Entity ID2"SF" ShipFromN102Ship From Name35N103Assigned By2N104Ship From Code17SegmentLevelHL-Hierarchial LevelOrderSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumber"91" SellerParty "92" Buying Party"1" DUNSLoop InformationDescriptionLengthHLSegment ID2HL01Hierarchial ID12HL02Value orComment"HL"

Segment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue orCommentREFSegment ID3"REF"REF01Reference Number Qualifier2"IV" SellersInvoiceREF02Reference Number15Sellers InvoiceNumberSegmentLevelLoop InformationREF- Reference NumberSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue or CommentREFSegment ID3"REF"REF01Reference Number Qualifier2"DP" DepartmentREF02Reference Number15MAX 3SegmentLevelLoop InformationREF- Reference NumberSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue orCommentREFSegment ID3"REF"REF01Reference Number Qualifier2"IT" InternalCustomerREF02Reference Number20MAX 15

SegmentLevelLoop InformationN1Segment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue orCommentN1Segment ID2"N1"N101Entity ID2"BY" BuyingParty"MA" UltimateReceiver "Z7" Mark for PartyN102Name35N103Assigned By2N104Store Code6"92" BuyingPartySegmentLevelHL-Hierarchial LevelSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberLoop InformationPackDescriptionLengthHLSegment ID2HL01Hierarchial ID12Hierarchial Level Code1Value orComment"HL"HL02HL03P PackSegmentLevelLoop Information

MAN -Marks and NumbersSegment /ElementI.D.MANSegment /ElementNumberDescriptionLengthValue orCommentSegment ID3"MAN"MAN01Qualifier2"GM" UCC/EAN128MAN02UCC20Carton CodeSegmentLevelHL-Hierarchial LevelSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberLoop InformationItemDescriptionLengthHLSegment ID2HL01Hierarchial ID12Hierarchial Level Code1Value orComment"HL"HL02HL03I ItemSegmentLevelLoop InformationLIN- Item Identification DetailDescriptionSegment /ElementI.D.LINLIN01Segment /ElementNumberLengthSegment ID3Value orComment"LIN"

LIN02Qualifier2LIN03UPC/EAN Code13LIN04Qualifier2LIN05Buyer Style10LIN06Qualifier2LIN07Buyer Color10LIN08Qualifier2LIN09Buyer Size6"UP" UPC Code"EN" EANCode"IT" BuyerStyle"BO" BuyerColor"IZ Buyer SizeSegmentLevelLoop InformationSN1Segment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberSN1DescriptionLengthSegment ID3SN105Quantity Ordered5SN106Unit of Measure2Value orComment"SN1"SN101SN104"EA" EachSegmentCTT - Transaction TotalsLevelLoop InformationSummary1 occurrence per transaction setDescription

Segment /ElementI.D.CTTSegment /ElementNumber10LengthValue orCommentSegment ID3"CTT"CTT01354Number of Line items1-6Total number ofLIN segmentspresent in thetransaction setCTT02347Hash Total1-10Not UsedSegmentLevelSummarySE- Transaction Set TrailerLoop Information1 occurrence per transactionsetDescriptionLengthValue orCommentSegment /ElementI.D.SESegment /ElementNumber20Segment ID2"SE"SE0196Number of Included Segments1-6Number ofsegmentsincluded in atransaction setincluding STand SE segmentsSE02329Transaction Set ControlNumber4-9Same as ST02SegmentGE Functional GroupSegment /ElementI.D.Segment /ElementNumberLevelSummaryDescriptionLoop Information1 occurrence per transactionsetLengthValue orComment

IEASegment ID3"IEA"IEA01I16Number of included functionalgroups1-5Number of GSsegmentsincluded intransmissionIEA01I12Interchange Control Number9Same as ISA13Revised 09/06/2006 Copyright 2006 Wakefield's, Inc.

Wakefield's Advance Ship Notice 856 Documentation INTRODUCTION Purpose of this Document This document was written to provide Wakefield's trading partners with a detailed guideline for sending an electronic Advance Ship Notice (856). The information in this document is accurate for all Wakefield's and Martin's Family Clothing documents. Any

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EDI 856 Implementation Guide, version 4010 Document Status Document Number KB toys 856 4010 IG 2_4 Version 2.4 File Name Advance Ship Notice 856 – EDI Implementation Guide Issue Date May 21, 2003 Owner Cathy Covell Description An EDI Implementation Guide for KB toys Advance Ship Notice. Document Revision History

EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice/Manifest Electronic Data Interchange Guidelines EDI Contact Information: E-mail: [email protected] Fax: (417) 873-5299 EDI Technical Information: Current Documents: 810 Invoice 850 Purchase Order 856 Ship Notice/Manifest 997 Functional Ac

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INTERNATIONAL will process the Advanced Ship Notice -- EDI-856 transactions within 15 minutes of the supplier placing the EDI transaction into his mailbox. INTERNATIONAL will generate and deliver the Acknowledgment response (EDI-997) and/or the Application Advice (EDI-824) during any of the following process windows.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Shipping Expedited Order Processing Accessorial Charges . and EDI 855 in place of or in conjunction with the Advance Ship Notice Manifest, EDI 856, as described below. Advance Ship Notice/Manifest, Version 4010, EDI 856. . Please note that other EDI transactions may become mandatory as the program evolves.

EDI 997 document. EDI 856 Advance Shipping Notice Indicates whether the vendor sends advance shipping notices (an EDI 856 document) that signals to Ace that they have shipped product on our purchase orders. EDI 810 Invoice Indicates whether the vendor electronically transmits their invoices to Ace via an EDI 810 document. Electronics Funds Transfer

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The next section, the EDI 856 Technical Guidelines, provides the EDI standard and technical documentation for the universal standards. To simplify the process for you, below is a list of fields that the Exchange requires in the 856 transaction. You may want to refer

Jun 03, 2020 · 856 advance ship notice ansi x12 4010 this document has many updates, please review all segments and elements *notes: please reference 1 po per 856 transaction set (st-se envelope). the 856 should be sent the same day the order is shipped. make sure all ship quantities on the 856 are in the

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compare data elements of an EDI file to fields of a database, and a data segment of an EDI file to records of a database. This comparison may be acceptable to map the EDI data segment located in the EDI file after parsing and translating into a database. The database contains high-quality information in text forms.

ANSI X12 856 (Advance Shipment Notification) . Inbound (to Eclipse) Version 4010 . Eclipse 856 4010 (Vendor) 2 10/12/2012 856 Ship Notice/Manifest Functional Group SH . BP should be returned from the 850. Eclipse can accept any combination of part numbers. Sequence is not relevant. Preferred part #s: BP, UPC# and catalog# .

Eclipse 856 4010 (Customer) 2 10/11/2012 856 Ship Notice/Manifest Functional Group SH This Draft Standard for Trial Use contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Purpose: Notice/Manifest Transaction Set (856) for use within the context of an Electronic Data

instruction method where learners of different levels form small groups and work together towards a specific objective. Learners take the responsibility of their own learning and of those in the group so the success of one member is a success of all members. Piaget (1932, in Webb, 2009: 3) argues that cognitive conflict leads to higher levels of reasoning and learning. When a student notices a .