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MISSION STATEMENTVE!WORLD EXCLUSIStar ALL GOSSIPEVER-FASCINATINGIrreverent, fun and ahead of the curve, Star serves upthe most irresistible late-breaking celebrity news toover 5 million pop-culture enthusiasts each week. Within-depth reporting, eye-catching celebrity photosKYLIE JENNERALL NEWPHOTOS!PRISCILLA PRESLEY10 PLASTICYSURGERNS!CONFESSIOSPONSOREDMEGHAN SAYS YESTIREDOF DIETPLANSTHATDON’TWORK?SEE PAGE 4HARRYPROPOSES!surprises hisA nervous Princewith a ring biggerAmerican princessthe royalswhyand—e’sKatnthaS a secretNEWBIGtheare keepingPRINTELLEN BEGSKELLY FORFORGIVENESS!2017NOVEMBER 20,and a style that is frequently frank and decidedly fun,Star covers the latest Hollywood happenings, movies,DIGITALTV sensations and the music, phenomenon’s that arefueling talk nationwide.BRAND DISTINCTIONSOCIAL NETWORKS Highest average reading time in the category Highest percent of readers who have read 4 out ofWORLD EXCLUSIVE!Star the last 4 issues in the category. Edited for the reader who wants the real story.Celebrity news without the fluff. The most attention-grabbing Hollywood gossip. Host of Celebrity favorite events Hollywood Rocksand Scene Stealers – now in their 10th year.KYLIE JENNERALL NEWPHOTOS!PRISCILLA PRESLEY10 PLASTICSURGERYCONFESSIONS!SPONSOREDMEGHAN SAYS YESHARPROPORSYES!A nervous Prince surprises hisAmerican printhan Kate —cess with a ring biggerand why the royaare keeping’stheBIG NEWS a secr lsetTIREDOF DIETPLANSTHATDON’TWORK?MOBILE/TABLETSEE PAGE 4ELLEN BEGSKELLY FORFORGIVENESS!NOVEMBER 20, 2017THE AMI ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOADVANTAGE AMI Entertainment Studio offers unique brandedcontent story telling formats that integrate brandsEXPERIENTIALand drive engagement. Provides scale: Fully-integrated marketingprograms span multiple platforms to tap intoa larger audience – Digital, Print, Social, Video,Podcasts. Access to our network of VIP bloggers andinfluences.CUSTOM MARKETINGPROGRAMSFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR STAR SALES REPRESENTATIVE ORNEIL GOLDSTEIN, SVP, GROUP PUBLISHER, AMI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AT 212-743-6678; [email protected]

READER PROFILEREADER PROFILEThe Busy “Multi-Tasker” Reader: CelebrityGossip Sharp and To the PointThe Star reader is a busy woman with no time for fluff.She wants her celebrity gossip sharp and to the point.She approaches Hollywood as if she is an insider,seeking straight talk with no filters. Her style reflectsher personality -- confident and self-assured, andfor that reason she is not afraid of trends andtrying new things.Rate Base:750,000Total Audience:5,064,000Median Age:45.5 (trending younger every year!)Median Household Income: 60,883Women / Men:76% / 24%Readers 25-54:63%Employed:65%A/B County:73%Married / Single:47% / 53%Have Children:48%Source: 2018 Fall GfK MRI p d, AAM Publisher’s statement June 2018FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR STAR SALES REPRESENTATIVE ORNEIL GOLDSTEIN, SVP, GROUP PUBLISHER, AMI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AT 212-743-6678; [email protected]

2019IssueEDITCALENDARCover DateOn SaleAd CloseMat. DueSpecial Themed Issues101/07/1912/28/1811/30/1812/07/18At-Home Spa / Wellness201/14/1901/04/1912/07/1812/14/18Clean Slate: Home, Fashion, Beauty / New Year, New You301/21/1901/11/1912/14/1812/21/18Winter Accessories (Gloves, Scarves, Hat)401/28/1901/18/1912/21/1812/28/18Healthy Living / Post Golden Globes (1/6/19)502/04/1901/25/1912/28/1801/04/19Red Carpet Ready602/11/1902/01/1901/04/1901/11/19Super Bowl Special: Home/Food & Party Prep/Winter ’s Day Special802/25/1902/15/1901/18/1901/25/19Latest Jewelry Trends903/04/1902/22/1901/25/1902/01/19Post-Grammy (2/10/19)1003/11/1903/01/1902/01/1902/08/19Red Carpet lthy Living / Post Oscars (2/24/19)1203/25/1903/15/1902/15/1902/22/19Spring Cleaning Special1304/01/1903/22/1902/22/1903/01/19Spring Style Trends1404/08/1903/29/1903/01/1903/08/19Drugstore Beauty1504/15/1904/05/1903/08/1903/15/19April Showers - Raingear Fashion & Beauty1604/22/1904/12/1903/15/1903/22/19Wedding Special1704/29/1904/19/1903/22/1903/29/19Hair Blow Out Special1805/06/1904/26/1903/29/1904/05/19Celebs Who Cook1905/13/1905/03/1904/05/1904/12/19Mother’s Day Gift Guide2005/20/1905/10/1904/12/1904/19/19Summer Movie Guide2105/27/1905/17/1904/19/1904/26/19All About Travel2206/03/1905/24/1904/26/1905/03/19Superstar Beauty Awards2306/10/1905/31/1905/03/1905/10/19Get Ready for Summer2406/17/1906/07/1905/10/1905/17/19Father’s Day Gift Guide2506/24/1906/14/1905/17/1905/24/19All About Health Trends2607/01/1906/21/1905/24/1905/31/19Star Influencer Awards*NOTE: All editorial themes subject to change. Award Show issue dates subject to change with air date confirmations. All issues are MRI Ad measured and custom modules are available.

IssueCover DateOn Sale2707/08/1906/28/192807/15/1929Ad CloseMat. DueSpecial Themed Issues05/31/1906/07/19Guide to the Best Beaches07/05/1906/07/1906/14/19Summer Shape Up07/22/1907/12/1906/14/1906/21/19Where Are They Now?3007/29/1907/19/1906/21/1906/28/19Summer Hair Special3108/05/1907/26/1906/28/1907/05/19Beauty All-Stars Awards3208/12/1908/02/1907/05/1907/12/19Celebs Babies & Kids Special3308/19/1908/09/1907/12/1907/19/19Beauty Regimens3408/26/1908/16/1907/19/1907/26/19Denim Spectacular3509/02/1908/23/1907/26/1908/02/19Back to School Special3609/09/1908/30/1908/02/1908/09/19Fall Entertainment Special3709/16/1909/06/1908/09/1908/16/19Fall Entertainment Special 23809/23/1909/13/1908/16/1908/23/19Home Special3909/30/1909/20/1908/23/1908/30/19Fashion Week s Fall Beauty Awards4110/14/1910/04/1909/06/1909/13/19Pampered Pooches4210/21/1910/11/1909/13/1909/20/19Pink Gift Guide: Breast Cancer Awareness4310/28/1910/18/1909/20/1909/27/19Hottest ion Spooky / True Crime Special4511/11/1911/01/1910/04/1910/11/19Winter Boots and Scarfs4611/18/1911/08/1910/11/1910/18/19Fabulous Families4711/25/1911/15/1910/18/1910/25/19Last Minute Thanksgiving / Entertaining Special4812/02/1911/22/1910/25/1911/01/19Holiday Fashion / Beauty Special4912/09/1911/29/1911/01/1911/08/19Holiday Gift Guide5012/16/1912/06/1911/08/1911/15/19Stocking Stuffers5112/23/1912/13/1911/15/1911/22/19Shopping with the Stars5212/30/1912/20/1911/22/1911/29/19Best of the Year2019 VERSION 4

RATE CARDRATE BASE: 750,0004/COLOR1XFull Page 141,2702/3 Page 113,0551/2 Page 84,7801/3 Page 56,5301/6 Page 39,570BLACK & WHITE1XFull Page 127,1652/3 Page 101,7351/2 Page 76,3001/3 Page 50,875COVERS1XCover 2 169,540Cover 2 Spread 4C 282,540Cover 3 155,410Cover 4 183,675Cover ChipAvailable uponrequestEffective: January 7, 2019*All rates are grossFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR STAR SALES REPRESENTATIVE ORNEIL GOLDSTEIN, SVP, GROUP PUBLISHER, AMI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AT 212-743-6678; [email protected]

PRODUCTION SPECIFICATIONSAD DIMENSIONSUNIT SIZE TRIMNON-BLEEDBLEED*Full Page7.75" x 10.5"7.25" x 10"8.0" x 10.75"2/3 Page (Vert.)4.875" x 10.5"4.325" x 10"5.125" x 10.75"1/2 Page (Vert.)3.75" x 10.5"3.5" x 10"4" x 10.75"1/2 Page (Horiz.)7.75" x 5.125"7.25" x 4.875"8" x 5.375"1/3 Page (Vert.)2.5" x 10.5"2.25" x 10"2.75" x 10.75"1/3 Page (Horiz.)7.75" x 3.375"7.25" x 3.125"8" x 3.625"1/3 Page (Square)4.875" x 5.125"4.625" x 4.875"5.125" x 5.375"1/6 Page (Vert.)1.625" x 10.5"1.125" x 10"1.875" x 10.75"1/6 Page (Horiz.)7.75" x 1.5625"7.25" x 1.125"8" x 1.8125"1/5 Mini Unit3.375" x 5.125"2.875" x 4.875"3.625" x 5.375"1/4 Page (Vert)1.875" x 10.5"1.625" x 10"2.125" x 10.75"1/4 Page (Square)3.75" x 5.125"3.25" x 4.625"4" x 5.375"2 Page Spread**15.5" x 10.5"15" x 10"15.75" x 10.75"**2/3 Page Spread15.5 x 7.12515" x 6.625"15.75" x 7.25"1/3 Page Spread**15.5 x 3.515" x 3.5"15.75"x 3.625"**1/2 Page Spread**15.5" x 4.875"15" x 4.875"15.75" x 5.375"**1/10 T/T (Horiz.)7.75" x 1.25"7.25" x 1"8" x 1.5"PRODUCTION MANAGERINFORMATION:LIVE AREA: 6.875” x 10”Columns to a page: 3ACCEPTED DIGITAL FILESPDF-X1A: (vector based, not ripped files)Must be composite files (all 4 colors on 1 page).Resolution should be between 200-400 dpi,300 dpi is preferred. Can be high resolutiontiff/eps images, but NO pict or jpeg. Imagesmust be CMYK or grayscale, no RGB files.Must include all fonts (incl. printer fonts andscreen fonts): No True Type or Stylized fonts.GUTTER SAFETYHeadlines: .125” each side of gutterBody Text: .125” each side of gutterFILE UPLOAD INFORMATIONUpload files to the AMI SendMyAd Portal:https://americanmediainc.sendmyad.comAD PORTAL:BINDING METHOD: Saddle StichPROOF GUIDELINES (OPTIONAL)Contract proofs must meet SWOP3 standardsand include CMYK color bars. Color or blackand white laser proofs will only be acceptedas content proofs.MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS:BLEED ADSAll ads intended to bleed should have.125” of bleed on all four sidesTRIM SIZE: 7.75” x 10.5”LINE SCREEN: 133 Line ScreenThomas O’ConnorPhone: 212-743-6657E-mail: [email protected]: 212-743-6610Please upload ads tohttps://americanmediainc.sendmyad.com

TERMS & CONDITIONSTerms &ConditionsInsertion orders are offers to purchase space from Publisher and shall not constitutebinding contracts until accepted by Publisher. Neither advertiser nor its agency maywithdraw or cancel any contract or insertion order on or after the closing date of theissue for which insertion is requested. Contracts must be completed within one yearfrom date of first insertion. Short rate will apply if advertiser has not earned the billedrate at the end of the contract period. Rates are subject to change without notice.Publisher reserves the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointlyand severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to Publisher foradvertising that advertiser or its agency ordered and that was published.Position requests or other requests appearing on contracts, insertion orders orcopy instructions will be treated as requests. Publisher will not be bound by anyconditions, oral or otherwise, which conflict with the provisions of this rate cardunless authorized by Publisher in writing.Publisher may reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time, whetheror not the same has already been accepted for publication and/or previouslypublished. Advertiser and Agency, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify andhold the Publisher harmless from and against any loss or expense arising out of theiradvertisements, including but not limited to Publisher’s expense in connection withthe defense against any suit or proceeding arising from the claim that publicationof material appearing in advertisements submitted to Publisher for publication wasin violation of any applicable law imposed or the rights of any third party.Publisher shall have the unrestricted right to require any advertising matter to bemarked as an advertisement if it deems it advisable to do so. Advertiser and itsagency agree not to make promotional, merchandising or other reference toPublisher or the magazine, directly or indirectly, in any way except with the expressprior written permission of Publisher for each such use.Publisher shall have no liability whatever for any failure to publish or circulate all orany part of any issue or issues because of strikes, lockouts, other work stoppages,acts of God, fires, accidents, postal delays or other interruptions of productionbeyond the Publisher’s control. Publisher shall have no liability for errors in keynumbers, pubset type, free information numbers or listings, or advertisers index.Publisher shall have no obligation or liability for any change in any advertisementrequested after the applicable closing date. Publisher shall have no liability forreproduction quality of advertising print materials that fail to meet the mechanicalrequirements stipulated in this rate card. Publisher’s liability for failure to insert an ad,or for any errors on an ad, shall be limited to a refund of the amount paid for the ad. Alladvertising materials will be destroyed after one year unless Publisher agrees to thecontrary in writing. If advertiser or its agency request in writing that materials be returnedor shipped to a third party, Publisher will return or ship materials at the requesting party’ssole liability, expense and risk. Agency Commission 15%. Invoices payable net 30 days.Pre-payment required on all orders not approved for credit. We accept checks,money orders, wire transfers, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR STAR SALES REPRESENTATIVE ORNEIL GOLDSTEIN, SVP, GROUP PUBLISHER, AMI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AT 212-743-6678; [email protected]

CONTACTSNew York:Midwest:Neil GoldsteinSVP, Group PublisherPhone: 212-743-6678Fax: [email protected] ParkerMidwest Account DirectorPhone: [email protected] MaddenAssociate Publisher, MarketingPhone: 212-743-6608Fax: [email protected] Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1220Los Angeles, CA 90010Main phone: 323-658-2000Fax: 213-387-30184 New York Plaza, 2nd FloorNew York, NY 10004Main Phone: 212-545-4800Megan PickerelliAssociate PublisherPhone: 212-339-1919Fax: [email protected] MarettExecutive Beauty & Fashion DirectorPhone: [email protected] CohenSenior Account DirectorPhone: [email protected] IraceSenior Account DirectorPhone: [email protected] WalkerIntegrated Account DirectorPhone: [email protected] WeinsteinIntegrated Account DirectorPhone: [email protected] B. GoldbergIntegrated Account DirectorPhone: [email protected] ResponseLucilla EschmannAccount ManagerPhone: 646-521-2836Fax: [email protected] New York Plaza, 2nd FloorNew York, NY 10004Main Phone: 212-545-4800West Coast:Shelley FarielloAssociate Publisher,Entertainment GroupPhone: [email protected] DuellWest Coast DirectorPhone: [email protected] RabbBusiness DirectorPhone: [email protected] Inquiries:4 New York Plaza, 2nd FloorNew York, NY 10004Dylan HowardEditor-in-ChiefPhone: [email protected] Inquiries:4 New York Plaza, 2nd FloorNew York, NY 10004Neil GoldsteinSVP, Group PublisherPhone: 212-743-6678Fax: [email protected]

ALL GOSSIP EVER-FASCINATING Irreverent, fun and ahead of the curve, Star serves up the most irresistible late-breaking celebrity news to over 5 million pop-culture enthusiasts each week. With in-depth reporting, eye-catching celebrity photos and a style that is frequently frank and decidedly fun, Star covers the latest Hollywood happenings, movies,

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Review your Celebrity Cruises Travel Brochure and "Celebrity Weddings” Brochure. Remember, the bride and groom must be sailing to hold a wedding onboard a Celebrity vessel. STEP 2 DECIDE ON A WEDDING DATE Contact the Celebrity reservation’s department, your travel agent or Celebrity.com for a

48-01-23 Hollywood Palladium, AFRS On the Beam 6 48-01-27 Hollywood Palladium, AFRS ONS 1605 48-01-28 Hollywood Palladium, AFRS ONS 1593 48-01-29 Hollywood Palladium, AFRS ONS 1587 48-01-30 Hollywood Palladium, AFRS OTB 2 48-01-30 Hollywood Palladium, AFRS ONS 1611 48-01-3

1874 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz (323) 913-4710 7140 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood (323) 876-2741 World Book and News Co. (24 hrs) worldnews.in-hollywood-ca.com 1652 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood (323) 465-4352 Gateway Newsstand 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood (323) 460-7140 EDUCATION Los Angeles Unified School District www.lausd.net (213) 241-1000

Young people as critical consumers of celebrity content Young people were critical media consumers and were aware that some sections of the media might . have an economic or editorial agenda in focusing on celebrity alcohol use. The media were viewed as exaggerating the extent and nature of celebrity drinking, with extensive media coverage .

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translated into gossip about the star's private life when discussed by users on a celebrity site. Keywords: celebrification, celebrity . Hence, whether represented as humanitarians in the news media or debated on a celebrity site, celebrities are formed and transformed through "processes of celebrifica-tion" (Gamson 1994, Couldry 2004 .

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Celebrity Cruises (Celebrity), operator of the marine vessels Celebrity Century and Celebrity Millennium. Details: The Respondent entered into a COBC settlement Agreement February 2017 based on eight (8) counts of noncompliance by exceeding the visible emission standards while operating in Alaskan waters spanning the 2010, 2013, and 2014 seasons.

Celebrity Cruises Overview 24 Celebrity Eclipse 26 Celebrity Millennium 28 Celebrity Infinity30 Disney Cruise Line Overview 32 . and pre-book plenty of action-packed shore excursions. Myth No.3 The cabins will be cramped Busted

celebrity because he, or history, kept adding new chapters to it. Of course you don't need a great story to be a celebrity any more than a movie needs a great script to be a film. Occasionally even the sugges-tion of a narrative is enough to create celebrity if the suggestion hints at such durable narrative crowd-pleasers as sex or violence.

Section 3: Celebrity Fusion . Hollywood Game Night. is a TV game show in which movie stars help two contestants win money by playing different games. One of the games on the show is called, "Celebrity Fusion." In this game, two famous celebrities' faces are combined to make one face. Below are images of the fused celebrity faces. Listen to

Chaos, Cambridge-Isanti Men’s Modified Pitch Heimey’s/Corvuso Meats, Hollywood CCC, Hollywood Dawgs, Hollywood Hoen Trucking, Hollywood NSF MSF Champions NSF MSF Softball -Minnesota Sports Federation 2020 Fall State Results DIVISION CHAMPION FINALIST THIRD PLACE FOURTH PLACE Fal

Elementary Schools Bethune Boulevard Heights Colbert Collins Dania Davie Driftwood Hallandale Hollywood Central Hollywood Hills Hollywood Park Lake Forest Nova Blanche Forman Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower Oakridge Orange Brook Sheridan Hills Sheridan Park Stirling Watkins West Hollywood Cha

Hollywood since the 1920s is rarely if ever used by its rivals and they spend far less . 5 than Hollywood on the script development process (Dale 1997 p. 164; Zee News 2006). 3. The Majors' superior distribution capabilities Hollywood's superior distribution capabilities are the result of several factors:- 1)

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musical entertainment with prominent superstars. Celebrity Fight Night is Arizona's premier celebrity red carpet charity event that sells out every year and garners top-tier national media coverage. Reba McEntire is returning for her 16th year. 16-time Grammy Award-winner David Foster is returning as musical director for his 21st .

iii 1 Mass Media Literacy 1 2 Media Technology 16 3 Media Economics 39 4 Cybermedia 59 5 Legacy Media 75 6 News 98 7 Entertainment 119 8 Public Relations 136 9 Advertising 152 10 Mass Audiences 172 11 Mass Media Effects 190 12 Governance and Mass Media 209 13 Global Mass Media 227 14 Mass Media Law 245 15 Mass Media Ethi

Digital Media Middle East & Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards 29-30 Nov 2022 Riyadh Digital Media Africa & African Digital Media Awards 12-13 July 2022 Virtual Digital Media LATAM & LATAM Digital Media Awards 16-18 Nov 2022 Mexico City Digital Media India & Indian Digital Media Awards 08-10 Mar 2022 Virtual Digital Media Asia &

Buku Saku Keperawatan Onkologi. Jakarta: EGC Pugalendhi, P. dan S. Manoharan. 2010. Chemopreventive Potential of Genistein and Daidzein in Combination during 7,12-Dimethylbenz (α)anthracene (DMBA) induced Mammary Carcinogenesis in Spray-Dawley Rats. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. 13 (6): 279-286 Purwanto, Djoko Agus dan Achmad Toto Purnomo. 1999. Penetapan Kadar Metil Pada Hasil .